first couple shoot


Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple gushing over David Suchet’s Poirot <3

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At least public memory is short and no one is gonna remember all that drama when louis comes out, just fans. i mean douis was extra af and we were drowning in their pap pics but they broke up and no one cares. Kristen Stewart was a 'cheater' and 'homewrecker' but now she's out and proud. Swiftie and Harris dated for a year, they went on awards shows, papped every day, went on vacation, but now no one cares about them. Same with her and tom-extra and stupid but now ppl forgot abt them very quick.

i can’t wait until we’re drowning in pics from harry and louis’ first couple shoot instead


I had the amazing privilage of shooting these two amazing people yesterday! tamasenpai and 500daysofshayla for out “Spring School” Photoshoot. The theme was “First Date” . ^_^ 

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