first couple shoot

do you ever think about how harry and louis will probably drop their first couple shoot on us out of the blue because they love the dramatics and we’ll all be frantically reblogging picture after picture of them draped all over each other kissing and giggling amongst the power couple shots where they’re posing


Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple gushing over David Suchet’s Poirot <3

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At least public memory is short and no one is gonna remember all that drama when louis comes out, just fans. i mean douis was extra af and we were drowning in their pap pics but they broke up and no one cares. Kristen Stewart was a 'cheater' and 'homewrecker' but now she's out and proud. Swiftie and Harris dated for a year, they went on awards shows, papped every day, went on vacation, but now no one cares about them. Same with her and tom-extra and stupid but now ppl forgot abt them very quick.

i can’t wait until we’re drowning in pics from harry and louis’ first couple shoot instead

I’m better

Got7 Jackson


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“Jackson…If you want you can come with me.” I said calmly. Jackson didn’t take it well when I told him about my next photo shoot for Calvin Klein, why it bothered him was because it was couple kind of shoot. It wasn’t my first couple shoot and only reason it bothered Jackson was because the other model who I was supposed to do the photo shoot with was my ex. “Fine. I’ll come with you. but if he does something wrong I’m gonna kick his ass.” Jackson pouted. I hugged him “Have you never seen a Calvin Klein underwear couple shoot? It’s not gonna be innocent.” I asked. Jackson sighed loudly “Behind the scenes.” he said.

The next day in photo shoot wasn’t great. Jackson seemed tense before we even got to the studio. “Just sit here and don’t do anything stupid.” I said before getting my make up done. “You probably didn’t have to say that to your ex.” Jackson mumbled. “Jackson, I love you.” I said and kissed his soft lips. 

“So if Chad lies down on the mattress and Y/N you lie on him.” the photographer said. We did as he said. “Y/N look at Chad and Chad look here.” The photographer said. I felt really awkward. “Chad your arms look stupid, do something with them.” the photographer yelled. Great just what I wanted. Chad moved his hands on my butt. I quickly looked at Jackson, I swear there was steam coming out of his ears. “I don’t like it. Chad put one arm on Y/N’s lower back.” the photographer yelled. I felt really nervous, not because the shoot, because Jackson. 

After the photos was taken and I got dressed I walked to Jackson “So?” I asked and kissed his cheek. “You were great.” Jackson mumbled. I smiled at him “Y/N, are you leaving?” I head Chad yell. “Yeah, why?” I asked. Chad walked closer. “I was thinking if you want to go for lunch?” Chad asked. Jackson wrapped his hand around my shoulder “She’s busy.” he said. Chad laughed “Wait, you are her boyfriend? I thought that you were payed to look annoyed.” he said. Jackson fake laughed “Yeah,no. I’m her boyfriend, so you can just fuck off and go eat alone.” Jackson said. “She’s gonna eat something else today.” Jackson said. Chad laughed “Well, that’s a no. Y/N, don’t choke on this guys dick.” Chad said and left.

Jackson was driving us home “I have a bigger dick right?” he asked and looked at me “Jackson look at the road and yes. They just use a lot of Photoshop” I said when Jackson almost drove off the lane. “My dick is better than his right?”Jackson asked again, now he didn’t look at me. “Yes Jackson.” I said. A smug smile came to Jackson’s lips after he heard my answer.

When we got home Jackson kissed my neck “Can you prove that my dick is better?” Jackson asked. “Jackson not now.” I said and turned around to kiss his nose.”No, now. If not now I won’t believe you.” Jackson whined. I groaned “Fine, take off your pants.” I said. Jackson did as I said. I got on my knees and took his tip in my mouth. Jackson held his breath. I started sucking his dick slowly, helping with my hand and playing with his balls with other. I got deeper with every time I got low. Jackson hissed as my lips left his cock. I licked the tip and but his cock back in my mouth. Jackson was getting harder and harder. I added pressure till I felt Jackson being throbbing hard. I got up and smiled “See. A lot better.” I said and turned to leave. “No, come here.” Jackson said. I turned around and Jackson unzipped my jeans. “Our bedroom is there.” I said and pointed at upstairs. “I wanna do it against the wall.” Jackson said and lifted me up. 

Jackson turned around so my back was leaning on the wall. I wrapped my feet around Jackson’s waist and Jackson inserted his dick inside me. I rolled my hips and tried to bounce up and down. Jackson pounded as deep as he could. I moaned softly as Jackson kissed my collarbones. “My dick is bigger right?” Jackson grunted. “Yes.” I moaned. “Good.” Jackson said and squeezed my butt. I let out a loud moan. I tightened around Jackson as I came. Jackson thrusted few times before cumming. He put me down and kissed me. “So I’m better?” he asked. I chuckled and kissed his cheek “Yes Jackson.”

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I had the amazing privilage of shooting these two amazing people yesterday! tamasenpai and 500daysofshayla for out “Spring School” Photoshoot. The theme was “First Date” . ^_^ 

Find me on Instagram @ lavenderbats, Shayla @ greenpandahbear, & Tomoe @ tomoe.homoe

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Hi! I recently found Nam Yoonsoo and really like him, and so I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me some stuff about him:)

Hello! Sure, I’ll tell you a bit about him. He is a relatively new model who signed with Agency Garten in August 2014 and had his runway debut in Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2015 when he was 17 years old (18 in Korean age). Here is his profile from the models page:

Nam Yoonsoo (남윤수)

Company: Agency Garten

Birthdate: July 14, 1997

Height & weight: 186cm, 64kg

SNS: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

He first tried out modeling when he was 16 years old, in sophomore year of high school. He was inspired through his school (at which he is currently a senior), Hanlim Arts High School. This is a prestigious school which many idols have attended. He was only 179cm then, but luckily he quickly shot up to 186cm. His first pictorial was a couple shoot with Lee Hojung in Ceci, Sept. 2014 issue:

He wants to become an actor, and ideally he would like to have a career as both a model and an actor simultaneously. In particular, he wants to act in a horror film or a romantic comedy. He is a fan of the Saw horror movie series. He also likes the show Doctor Who.

He wants to visit Paris and is thinking of going there and Milan within the next year to try out for overseas collections.

Some of his hobbies are billiards, going to cafes (his favorite cafe is Hollys Coffee), and PC room (a community room where you play computer games - his favorite game is a first-person shooter called Sudden Attack/서든어택).

A habit of his is subconsciously messing with his hair, especially when his forehead is covered. He likes his hair best with a 5:5 parting:

(pic cr: Ji Chi Gu at Eyesmag)

Ideal type is actress Min Hyorin.

Blood type is B. Shoe size is 280mm.

Religion is Muism/Korean shamanism.

He wishes to be a top model and then around age 40, go live in a home in the countryside and then eventually retire to a peaceful country with a clean environment such as Finland (it seems that he has his life planned out!)

You can see him in these music videos: Hong Jaemook - 당신이 그대가 and BrotherSu ft. Lovey - Dot

Most of this info was retrieved from his interviews with GQ Style, CeCi, and L’Officiel Hommes.