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Steven Universe #7 - “Car Trouble”

Here’s my third guest comic for the Steven Universe comic from boomstudios!  I’m really happy with how this one turned out, it’s the first one to deviate from the setting of Steven’s room and the stormy pallet was fun to work with.  Also I’m happy that among my guest comics I’ve managed to give focus to just about everyone in the main cast.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my watercolor process, so I took more WIP photos in an attempt to show how I layer my colors.  It varies from project to project, but for this comic I started with highlights since the light source was important in this comic.  Then I laid down the base shadows, then the base colors, then darker shadows, and then final touches.  In summary, it’s a series of washes applied in a specific order.  But this is just my system and is by no means a flawless or the only way to use watercolors!  It’s the method I’ve found works best for me in making watercolor comics.

John/Paul AU Collab: AU Where Paul is a Ghost that haunts John’s house.

Paul starts by opening the door, letting it creak. When John doesn’t move, Paul drums his fingers along the wall, which is enough for John to lift his head and ask who’s there, even though he already knows. It’s a game by now. 

John’s sprawled out on his bed with a textbook, which Paul flips closed. It’s only then that John smiles. 

“You again?” he asks. His eyes flick from side to side, not sure where to look. It’s here that, for the first time, John deviates from their routine. “Why don’t you show yourself?”

Paul wants to, but he doesn’t know how, or if it’s even possible.

“Don’t go,” John says, sensing the shift in Paul’s mood. He seems to sense a lot about Paul, and maybe that’s why Paul trusts him when he holds out a hand. “Maybe this will help." 

When they touch, it’s like a burst of sunlight through a dark room. Paul realizes he can see his hand in John’s, and when he looks up, John is smiling at him.

He can’t remember feeling more alive

twinkpaul [graphic] | twinkjohn [fic]

honestly I hate this whole elitist part of the fire emblem fandom like okay nintendo added accessibility to awakening and fates and the stories and characters took a different turn than the first few american games but THOSE first american games also deviated from the originals so just let people enjoy the series regardless of their entry point and let’s be happy that we have four (FOUR!) new games coming out over the next couple years

“But Iron Fist is SUPPOSED to be white, it’s True To The Comics!”

Right, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been 100% faithful to the comics. Isn’t that right, Tony Stark-created!Ultron, non-mutant!Wanda and Pietro, white woman!Ancient One, and everything about Iron Man 3’s Mandarin? /sarcasm

Seriously, having an Asian American Iron Fist wouldn’t have been the end of the world or the first deviation Marvel’s ever made from their own source material…

Enoby's Class Schedule

Hair of Magical Magic Creatures (first period)
Deviation (second period)
Advanced Biology (third period)
Portents (fourth period)

Hair of Magical Magic Creatures (morning)
Portents (afternoon)

No Classes

Deviation(first period)
Advanced Biology (second period)
Portents (third period)
Free Period
Hair of Magical Magic Creatures (fifth period)

Portents (first period)

My interpretation of the 4 walls MV

- In the beginning, the four girls are on their own, all occupying the same space but in different dimensions 

- Everything they do is in sync and that holds the dimensions together

- But then the first deviation or crack in space-time is when Amber freezes and drops the cup that she was supposed to place on the counter 

- In Krystal’s dimension, she did place her cup on her counter there but because Amber went out of sync, the cup that was supposed to be there vanishes when she pours the water. Because it’s broken on Amber’s floor in her dimension. 

- Because the crack in space-time has now reached Krystal, she freezes too and that causes the water that she was pouring to spill onto the floor 

- This causes water to manifest in Vic’s dimension when there was previously none so she slips and falls on it 

- The way I look at it, when the girls go out of sync, they freeze but the world around them continues to move like Amber’s cup that continued to fall and Krystal water that continued to flow 

- Anyway, moving on to the woods 

- The woods is an inter-dimensional space that connects the dimensions together (think The Woods Between The Worlds in Narnia’s The Magician’s Nephew) 

 - This is where they’re able to encounter each other but everything is still just slightly out of sync with each other 

- This is why no one else is moving when they find each other 

- Because they’re looking through the cracks

- When Luna steps on Amber’s broken cup, I think this is when she started to figure it out (imo, Luna was the first to figure things out) 

- I think the pond that Krystal fell in caused some sort of time-space distortion because when Vic/Luna surfaced from the bath, it seems to be the night before (broke down the 4 walls of the dimension barriers) 

- When they wake up, the four dimensions have melded together so they’re all running to catch the cup before it falls to prevent the crack from existing in the first place 

- You can see it’s Luna who starts running but then Amber is also shown running but it’s Vic who is shown to catch the cup from past!Amber 


 - There also seems to be a Vic/Luna and Amber/Krystal mirror where the pairings are more closely connected (like it was speculated when the teasers came out) 

- Amber and Krystal’s cup/water scene directly connects with each other but this deviation had no effect on Luna and Victoria until Vic slipped on the water 

- Luna was not the person who fell, Vic was, but later, it shows Luna frozen while falling when Amber finds her 

- Luna and Vic are also the only two people shown in the bathtub mirroring each other 

- Krystal’s connection is also shown to be weaker with Luna and Vic because she sees this scene in the pond instead of the bathtub

- Mirror. They mirror each other. 

My first deviation! Also my first work of digital art. I’m so proud! Who would’ve thought it would be spideypool? HeroesAtWar is my deviant art account, Fyi :)


First Deviation (November ‘15) compared to my most recent (April '16) of my persona.

Any one can improve , even ppg artist.
you just have to try and you will got there. Just have patience and a few people to believe in you. ÚvÙ

CRITICISM !! It gets you somewhere !! It isn’t there to hurt you , I promise !