• *Sirius and Remus sitting quietly and reading for a couple of hours*
  • Sirius:*stretches and yawns* Well, this was a good first date, I'll walk you back to the dorm like a proper gentleman.
  • Remus:What? Date? What? We were studying, Padfoot, how was this a date?
  • Sirius:Well, I asked you what your ideal date would be and you said *ahem* 'shut up Sirius, I'm studying', so here we are, I shut up and we studied. Your ideal date.
  • Remus:
  • Remus:You're an idiot.

first date starters

  • “you look nice tonight.”
  • “i have to say, i was kind of nervous about tonight.”
  • “do you want to… come inside?”
  • “don’t even think about paying for dinner.”
  • “what do you have planned for us tonight?”
  • “what took you so long to ask me out?”
  • “it’s been a long time since i’ve been on one of these…”
  • “i’ve never really been on a real date before.”
  • “you’re being extra shy tonight - it’s cute.”
  • “i’m underdressed, aren’t i?”
  • “i’m overdressed, aren’t i?”
  • “i’ve never been good at first dates.”
  • “this is usually the part where you’re supposed to kiss me.”
  • “this was a disaster, wasn’t it?”
  • “i’m sorry, normally i’m better at this kinda thing.”

You thought that being young would be many things. Skipping school and running through fields, sitting in the sun with friends, going to parties, coming home late and not remembering it the next day, taking buses and trains, not caring where you go, as long as you were with those few special people, kissing cute boys, and dressing up to go on first dates, sitting in coffee shops, talking about everything and nothing. You expected adventures, stories that you could tell your grandchildren one day.

You didn’t expect to be stuck in the same monotonous routine, going to school, having to face people you strongly dislike on a daily basis, feeling worthless, and so used to being tired that it’s now a part of you and you can’t remember the last time you felt awake. You feel pressured, trapped, like there will never be a way out, and most of all, you feel alone.

—  Unknown
First Date Charm

First date coming up? This charm can be made with household kitchen ingredients to help improve your time out. 

You will need:

  • Dried Mint - Improved Communication & Luck
  • Dried Orange Peels - Attraction & Success
  • Rose - Buds or petals for Romance
  • Optional: Quartz Crystal of your choice

Carry this charm in your bag or pocket to improve your date night.