first drawing on this new pc and


ponies,ponies and ponies

i made more sketches about palette,goth and others.these were supposed to be sketches only but my mind will never be set on just one style

the first one i always wanted to draw anger with her two sons X3 .the last one was the pony town designs of anger and star,sorry star,i dont know if you have a ponysona design or not so i just decided to go with your pony town design hehe

pony pallete,pony fell!palette,sdrow land and pony goth design = @angexci

goth = @nekophy

pony town star = @starlumen

now off i go to play more sims on my pc haha,i always get distracted from drawing when their is a new game in my pc

Hmm hard to explain! The name Fishcrow is kinda a insider joke from me and a old friend. Fishcrow was supposed to be a small sidekick character from one of my old oc’s. But it looked so weird and silly. My friend said it looked like a fish. And I also liked teeth and birds at that moment so I glued some chompers on it. I can’t find the first drawing goddamn (new pc) oh well

There are real fish crows btw!

These are no fake summoned familair birds! So Fishcrow is kinda just a nickname! :>

Ok ok, Pidge is maybe the Voltron’s chara I like to draw the most SO why not take the opportunity and use their birthday as an excuse? ;^)

This is the first drawing I’ve made on my new pc so, well, I’m happy!!
//But I’m totally sad because I haven’t had the opportunity to make something for Hunk’s birthday last January due my exams OTZ//


The Russian Tomb Raider fan community have been hard at work on their own localisation of the first three Tomb Raider games and alongside those developments, a talented programmer Arsunt has been digging through Tomb Raider II and optimising it for modern PCs. Anyone who has played TRII on PC in recent years can tell you that the game has a number of shortcomings as display resolutions increase and 16:9 became the standard. So far Arsunt has managed to implement full 16:9 support, corrected the display of sprites (no more straining your eyes at tiny pick-up displays, ammo counters or health bars) and my personal favourite; customisation for draw distances for land and water. That’s the dense black fog the first three games used to save memory when displaying larger areas. Some people love the fog and feel it adds to the atmosphere but I have to say there’s something about seeing these environments all at once for the first time that makes them feel brand new again after twenty years.

Arsunt is also working on solving a number of bugs that plague the PC version as well as porting over PS exclusive features such as semi-transparency for water and gunfire, gradient health and air bars and barefoot SFX. He’s already succeeded in porting the PSX’s waving inventory to PC. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also support for HD FMVs, HD image packs, external texture packs and language packs. With TR3 to come!

PC players, if Nicobass’s incredible demo had you wanting to swan dive back in to Tomb Raider II, it might be worth holding off just a little longer for the release of Arsunt’s optimisation. It looks like it could be the definitive version.


I’ve had a bunch (a lot) of problems lately both private and technical. I had a lot of trouble with my Paypal account because it wouldn’t let me receive or send money so I tried contacting the clients who didn’t pay for their artwork and coincidentally, they never answered. But anyway, aside for that whole fucking mess I’ve also had to move to a new apartment so I don’t have WiFi and I can’t even have a good setting for my pc. The drawing you’re seeing above is just an old one I’m reusing. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve had to explain myself but sadly, there’s not much I can do about the situation at the moment.

Please know that I will not accept any money from you guys until I finish what you’ve paid for and that I’m doing the best I can to get a proper setting and stable WiFi as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

Assassins Creed :Loki

i could cry, because it turns out my PC is to lame for finishing it. My graphic Card broke down every 5 min and i had also a lot of problems with my RAM … i first need a PC with more power to finish this …. or i have to draw much smaller pictures with not so many layers …. so. This picture is not finished and will never be …..until Loki steals me a new PC

I had a mighty need to get this out of my system (after playing Trespasser) and now I finally feel free to draw other stuff (which I already did but in my sketchbook since I had a lot of waiting time while installing all the things on my pc). SO THERE YOU ARE … I EVEN STARTED A NEW LAVELLAN ARGH! All the feels T_T

why am i doing this

Hello. My name’s Bobby Schroeder. You may know me as Tumblr user ponett. I’ve been a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for years. For better or worse.

In the summer of 2002, my first encounter with Sonic was via a rerun of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog on Toon Disney. Immediately, that hedgehog’s low budget, poorly animated shenanigans had me hooked. For the rest of the summer I would try to catch every rerun I could of the show just to get more of that hedgehog.

A few months later, on one fateful trip to a flea market, I happened upon a booth filled with toys and comic books. It was there that I discovered something that would change my eight-year-old life.

I knew immediately that I had to buy this.

Initially disappointed that it had very little to do with the cartoon I so dearly loved, I quickly became fascinated by this new set of characters. Later that week I got what were then the two most recent issues, #112 and #113. Somehow, in the span of 100 issues, the comic had turned into this:

I spent the next six years of my life reading every new issue of this goddamn furry comic religiously.

(Oh yeah, and I guess I realized Sonic was a video game character. My first game of his was the PC port of Sonic R. I ate that fucking garbage right up.)

While the games had a big impact on me (they got me into video games, and I’m kind of a developer now), the comics did as well. They are, unarguably, what got me interested in drawing anthropomorphic animals as a kid. The convoluted plots, heroic adventures, and colorful cast also influenced some of my earliest writing.

And so I’m going to chronicle my experience as I read through every issue of this comic. I haven’t read it in years, and I never read most of the first 111 issues. Let’s watch as my nostalgia towards my vague memories of the characters clashes with a lot of the writing and art not being super great! If you’ve read the comics, I hope you get a kick out of watching me rediscover them. If you’ve never touched them, well. Think of this as an educational experience.

This is going to be fun.


Never Alone Coming Fall 2014 for PS4, XB1 & PC

Welcome to the top of the world.

Where nature challenges life in the extreme. Where death lies waiting in the cold. Where you must explore the fantastical world of Iñupiaq stories to help a young girl save her people from an endless blizzard.

You must succeed or all is lost.

This is the first in a new category of games — games which draw fully upon the richness of unique cultures to create complex and fascinating game worlds.

Upper One Games paired world class game developers with Alaska Native storytellers and elders to create Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa), a game based on stories that have been handed down for thousands of years. A game which delves deeply into the traditional lore of the Iñupiat people to present an experience like no other. An atmospheric puzzle platformer of wondrous adventure. A game of survival in a place where survival shouldn’t be possible. A game that opens a gateway to explore what it means to be human.

The experience of your life awaits…

Coming Fall 2014 for console and PC.

External image


Better mipmaps and draw distance! We had some pretty poor distant texturing that showed a lot of repetition with the terrain textures. I finally got to the bottom of it today and here is a first look at some texture adjustments and texture settings in unity which help the terrain blend much better. I turned off the trees and grass in the snow biome so you can see how much better it looks.
Also for PC alpha 15, we will support up to 13 chunk draw distance which is what is shown in the shots. And if some new feature works out (it looks very promising, terrain will then go from 208 meters (13 16x16 chunks) to 2.5 kilometers, which is why I fixed the mipmaps so the new (unshown) terrain looks presentable. Exciting stuff ahead!

Fallen London Fan Art Competition: Bats, Rats,Cats and Hats

Delicious friends, we’ve always been excited and grateful to see your Fallen London art. Recognition of your boundless creativity is long overdue, so we’re running our first fan art competition! 

How to Enter

Create art in your chosen style on the following theme:

Bats, rats, cats and hats

Interpret this in any way you see fit, as long as the image obviously relates back to the theme. Winning entries will be judged by their use of the theme, rather than artistic ability.

Post your artwork to your Tumblr with the tag: #fallen london fanart competition by 10 August 2015.

We will review all the entries and repost a gallery of our top 10. 

The top 10 will be up for community vote on our forums until 16 August, with the top 3 receiving a prize.

The Prizes

  • Exclusive Fallen London jewellery

    Your choice of an Exceptional Hat necklace or brooch. These very limited edition pieces are hand-made by us from laser-cut acrylic.

    This is the first piece of Fallen London jewellery we’ve ever produced, and right now this is the only way to get your hands on one!

  • 100 Fate and 3 months of Exceptional Friendship

    This means 3 months of two candles, 10 cards to draw, access to the House of Chimes and 3 brand-new stories, plus enough Fate to sample some Fate-locked stories (or just refresh actions furiously).

  • A copy of Sunless Sea, plus the official soundtrack

    Sunless Sea, our game for PC and Mac, will be yours along with a download code for its haunting soundtrack.

Competition Guidelines

1. The piece must fit the theme Bats, rats, cats and hats. It doesn’t have to be a new piece, but pieces which clearly don’t fit the theme will not be taken into account.

2. Please, nothing NSFW. We’ve got interns; their minds are so fresh.

3. JPGS, GIFS and PNGs will be accepted. See Tumblr’s image guidelines to make sure your image will look its best.

4. The competition is open internationally. The piece must be made by you, and submitted by you. 

5. Your ask must be open, or you must include alternate contact details when posting your piece. If we can’t contact you within a week of voting closing, we’ll move on to the person with the next highest number of votes.

6. Any attempt to manipulate voting will be cause for disqualification. We trust you not to do anything like this, and to know when ‘trying to drum up support’ turns into spamming or manipulating either the system or other people.

7. Full terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, drop us an ask and we’ll try to help.

Good luck, delicious friends!

Wacom Cintiq Companion Impressions

Last week I received my new Cintiq Companion, Wacom’s first truly portable drawing apparatus. I’ve been making comics on it for a week now, so I think I’ve had enough experience with it to share my impressions with you.

I opted for the Companion and not the Companion Hybrid because I wanted a full-fledged PC in addition to the tablet capabilities. It came with Windows 8 preinstalled, and while I had heard lots of bad things about the OS, it has been a better experience than I was expecting- especially when I updated it to 8.1. The tablet functionality is quite good, actually. I like the onscreen keyboard a lot more than iOS’s.

As for the hardware itself, I am impressed. The Companion feels really solid, and the various buttons and switches etc are responsive and useful. It’s compact enough to easily fit in a computer bag, and came with a nice neoprene case that also holds the stylus case (which itself is really cool). The power cord is plenty long enough and the transformer box is surprisingly compact. All in all it’s way more portable than the smaller Cintiq and perfect for travel or working in coffee shops or whatever.

The most critical thing, of course, is how it does at actually making artwork. The surface is a nice balance between smoothness and toothiness. It feels like it might be a little gripper than my big Cintiq, but I may be imagining that. The stylus is excellent. Due to the smaller screen, there is a noticeable discrepancy between the tip of the stylus and the cursor when you get to the edges of the screen, but proper calibration was easy and went a long way toward correcting this. After a week of use I hardly notice it anymore.

The overall drawing experience is good. It took me a few days to get used to working on such a small screen as I’m used to my 24" monster at home, but it was just a matter of adaptation. Pressure sensitivity is excellent, and the Companion has enough RAM to handle huge Photoshop files without any hitches. I attach a USB keyboard because I use lots of keyboard shortcuts when drawing, but if you use the express keys on the side of your cintiq you could probably work without an external keyboard. Due to the high screen resolution and small display size, user interface buttons are pretty tiny, but not unusably so.

Battery life is truly impressive, in my opinion. I can draw for three hours and only use up half of a charge.

Thus far, my only gripes are with the software, not the tablet itself. Photoshop is buggy as hell on Windows, at least compared to OS X. And Windows 8 is better than I expected, as I said, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “good” operating system. Its kind of a mess, organizationally, and the disconnect between the (pretty cool, IMO) tiles interface and the standard Windows desktop is really, really clunky. The design nerd in me hates the OS, but the practical side of me says “at least it works.”

So what’s the final verdict?

I’m glad I got my Companion. It makes working while I’m away from home an absolute breeze. If you’re a professional artist who travels a lot I think its a great purchase despite the hefty price tag. It won’t be replacing my 24hd as my main work tool, and I think people looking to jump into the Cintiq pool would be better served by purchasing one of the less expensive non-tablet Cintiqs. But on the whole, I’m pleased with the product and expect to do a lot of work on it in the future.

Fanart | Lilo and Stitch ft. HTTYD: “Stitch cosplaying Toothless, Digital - 2014 

First drawing on the new computer! This has probably been done before? If not why not? I have no clue, all I know is I was bored it was in my sketchbook and I wanted to try how coloring in Photoshop Elements would do.

Over all Elements works pretty well. I am still limited but it is better than nothing. Plus I was able to bring my brushes over from my PC. Let me know what you think.

Reblog don’t Re-post, Thank you.

The Fallen London Hallowmas Competition

Delicious friends, it’s time to prepare your sewing kits, glue guns and rolling pins for our next Fallen London competition!

Our fanart competition was a delight. We were humbled by your skill and creativity.

This time we will be accepting entries in cookery, costume or craft.

The theme is Hallowmas. Ring in the season with your festive creations!

Hallowmas is a Fallen London festival celebrated in October/November. A time of revels, confessions and feasts, of harmless merriment - or something more sinister.

How to Enter

You’re free to interpret the theme in any way you see fit, as long as your creation relates back to the theme. Think masks, skulls, candles, tricks and treats. (And sympathetic Surface traditions, like pumpkins.)

Post your creations to your Tumblr and include:

  • Which category you’re entering
  • The name of your creation
  • The tag #fallen london hallowmas competition
  • At least one clear photo of your creation, to a maximum of five
  • Accompanying text of no more than 250 words (if you like)

If you don’t use tumblr, email your entry to, marked Hallowmas Competition, and we will share it from ours.

The competition will close on 9 November 2015.

We will review all the entries and announce our top 5 in each category. 

These will be up for community vote until 16 November, with one winner in each category receiving a prize package.

The Prizes

Your choice of merchandise from our new range

A piece from our brand-new merchandise range! We’ve just relaunched our store with new merch for Sunless Sea and we’re adding Fallen London pieces over the coming weeks. You’ll have your pick of mugs, aprons, shirts and phone cases.

Exclusive Fallen London jewellery

Your choice of an Exceptional Hat necklace or brooch. These very limited edition pieces are hand-made by us from laser-cut acrylic.

This is the first piece of Fallen London jewellery we’ve ever produced, and winning a competition is the only way to get your hands on one!

100 Fate and 3 months of Exceptional Friendship

This means 3 months of two candles, 10 cards to draw, access to the House of Chimes and 3 brand-new stories, plus enough Fate to sample some Fate-locked stories (or just refresh actions furiously).

A copy of Sunless Sea, plus the official soundtrack

Sunless Sea, our game for PC and Mac, will be yours along with a download code for its haunting soundtrack.

Entry guidelines under the cut. Good luck!

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