Hi everyone!! So as some of you may know today was my first day of school (of senior year) but I always like to get a bit dressed up and make a good first impression. Tons of you have been asking what I had planned and I seriously didn’t know until last night. Here is what I came up with:

-Brandy Melville flowery tank dress

-Urban Outfitters ripped tank (on top)

-Grey ankle socks

-Louise et Cie oxfords

-Free People arm cuff + blue rings

-@BrigitteCrisp necklace + stone ring

-Free People vegan tote (as backpack)

Hope you guys liked this and I hope everyone is having a good time in school (sounds terrible but you know what I mean) 

Xoxo, Christie :-) 

F2F || First Day

Santana was trying to keep it together pulling up to the new school Brooke and Alexis would be going to. “Okay lex please watch out for Brooke.” Santana begged. Alexis nodded and helped her sister out of the car. “Where are you going? No hug? No kiss?” Santana said kneeling down to the girls. She was a little more distraught than dani was. “Mami we’ll be fine it’s just school.” Alexis assured. “I love you mama.” Brooke said hugging Santana and then going to Dani as did Alexis. “She’s always emotional on the first day. Can you make her happy?” Alexis asked.