first drawing since i don't remember


since i’m bored and the husband is asleep, i decided to play with liquid liner. few goofy selfies later, i remembered the batwing liner youtube tutorial by dracmakens!

this is my first time ever drawing on my face with liquid liner. you awesome people that do this all of the time are insanely talented!!

i really like how it came out. kind of sad i’m not going out with this. and now, how do you take it off!?


Maybe some of you remember my little fox character/sona Aonik. Back in 2006, when I created it, my thoughts were “I want a character I could identify myself with. It would be a bird… ahh.. but I don’t know how to draw birds, and gestures seem difficult too, maybe that’s the reason why everyone else makes a dog/cat sona, they are easier to draw… Hmm, I like foxes, I like Japanese mythology and I can draw foxes, so a kitsune will do! And it will have little bird wings!”. And that’s was it.

I recalled those thoughts and decided to make a “what if I knew how to draw birds back then” version, mixing the kitsune thing with a bird and this was the result. I’ve been using this design to draw silly Tourabu doodles lately, heh.