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every type of american cooking show contestant
  • the amateur chef that likes to cook for fun and doesn’t know how they made it that far into the show
  • the struggling chef with a tragic backstory
  • the loud italian that won’t stop making italian food and announcing that they’re italian every chance they get
  • the chef that’s only good at making desserts and panics when it’s an entrée
  • the southern chef that goes on about fried chicken, sweet potatoes, pies, corn, and their family of 40 all the time
  • the care-free charismatic chef that’s just there for the experience and is okay with going home
  • that one chef that always does everything last minute and can’t manage their time even if their life depended on it
  • the chef that’s always safe and never wins anything and then the one time they try and do something different they get eliminated
  • the one stressed-out chef that never knows what the hell they’re doing but manages to succeed and pull-through with their dish every time
  • the overconfident hardcore chef that wants to destroy everybody there and tries to cheat if they get the chance
  • the asian chef that makes delicious dishes and plates them in a gorgeous way every time
  • the edgy chef with tattoos up and down their arms that no one really has a problem with
  • an extremely experienced chef that shouldn’t even be there
  • the chef that won’t stop taking risks and putting twists on all of their dishes
  • the chef that we barely get to know and gets eliminated first and can barely remember that they ever existed by the end of the show
  • the hipster that always talks about their blog/food photography and gives an “urban” and “rustic” look to all of their dishes for aesthetic and sometimes names their dishes too
  • that one chef that’s a klutz, won’t stop messing up almost every single one of their dishes, always forgets ingredients, and completely doesn’t belong there yet somehow made it farther than most people for no reason whatsoever
  • the californian chef that won’t stop making mexican food and seafood
  • the foreign chef that’s just excited to be on the show
  • that one vegan/vegetarian chef that complains a lot
  • the mom that has kids at home and won’t stop mentioning how she’s cooking for them
  • blackhawks: swept in first round, eliminated from the playoffs
  • analysts: i don't know jim, they're a very dangerous team, I could still see them advancing to the stanley cup final.
“I’m The Real Avenger”

Request:  Heyo! I just read “I can’t help falling in love” and loveeeed it! Any chance I could request a tom holland Peter Parker oneshot? I’m not picky about the details (though maybe an established relationship would be cute?). If you can, that’d be great! If not, no need to fret. Thanks love! ❤ -TF 

Pairing: Peter x Reader, Platonic!Bucky x Reader 

Summary: Peter decides him and his girlfriend are going to battle using nerf guns.

Warning: fluff

Word Count: 921

A/N: im so sorry this took so long. i still have four requests to do. this upcoming week shouldnt be as busy so i will get to writing. please leave feedback. let me know if you want to be on my taglist or have a request.

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Peter Parker was known around school as the nerdy little boy who had an obsession with digging electronic out of the trash. No one knew that he truly was the spider man. He was friends with Tony Stark and he took Captain Rogers off his feet during the battle in Germany. He tried to keep his identity a secret, but there were a few people who knew about his extra-curricular activities. One of them being Y/N Y/L/N, his girlfriend of almost one year.

They had known each other for a very long time. She was there for him when his parents died and she was there for when he lost Uncle Ben. She has been with him through everything and it just made sense that she was there for him during his time as Spider Man. She also knew everyone on the Avengers. Everyone was now living back at Stark Tower. Tony brought everyone in, including Team Cap.

Peter and Y/N hung out at the tower every day after school and sometimes they stayed the night over the weekends, in separate rooms of course. Tony was very protective of his Spiderling. They were known for being lovey dovey with each other. They were always holding hands or hugging. Y/N was just an affectionate person. She hugged every person on the team when she came to visit. Even Bucky let her hug him. She was just that cute and adorable. Everyone loved her.

This weekend they were both staying over at the tower. Everyone was out on a mission except Peter, Bucky, and Tony. Peter had the brilliant idea of starting a nerf gun battle. He had no idea what he was in for.

“Okay, here are the rules: one, you cannot use any of your special abilities. That means Tony cannot use his suit or Friday and Peter cannot where his little onesie and he can’t use his webs. Two, this is going to be played in teams. The first team to eliminate both players on the opposite team wins. Three, the winners get to ask anything of the losers. The teams are Peter and Tony, me and Bucky. Understood?” Y/N had a serious look on her face as she stared all the boys in the face. They knew she meant business.

“Got it, babe. Let’s go teams!” with that they split up.

They each went to their separate parts of the tower to build a plan of attack and ready themselves with the plethora of nerf guns kept in the tower. Y/N and Bucky were confident they could take out the father-son duo. The plan was for Bucky to take out Tony. He could take him down with a long-range nerf gun while Y/N was to go after Peter. She liked to up close and personal when she took him down. It was funny to see his face when he finally lost. She was not an Avenger, but she enjoyed the fake battles they put together. Bucky has been teaching her some of his special sneak attacks. They were good for pranking Peter.

They heard they alarm sound. The game had commenced. Bucky hoisted Y/N into the rafters so she could travel through the tower without being seen. Bucky quickly and quietly made his way to Tony’s lab. That was the place he always went to during games like these. His lab was very messy with a bunch of places to hide. Bucky knew he was going to have to draw him out somehow. He stayed on the stairs that led into the lab.

Meanwhile in the rafters…

Y/N was slowly making her way towards the training room. Peter`s favorite hiding place was his special wall in the room. It had nooks and crannies that he could practice using his webs on. She was planted directly over his wall. What she saw perplexed her.

He was wearing his suit! He broke the rules! She should’ve known that Peter and Tony wouldn’t follow their perfectly clear rules. She quickly put on the ear piece that Bucky had given her the previous nerf gun battle.

“Buck! Tony’s in one of his suits. Peter is wearing his! Look at the suits. He is definitely in one of them.”

“Thanks, kiddo. I think he is in Mark 42. I’m seeing movement in that one. Let’s get ‘em, Kid!”

With that Bucky shot and Mark 42 and Y/N dropped from the rafters directly on Peter`s wall. He shrieked like a little girl when he was her. She pulled put her machine gun-like nerf gun and starting shooting. Peter wasn’t fast enough. At the same time Peter got shot, FRIDAY blurted out,

“Mr. Stark has been eliminated from the nerf gun battle.” Seconds later the same message rang out using Peter`s name.

Peter was laying on the floor defeated with his mask pulled off of his face. He knew your punishment was going to be super embarrassing. He should’ve known that you were going to sneak up on him.

He saw her approaching from his peripheral vision with a shit-eating grin on her face.

“Looks like I’m the real avenger, Babe.” She leaned down do give him a soft kiss and she helped him up.

“I already have a punishment in mind. And I’m gonna love it!”

The Following Day…

The rest of the team had arrived just in time to see Peter dressed in a tight corset dancing to Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” He knew he was never going to cheat at a nerf gun battle again.

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OK, I love your whole crash course thing with groups and I'm a new Mon BeBe so could you help me out? ~Anon A


Fandom Name: Mon Bebe

Last comeback: Beautiful on March 21, 2017

MONSTA X consist of 7 members: Shownu, Jooheon, Wonho, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon and I.M

MONSTA X debuted on May 2015 and the members were selected through the survival show NO.MERCY (THAT SHOW SHOOK AND STRESSED ME OUT)

They are under Starship Entertainment (along with Sistar and WJSN)




  • Real name: Sohn Hyun-woo (손현우)
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: June 19, 1992
  • Languages: Korean
  • He is a former JYP Entertainment’s trainee with GOT7, but left due to training absences. He trained under JYP for about 2 years. He is still really good friends with Got7.
  • Before his debut he was in Sistar’s shake it MV
  • His ideal type is a pure woman like the actress Gong Hyojin.


  • Real name:  Shin Ho-seok (신호석)
  • Born in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: March 1, 1993
  • Languages: Korean
  • His ideal type is a girl who makes ramyun well. When asked about marrying he declared celibacy. “I’m not interested in marrying. My younger brother will marry someone, so there is no problem for my family.”


  • Real name: Lee Min-hyuk (이민혁)
  • He was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Position: Vocalist, Face of the Group
  • Birthday: November 3, 1993
  • Languages: Korean
  • Minhyuk is known as the mood-maker of the group, he lightens up the atmosphere with his jokes and funny personality.
  • His ideal type is “A chubby girl. It’ll be nice if it’s someone who’s the opposite of me. ”


  • Real name: Yoo Ki-hyun (유기현)
  • Born in South Korea
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: November 22, 1993
  • Languages: Korean
  • He is the nagging mom of the group
  • His ideal type is a girl who seems like a baby and has a lot of aegyo


  • Real name: Chae Hyungwon (채형원)
  • Born in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: January 15, 1994
  • Languages: Korean
  • He was a popular model before is debut
  • His ideal girl is “A woman who is wise and kind.”


  • Real name: Lee Jooheon (이주헌)
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea
  • Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
  • Birthday: October 6, 1994
  • Languages: Korean
  • His ideal type is “A woman who suits well with jeans. All those people are my ideal type.”


  • Real name: Lim Changkyun (임창균)
  • Born in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
  • Birthday: January 26, 1996
  • Languages: Korean English
  • He lived in Boston for 3 years and 4 years in Israel.
  • He joined NO MERCY after a few other contestants were already eliminated! At first the other members didn’t like him at first but now they all over each other!
  • His ideal type: “I look at the person’s personality.”


Debut May 13, 2015: Trespass

September 6, 2015: Rush 

October 1, 2015: Hero

May 16, 2016: All In

October 3, 2016: Fighter

March 21, 2017: Beautiful 



Right now





I honestly want a special All Stars season of Drag Race with all the queens that were eliminated first because I wanna see more from a lot of them? Porkchop’s been the butt of a lot of jokes in the show so like can they bring her back and give her another chance? And Kelly Mantle and Tempest Dujour totally deserve to  show their talents?? Can we have this please?

Kim Yongguk Expressions

- Spring Breeze talking Yongguk

- Wincing in anxiety after being chosen as opponents by ‘Avengers’ Team for Boy in Luv Challenge Yongguk

- Tibetan fox that turned into a puppy Yongguk

- Rolled up the Mummy Yongguk

- Sleepy masked Yongguk

- Smiling shyly at his opponent during arm wrestling Yongguk

- Bashful after everyone’s attention was on him when discovering his nationality is Chinese Yongguk

- Heart fanservice for the camera Yongguk

- Relieved Yongguk for being in 34th place and making past the first elimination 

Never Say Never (Part 11)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,211
Warnings: Cussing. Violence. Blood.
Sequel: Part 11/12 of  Never Say Never

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn because she’s the bestest and did the beta and idea-bouncer thing again for me !

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If someone has an 'enhanced metabolism' that processes drugs faster, is it easier or harder for them to overdose? Wouldn't they uptake more of a drug quicker, therefor making it more dangerous? I see this a lot with Captain America and Spider-man and such, where the dose of various medicines will be raised and I'm not sure that makes sense?

…oooooh you sure have opened a can of pharmacokinetic worms here….

Simply put, whether the drug never reaches therapeutic blood levels, or exceeds them, depends on 1) how the character’s metabolism works, and 2) what kind of drug they ingested (skip to the bolded part at the end of the post to get the tl;dr).

When you take a drug, the following happens (this process is sometimes denoted as “ADME” or “LADME”:

  1. The drug must separate from the vehicle that brought it into the body (for example, a pill must disintegrate in the stomach, releasing the drug, or an IM or IV drug must separate from its solution): Liberation
  2. The drug must be absorbed into the bloodstream (for a pill this would mean getting absorbed through the lining of the stomach or intestine, for IM injections this means getting absorbed by blood vessels running through the muscle where the drug is): Absorption
  3. The drug must be deposited from the bloodstream into a location where it can be used: Distribution
  4. The drug must be metabolized (broken down or changed by a biologic process, creating different chemicals called metabolites): Metabolism
  5. The drug metabolites must be excreted from the body: Elimination

The first end of this process is largely driven by regular old chemistry. A pill has to dissolve to release the drug, and assuming that these characters have similar stomach/small intestine environments, this is not going to be different for them.

Absorption is mostly driven by a concentration gradient (substances like to be at the same concentration across membranes, so if there’s more drug in the small intestine than there is in the blood around the small intestine, the drug gets absorbed into the blood as the concentrations try to equalize), so this too is probably not going to be all that different. Even distribution is (mostly) driven by that concentration gradient, so, again, this process wouldn’t necessarily be any different from that of a normal human.

Now, the latter half of this process is a lot more dependent on a person’s specific physiology. When we talk about metabolism, we’re talking about how the body changes ingested chemicals into something excrete-able. For many drugs, this change involves enzymes in the liver.

About 6 different liver enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of about 90% of drugs. Each different enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of a different group of drugs.

Some people have genetic mutations that cause more or less of an enzyme to be produced. People who make more of an enzyme metabolize that group of drugs faster, while people who make less of them metabolize those drugs more slowly.

Through certain genetic tests, real life people can be designated one of the following for any given group of drugs:

  • Ultrarapid Metabolizers have the genetic wiring to produce way, way more copies of an enzyme than the typical person, and metabolize the corresponding drugs very, very quickly
  • Extentive Metabolizers produce more copies of the enzyme than most people
  • Intermediate Metabolizers produce an average number of copies
  • Poor Metabolizers produce significantly fewer copies than average, leaving them unable to metabolize the drugs normally

Now, remember how I said it also has to do with what kind of drug it is? There are two different kinds of drugs I’m talking about: Active Drugs and Prodrugs. Active drugs are able to be used by the body as-is. Prodrugs only have an effect once they’ve been metabolized by the body into a different substance.

Say someone is an ultrarapid metabolizer of an active drug. They take the drug, it gets absorbed and distributed like normal, but they rapidly metabolize it into inactive substances and excrete it. This person would either get no effect from a typical dose, or only a very slight one, because the drug is never allowed to build up to effective levels in their blood before getting metabolized.

But say that same person is a poor metabolizer of a different active drug. They take the drug, it gets absorbed, but they only very slowly are able to metabolize and excrete it. The drug ends up building up in their blood and staying there longer, possibly causing an overdose of the drug at a typical dose.

The situation would be reversed if the drugs were prodrugs instead. An ultrarapid metabolizer of a prodrug ends up metabolizing too much of the active substance too quickly, possibly causing overdose, while a poor metabolizer of a prodrug maybe never metabolize enough to get effective concentrations of the end substance (check out this post on the prodrug codeine).

Finally, applying this real-life precedent to Captain America, or Flash, or Spider-Man canon evidence, you would have to assume that due to their respective super powers, they all produce a metric sh*tton of liver enzymes capable of metabolizing drugs super fast and hella effective kidneys for excreting them. Typical doses of active drugs would barely work on them, while prodrugs might have a short, but incredibly strong effect on them.


Dylan Larkin #3.4

Second to the last part of my FAVORITE angsty multi-parter!! I can’t believe this baby is coming to an end. :( 

I suggest you read parts 1, 2, and 3 before reading this. Enjoy! :)

Word count: 1, 019

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The silence that followed his ankle-breaking statement was deafening. More than that, it was the kind of silence that left a pinging sound in your ear, like you’re suddenly picking up other-worldly vibrations. Maybe you’ve become a dog and are now picking up new forms of sound waves.

Really, who knows what you’ve become. Maybe it’s the end of the world because, silent or not, you’re pretty sure you just heard Dylan Larkin, ex-person you want to die and present-person you’d die for, tell you that he needed you. He needs you.

Ha. If that isn’t all ten degrees of fucked up?

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So I started doing this thing where I count the points for each queen during their season, with the system:

  • win: 5 points
  • top: 4 points
  • safe: 3 points
  • bottom: 2 points
  • bottom 2, but not eliminated: 1 point
  • elimination: 0 points

and then also calculated overall score per episode for each queen, so the current rankings for season 9 are (overall points) (bold means the queen is still in the race)

  1. Shea: 20 points
  2. Valentina: 19 points
  3. Sasha: 18 points
  4. Alexis: 17 points
  5. Trinity, Nina, Peppermint, Eureka (in that order): 16 points each
  6. Aja: 14 points
  7. Farrah: 13 points
  8. Cynthia: 10 points (keep in mind she wasn’t there for episode)
  9. Charlie: 8 points
  10. Kimora: 4 points
  11. Jaymes: 3 points

Now, this is to some extent an unfair ranking system, because, for example, if a queen wins the first challenge but gets eliminated the second episode she’ll have 5 points, but then another queen spends 5 episodes in the bottom and is eliminated on 6th episode, she’ll also have 5 points, so the correct way to rank is to see how many points a queen has earned per episode (of course now there won’t be no change cause we’re only 5 episodes in):

  1. Shea: 4 points per episode
  2. Valentina: 3.8 points per episode
  3. Sasha: 3.6 points per episode
  4. Alexis: 3.4 per episode
  5. Trinity, Nina, Peppermint, Eureka: 3.2 points per episode
  6. Aja: 2.8 points per episode
  7. Farrah: 2.6 points per episode
  8. Cynthia: 2.5 points per episode
  9. Charlie: 2 points per episode
  10. Jaymes: 1.5 points per episode
  11. Kimora: 1.3 points per episode
The Future of the Trainees

These are just some opinions about the trainees whose position evaluation stages were already aired, their skills and their chances of passing the elimination/making it into the final group.

Playing with Fire

Kang Dongho (Rank 20 -> Rank 8)

Chances - He really went up in ranks a lot and is now the third Nu’est member to get into the Top 11. And honestly, I am not sure if he can keep this place till the next elimination. First of all, I don’t think neither Mnet nor Korean viewers want three Nu’est members to debut in the final group. I don’t think they want any three trainees from any company to debut, two seems to be the max (as evidenced by last season with the Jellyfish girls). And considering, that Jonghyun is practically a guaranteed pick at this moment, I guess that it’s a fight between Minhyun and Dongho for the second spot. Minhyun has been in the Top 11 all weeks but when and at the moment his rank is higher than Dongho’s, but I think Dongho is getting more attention from Mnet. I am not sure whether that attention is good or not because the editing of Dongho in the last episode could go either way (I don’t know Korean but I think I got a gist of the conflict by translating the subtitles). On one hand it seemed like netizens liked the tough guy image from the previous episodes so its return might be a way of keeping him in the high ranks. On the other hand viewers might find it a bit much and turn their backs on him. I don’t know which way Mnet wants it to go, I don’t know how netizens will react, but what I do know is that Minhyun is obviously more on the pretty boy side and has a less confrontational personality which is probably more up the alley for people watching this show. Dongho will obviously make it into the Top 22 but I wouldn’t count on him getting into the final group.

Skills – Dongho has a beautiful voice and did wonderfully in the ‘Playing with Fire’ performance. He also has amazing stage presence but that should be a given considering how much experience he has on stage. His dancing skills aren’t spectacular but, considering the fact that he’s probably aiming for the main vocal position, they don’t really need to be.

Lee Daehwi (Rank 7 -> Rank 10)

Chances - Daehwi’s rank keeps falling but he remains in the Top 11 which is pretty amazing if you take into account that Hyungseob’s and Hyunbin’s ranks have fallen a lot more following the hate that they received. It’s hard to tell if Daehwi is slowly slipping down or if that’s just his place now and he will remain there until the end of the show. And neither of these scenarios guarantees him a place in the final group. I used to think that Daehwi would get into the group for sure that it’s kinda hard for me to imagine it without him. There is of course the chance of him going up in ranks and I do think that that’s what Mnet really wants, considering the fact that not only did they show his ‘humble’ side in the last episode but they kept showing him cutely reacting to different stages and he was present in the previews and the BTS videos. It does beg the question of what the hell Mnet was thinking in the previous episodes if they wanted him to be in the final group. I don’t know if they miscalculated or just didn’t think it through but they are definitely working hard to salvage the situation. And again, considering the fact that he is still in the Top 11 (and is one of only five other trainees who’s been there every week), they might be able to. Plus Daehwi did an amazing job in the Position Evaluation (just like the rest of the teammates – I would’ve accepted anyone being #1) and people seemed to really like the scene of him blowing the confetti away (although it probably didn’t look as pretty on the stage) because I have seen a ton of GIFs of this moment and Mnet replayed it a bunch of times.

Skills – I keep forgetting that Daehwi is one of the youngest contestants – he looks that good and professional on stage. I personally really like his voice (especially in his ‘Paper Hearts’ cover) and appreciate how stable he always sounds. His specialty isn’t dancing but he’s obviously very good at it and is very fast at picking up new choreographies which is a nice bonus. He’s such a well-rounded performer at his age; it would be a shame if he doesn’t make it in.

Jung Sewoon (Rank 13 -> Rank 15)

Chances – Sewoon’s rank keeps fluctuating near the cut off line for the Top 11 and he did once make it in so it’s not really a big deal that he fell a little since last week. Especially if you take in the fact that he actually got screentime in this episode, got to show off his leadership skills, not only sang beautifully but played guitar during the evaluation and won first place in his group. (I did say that I would’ve accepted any member as #1 but I was super happy it was him.) So there’s a pretty decent chance that Sewoon will make it into the Top 11 at the next elimination. I wish I was more certain but there are just around five trainees that you can expect in the Top 11 for sure and then like 20 other guys who could potentially take up the other ranks and it’s hard to tell who it’s gonna be. He did have a high ranking even before he got a decent amount of screentime so if I had to bet I would say that he will make it into the Top 11 at the next elimination. As for making it into the final group – I think he’s always going to be around the cut-off line so it’s gonna be that last voting that really decides his fate.

Skills - I love the way he sings. When Sewoon plays the guitar, he just looks like he is really enjoying himself and he doesn’t care if he sounds great or not even though he does in fact sound great. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he fits into an idol performance as well. And he’s a good enough dancer, at least enough that he fits in with the other trainees.

Choi Minki (Rank 19 -> Rank 18)

Chances – I always get upset when I see that some members are obviously being completely ignored when they show a group practicing.  You could barely tell that Minki was even present there. They showed the Dongho vs. Sewoon confrontation, they showed Daehwi giving his input and they showed Minki sitting in the corner being silent. They had time to show him suggesting something or agreeing with something or even making some joke but they very obviously decided against it. And again I think it’s because they don’t need that many trainees from one company being near the top. They are paying quite a bit attention to the other three members (which is already pretty impressive) so they feel like they have to make the fourth one lay low (they are also doing the same with Donghyun from BNM). And honestly, I think I understand that. Fine, they don’t have to pay much attention to Minki, they don’t have to play up the drama around him, they don’t have to show us his struggles, but not airing a single scene where he talks is a bit too much (and I am going to complain about other trainees getting the same treatment). Especially considering that their team had only 4 members. However, his low rank in comparison to the other Nu’est members could help him. It might get the fans to notice that he needs more votes, so I actually think that he could have a higher rank by the next elimination. And again he’s obviously making it into the Top 22, but I don’t really think that he has a chance of getting into the final group.

Skills – I though he was the weakest vocal in his group but he had such amazing stage presence (which again partially comes from years of experience on stage) that it didn’t matter and I could’ve seen him being #1. Overall, Minki’s a good dancer and has stable vocals so he’s also pretty well-rounded.

PS. I loved how they made sure that they all had something memorable about them – Dongho being the main vocal, Sewoon playing the guitar, Daehwi with his confetti and Minki with his sunglasses. It was really cute especially considering that they were all in the Top 20 and didn’t need to remind anyone who they were but still did anyway.
The Next Leader Of Cybertron Is A Total Beast
Earlier this month a Transformer near and dear to my heart faced off against Ultra Magnus, Star Saber and Deathsaurus in a fan vote for who would be the next ‘bot to wield the Matrix of Leadership. Move over, Optimus Prime. It’s Optimus Primal’s time.
By Mike Fahey

Earlier this month a Transformer near and dear to my heart faced off against Ultra Magnus, Star Saber and Deathsaurus in a fan vote for who would be the next ‘bot to wield the Matrix of Leadership.  Move over, Optimus Prime.  It’s Optimus Primal’s time.

It started with Transformers fans choosing the leader of three factions, Chaos, Order and Honor.  From there the pack was narrowed down to three candidates and one wildcard.

As a huge fan of the Beast Wars era of Transformers, in which the smaller descendents of the Autobots and Decepticons, the Maximals and Predacons. are thrown back in time to ancient Earth and forced to take on animal forms to survive, I was puling for Optimus Primal, Optimus Prime’s ape namesake.  Well, he won.  Good monkey.

Hasbro announced the winner today on stage at its Toy Fair 2017 event in New York City.  First they eliminated Japanese hero Star Saber, then Ultra Magnus.  They asked the audience who they thought won of the remaining two, and someone very near to my mouth shouted, “Primal!”

Okay, it was me.

This version of Optimus Primal is a warlord who dreams of a Cybertron ruled by beasts.  As long as they aren’t Beast Machines, we should be okay.

Optimus Primal will assume the Matrix of Leadership in 2018, when the Power of the Primes story and toy line kick into gear.  Here’s hoping they call him Optimus Primal Prime.

produce 101 top 60 rankings (first elimination )

60th: Kim Sang Bin

59th: Yoon Jae Chan

58th: Lee Ki Won

57th: Lee In Soo

56th: Yoo He Seung

55th: Park Woo Dam(The amazing voice in the manse perf (red outfitts team1)

54th: Kim Nam Hyung

53rd: Kim Yong Jin

52nd: Byun Hyun Min

51st: Seo Sung Hyuk

50th: Jung Jung

49th: Yeo Hwan Woong

48th: Lee Yoo Jin

47th: Ha Min Ho

46th: Kim Sung Ri

45th: Joo Jin Woo

44th: Lee Kwang Hyun

43rd: Kim Kyun Sang

42nd: Woo Jin Young

41st: Lee Jin Woo

40th: Kim Ye Hyun

39th: Kim Dong Hyun

38th: Kim Tae Woo

37th: Kim Dong Han

36th: Hong Eun Ki

35th: Jung Dong Su

34th: Kim Yong Kook

33rd: Kim Dong Bin

32nd: Kim Tae Bin

31st: Justin

30th: Yoon He Seok

29th: Lee Gun Hee

28th: Takada Kenta

27th: Im Young Min

26th: Noh Tae Hyun ( HOTSHOT aka kid monster)

 25th: Kim Tae Dong

24th: Park Woo Jin

23rd: Kwon Hyun BIn

22nd: Park Sung Woo (a.k.a Tip Toe Man)

21st: Ha Sung Woon (HOTSHOT)

20th: Kang Dong Ho (NU'EST Baekho)

19th: Choi Min Ki (NU'EST Ren)

18th: Lee Woo Jin (Kang Daniel’s son )

17th: Lee Eui Woong

16th: Kim Jae Hwan

15th: Yoo Sun Ho

14th: Jang Moon Bok (Mnet’s prince)

13th: Jung Se Woon

12th: Bae Jin Young

11th: Hwang Min Hyun (NU'EST Minhyun)

10th: Joo Hak Nyun

9th: Lai Guan Lin

8th: Kim Jong Hyun (NU'EST JR) ‘the nation’s leader’

7th: Lee Dae Hwi (center)

6th: Ahn Hyung Seop (the one who jumped on stage to dance pick me girl ver)

5th: Daniel Kang (Aka Lee woojin’s Appa)

4th: Ong Sung Woo

3rd: Yoon Ji Sung (I have no words to tell you how happy I am :)

2nd: Kim Samuel

1rst: Park Ji Hoon.