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Here’s the official prompt list for Thominho Week 2016!

Day 1 6/20: Canon Material
Show everyone how much Thominho shines in the movies and books. Ever thought about what happened before they went into the maze? After they got to paradise? What about how Thomas decides to save Minho from WICKED in The Scorch Trials movie? From beginning to end and everywhere in between show the thominho love using the canon materials.

Day 2 6/21: Firsts
First time, first kiss, first time trying out a kink, first date, first boyfriend, first roommate, first time leaving home, etc anything goes as long as it’s the first time they’ve done it!

Day 3 6/22: Coffee shop, bartender, bakery, bookstore, diner, etc, AU:
All of the above and the like. Write about Thominho in everyday jobs. How do they meet? Do they fall for each other right away? Do they race to replace the books every day? Is Minho that one guy with the annoying drink order? Is Thomas the one with the crush on the guy that comes to the gym to run the treadmill everyday? Anything and everything goes!

Day 4 6/23: Gang/Mob/ Criminals AU
Is Minho a gang leader? Is Thomas his mob wife or vice versa? Write about Thominho as a badass couple that rules the city or as part of a gang that works to help their neighborhood, get creative!

Day 5 6/24: Royal/ historical  AU
Is Minho the emperor of Korea or part of its court? Maybe he’s a peasant under King Thomas’ rule rallying for change. Are they king of the sea? King of the skies?  Make it anything you want as long as one or both are of a high status!

Day 6 6/25: Holidays
Always wanted to write that Valentine, Christmas, or Halloween fic? Nows your chance to do it! Maybe Thomas TP’s his neighbor’s house and accidentally does the wrong one! Or they dress up in a couple costume for Halloween! Or they share an unexpected New Years kiss, the options just go on and on!

Day 7 6/26: Domestic AU
Thomas and Minho buying the first house together? Maybe they’re parents trying to take care of their children. Or, they’re just in bed cuddling and playing video games or making dinner together. The opportunities are endless!

Please keep in mind that these prompts are only guidelines! You are free to interpret them as loosely or as tightly as you want. Don’t let anything inhibit you if you think it’s a great idea! If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot us an ask or an istant message and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

roommates, best friends, girlfriends (2/4)

Summary: Jemma and Skye have been college roommates and best friends for years, and recently they’ve become best friends who also happen to make out quite frequently. And sleep together, hold hands, you know, the whole ordeal. (They know the word for that is “girlfriends”, but “best friends who also make out” is a much better definition.)
A series of independent, fluffy short stories.

all chaptersread on AO3

chapter 2: we’re bigger than we ever dreamed
Skye and Jemma have a song. Apparently. Jemma had no idea.

“Do you hear that?” Skye stops abruptly.

The sun is starting to set as the Saturday afternoon approaches its end, and Skye and Jemma are walking through campus on their way back to their dorm from the coffee shop. Not that they saw much of the day except for the view from the window in their room, though; they’ve been locked up all day studying for their respective midterm exams, so the idea of going out to take a walk and grab some coffee couldn’t have been better timed.

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Here’s the official prompt list for SamSteve Week 2016!

Day 1 8/08: Fake Relationships

Are Sam and Steve on an undercover mission? Does Sam just need someone to bring to the family reunion? What if it started out as a joke and accidentally evolved into more? Go crazy with Sam, Steve, and fake dating, married, boyfriends, etc. 

Day 2 8/09: Firsts
is it their first time, first kiss, first time they realized they trusted each other, first date, first boyfriend, first roommate, first time leaving home, first relationship in forever, etc anything goes as long as it’s the first time they’ve done it!

Day 3 8/10: Soulmate AU
Has Steve’s timer been going on forever, was Sam born with black tick marks because everyone thought Steve was dead? Are they connected by the red string of fate? Are they even soulmates? So many tropes to chose from and so many ways to get them across! 

Day 4 8/11: Kid Fic/ Single Parent AU, Parents AU
Is Sam that one school teacher that single parent Steve can’t get over? Does Steve wake up in the new time to find out that he actually did have a child? Does Sam help him connect with them? Is Sam the most lovable dad ever that Steve didn’t seem to notice until now? Does a child just happen to fall into Sam and Steve’s laps while they’re on the run? Write anything and everything with our loveable fathers!

Day 5 8/12: Exploring Kinks Fic
Does Sam have a secret fetish? Did Steve discover something he thought was interesting while surfing the net? Did they both discover something accidentally? The possibilities for this day are endless, but within reason. Rape, pedophilia, ad the like is not allowed. Also, please tag your works liberally and tag NSFW creations, so everyone can enjoy the works they are interested in. .   

Day 6 8/13: Hurt/Comfort Fic
Sam and Steve comforting each other. Can’t get anymore fluffy, emotional, or angsty than that. With so much canon to provide ideas and of course our imaginations, run wild! 

Day 7 8/14: Domestic AU
Are Sam and Steve in a safe house while on the run and trying to keep their lives as normal as possible? Are they married? Close roommates? Do they cook together? Clean? Or maybe they simply like being in the presence of one another? Finish the week out with a fluffy bang!

Please keep in mind that these prompts are only guidelines! You are free to interpret them as loosely or as accurately as you want. Don’t let anything inhibit you if you think it’s a great idea! If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot us an ask or an instant message and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't too personal, but how did you meet your husband and how long have you been together? Obvs, being a fan of CWU, I like soppy emotional romance stories and hearing real life ones makes me smile. (PS Ren and Hux better get their soppy emotional happily ever after otherwise I'll....I'll....I dunno, cry or something).

I’ve talked about this before on here but I’ll talk about it again ‘cause why not, it’s a nice story: we met when we were 18 at a freshman barbecue, like literally hours after my parents had dropped me off at college, haa. This was in THE YEAR 2000 so the double digits of whatever year it is from now on is our anniversary year, which I find handy. We didn’t get married until six years later but I was pretty much aware that I would marry him within a week of our first meeting. We had a kind of instant best friends energy. Neither of us had a car that year, and this college town had no public transportation, so any time we went on a date we’d have to walk to the movies or whatever and it took like an hour both ways?? I think?  And I was obsessed with ~sharing a bed so I kept trying to do that in his dorm (boys weren’t allowed to stay overnight in my dorm! I’d have to register him at the door and then the RA would come to kick him out at midnight) though this was an old school cinderblock cell dorm room with twin beds bolted to the wall and his awful roommate listened to the Gladiator soundtrack at night “to help him sleep” but I was DETERMINED and I would try to sleep there anyway?? Anyway, we saw Godzilla 2000 on our first date. His roommate came with us so we didn’t have to walk, lol. I think a couple of days later we had our first “alone” date and we literally just like ate canned bean dip and tortilla chips in his dorm room and watched TV, that was the date.

And OMG for our one year anniversary we went to fucking Daytona Beach and STAYED HERE and I thought it was the most GLAMOROUS TRIP EVER loll we had the best time. I remember the shower broke like twice and we had to have these teenaged repair guys (we were also teenagers, so this seemed fine) come to the room to fix it and we were still super chipper because were on a real romantic beach trip like real adults. I also remember my dad asking me “will they let you stay in a hotel room together if you’re not married?” WTF Dad

OK I’ll stop there. I’m glad you want Hux and Ren to get their soppy times together. <3