first doge

1998 Château Lafite Rothschild

Merry Christmas, everybody! I celebrated in style with some big boss Bordeaux. Cassis, blackberries, tobacco, eucalyptus, mushrooms, espresso, mahogany, leather, and cigar on the nose. Still so fresh, despite being almost 20 years old! Red and black cassis on the palate with new leather, young tobacco, and mushroom. Quite perfumed and just so so sophisticated (like me). Santé!

5/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

13% abv

Pauillac (Bordeaux), FRANCE

seventeen’s first words

seungcheol: “seventeen”

jeonghan: “angel…”

jisoo: “chocolate!”

hansol: “oh my god”

jihoon: “i’m so done”

seungkwan: “boonon yeah”

seokmin: “soonseok talk talk talk talk”

junhui: “doge meme..”

minghao: “doggies!!”

mingyu: “wait.wAIT.waIT.WAIT.”

chan: “michael chanson!”

wonwoo: “bro..”

soonyoung: “naega hosh”

“Can be your Christmas present,Derek?”
“Every day with you is a gift, Stiles…”
“You are so wow..”

Sterek!Doge AU
Maybe as the first year of Doge!Stiles being rescued from the high kill shelter and brought into CourageWolf!Derek’s pack, he begins to find the confidence in himself to be more outgoing, not be ashamed of his odd speech pattern that seems to normalize over time but still lingers there when he doesn’t feel like putting much effort into talking. Perhaps, just perhaps, Stiles is finding himself to be more fond of the courageous and wonderful alpha that rescued him. Perhaps the feelings of the fluttering butterflies in his soft tummy are not ones that he wants to bash away, but perhaps ones that give way to more positive and wow feelings. Perhaps, the looks Derek gives him are ones that Stiles is hopefully reading correct, so he bundles up all the courage that his pack and his new family have given him these last few months, and takes that leap of faith and declare that his feelings for Derek are very wow and make him feel such flutter in his tummy. And this Christmas?

Well this Christmas may just end up being very very wow. 

2001 Château Mouton Rothschild

So I don’t always place myself on a pedestal, but when I’m drinking Mouton Rothschild, I most certainly do! Where to begin… black currants, blackberries, fresh leather with just a hint of use/age, mint, eucalyptus, aged wood, cedar, tobacco, and spicebox on the nose. Fruit is still fresh on the palate - black currants, blackberries, a hint of raspberries, fresh leather, fresh tobacco box, and cedar on the palate. This is just brilliant - it dances between being a young wine and a wine that is starting to mature. Drinking beautifully now, but could certainly age much, much longer. A really incredible performance in a year that doesn’t get as much respect as 2000!

5/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

12.5% abv

Pauillac (Bordeaux), FRANCE

Doge!Stiles: “But, Derek. Not sure if can do this. Many nervous, what if so many fail?”
CourageWolf!Derek: “Well there’s only one way to find out, and if you don’t succeed at first, you try again.”
Doge!Stiles: “Wow”

Sterek!AU where CourageWolf!Derek rescued Doge!Stiles from a high kill shelter and has brought him into Derek’s pack. Stiles has never known the simple pleasures of rock skipping, playing in the snow, or even the comforting warmth of pack cuddles after a long day of play. Stiles doesn’t know what to make of all this, perhaps is still a little shy, but whenever he sees Derek, how big and strong of a leader he is, and the friend he has become to Stiles, it is so wow! 

Sterek Doge!AU

During Doge!Stiles’ first days with the Hale Pack, CourageWolf!Derek always noticed a few things of the interesting Shiba. His speech was weird, so he rarely spoke unless absolutely necessary, he had absolutely no trust towards anyone that wasn’t Derek, and he always had a habit of eating somewhere that wasn’t at the dinner place. So one day he follows Doge!Stiles and sees him sitting behind one of the largest trees of the Hale Property, hiding his food under a bundle of leaves. Derek does cautiously - ever so cautiously - ask him about this one night while Stiles prepares his nest of blankets for bed. “Because, Derek. If no protect, food will be stolen from us. It is not wow.” Of course, Derek corrects this behavior with reassurance that the ‘humanes’ nor anyone else will ever steal his food while he is part of Derek Hale’s pack. Stiles thinks this is very wow, and the next day he shares some of his food with Derek. Derek promptly tries to ignore the small bits of dirt that cling on to the curly fries.  

[TRANS] Cnetz reactions to Wu Yifan’s Pluto Weibo Update

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Requested post

Wu Yifan [+28097] Scorpios like my post!
Wu Yifan [+27381] As a scorpio I must snatch a sofa (first comment) [doge]

Chen Lizhi [+6137] Scorpio? As an Aries I retreat ten thousands steps immediately! Been abused so much I’m scared [wail wail]

1. [+3695] Each time Wu Yifan posts on weibo it’s like three posts, he himself actually gifts two comments as well, an idol with such good conscience.

2. [+2618] Cute Pluto protecting the great Scorpio, and Meigenis protect Wu Yifan, we are all here <3

3. [+1951] I think you’re really adorable and it’s affecting me. Wu Yifan your personality is too adorable. Ever-changing but likeable. No wonder so many people like you [doge]

4. [+1635] Sagittarius people hug me tight!!! [doge]

5. [+1494] Do you yourself know that Scorpios succeed with their face [doge]

6. [+1528] Doesn’t anyone feel the same way? This weibo post is like a little little kid who ran out from a garden and then urgently shows off to people saying: Look look, I have an an adorable friend protecting me hey, and Fanfan isn’t scheming at all, Fanfan is soft and sweet and obedient! You guys can’t bully me okay, sniffle sniffle sniffle. And then this little adult tells us that, Fanfan is going to sleep now, you guys must sleep early too!!

7. [+1355] But I’m a Leo [angry] Forget it forget it I’ll protect you too

8. [+1155] Do you know that we like calling you baobao :)