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070316 // i’ve been really productive over the past 3 weeks. on-task for all my tutorials and lectures. i understand things way better now (atomic structure ehem) im still not regretting my choice of repeating jc1. not really liking my class tho. i’m getting bad vibes from a lot of them. project work hasn’t even officially begun and most can’t keep up with their homework. this is really scary: at this rate 50% of them will retain. and the thing is they’re stubborn. oh well, i hope for the best.

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“I don’t need a Prince Charming saving me.” + KC, pretty please

Thanks darling Madina @arrenemris, great prompt (and so sorry for the delay). It became something unexpected so the prompt kind of evolved hehe. I was watching one of my fave Shakespearian film adaptions recently, so this modern spin is where the inspiration came from. Also because Beatrice and Benedick ARE Klaroline ( you know, just saying)! Also it is a bit of a different take on Klaus for once but I hope you like this still : )

Much Ado About Nothing

“Klaus Mikaelson doesn’t even need to act,” Katherine observed from the wings. She and Caroline were watching him and his younger brother Kol, who was playing Katherine’s love interest Claudio, rehearse centre stage. “He is Benedick.”

“Yeah, you’ve got that right. An arrogant and smug know-it-all,” Caroline muttered. “I can’t believe I have to kiss him, I mean who knows where those lips have been before? I might even need to sanitise my mouth afterwards.”

Klaus had quite the reputation in theatre circles as a ladies man and from all reports it was fairly common for his on-stage romances to carry over off-stage. But only for the duration of the production because after that he apparently moved onto his next project and next unwitting co-star. Caroline knew for a fact that she had no interest in being his latest victim.

“Well, I had to kiss his brother in rehearsal yesterday.”


“It was okay, I suppose,” she offered indifferently, her eyes flickering to the front row of the theatre where the show’s director sat keeping a watchful eye over proceedings. While extremely handsome, Caroline had noticed just how brooding he was given the deep set frown he wore most of the time during rehearsals.

“But not an Elijah Mikaelson kind of kiss,” Caroline teased. The chemistry between the reverred director and Katherine, who was playing Hero, had been palpable to say the least.

“He’s far too serious for me,” she murmured, although her gaze remained unflinching.

“Yes, because that seems to be such an issue,” Caroline joked. “I can practically see the drool, Pierce.”

“Funny roomie,” Katherine drawled.

They’d been best friends for as long as Caroline could remember and it was comforting to have someone in the same field who always had your back, especially when you moved to a foreign and big city like London. For the most part she liked it, not only because it was a vibrant and intriguing city with plenty to do but because she felt a lot more immersed in her role being there. 

It was unusual to cast Americans for such classic Shakespearian roles but Katherine and Caroline were highly skilled actresses and had impressed Elijah Mikaelson during the audition. Something she’d been told wasn’t such an easy feat.

What she hadn’t expected was just how frustrating her co-star would be. She’d heard the stories about Klaus Mikaelson, everyone had, but Caroline liked to give people the benefit of the doubt given just how misleading the media could be when it came to celebrity gossip. 

Klaus however had proven to be just as insufferable as she’d expected. She would have complained but it was kind of difficult when one brother was the director of the production and the other one playing a leading role.

When she’d met Klaus at the initial table read a few weeks earlier, he’d been equal parts frustrating and arrogant. He may of been an outstanding actor, that much she couldn’t dispute, but he didn’t have to act like he knew it in front of the entire cast. Caroline knew types just like him and the thought of having to co-star in such close proximity was going to be a struggle. 

After rehearsals a few days later, Klaus had propositioned her and then, after she rejected his blatant advances, he’d proceeded to ignore her. Not only was he conceited, he was also a man child in her view.

Caroline had subsequently made the decision to act professionally on stage and then hopefully never cross paths with Klaus Mikaelson ever again. Unfortunately she had to get through another two weeks of rehearsals and a three month season on the West End before she could put any miles between them. 

The only upside she’d decided was being able to look at his pretty face for extended periods. He may of been an ass but there was no doubting his extremely good looks.

“You can’t lie to me Pierce, I know you too well,” Caroline replied.

“Says the girl who supposedly doesn’t want to kiss Klaus Mikaleson,” she sing songed, nudging her in the ribs teasingly.

“Who wants to kiss me?” A very familiar and annoying voice enquired behind them. She gave Katherine a brief dirty look and then closed her eyes momentarily, trying to come up with a sassy response. There was no way she was going to inflate his oversized ego any further. “I know I’m irresistible but..”

“Nobody,” she shot back, thinking just how lame it sounded. She spun around on her heel to face him defiantly, there was no way Klaus Mikaelson was going to intimidate her. “Unfortunately I have to do it though. Luckily I’m getting some form of monetary compensation for that particularly unpleasant task.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to make it as least unpleasant as possible for you, princess,” he quipped moving dangerously closer, those annoying dimples appearing from nowhere and flashing in her direction. Caroline only hoped that her cheeks weren’t as flushed as they felt at that particular moment.

“Listen up everyone,” Elijah called out from front of stage. Caroline was relieved for the interruption at that particular moment. Especially given he was standing entirely too close and his aftershave was messing with her concentration. “I want to practice the Benedick and Beatrice scene in Act 5 scene 2 after the break.” Caroline knew what that meant, the kiss she’d been dreading for weeks.

“I think he heard your desperate cries for that kissing scene,” Klaus smirked, his hot breath tickling her earlobe. She reached up attempting to swat him out of her personal space, making connection with his cheek. “How did you know I liked it rough?” Caroline didn’t respond, just pushed past him towards backstage. She needed a drink to steady her nerves, she just wished it was straight vodka and not water.

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happy birthday @spellwovennight! i tried to put together a few of your favorites– college au, derek/stiles, and into the woods

also on a03

“You can get class credits for it,” Laura says, with a knowing look in her eye.

Derek has to admit, he’s been ignoring some of his gen ed requirements, and an independent study in the theater department would be great for boosting his GPA and lowering stress.

But it’s theater.

“What are you guys working on again?” Derek folds his arms.

“Into the Woods,” Laura replies. “Look, I’m just the stage manager, but this quarter’s turnout was really low and I really need help getting the sets together. All you have to do is paint, I promise. Please, Derek?”

And this is how Derek finds himself on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons outside BHU’s art building, painting a forest mural. He’s got a few other murals to paint but it’s self-explanatory, and he and the other set tech, Boyd, get along well. It’s actually really relaxing, and Derek doesn’t have to interact with the cast much at all.

Derek has to admit Laura was right. This is a great idea. He finds himself looking forward to the time rhythmically painting and the companionable silence with Boyd; it’s a highlight of his week, especially as his other classes are getting incredibly difficult. He was worried that Laura might try to convince him to try out for one of the parts, but she’s been busy choreographing dance moves along with her other duties.

One of the best things is that Derek can come in and paint whenever he wants; he gets a key from Laura and he can come in at any hour to the art lot and work on the murals. Boyd takes the most advantage of this, as he’s on the track and field team and has competitions all the time, and it isn’t long before Derek is coming and going at all odd hours.

It’s early evening, and the actual theater class has been over for a few hours. There have been a few people going in and out of the auditorium, but Derek is alone, adding details to a tree, completely in his own world, singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack. If he gets a little carried away in one of his favorite songs, no one needs to know.

“I am the one thing in my life I can control…I am inimitable, I am an original…” Derek is totally lost in the song now, harmonizing and singing the final few verses, flicking his paintbrush at a tree leaf with a flourish.

“Whoa. Who are you and why are you not in my musical?”

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sunday, 31 january 2016 | 4:22pm

january has been a combination of copious homecooked comfort meals and (ongoing) reevaluations of love over distances.. but a new month is right around the corner. my past few daily goals to stay focused and hopeful have been pulling me forward.

today’s a rainy day, but it’s not all blues. i’m feeling bright and refreshed and ready to make the most out of my sunday.

11/100 days of productivity / daily schedule printable from @theorganisedstudent