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Naegiri phone backgrounds (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

requested by @tekilexisteki


get to know the member challenge | fave woc: @lunalovvegood 

a Hermione Granger classical music playlist

music nerd or not, all are welcome to have at it

“One day, you’ll read Hogwarts, a History, and perhaps that will remind you that you can’t Apparate or Disapparate inside Hogwarts.”

listen here


☕️🌺 Floral Shardo Lockscreens 🌷😎

↳3.11 Lockscreens, because canon Shardo deserves to be what stares at you when you open your phone. Like or reblog if you download.

Requested by and made for  @pansexual-link-larkin. (I hope you like them)

Credit and my sanity to Ngozi for webcomic.

Now these upload fine for iphones (thanks to @ftchocoholic for helping me figure that out) but I am android trash and they will not work on my phone. But never fear! If you are like me i have a solution. (under the cut)

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JHope reacting to you pranking him with a fake bruise.


This is my first text edit ever omg 🙈🙈🙈 a gift for @hello-vanessa-love-blog 💖💖💖. I hope you liked it!


“I’ll never be able to swallow the fact that people feel the need to attach a successful woman to a man when they say her name.” (Billboard Magazine, May 2016)