The Doctor and Selfies
  • One: Outwardly disdains them but takes a few cheeky ones when no one’s looking
  • Two: Has thousands. Jamie is in half.
  • Three: Has an OOTD Instagram. 20,000 followers.
  • Four: Does selfies shortly after causing massive chaos. Always grinning.
  • Five: Stopped taking them after Tegan made fun of him.
  • Six: Invented them.
  • Seven: Used to take them while something exploded in background but doesn’t because they could be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Eight: Shoes.
  • Nine: You’re joking right
  • Ten: 12,000. All of his hair.
  • Eleven: All selfies are blurred because he keeps dropping the damn phone
  • Twelve: Fuck right off
the doctors putting on makeup

one: fusses & redoes everything 10 times

dr. who: do you think barbara is letting her grandfather anywhere near her makeup kit

two: has zoe do it & comes out looking very sparkly

three: the most flawless winged eyeliner you ever did see

four: oddly fond of false eyelashes for some reason

five: doesn’t use makeup but has a million hair accessories

six: orange lipstick & pink eyeshadow? why not

seven: puts it on w/ace in the morning for bonding time

eight: gets distracted halfway through & ends up w/only one eye done

war: who has time for makeup when there’s daleks to fight

nine: will give you the best damn makeover you’ve ever had

ten: puts on way too much blush & people are concerned b/c they think they’re sick

eleven: repeatedly & accidentally stabs themself in the eye

twelve: fills in eyebrows. they grow more powerful

One trying to play DDR when no one is watching (or so he thinks). A sequel to this little comic with Susan.

He picked the track Votum Stellarum just because he liked the name.