first crafting session of the summer


Odell “St. Lupulin”

89 B+

St. Lupulin is a Pale Ale is a summer seasonal released May through September. Aromas provide a nice display of hops, coming across rather soapy with primary suggestions of grapefruit and grass. Malts give bready notes of pale grains over a white sugar sweetness.

The palate opens sweet and creamy as biscuit malts quickly bolster a grainy backbone. Hops keep to a light, floral spectrum as citrus flavors approach from the distance like grapefruit. The climax hits in a dull, bitter edge of grass, followed by a couple drops of pine oil. The sour, citric element continues to accelerate, rising as the focal point. A fruity note lingers on the finish like apricot, developing a salty taste that quickly closes in a crisp, dry mouthfeel.

Now this is my kind of summer seasonal! It keeps to a lighter range, but gives excellent balance of bitter, sweet, and sour elements. A low IBU of 46 is high enough to level off the initial sweetness, but low enough to allow for an almost sessionable experience. When I first started drinking craft beer, I thought this was the best Pale Ale! While I still think it’s a tasty brew, in no way does this compare to Three Floyds. My palate has certainly developed since then. I still appreciate what St. Lupulin has to say, and still think it’s better than your average Pale Ale, so I recommend it.


46 IBU

Fort Collins, Colorado