the doctors putting on makeup

one: fusses & redoes everything 10 times

dr. who: do you think barbara is letting her grandfather anywhere near her makeup kit

two: has zoe do it & comes out looking very sparkly

three: the most flawless winged eyeliner you ever did see

four: oddly fond of false eyelashes for some reason

five: doesn’t use makeup but has a million hair accessories

six: orange lipstick & pink eyeshadow? why not

seven: puts it on w/ace in the morning for bonding time

eight: gets distracted halfway through & ends up w/only one eye done

war: who has time for makeup when there’s daleks to fight

nine: will give you the best damn makeover you’ve ever had

ten: puts on way too much blush & people are concerned b/c they think they’re sick

eleven: repeatedly & accidentally stabs themself in the eye

twelve: fills in eyebrows. they grow more powerful


On This Day

November 28

1975 • Space:1999 - Episode: Alpha Child

1971 • Earth II (TV Movie)

1967 • The Invaders - Episode: The Captive

1965 • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Episode: The Silent Saboteurs

1965 • My Favorite Martian - Episode: Avenue C Mob

1964 • Doctor Who - Episode: The Daleks

1964 • The Outer Limits - Episode: The Inheritors Part 2

1963 • Planet Patrol - Episode: Time Stands Still

1953 • Space Patrol - Episode: The Doom of Planet X

1953 • Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers - Episode: Money-Makers of Juno

1953 • The Secret Files of Captain Video - Episode: Envoy of Death

1952 • Tales of Tomorrow - Episode: The Invigorating Air


Friend: I really want to start watching Doctor Who where should I start?

Me: Well you can start from the beginning where the Doctor kidnaps two teachers and takes them back to the Stone Age

Me: Or when he escapes a hospital and steals a car to stop plastic mannequins

Me: Or when the Doctor becomes an Edwardian amnesiac who goes around kissing people

Me: Or when he blows up a department store to stop plastic mannequins again

Me: Or when he crash-lands into a little girl’s yard and forces her to make him fish custard

Me: Or you could start at the most recent season where he abandons his best friend to be killed by clockwork robots

Friend: :0

Me: The Doctor is a great protagonist, by the way. You’ll love him for sure.