first day of school is just like another ordinary day


But I Liked You First! 

It’s just another day in High School, where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. Everyone sticks to their usual routines and you keep yourself to yourself. You’re not one of the unpopular kids but certainly not one of the popular ones either. As soon as you walk in, you feel a gust of wind only to turn around and find Wally West beside you with his usual goofy grin. 

“Seriously one of these days someone is going to figure out you have super powers.” You roll your eyes at his carelessness. If you had powers you sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone finding out about them. Wally just forgets sometimes that he risks exposing himself. 

“Don’t stress, babe. I got it under control.” He assures you by flirting, of course. It is second nature for him. Wally West just can’t help himself when it comes to girls. He’s like a little kid in a puppy store who just wants to take them all home. 

“What did I tell you about calling  me babe?” You stop walking for a second to look him dead in the eyes as if to warm him for what seems like the one-hundredth time this week. 

“Can’t help it, babe.” He winks at you and you really find it hard to tell if he does it just to annoy you because it sure as hell does. 

You walk away to go put your things in your locker and Wally seems shocked that you would just ditch him like that. The thing is, you don’t let him get under your skin because you know exactly what he is like; he likes to flirt and will probably never change. That doesn’t change the fact that you actually do like him but you refuse to go there in case you end up hurt. Wally’s not a bad guy, not at all. He just doesn’t realise a lot of the things he does. So you resist his charm as much as possible. His persistence, however, is what makes it harder every single day. 

Once you have everything you need for the day you take a quick look over your shoulder to find Wally chatting to some cheerleaders. How typical? You know he is a speedster but come on, who moves on that quickly from one person to the other? Deciding that you won’t let this bother you, you put your bag over your shoulder ready to get the hell out of here. 

That’s when you accidentally bump into someone in your desperation to get away. “Sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” You look up only to find that a hottie stands before your very eyes. He’s tall, dark and very much handsome. You tell yourself to keep it cool so that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of him. 

“Don’t worry about it.” He brushes it off like it was nothing and smiles widely, making your heart melt ever so slightly. “It’s y/n, right?” He then asks and you are taken aback for a moment. How does he know your name?

“Yeah, I’m y/n. Sorry, I don’t know your name.” You suddenly feel all flustered.

“It’s Caleb. We have chemistry class together?” He tries to refresh your memory and then it suddenly clicks that you do know him, the two of you have just never spoken before until now. 

“Oh yeah, silly me.” The two of you laugh. 

“I always wanted to talk to you but I just didn’t have to courage or know how to,” Caleb admits and you have to stop your jaw from hitting the floor. Did he really just say that? This has to be a dream. 

As the two of you flirt with one another, Wally stops his conversation with some random girls and finds himself watching curiously. The way this guy is making you laugh kind of bugs him because he is normally the one to do that. Who does this guy think he is? Wally doesn’t want to be the type of guy that gets jealous but when it comes to you he can’t help it. For him to watch someone else flirting with you and for you to flirt back really does get to him. He has never had to witness it until now. It has made him realise that he is not the only guy that likes you. 

Wally has the sudden urge to get rid of the competition, so he strolls over and puts his arm around you, much to Caleb’s surprise. “Hey, babe. This guy bothering you?” Wally gives Caleb a look as if to say ‘back off’. 

Before you can speak for yourself Caleb does. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you two were together.” Things instantly get very awkward. 

“No, we’re not…” You try to tell him that he has the wrong idea. 

“Actually, I better get going.” Caleb quickly turns on his heel and speed walks away, feeling embarrassed. 

Furious, you grab Wally by the wrist and drag him into the nearest empty classroom. He clearly doesn’t see what he did wrong. It doesn’t even make sense why he would do something like that! 

“What the hell has gotten into you?!” You raise your voice, unable to keep your cool. 

“Trust me you’ll thank me later.” He folds his arms and let out an angry huff. 

“For what? Caleb was the first guy who was genuinely interested in me!” You grab hold of the side of your hair. 

“But I liked you first!” Wally blurts out. 

You take a moment to process what he just said. Your eyes blinking in disbelief. Wally actually likes you? He doesn’t just flirt with you for the sake of flirting. Well, that was certainly unexpected, to say the least. 

“Did Wally West just admit that he actually likes a girl?” You take this as an opportunity to tease him a bit. 

“Does she like me back?” His face lights up at your reaction. 

“Maybe, we’ll see.” You wink at him before running out of the classroom. 

“Aww c’mon, really?” He looks up at the ceiling and sighs before chasing after you. He’s not going to get you that easily, that’s for sure. 

Sweet Little Bumblebee (chapter 1)

Based off of this little thing I wrote earlier. I have absolutely no plot idea right now so we’ll see where this goes.

Cross posted on: FF | AO3

Summary: Rose admired Ladybug and Chat Noir as much as the rest of her classmates…that doesn’t mean she wanted to be like them.


If anyone asked, Rose could tell them the exact moment her life did a complete 180.

The day had started like any other. Just another ordinary school day. Chloe was a brat, Sabrina was her shadow. Nino was loud and Alya yelled about Ladybug at least twice. Alix and Kim were halfway to entangling themselves in the Dare of the Year. Nathanael managed to not get his sketchbook taken away. Max was the first one done with their math quiz. Juleka was as quiet as she usually was. Marinette managed to utter a coherent sentence to Adrien while he was being his usual sweet self—so perhaps not quite an ordinary day, but close enough.

Then Rose got home. She grabbed herself a snack from the kitchen and headed to her room to do her homework so she could have the rest of the evening free. At first, she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. There was no sign anything had changed, no hint or aura betraying the powerful magic lurking within her room.

Then her eyes fell on the innocuous black box sitting on her nightstand.

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