first couple of my heart


“I regret it. I should have pretended that I didn’t know. If I knew that you were considering of running away every time you see the chance… If I had… I wouldn’t have agonized over whether you’re an eunuch or a woman. I would just worry about how to keep you longer by my side. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand you in depth.”


How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple? 

Everybody does!  they’re like f i r e.


Baekyeon at Butterfly kiss concert❤️

This concert was the most beautiful concert in the life, Taeyeon voice is just so perfect.., she looks so pretty in all the pictures, and the fancams of the concert wow, she’s the real queen.

The first picture is so cute, seriously I love this couple with all my heart and soul❤️, Baekyeon is the most perfect couple in this world.

Hope you like it❤️.

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I wonder what my past self would think of me now. I think she’d be happy that I made it through some of the things she’s scared of. I survived high school, that first and second job, and leaving behind my family to go off to college. I had my first kiss and broke a couple hearts but made it through having mine broken. She’d think I’m brave and strong. I can drive a car and go to the grocery store by myself. I don’t care what people think as much as she did. She would see that I’ve cried myself to sleep and not understand how I could let myself break down like that. But she’d see that I can always put myself back together. She would know that she can get through anything and maybe I’ll finally realize that I can, too.

I wonder what the person I am right now would think of who I’ll be in the future. I think I would just like to see that girl smile, a real smile, not one she spends half her time forcing. I want her to be happy. I hope she’s not alone. It doesn’t matter if she is married or is dating someone or has a best friend, as long as they love her and she knows. I hope she’s doing something she loves and doesn’t regret anything from the past. I hope I don’t screw things up for her.
—  L.B.

a playlist for the couple that keeps breaking our hearts || listen

tracks: 01. first day of my life bright eyes // 02. lily love the chieftains ft. the civil wars // 03. asleep the smiths // 04. bright echosmith // 05. treacherous taylor swift  // 06. autumn leaves ed sheeran // 07. somewhere only we know keane // 08. all i want kodaline // 09. falling in love at a coffee shop landon pigg // 10. i will follow you into the dark death cab for cutie // 11. there is a light that never goes out the smiths // 12. tell her you love her echosmith// 13. good day sunshine the beatles // 14. tip of my tongue the civil wars

picture is not mine