first ep look how young everyone is!!!


so far i think my favorite thing about dark matter is how its about hardened criminals trying to parent a teenage girl who’s smarter than all of them combined

like you have the concerned parents:

i mean look at them, they just wanna make sure she’s okay :’)

then you have the “we have trouble expressing emotions but we def care about you” parents

also the “here, have a gun” parents

i love how Two went from “no you can’t have a weapon young lady” in the first ep

to “yes, take my gun. take his gun. take all the guns and kill everyone baby” in the last ep

look at this mama bear seriously :’) 

and Six is the “SHE CANT HAVE ALCOHOL SHE’S A KID” dad <3 while Three tries to be cool dad who gives her whiskey and guns and stuff

anyway i love this squad of terrible parents