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Never Less Than Amazing Pt.2~ BTS SUGA

Anonymous asked:  Can I have a suga fic where his girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body ( short, big boobs,& Thick thighs) and he comforts her ( if you write smut can you include some please thanks :))))

A/N: Ok so i was asked to do Pt.2 and istg it was Cringe City while i re edit this. im sorry if its a little awkward to read :’D it was a little awkwar to write since im not use to writing smut at all, this is my first time :’D.
Anyway, thanks again for requestion to Nonnie and for requesting Pt2! im really happy with the good feedback this got :D <3 


Word Count: 2491
Genre: Fluffy/Smut
Pairing: YoongixY/N
Lenght: Fic
Triggers: Insecurities/Sex


‘Oh, shit…’ his deep voice quivered. Grabbing your belt he swiftly took it off of you throwing it aside, Your arms felt shaky, your hands wanted to touch every part of him, but they were so indecisive on what to do first, you tried to think about what your next step should be you caressed his neck, his chest, his jawline, never stopping the kiss. Yoongi began to grunt from the back of his throat, the sound made your core vibrate and the sensation of it all made you smile, you elicited those sounds that came from him and somehow you felt empowered. He started to get his hands under your blouse moving upwards until he found the underband of your bra teasing you by flicking it and moving to the hook of it, for a second he opened his eyes waiting for your reaction, you moaned and he took this as green light, he unclasp the cloth, you pressed closer to him,the sound of his uneven breath let you know the state he was in, he was hungry for you, frantic, but he wanted to be gentle, it was taking off all his strength to be so and you noticed it, internally you smiled at this display of thoughtfulness and then broke the kiss softly to grab on the bottom hem of your blouse and lift it up exposing your skin to him, he gulped looking at your image in front of him, you saw he was intently looking at your loose bra and began to take down your straps when Yoongi grabbed your hands

‘Wait…’ His voice cracked and you stopped on your tracks, he lowered your hands and you obeyed to his movements, he was still staring at your breasts and you could feel him getting aroused between your legs. ‘Let me…’He whispered, slowly and tenderly he began to pull from the straps, the contact of his skin with yours made you shiver, he licked his lips, your heart was beating out of your chest, you unwillingly tried to cover yourself from him with your arms, but you looked into his eyes which were looking back at you, his gaze was intense and seductive, this was a side of him you never see before, a darker side. You froze, your heart was beating so fast Yoongi could probably hear it him being so close to your chest, without taking away his eyes from you, he threw your bra away and caressing your arms upwards and down to the side of your breast cupping them with the utmost gentle touch.
Yoongi moved closer and press his lips to one of your breast bud and gave it a peck, your breath hitched the sensation made you giggle, but you quiet it fast not wanting to take away the intensity of the moment, but yoongi did the same and chuckled.

‘That’s good baby, don’t hold it…’ said amused with his raspy voice. ‘Relax…’ He started to kiss your tight bead, teasing it with his tongue and blowing a soft and cold air over it. You moaned tilting your head while watching him now fumbling with your other breast, somehow you felt soft and light like you were flying and yet so grounded to earth and to him, to this intimate moment you were both sharing. ‘Lie down baby…’ He commanded kissing your stomach, you got off from him and rest yourself next to him, to this, he position on top of you kissing you on the lips again, and then he kissed the tip of your nose, your forehead ‘Beautiful’ said softly.

He proceeded to kiss his way down on you, your chin, your jaw, your neck, your collarbone, every kiss sent electricity to every part of your body, every kiss left you breathless and filled with energy at the same time, you were confused, your mind couldn’t think right so you decided to just stop your brain from thinking something else that wasn’t how you felt about Yoongi right now. The trail of his kisses reached the waist of your skirt, he looked at you for permission, you nodded and lifted your hips so he would be able to slid the fabric of you. You were now with nothing else on, under your skirt you weren’t wearing any underwear before, so you were bare naked before him. He locked eyes with you and bite his lower lip

‘No undies?’ You smiled at him as a reply ‘babygirl…you drive me insane’ He positioned himself between your legs gently spreading them and lowering himself towards you. As a reflex, you tried to close your legs but with a quicker movement Yoongi was already caressing with the palm of his hand your heat, haltingly he started to pull apart your folds beginning to play with your wetness, you inhaled sharply and arched your back into his touch. He growled ‘So wet…’ the comment made you shudder, you felt extremely sensitive, Yoongi moved his fingers and you jerked up, your jaw dropped, and he smirked at your reaction. You head felt hot, and the pit of your stomach was twisting, Yoongi’s gaze caught up onto yours and suddenly stopped. You let out a strangled noise and that twisted sensation was no longer there. ‘Sorry pumpkin, but not with my fingers…’ He licked your juices off his hand, you bite back a moan at the lewd action. He lowered himself to your center, lying on the bed between your legs, you were so sensitive you felt the soft breeze his lips let out. Passing his arms under your legs, he positioned you closer to him with a vicious yank. Your throat felt dry you wanted to reach out and press Yoongi ’s head to your core, the anticipation was killing you, and you wanted him now. Noticing your eagerness he decided to tease you, he opened your lips once again and blow on your wetness, the cold startled you making you squeak and he chuckled.

‘Yoongi stop…’ you cried out.

‘Mmm’ he mewled, he leaned down to you and you felt his nose first pressing on your clit, he licked a stripe up your folds and growled, ‘Ravishing…’ He delved in his tongue, fondling your nib and kissing you again and again, you rolled you eyes falling into the sweet feeling of him between your legs, he stroked and squeezed your thighs you tried to reach and grab his hand to push him off but he swiftly grabbed your hand intertwining his fingers with yours,

‘Oh god…’ you cooed,  Yoongi let go of your hand.

Carefully he slid one of his fingers in your entrance, your fists clenched, Yoongi making sure you could take it being your first time he wanted to be extra mellow with you. He moved his finger and you clenched around it, when you adjust to him he inserted another finger slower than before, you were a little uncomfortable at the beginning but Yoongi took his time and waited for you, when he got the two digits fully in he started to move it and scissor them inside of you, he returned to suck on your clit, the feeling in the pit of your stomach returned and this time the sensation escalated quickly to a more intense heat, you started to pant but Yoongi didn’t stop, fastening his motions to get you to your climax. Shockwaves rippled through your body and had you seen starts, you laughed out loud, you weren’t exactly sure why you were laughing, you just had the need to, you felt a joy, it was a different feeling, You had masturbated before of course, but this was a different thing, something new and exciting Yoongi got up, all your juices dripping from his lips, he was smiling too.

‘How you feeling?’ He asked cockily

‘Wow….’ you said bewildered ‘Just wow…’ He got closer to you and you both kissed, not minding the taste of yourself on his lips.

‘I am wow…’ He said winking showing his gummy smile. Your senses calmed down and you took a deep satisfied breath ‘Oh baby girl, don’t get to comfy…’ he passed a finger over your mouth ‘This isn’t even the fun part’ He sat on his knees and hastily removed his shirt, you purred seductively placing a kiss on his belly, from his jean pockets he draw a condom ‘Open this for me sugar…’ He gave it to you. He was taking off his belt and his pants in a hurry when he was about to remove his underwear you stopped him.

‘Wait, shouldn’t i…’ You looked at his bulge ‘You know…’ He shook his head no.

‘If you touch me now I will burst…’ His voiced cracked Maybe some other time’

‘Wait!’ you stopped him when he was pulling off his boxers, he stopped at once.
‘Let me…’ You said coyly. Taking the hem of them between your fingers you took them down exposing his hard length, trying to break his rules to tried to kiss the tip of it but he took you by the shoulders and hold you, a simple, teared mute and firm “no” from his side was enough to make clear you shouldn’t proceed with your idea. Grabbing the condom you tore open the envelope

‘Roll it on…’ Yoongi husked. You obeyed and slowly place it over his shaft, with every inch you covered he got more and more anxious and shivered under your touch. ‘Now come here’ He grabbed your face and kissed you wantingly, he pushed you down towards the bed, he hovered above you ‘Your legs baby…’ you got straight away what he wanted, lifting your legs and placing them on each side of his waist. ‘If it hurts you have to tell me ok?’ He stared at you waiting for your response, you nodded and pushed him down a little letting him know you were ready. He tumble a bit due to your eagerness and you giggled, He smiled lovingly and kissed you once again while lowering himself little by little, with his left hand he grabbed himself and aligned with your heat, you felt the tip of his shaft and bite your lip

‘Yoongi…’ you moaned his name, He started to push lightly, your eyes shut and your heart started hammering, you clenched making Yoongi grunt.

‘You must relax baby, relax…’He whispered hovering over you kissing comfortingly.He caressed your cheeks and sucked on your lower lip, you did your best and little by little you started to get undone under his touch. He snakes his arm under your wait and lifts you up, you watch him grunt and pant under hooded lids, you are wet so he slides inside completely. The feeling was uncomfortable and unknown, you moved a bit but the same feeling remained 
‘Don’t rush…’ Yoongi whispered, his voice sounded agitated  “is he tired?” you knew he was lethargic, but he wouldn’t be at this moment, he is always energetic when it comes to the two of you and then it hit you…you were moving and he was on edge, he had barely been touched by you, but he was already at his limit, you didn’t showed it if more you buried your face on Yoongi’s neck, but you were kind of proud you could make him this turned on. Your confidence shoots out and you felt sexier than ever before.

‘Yoongi…’ you called him deepening your voice, Yoongi was still but he tilted his head to you to pay attention, you waited until his eyes were looking into yours, some of his hairs glued to his forehead, his gaze felt heavy while looking at your, gathering all of yourself you hold your breath and spoke ‘Move…’ your voice resonated inside your mind, and you lightly cringed, but to him it was the completely opposite he whined while starting to move slowly, you both stifled your moans,

‘Fuck you’re so hot’ he voiced out shakily his movements steady, you close your eyes and bite your lips. ‘Don’t… ’ you opened your eyes and find yourself with a lust filled Yoongi, who was struggling with his heavy breathing ‘Don’t hold up baby girl…’ You gulped, the minute you released your lips from your teeth a moan pushed out from them and you blushed, to what you both giggled, you were so embarrassed, Yoongi kissed your nose and hide his face on your neck, he was still moving and his thrusting got deeper but slower. ‘I love you’ He said kissing your neck, lifting his head to meet your lips and tenderly pecking them. You heart exploded, you could feel your cheeks getting warmer and also your chest, He looked at you in a way your breath was taking nay ripped from your lungs, you melted at his words and couldn’t help but giggle stupidly.

’Again…’ you demanded, Yoongi looked at your amused.

‘I love you’ he repeated giggling too. And so you went into action.
Wrapping your legs and holding Yoongi in place, without separating from one another,  you pushed him back into the mattress of the bed so you were now on top of straddling him. Yoongi looked shocked, ‘Y/n-?…! Fuck!’ he moaned out when you started to ride him, his fingers dug on your waist flesh making your move even faster, and you let him command your movements, pace accelerating, your breasts jumping up and down with every rocking back and forth of your body whimpering and heaving, the pit of your stomach started to shrink and you knew your orgasm was near. Looking down at Yoongi whose face was contorted with pleasure, eyes shut and lips plumped and red due to him biting on them was also reaching his limit, you felt him throb inside of you

‘Yoongi…’you called out.

‘Go baby, let yourself go…’he got to let out before arching his back and grunting

You are on the verge of bursting and so you grab on his chest digging your nails on him for dear sweet relief as you began to move yourself even more rapidly making Yoongi’s eyes to roll back of his head, lifting his hips to press himself more and more to you. With a clench of your walls around him you come undone swiftly the feeling lingering and sending electricity to every part of your body, your heart pulsating over and over like tide waves. He cries out your name, relief of his voice pounding by sheer impulse on you, you lift yourself up and plop down next to him, your arms and legs shaking still.

‘Christ…’ He lets out ‘That was….damn….’ he finished catching his breath and looking your way with an amused expression coloring his sweaty features.You nodded catching your own breath

‘Yeah—Damn’ you repeated

‘Let’s do it again…’ you opened your eyes wide as plates, Yoongi kissed your cupping your face.

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“Some say you’re trouble, boy,
Just because you like to destroy
All the things that bring the idiots joy.
Well, what’s wrong with a little destruction?”

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