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First watch - Voltron S1E11

Whoo! Finished the first season, yay! This was actually a pretty cool episode, but mainly in the space battle / this is our first encounter with the main enemies sort of way. But there were some other interesting developments:

  • The way the team handles differing opinions and choosing a course of action is really interesting to me. They disagree and sometimes fight, sure, but it’s not really overwrought. Like when Keith suggests they don’t even go to save Allura at all, that would have meant like hours of on screen angst in another show, but here all the characters just kind of take the idea for what it is and move on. 
  • Keith’s character is also getting more interesting. He clearly thinks differently than the others and is pretty stubborn and headstrong, like the red lion I supposed. It’s done it such a way that I’m not finding myself annoyed by it. He’s not just going off half cocked because he has some sort of hero complex, I feel like he always does whatever he feels is necessary and it’s just that simple.
  • More Shiro angst here. Really interested in the full story about what happened to him as a Galra captive and what that Druid lady did to him. Is his arm, like, evil? His main character arc is clearly one of control–of himself and the team. I think whatever this Galra magic is, it is something that he can conquer without “turning evil” like Zarkon and might be the thing that makes him ultimately have a stronger connection with the black lion.
  • Which brings me to OMG Zarkon was the original paladin for the black lion? Here’s me just noticing that the black lion has purple energy just like the Galra empire. 
  • Was that a turncoat that helped them escape? Is there resistance within the empire? Much intrigue. 
Ideal Girl AU Scenario - Hoseok

Anonymous asked:

Lol this is going to sound so weird, but can you guys write about an au involving the boy’s ideal types?? The storyline can be anything you want and I was thinking that one admin writes about one girl or something? Love this blog~ Thanks ♡

Hello guys! Today I present you with a bunch of word vomit ;u; Good gosh I suck at writing dialogue so sorry if it gets a lil boring then~ Anyways, this is based off of Admin Devi’s idea of Hoseok ideal type, which can be found here. The rest of the members’ scenarios can be found here (By the way, I don’t know if non-famous!hoseok counts as an au but I hope you enjoy) ^^

- Dara (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Can I Have this Dance? (no part of this is scenario was inspired by that rooftop dance scene in High School Musical 3 in any way it totally was)

Word Count = 3,016

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ask-dark-and-company  asked:

➳ (Gonna use Dark for this one, I have inspiration~)

Chaos, that’s what it was.

He was roughly pushed in the direction of someone that was to ‘take car of him’. Since being a spoil of war, the defeated population that were to be enslaved, he didn’t think he was going to get any luxury out of this. With his tattered clothing and dirtied up face, he was amazed that he was one of the lucky one that were to be absorbed into the colonies population.. maybe it was because of his smarts or something.

He just glanced over at the person he was push towards.. he didn’t like this at all..