first day of the tour and you already fall

being brad’s wife would include...

• him showing you off to everyone

• he would definitely spoil you

• him talking about you to anyone that will listen

• “yeah, my wife is pretty hot.”

• him getting all cute & excited when you say “y/n simpson” for the first time

• cuddling all the time

• getting to see the sensitive & emotional side of brad

• having so many inside jokes

• getting to hear his perfect laugh all the time

• him being even more protective of you

• introducing him as you husband and watching him smile proudly

• finding him up late looking at wedding photos months after the wedding

• being close with the other boys

• buying your first house together

• him hating the idea of you begin alone in the house so he brings you on tour

• your families getting along great and always coming together for holidays

• him still being romantic and trying to impress you even though you’re already in love with him

• surprise dates all the time

• falling asleep & waking up in his arms

• morning sex

• sometimes he’ll wake up early just to make you breakfast in bed because he appreciates you

• him never forgetting to tell you he loves you every day

• not only being lovers, but also best friends

sorry this took me so long, school has been killing me. hope you like it though!

fic: tonight i need to hold you

title: tonight i need to hold you 

genre: fluff/reality| rating: pg-13 | warnings: swearing

word count: 1700

description: an insight into dan and phil’s relationship as of late in the form of conversations on a tour bus and getting used to waking up in new city every day.

“being on tour with you isn’t much different to being home with you, except we’re on a bus that’s constantly moving and it’s the bumpiest sex i’ve ever had.”

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All Tour//Josh Dun

Requested: i love ur blog so much, u are amazing at writing!! could u possibly write one where the reader is the lead singer to tøp’s opening band and josh slowly falls in love with her?? sorry if it’s too vague, do whatever u want with it!! thank u :)


Josh’s POV

              I loved watching our opening act play, the energy they brought to the stage reminded me a lot of when Tyler and I first started. Night after night playing our hearts out, hoping to make it big one day. Which is exactly what this band was doing, putting everything they had into their music and working on growing their small fanbase.

              “You know, its more gentlemanly to take her on a date before you start undressing her with your eyes.” Tyler joked from behind me, causing my face to burn brighter than a shooting star. “It’s no secret that you’ve been falling for Y/N. We all see the way you’ve been watching her from the beginning of tour. Just ask her out already.” Tyler made it sound so easy, like dating someone from a band you were touring with was all flowers and rainbows. It wasn’t, it was stress and pressure and what happens if we were to date and break up? It would be awkward encounters on future tours.

              I sighed, pulling my gaze away from her. Though I loved watching her sing, dancing around the stage; hair flying everywhere as she did. I couldn’t help but dwell on what Tyler said, and everything I found wrong with it. I couldn’t even kid with anyone, I fell hard for her. I just wish I could have her as my own.



              You were so full of energy as you left the stage, sweat dripping off your face. You and your band mates were immediately met by Tyler, but no Josh this time. You secretly loved coming off stage to see him and listen to what he thought.

              “That was sick!” You heard Tyler yell, jumping up and down with your guitarist. You smiled, excusing yourself to go find where Josh was hiding. Nobody besides Tyler really knew that you had a diehard crush on the drummer. You weren’t ashamed of it, you just had no idea how he would react. You two were essentially co-workers on this tour. It would be beyond unprofessional to start dating him now, assuming he even felt the same way.

              “Josh?” You called, peeking into the Twenty One Pilots dressing room. Holding back a smile when you saw him facing away from you, no shirt covering his torso.

              “Y/N, hi. I was just changing actually.” He laughed, as your face turned bright red. You mumbled something about leaving until he was done before turning to leave. “No, please stay. How was the show? I started to get pre-show anxiety hearing all the fans loving you guys. Needed a bit of time to recollect myself before Tyler and I go on.” You smiled, walking in and leaning against the counter.

              “I loved it. This was the biggest crowd we’ve played for yet. Some of them even knew our songs off by heart.” You raved, smiling at the ground as you reminisced about the crowd screaming your lyrics back. “Thank you guys so much for letting us join you as the opening act.” You smiled, looking up at him to see him smiling just as widely back at you. “I just miss my post-show high five from my second favorite drummer.” You fake pouted, getting a faux offended look in response.

              “Second favorite? I was going to give you a hug to make up for it, but not anymore.” He turned away, holding back a laugh as you walked across the room, wrapping your arms around his middle. Resting your head against his back.

              “Just for that you get a gross sweaty back hug.” You giggled, “If you want any revenge you’re going to have to catch me later.” You kept laughing, leaving him in the room as you walked out to join your bandmates.

              “Someone is giddy.” Your bassist commented, raising an eyebrow at you. “What were you two doing in there?” Your face turned red at the question.

              “Nothing. I was talking to him about how the show went and gave him a sweaty hug. Nothing really special.” You shrugged, grabbing a change of clothes from your bag in the corner as you prepared to go shower. Before anyone could make any comments about you giving him a hug, you scurried off to the bathroom. Taking a quick shower before the Twenty One Pilots set started. You loved watching them up on stage and would never want to miss even a second of it.


              “You guys did great!” You squealed as Josh and Tyler walked off stage, smiles on their faces as they met up with your band. “Oh no.” You whispered as you noticed Josh was giving you a devious look.

              “If you want any revenge you’re going to have to catch me later.” Your words echoed in your head as you took off down the hallway, giggling as you ran. You knew Josh was probably only steps behind you; waiting to engulf you in a hug.

              “No.” You laughed, taking a peek over your shoulder as you ran, seeing the drummer laughing as he chased you. “I showered, this isn’t fair,” You laughed, feeling your legs begin to fatigue as you started slowing down.

              “I want revenge so I’m going to catch you.” Josh laughed, your legs burning as you felt a pair of strong arms hook around your waist, lifting you up and against his chest. “Gotcha.” He whispered in your ear, setting you down. You turned to face him, still giggling from earlier as you found yourself looking up into his energy filled brown eyes. You hadn’t realized the two of you were backing up until you felt your back hit the wall, and Josh’s arms outstretched on either side of your face.

              “I know I shouldn’t, but I kind of want to kiss you right now.” You whispered, biting your lip. Your brain to mouth filter shut off as you knew you would regret your words later.

              “I know I shouldn’t, but I kind of want to as well.” Josh whispered, slowly leaning down to your face, very gently brushing his lips to yours. He treated you so gently, lips softly moving against yours as he took a step closer. Hands falling to sit at your hips as yours found themselves along the back of his neck. When the two of you finally managed to pull away, you felt his forehead rest against yours. “So what does this make us?” Josh smiled down at you.

              “I don’t know about you, but you’re now my number one favorite drummer.” This earned a laugh and an eyeroll from Josh.

              “I’d love to be your favorite drummer, but I’d especially love to be your boyfriend. What do you say Y/N?” You smiled at Josh, pulling your lips up to meet his one last time.

              “I’d say I’ve been waiting for this moment almost all tour”

  • god bless your souls, Jun stans
  • little baby boop is so confusing because his stage presence is just BOOM but he is really shy, adorable, and precious
  • I feel like he’s the type to be take relationships slowly like when he was planning to confess to you, he was just so worried that you didn’t like him back since you’ve only known each other for a short while
  • So that means hesitant flirting but you like it anyway because why not
  • When he first held your hand, you were watching a movie or something and he was gently playing with your fingers
  • And you were a blushing mess but he was a blushing disaster
  • And then BOOM he was holding your hand, fingers intertwined and all
  • His hand was warm and bigger than yours, but even so, it fits yours perfectly
  • Jun plans really cheesy but sweet dates
  • Like ice skating and picnics and dog walking
  • But that’s because he really likes looking at how happy you are with him because you like those things, even if you might not be the best at it
  • And since he’s very busy with work, he’s seldom home, sometimes you don’t talk for days 
  • When your first video call happened, he was so shy with the camera because he didn’t know what to say lol
  • So you initiated most of the conversations
  • But when you were already video chatting for a while, he’d be so excited to tell you about his day
  • Likes watching you sleep through video chat when you actually fall asleep because of the time differences when he’s on tour
  • Tells you he loves you in Chinese because it’s more personal for him, which means you are very important in his life
  • When he finally gets home, he won’t hesitate in showering you with skinship
  • Cuddles EVERYWHERE
  • Loves to give back hugs and nose kisses
  • Always hugs you tightly to sleep because you help him sleep better
  • Is proud to have you has his partner because you make him happy without even trying





Anon asks: "Could I get a revenge era or black parade era mikey way imagine where you're a member of MCR and you're touring and you see Fall Out Boy and Pete (yours and Mikey's good friend) hangs out with you both a lot. One day, you're at a club with both of them and when mikey goes to get some drinks, pete tells you that Mikey's in love with you (like seriously in love) and pete really wants you both to get together. You can take it from there! Super fluffy please :3 xo"

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anonymous asked:

I know you did before, but if possible can you post the list of requests, so we don't request stuff like what you already have?

Sure thing!

  1. Rocky imagine – you meet his family
  2. Rocky imagine – he meets your little brother
  3. Rocky imagine – he’s a single father
  4. Rocky drabble – you meet at a bowling alley
  5. Ryland BSM imagine – you help him on tour
  6. Rydel imagine – you fall asleep on each other
  7. Ross imagine – you get into a car accident
  8. Lazy day with Ryland would include…
  9. Rocky imagine – you’re a lesbian
  10. First date with Riker would include…
  11. R5 BSM/SSM imagine – you’re in a military
  12. Being the “black sheep” of the Lynch’s would include…
  13. Rydellington imagine – hinting for a future
  14. Ross imagine – you have a panic attack 
  15. R5 BSM/SSM imagine – you’re deaf
  16. Ryland imagine – you’re his weakness
  17. Third-wheeling with Rydellington would include…
  18. Riker imagine - you buy a house together
  19. R5 BSM/SSM imagine - sibling tag
  20. Puppy love (preference)

Poe Dameron x Reader

Request: Hey!! Saw you were taking requests so wondering if I can send you a Poe dameron x reader request??   This Au: where Poe is a famous music artist and the reader is his new personal assistant, and she leaves cute messages for him on his cups of coffee and such like “good luck” or “break a leg” but she’s too shy to actually talk to him?? I would love that!! Thank you!!! Requested by @yourstormpilot

Summary: ^ Short but sweet and lots of fun

Wordcount: 523

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Sex Crazed Soulmate - Michael Imagine (Part Three)

Part OnePart Two,  Masterpost

(Let’s just say you live somewhere in the US.) [Sorry for the delay]

Originally posted by staywokeponyboy

Michael’s POV 

I woke up with a pounding headache, in an unfamiliar room that obviously wasn’t mine. As I looked around the room, the memories from the night before started flowing back. “Oh fuck. She left a love bite, better go cover it up.” Groaning mentally, I trudged my way into her bathroom, as Y/N rolled over, hugging a pillow in her sleep. “She’s pretty cute.” I mumbled to myself, looking around her bathroom for her makeup. Looking into the mirror, I let out a soft shriek as I noticed a small black ink on my shoulder, where Y/N had left a small bruise yesterday… “In perpertuum” What the fuck? What does that even mean? Oh fuck no. I ran out of the bathroom quickly, shoving on my clothes and running out the front door. 

“Looking back now, it probably wasn’t a good idea.” A hard slap landed on my forearm, a stinging sensation left behind. “Of course it wasn’t a good idea you fuck tard. Y/N is your soulmate! You know how many people wish for that every damn day?” Ashton’s words stung slightly, but I knew it was the truth. “I know I know I know! I am aware of the fact that I fucked up, but now we’re on tour. In a moving bus as of right now.” Luke rolled his eyes. “Dude. Are you stupid or something? Didn’t she give you her number?” My eyes lit up. “Oh right, wait, lemme find it.” Looking through the clothes I was wearing, I mentally face palmed myself. “Guys? I left it at Y/N’s house.” 


What the fuck? Your head hurts. You sat up slowly, noticing that Michael had already left. Your heart sunk slightly, seeing as though there was a tiny bit of you that hoped he would stay slightly longer just so he could say a proper goodbye. “Ugh, mom and dad are coming back soon. Better go freshen up.” You waddled into the bathroom, your legs still sore from last night’s activities. “Oh my fucking, what the fuck?!” The black ink on your neck was small, but still clearly visible. “Oh my god. Is Michael my soulmate?” You hurried back into my room, picking up your phone and quickly dialing Michael’s number. “Come on, pick up, pick up.” The soft sound of Blink 182′s I Miss You rang out from under your bed. “Oh my fucking god.” You reached over and picked it up, giggling about the fact that your name was Pretty Girl Y/N. You ended the call on your phone, noticing numerous text messages from girls named “Booty Call”, but also a message that was just received, from ‘Ashy Boo’, saying: “Y/N, I know you have my phone, we’re soulmates. Call this number please. - Michael” You clicked the contact, the ringing tone only lasting a few seconds before it was immediately picked up. “Hello, is this Y/N?” A deep Australian voice that wasn’t Michael answered. “Um, yes this is. Is this,” You read the contact name. “Ashy Boo?” His giggle rang through the phone. “No, my name is Ashton. Michael was just being silly.” You smiled, “Yeah speaking of Michael, where is he?” You could hear Ashton moving around through the phone, seemingly walking somewhere. “Yeah he’s right here, sorry he was taking a nap.” 

Rustling could be heard through the phone. “Hello, Y/N is that you?” You nodded, forgetting he couldn’t see you. “Yeah, it is.” An awkward silence arose. “So, are we soulmates?” “I guess, well, what does your tattoo say?” You looked in the mirror once again. “It says forever.” Michael froze, not saying a word. “Michael? Why aren’t you saying anything. Yours says the same thing, right?” You could hear him gulp. “Actually, mine doesn’t say that. I guess you fucked someone else, and that came up but you didn’t mention it last night. Goodbye Y/N, hold on to my phone, text Ash your address. I’ll get someone to pick it up.” Before you could say another word, Michael had ended the call, causing you to fall to the floor, tears slowly escaping your eyes. 

Michael’s POV

Well mate? What’d she say? Are you two meeting up or something?” Hot tears left my eyes, shaking my head. “I don’t know what the fuck happened, but her tattoo doesn’t say the same thing. Apparently she was lying to me or something, her tattoo says forever. If we were soulmates they should say the same thing.” I shoved the phone into Ashton’s hand, walking into the backroom before locking the door, crying out loud for the first time in a while.

Two Days Later

Our tour bus has already went across the states, arriving in Arizona, about 2000 miles away from where Y/N lives. We got one of our friends, Dan, to go pick up the phone from Y/N. According to him, she looked like, and I quote, ‘Absolute shit and had tears all over her face.’ But, I don’t care anymore. Whenever people ask about the tattoo, I just told them it was a new one I’d just gotten inked. It was pretty believable, because most soulmate tattoos are symbols or flowers or whatever. Every damned day after the concerts, I picked up some random girl from the concerts, trying my best to forget about Y/N completely. “Urghhhh.” The girl lying next to me rolled over, reminding me that I was in fact still in some girl’s home. Picking up my clothes, I pulled them on and left immediately, reminding me of the day once again which I left Y/N.

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