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I dnt get y u and ur followers like Baekhyun. He ALWAYS looking for attention, he clings and use his member to make himself popular. Look at how he always clings on to Xiumin. He tries too hard to be popular, but he's never popular LMAO serve him right!

Baekhyun using his member for popularity???? He is never popular??? What kind of bullshit is this?? 

During EXO debut days Baekhyun have the most fansite with 400+ fansite. 

His Beautiful OST Charted at #1 in China for 4 STRAIGHT weeks!. 

During Baekhyun’s birthday he had the most tweets for his birthday related trends on twitter, it reached 2,000,000 tweets on twitter. 

“The tickets for BaekHyun’s birthday party was sold out in just 10 mins”. 

On japan’s fan meeting, which was held last year, baekhyun-related goods were always the first to be sold out. 

His photos from dream concert got the most retweets, with one set of photos almost hitting 10k.

His photocard is the most difficult to get because most people don’t want to replace it and most people are trading their card for Baekhyun. 

Baekhyun’s WKorea magazine sold 193,460 copies he ranks #1 for wkorea magazine sales. 

In 160410 Baekhyun won his first individual award for Most Popular Artist (Korea) at Yinyuetai V chart award, during the voting period he had more votes than EXO?

LMAO He don’t need to cling on to his “popular” member to make himself popular when he IS popular since debut without doing any of that lmao. Please do some research, and check your sources. 

  • 160722 EXOrDIUM: Baekhyun’s fan & name tag was the first one that was sold out
  • Baekhyun’s ID card for Japan fanmeeting was the first to sold out for 3 consecutive days!
  • Baekhyun LMR ver japan CD sold out

Do you need more???? 


“These songs were once about my life. They are now about yours.”

October 27, 2015: The one year anniversary of Taylor Swift’s 1989! 

Taylor’s 5th studio album 1989, with the number one singles Shake It Off, Blank Space, Style, Bad Blood and Wildest Dreams, sold over 1.287 million copies in its first week and was the most successful album of 2014. It has been 12 years since a record sold faster than 1989, and 1989 is the fastest album to hit 5 million US sales in a decade. Taylor has inspired many with this album, and the 1989 era has been memorable so far! 

What I Did Right in 2014, in no particular order
  • Kept my cat (and myself) alive. And both of our litter boxes somewhat clean.
  • Got a Master’s degree (and a sweet-ass mention in the speech by our fantastic commencement speaker - and all I had to do was sleep with him for a year and a half).
  • Sustained my first major injury (yes, ever) yet managed to use my bedridden state to write the best thing I made in grad school, which led to:
  • Got my dream job.
  • Sold in my first online, print, and TV ads, which means people will read the words that I wrote with their eyes and brains and any other parts of themselves they use for reading, hopefully just those two though.
  • Sold almost everything I owned and moved literally all of the way across the country in my car.
  • Did not kill my cat or my boyfriend along the way.
  • Got an apartment in the most difficult housing market in the country. Scratch that, got an awesome, enormous apartment in the most difficult housing market in the country.
  • Saw the Grand Canyon and a bunch of other big dumb beautiful America things.
  • Got over my crippling fear of not making new friends at work by making friends at work and then getting impressively drunk around them often and with vigor.
  • Was half of a two-woman team that cooked and served an entire amazing Thanksgiving meal from scratch motherfuckers.
  • Got good enough at my job that sometimes people ask for me to do things? Like they want me instead of someone else to do things? Like, there are other choices, but they want me?
  • Talked to my boss about tampons at the Christmas party, yet am still able to make eye contact with him.
  • Kept my relationship afloat, despite the fact that I am very bad at intimacy and can often be the girlfriend equivalent of a floating turd.
  • Maintained shiny hair. Priorities.