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Naughtiest place you've had sex

That would depend on your definition of naughty and you value judgment. A movie theater? A dressing room in Filene’s Junior’s department? Her parent’s bed? Her husband’s bed? My desk during the day? A file room during the work day? The first floor stairwell at her parent 2nd floor house? A car in a crowded parking lot? In the picture window of her house? In her driveway during the day? In a parking lot in front of a T stop in full view of a subway car? A blow job leaning back on the hood of my car in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut? In her bed in front of her husband? A picnic table threesome on a college campus at twilight? Feel free to judge the “naughtiest” for yourself.

Or is this the best answer of all?


Kitty hugs!!! 🙈
They live in the park near my house, I go every night to feed them, so they are my friends!
The one giving hugs, also visits my house often when I’m returning back.
P.s. She doesn’t understand that I live on the second floor. 🙈 the lady on the first floor complains she comes every day to first floor and meows! 🙈 and then she ruins her trash can! 😂 😂

Genos, Saitama is trying to concentrate and you’re like, gropping his chest. 

Anyway I guess I’ll add more details about the AU under this pic. So after the laser incident all the heros and villains are pretty much out of commission and spend most of their time relaxing until the Hero Association can fix the mess.

This basically forces genos and Saitama to find different ways to pass the time, leading to a lot of shippy moments. Both of them also have to help each other out with new problems concerning their current condition.(Saitama created like, 7 new holes in the wall from slipping on the tiled floors alone on the first day)

IF you wanted to know, Mummen Rider is a centaur, Fubuki is a mermaid, tatsumaki is a harpy, and King is a manticore.

so indie - edsheervns

1 atlas hands / benjamin francis leftwich
2 heartbeats / josé gonzález
3 hold back the river / james bay
4 all i want / kodaline
5 same mistakes / paper aeroplanes
6 the first day of my life / bright eyes
7 generator (first floor) / freelance whales
8 home / gabrielle aplin
9 riptide / vance joy
10 devil on my shoulder / orla gartland
11 bones / lewis watson
12 sos / ashley frangipane
13 waiting for the fall / tommy ashby
14 you always make me smile / kyle andrews
15 featherstone / the paper kites
16 lilo / lauren aquilina
17 neopolitan dreams / lisa mitchell
18 put on, cologne / donovan woods
19 play with fire / vance joy
20 skinny love / birdy
21 windows / lewis watson
22 the ground / orla gartland
23 as we are now / saint raymond
24 another love / tom odell
25 pictures / benjamin francis leftwich
26 how to save a life / the fray
27 i’ll keep you safe / sleeping at last
28 out on my own / gabrielle aplin
29 bruises / tommy ashby
30 turning page / sleeping at last
31 the river / saint raymond
32 youth / daughter
33 lost / gentle bones
34 bloom / the paper kites
35 5 years time / noah and the whale
36 heirloom / sleeping at last
37 dancing song / little comets
38 gracious / ben howard
39 favourite day / bombay bicycle club
40 generator (second floor) / freelance whales
41 butterfly culture / benjamin francis leftwich
42 jupiter / sleeping at last
43 cold snap / tommy ashby
44 cough syrup / young the giant
45 give me love (the live room) / ed sheeran
46 turning back around / rhodes
47 do you want it all? / two door cinema club
48 we are (live at the cluny 2 newcastle) / ed sheeran -

One of my fave things about Crowley is just his whole apartment aesthetic?? I just have so many headcanons?

Like I can imagine him through the centuries, following the trends and fashions, clad in leather like a rocker in the 60s and 70s, wearing the finest frilly laces in the court of Versailles, all buckled up in straight line suits and glossy top hats in the streets of Victorian London, and he carries that style into his house, wherever it may be, because it’s all part of the image, the faux human life he’s carefully crafted, and he never cares if the decor is ostentatious, if it’s too florid or gaudy or darkly lit, cos why would he care about the paint on a few walls when he hasn’t felt at home since he slipped Eve that apple (not that he regrets it, how could he ever) and the world changed forever

And then styles shift and minimalism comes around, where everything is big spaces with clean lines and white walls and natural light flooding from big windows, and Crowley buys a new apartment and gets it decorated as minimalistic as possible, and fills it with gadgets and gizmos and all the human trappings of the age

And he almost likes his new apartment, almost but not quite, because there’s something strangely familiar about it, but there’s something off, something missing, and it comes to him one day when he’s walking through Camden market and sees the plants trailing from terracotta pots, the vines creeping around trellises and the colourful clusters of tiny flowers, and before he knows it he buys a plant, and then two, and then three, and then a dozen

And then one day he wakes up, sleepy and satisfied from indulging himself in a long nap in his ridiculously expensive bed, and sees for the first time summer sunshine lighting up gleaming white walls, a light so bright it’s almost painful, and plants bathing in the sunlight, flowers unfurling their petals in the joy of summer, their leaves lit up in a hundred shades of green, the air heavy with the scent of greenery and growing things, and he can almost hear the birds singing their praises and the warmth of an earth newly formed under his scales, and it’s the closest to home he’s felt in over a millennia, in this little Garden all of his own

Bughead-Bizarre Love Triangle

Mature. Riverdale. Betty/Jughead

Plot: When Jughead stumbles upon the yearbook from the Class of 1991, secrets are revealed that will forever alter how the teens of Riverdale view their parents.

Please Note: In this story, Jughead and Betty are involved in a sexual, romantic relationship. If you don’t like that idea, this is not the fic for you.

The first three chapters have been posted!


Jughead thought that living at Archie’s house was really weird. He had spent a lot of time there, over the years, but there was something strikingly different about living there. Lots of questions, about what he wanted, where he was going, what he was doing. The first few days were awkward; sleeping on Archie’s floor was a little too much togetherness for his liking. So after a private conversation with Fred, Jughead moved into Mary’s old office.

Archie’s mom was not a topic of conversation in this house. Jughead couldn’t remember Archie even saying her name since she left for Chicago. Which was hard; Mary had been one of Jughead’s favorite people. Mary, a professional writer by trade, had been the first adult to see potential in him. She was the one who had convinced him that he could be a writer, too.

First off fam, YG dropped this outta nowhere and im floored. Like lit. It was so amazing and obvi Dae completely blew the darn roof away.
But you know what?
Under this same YT video, (if you were early enough) you would’ve noticed the “salty” comments as usual, V.I.Ps would know.
And honestly, being this hugely emotionally affected V.I.P for the past 5 years, I feel all this is too much on Big Bang.
Yall they are Big Bang!!
Yesterday or so I was listening to “Still Alive”, undoubtedly one of their most amazing albums, and EVEN under that, I noticed many comments being salty af. Yall know what a wreck 2011 was for our boys, and even before that, like trace way back to a lil after “Since 2007”, when T.O.Ps depression vids came out.., and then GD and Dae and Seungri and Taeyang too.. All of them have gone through so darn much in these 10 years, and you know, it pains me to write it even.
Nevertheless, people who make these salty comments really need to know, if they’re even eligible enough to make it. “What is this shit?”
“EXO and BTS are wayy better” (yall im a a hardcore exo-l but I SAW THIS COMMENT MY HEART FAILED :((()
“Big Bang can’t dance, and their visuals also suck!!”

Big Bang, BIG BANG, is one of the 3 or 4 bands that have JUST beautiful stage presence yall ever notice? You know, performing for your fans or in an award show doesn’t necessitate dance routines at all. Don’t believe me? Check out BIG BANG. They have one of the most powerful stage presences and honestly even though there might be a lil backup vocal, the live and love is way enough to move people to tears or their feet.
Why is that people idolise BB even after that theyve gone through? Because they stayed as One. They actually did stay. They were to debut as an idol group, but yall, they debuted as Kings instead. ❤

ㅋㅋㅋmy feels grew out so much im like Jre now😂
sorry if I blabbered a lil couldn’t contain feels :3333


Love at First Sight - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by anonymous

Prompt: “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

A/N: A long awaited imagine. I’m so sorry I’ve been lagging behind! I’m sorry if you pictured Tom Holland instead of Andrew Garfield ~ Enjoy

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“Peter! Pay attention and stop trying to impress her.” Nat said to the boy as he lay under her foot on the padded floor.

Today was his first day in training and he wasn’t starting out so hot. He looked cute though, trying to take on Natasha. You shook the thoughts away and tried to focus. After all, he had lost focus and

had just had the wind knocked out of him. He was now lying down like he was paralyzed and staring up at her in fear.

You laughed and twisted your ponytail between your fingers. He looked from her to you with a hint of a blush on his face.

“If you’re going to be an Avenger, you have to learn how to fight with more skill, alright? And that won’t happen if you’re constantly worrying about how you look in front of (Y/N).” She smirked and removed her foot from his chest. He quickly stood up and nodded. “Okay, let’s go again.”

This time he did surprisingly better, dodging Natasha a few times and being able to stop a couple of her punches. However he still ended up on the floor but she looked much more pleased.

“Better.” She smiled. “Good work, guys. Take a breather.” She sauntered over to Bruce who was seated near the door with an amused look in his eyes.

You looked back at Peter who, when realized he was staring, tore his eyes away.

“I think you’re doing pretty well.” You softly smiled, trying to encourage him after Nat’s brutal lesson.

“Uh - thanks. Not good enough apparently.”

You let out an awkward laugh and shrugged. “Well if it makes you feel any better, I’m still get my ass handed to me and I’ve been training for weeks now.”

He laughed too and looked more relaxed. A comfortable silence lingered before he spoke up. “Do you wanna go grab some water or something?”

“Yeah, sure.”

He held the door for you as you exited the training room.

The two of you joked as you pretty much inhaled some food and drinks. It turns out that he was a really sweet and funny guy. He seemed really down to earth and you were glad to have made a new friend, since you were so much younger than everyone else. Talking with him felt so different than talking with anyone else. You just both really clicked and you were so grateful.

On the way back to your lessons, he stopped walking. When you noticed, you turned around to see why.

“Hey, (Y/N)? Can I ask you something?”

“You just did.” You snickered.

His face broke into a small smile before he became serious again.

Your eyebrows furrowed. “What is it?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Your stomach and heart dropped and you suddenly began to feel nervous.


He looked away and began walking again.

To lighten the mood and avoid the question, you joked again. “Natasha isn’t single. She’s with Bruce, you know.”

“You know I’m not talking about her.” He didn’t turn back around and kept walking down the hallway. “I shouldn’t have brought it up, never mind.” He sounded totally dull and deflated.

You felt guilty for making a joke so you jogged and caught up with him. You grabbed his arm. “Peter, I’m sorry. You just caught me off-guard.”

He stopped walking and sighed, facing you again.

“My answer is no…I don’t believe in love at first sight.” He nodded and tried to walk away but you tightened your grip on his arm. “But that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to finding love.” You smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

He looked a bit shocked as he registered your actions. You intertwined your fingers with his and pulled him towards the training room doors.

Imagine Lucifer knocking at your door on a bad day

You groaned as you forced yourself out of bed, your feet padding against the cold floor quietly. It was your first day off in weeks, so you planned to do what ever you felt like doing, and right now you felt like sleeping. Who ever was at your door better have something important to say, because if not then it wouldn’t end well for them.

The door creaked as it open, revealing the last person on the face of the Earth that you wanted to see today… Lucifer. He flashed you a somewhat charming smile before waving awkwardly.

“Hey, Y/n, I was wondering if you-” He tried, but you ended it quickly. With a roll of your eyes, you slammed the door in his face and walked back to your bed that was calling your name. Honestly, you didn’t want to know what he had to say. More than likely, it was nothing but trouble and he wanted your help getting it solved, like always. It was definitely time for him to learn to solve his own problems that he caused. “Y/n! Come on! Don’t you want to at least hear what I have to say?” The door to your bed room slammed shut loud enough for him to hear and he sighed in defeat. “Maybe tomorrow then?”

“Not a chance, Lucifer!” You yelled.

A hurt expression came over his face as he stuck out his forked tongue like a small child. “Fine then,” He mumbled under his breath. "jerk.“ 

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What Olympians Want

Pairing: Taeyong x Y/N - New characters to be introduced in later chapters
Genre: Fluff, GreekMyth!AU
Warnings: N/A
Word count: 1.8k

“You stared at him with wide eyes, not the slightest idea how to respond to his advances. In this moment, you thought back to what Rhea had once told you long ago.
What Olympians want, they get.”

A/N: So, after weeks of writing and editing this, it’s ready! This is a GreekMyth!NCT AU, and it will be chaptered. I hope to update at least once a week, I hope you enjoy it!

You woke in your cosy room, golden sunlight pooling in beams on the moss-carpeted floor. Remembering it was the first day of spring, your face lit up. As a nymph in this forest, you and your fellow nature spirits were dormant in the winter months, as you watched the leaves wither from the trees and the flowers wilt into a scene of dull brown and dark green, the world painted darker hues for months until spring. The birds sung outside your dwelling, signalling the beginning of a new day. You rose out of bed to go greet the rest of your clan by the lake nearby. As you walked outside, the whole forest seemed to be blanketed in ethereal light, each new leaf and flower bud covered in dew. You glided through the towering trees to the cool blue lake. Your friends were gathered together in a tight circle, excited whispers being exchanged, along with small gasps and smiles. You approached them to see what the fuss was about.

“Y/N! We thought you’d never arrive! We have a visitor!” Your friend giggled excitedly.

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I’ve been working on this project for 2-3 years (mainly in planning and concepting), so I guess it’s about time I make it public. 

Magna Celestia : Tales of Origins is a 2D science fantasy RPG set in a distant future of an earth-like world called Tiera, where the civilization has succumbed to global warming and nations are now separated by vast bodies of water. 

The surviving human population discovered magic through Celestium; a mineral capable of generating ethereal energy that surpasses fossil fuels in terms of efficient energy source, which has become the barebone of modern-day technology. First discovered in a long forgotten underground civilizations beneath ocean floors, brave adventurers form treasure hunting guilds to excavate these precious energy resources. 

The story unfolds from the perspective of Cielark; a treasure-hunting guild consisting of three youths: Cerullian, Eorine, & Diocles. Set course on their airship, Walvis; The trio is in the middle of locating the world’s national treasure, the Mother Lode, a Celestium crystal said to contain infinite amount of energy that is only said to only exist in myths.

The game takes its inspiration from the classic Megaman Legends and the Final Fantasy series and currently in development using RPG Maker MV as its engine.

Usually, Larkin’s workshop was as spotless as such a place could be. Eight-plus years in the army had deeply ingrained the need to keep everything clean and orderly, squared away. Her shop was an embodiment of the old adage, ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place.’ Usually…

But today, Lark’s first day back there, it was a mess.

The floor by the shop’s entrance was dusted with curled splinters of metal and welding slag, remains left behind from the first modification Larkin had made to the space early that morning. The once solid steel door now had a large round window set into the center of it, at eye level, an old ship’s porthole she’d picked up from a salvager down by the harbor. No one could say she was hiding a damn thing behind closed doors.

The wall outside that door now held an intercom box just over the doorbell. Several other boxes had been installed throughout the shop, in the areas Lark most often made use of. Bits of wire sat in tangled heaps where each intercom had been set up. Between the bell and the boxes, visitors could be heard and acknowledged, even over the din of her work. She’d be easy to reach, in close contact.

Larkin’s toolbox stood with various doors and drawers open, and there were tools spread over just about every flat work surface. Each project she had busied herself with throughout the day had left physical traces; a pile of sawdust here, a small puddle of grease over there. Cleanup aside, the last of the work had been done. The sounds of saws and hammers and drills had given way to silence, but for the staccato, rhythmic pop of flesh against leather.

In the far back corner, next to her improvised sleeping space, hung a heavy bag on a shiny new chain. It swayed under a ceaseless barrage of punches, occasionally jerked away from a vicious kick. Tape and gloves sat unused and forgotten on a nearby stool. Larkin’s mistake would go unnoticed tonight. She’d feel it tomorrow. There’d be bruises, blood. Penance.

Usually, Lark dealt with things better than this. Life didn’t get messy. There were no outward signs of whatever she’d had to stare in the face, acknowledge, fix. She kept her emotions managed and tucked away in all the right places, much like her shop. Usually…