first color photograph

This is not Pluto

This is an artist’s representation of Pluto. While awesome, it’s not real.

This is Pluto.

This is the first ever color photograph of Pluto, taken in April by the New Horizons spacecraft from a distance of about 71 million miles.

New Horizons will approach Pluto in earnest on July 14, which is when we will see real images of its surface.

stop me I did it again. for olivia, again. how about an adopted makorra baby and some family portraits?

“I want her.”


I want her.”

Mako really should have expected this, if only because he could count on Korra being unpredictable. Not in a million years would he think she’d adopt an orphan when she was barely eighteen, which is exactly why it wasn’t all too weird. Like he had said the day he met her, this girl was crazy.

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This recent find could be the only color photograph of King Edward VII. The photograph shows the King in Highland costume enjoying the autumn grouse season in Scotland. The picture is also an autochrome, making it the only autochrome of the King. The picture was found alongside 700 other images from the early 1900s, including this one which is probably the first color photograph of London Zoo, taken in 1909.