first cohort

Ok but just imagine young Reyna rising up in the rank in New Rome…

-Once she gets there she is placed into the First Cohort and in her first War Game both her natural leadership and natural fighting skills are displayed.

-Everyone is a bit shocked at her skill, since they haven’t seen a demigod with those types of leadership skills in years.

-It is soon learned, however, that not everything comes naturally because the other campers soon learn that Reyna sneaks off in the middle of the night to train for hours.

-Sometimes she practices with a sword, other times a knife, but regardless of what weapon she wields, she always chants to herself “I can get better, I must be able to protect myself and others.”

-Campers soon respect her, and some even fear her. Though she is not necessarily friends with anyone, it is clear that Reyna is a good person.

-It is no surprise that when one of the Praetor dies, Reyna is elected.

-Though she is young, she is not foolish like many believe someone of her age to be. She shows that she is thoughtful, but can make split decisions when need be.

-Especially in her early days as a Praetor, she spends a lot of time reading and doing paperwork and her abscence in meals is noticed.

-The one thing that she always shows up for, no matter what, however, is War Games, the rare time where the Camp is able to see having something that resembles fun.

-That is why, even though it feels like you are in the military if you are on Reyna’s team, and might be scared to death, it’s all worth it, because it feels like you’re finally able to give back to the Praetor that gives you so much.

Just saying I might add stuff onto this later and I encourage you guys to as well!

Pointed talks

A belated birthday gift for one of the best people out there, @mab-speaks. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope all is going well.

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“Thing is, as I was choking just now, I kept thinking: this is payback for Akhlys. The Fates are letting me die the same way I tried to kill that goddess. And… honestly, a part of me felt I deserved it. That’s why I didn’t try to control the giant’s poison and move it away from me. That probably sounds crazy.”

Jason thought back to Ithaca, when he was despairing over the visit from his mom’s spirit. “No. I think I get it.”

Percy studied his face.

Jason stayed silent for a moment, weighing his words. Just when Percy looked like he was about to change the topic, he spoke.

“I mean that when I felt the Imperial Gold sword go through me and burn my skin, I felt like that was punishment, too.”

His hand went down to his belly where he could almost feel the burn of the scar seething through his clothes, and a wry smile creeped on his face.

“Like some kind of joke - It was a roman, an ultimately traitorous spirit at that, who did it, and the guys from Camp Jupiter probably are saying now I backstabbed them by siding with you, not to mention what happened with mom. So really, I can relate.”

Percy said nothing. When it looked like Jason had nothing more to add, Percy opened his mouth to say something, but Jason continued.

“Look, I get it. Your pain is valid, dude. But you don’t deserve to die - not like this, not ever.
You make mistakes, we all do. But beating yourself up over self-defense that happened in the heat of the moment - that’s understandable.”

Percy chuckled without humour.

“Look, I appreciate the thought, Jason, but we should head back, shouldn’t we?” His smile didn’t reach his eyes, and he seemed to know it because he wouldn’t meet Jason’s gaze.

Jason took a deep breath.

“Yeah, let’s. Wouldn’t want to make them think we actually ended up kicking the bucket in your element.”

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It's kind of funny when you think about the whole exchange with Annabeth and Reyna saying that their camps would kick the others ass. We all know the Greeks would win. The Romans charged the Mt with over 200 demigods and the Greeks had less than a 100 to defend all of Manhattan and attacking is much easier than defending. Besides that Percy single handedly basically took out the pride and joy of the legion. The first 2 cohorts couldn't take him at all. Imagine Clarisse actually fighting

I agree 

The portrayal of CHB as unorganised and not a cohesive military force to be reckoned with in HoO really annoyed me


Theory Compilation & Character Analysis

Through this analysis of mine I hope to shed some insight on Kylo Ren and Rey individually as characters. I will also dissect their potential relationship going forward. In addiction to giving some of my predictions for Star Wars Episode VIII.

On an interesting side note, before I get started I would like to highlight Kylo Ren’s and Rey’s weapon choices showcased on their respective movie posters above, and how they’re reflective of the character’s mental state and personalities. Kylo Ren’s weapon could be described as wild, destructive, and unstable in terms of it’s design. While Rey’s weapon could be described as stable, reliable, and sturdy. 

There will be major spoilers for The Force Awakens, and minor spoilers for The Clone Wars TV series, Star Wars Rebels, and the now non-canon Star Wars EU.

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have you ever considered dark!jason? i love your headcanons!

inspired by Dan’s dark!jason post and is part of my dark!au series 

they call him the Wolf of Rome and say that Lupa hasn’t had a greater pup since Romulus himself

he is the pride of the First Cohort, his father’s legacy sitting on his head like an invisible crown

they say he fights with an insatiable hunger and incomparable cunning, the kind that is born of pure instinct  

his cold blue eyes harbor no warmth, known to freeze out friends and foes alike

when he stands victorious on a battlefield the clap of thunder and howling of wolves can always be heard in the distance 

they say the only time he looks content is when he is cleaning his blade; how he holds the imperial gold like the woman he never called mother 

rumor has it he chants veni, vidi, vici in his sleep, but others say it sounds more like a prayer 

Can someone please explain why people think Reyna and Jason were best friends? Jason has been in CJ for almost all his life, he was in the fifth cohort and he became a praetor a few months before disappearing. Reyna had been in CJ for around 4 years and she was in the first cohort. They started to become close when they both became praetors, but there is no evidence they were best friends.

First social event of the academic quarter:

1. One professor drank at least three bottles of wine
2. One professor drank a bottle of wine then punched me three times in the harm exactly where I got my flu shot
3. A student took out cigarettes and two professors squealed, lunged for them, and went outside and smoked the rest of the pack
4. I got called an “international classics scholar” lol
5. One professor complained vehemently because there wasn’t enough lemon in the artichokes (it was a potluck so the professor who made the artichokes was offended)
6. Was okayed by department chair to haze the first year cohort
7. Walked in on a group of Ph.d. students reading a book about the Victorian fern mania
8. A screaming match ensued because our departmental Republican started spouting some anti-Middle Eastern bullshit
9. Got really rowdy (pretty much a shouting match) while discussing the use of the perfect tense in primary sequence indirect speech in Latin
10. Finally got kicked out of professor’s house
11. Saw an undergraduate girl projectile vomiting on the sidewalk while watching from the pub where we after-partied

Don’t ever let anyone tell you grad school isn’t fun.

(part 1)

They’re on the field the first time Kuramochi uses Ryousuke’s first name in public.

More specifically, they’re defending in the second inning of a first string scrimmage, and things aren’t going well. Miyuki is doing his level best, but Jun keeps taunting Kawakami by taking a large lead from first base, and the next pitch allows Masuko to hit a grounder between first and second. Ryousuke jumps, catches the ball mid-leap right after it bounces.

“Ryou-san!” Kuramochi calls from second base, and two things happen.

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Demigod AU

·      Jack is the son of Venus and Bad Bob Zimmermann, hockey legend and son of Jupiter. Because of that, everyone expects him to be more powerful than the average demigod.

     o   Jack has lived at Camp Jupiter ever since he was around 12, and, as Praetor, he faces a lot of pressure to be the best.

     o   He gets the chance to prove himself when he get’s assigned a quest to find the with Kent Parson, son of Mars

     o   The quest goes badly.  Nobody talks about it in the years following it.

     o   Years later, Kent goes missing.  And two weeks later, none other than Eric Bittle shows up.

·      Bitty is a son of Demeter.  He finds Camp Half-Blood when he’s 15, and meets Shitty, Lardo, Ransom and Holster.

     o   Shitty is a son of Aphrodite and he hates it.  He actively lectures people about the irrationality about beauty standards and stereotypes.

     o   Lardo is a daughter of Apollo.  She’s a painter and an archer, and when she was younger considered joining the Hunter’s of Artemis, but she likes her friends too much to leave them.  Boys aren’t that bad.

     o   Ransom is a son of Athena. Very smart, works too hard.

     o   Holster is a son of Hermes.  Between his cleverness and Ransom’s intelligence, they’re pretty much a power couple

·      A few years later, Bitty disappears from Camp.

     o   A few weeks later, Kent Parson comes running up Half-Blood Hill, while being chased by monsters.

     o   He has no memories before waking up in the subways of Manhattan

     o   Somehow, he ends up at Camp Half-Blood, but not before being attacked by a fair few monsters.

·      Now Shitty, Lardo, Ransom and Holster are all worried sick about Bitty.  They want to go looking for him, but they have no idea where or how.

     o   Until they receive a note signed by Johnson, the son of Hypnos.  All it says is, “San Francisco, CA”

     o   (When they ask him about it, he just says, “Gotta get this story moving somehow” and then goes back to sleep)

     o   And so, they take Kent, because he’s somehow a part of this, and they start their roadtrip quest to San Francisco to find Bitty.

·      While on the trip, they come across Derek Nurse and William Poindexter. They’re demigods, as shown by their ability to attract monsters, but they aren’t claimed, and they didn’t know what demigods were until Shits & Co. find them.  

     o   They find Nursey (son of Apollo–amazing poet and more inclined to the future than most children of Apollo) in Ohio.  He’s on a walk, being trailed by some Drachnae.  Lardo shoots them just before they attack Nursey, and after insisting that he is perfectly “chill” and uninjured, he joins the group.

     o   They find Dex (son of Hephaestus who can use fire) (Of course nobody has made that joke before. Never.) a little later in Chicago (for the sake of the story).  Dex is fending off two Empousi.  After being helped by the CHB crew, Dex is also dragged along on this quest.  He’s not entirely happy about it, but at least he’s not being attacked.  Dex and Nursey do not get along well at all, in the beginning obviously.  

·      The kids from CHB continue their journey to find Bitty, and along the way, they end up finding several monsters that warn them about Gaea and the Earth Mother rising.

     o   At first they assume it’s nothing, but after monster number eight mentions Gaea, they start to worry.

          §  Of course, they have no idea what it means, so they can’t even do anything about it.

     o   A few more days into their trip, Nursey has a dream (and being inclined to  the future, it is pretty significant, but none of them know that yet, because they don’t know he’s a son of Apollo) about “some small blond kid fighting with this tall black haired dude in some kind of child army”

          §  It’s clear that he’s talking about Jack and Bitty.

          §  Everyone tries to brush it off, but Kent points out that Nursey has never seen Jack or Bitty, so how would he know exactly what they look like?

          §  The group gets kinda quiet after that. Whatever is about to go down isn’t good, but they aren’t really sure what else they can do but keep going.

·      Meanwhile, Bitty shows up at Camp Jupiter, and it’s obvious that he’s a demigod, but not Roman. So who is he?  He can’t get the hang of sword fighting (but he slays with throwing knives), and that’s mostly how the Romans fight.  Not only is he clearly not Roman, but he also gets assigned to Jack’s Cohort.  

     o   Jack is livid. He wants to complain.  He would complain. But he’s the praetor, and Chris Chow, son of Neptune, and member of the First Cohort decides to sponsor Bitty.

     o   Cue Jack training Bitty in sword fighting, in a fashion similar to morning checking practice.

     o   At the beginning of week five of training, Jack is notified about seven outsiders trying to get into the camp.

Maybe I’ll write more of this later?  Maybe a fic is coming? Who knows? Contributions are welcome! And thanks to @slytherinsexgoddess and @theunknownfalls for helping me with ideas and reading this first.

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Do you think would Deacon ever change back to his original face? Maybe if he were in a romance with Sole? I'm super interested in your thoughts

Heya Nonny! Sorry for taking so long to reply.

This is a really interesting question. 

Firstly, I’ll make my usual disclaimer that these are just my thoughts and aren’t things I expect or assume other people will agree with. 

Secondly, while you do specify a romanced Survivor in this scenario, I think Deacon’s platonic relationship with a high-affinity Survivor is amazing and important, and if he was trying to make a decision and wanted outside opinions and/or support, he’d include his BFF.

Personally, I don’t think he’d go back to any previous face because of the line above. I’m working under the assumption that the “Big Talk” is his final affinity talk, and for someone whose identity is a big question in-game and metatextually, I think this line is a Pretty Big Deal™. 

Deacon obfuscates himself in many ways (his face, name, disguises, humor) to hide from others and, I suspect, himself. Here he is, though, looking at himself in the mirror after, reflecting on what he sees, and finding it easier to do than before, thanks to emotional progress he’s made during his time with the Survivor.

What does he see when he looks in this mirror by this point? He could see that he is Deacon and the face currently wears is him. The choices he’s made and the events he’s been a part of have sculpted his face, name, and persona, and he might feel that he’s more himself now, or more ok with this face representing who he is, than the face he had at birth.

Also, his original face, more than any other, might have the heaviest memories that he might not want to revisit. That face is the one his parents gave him, complete with his dad’s nose and his mom’s eyes. It’s the face that his siblings knew, making fun of his big ears. It’s the face his first boyfriend kissed. It’s the face that took punches for being a smartass to the wrong big kid. If you’re a fan of his final affinity story being true, then that’s the face that joined the Deathclaws, the one that was complicit in lynching someone, that’s the face Barbara knew and loved. It’s the face that got him into the Railroad, that all of his first cohorts knew and trusted before the Institute attacked. His original face and all its associated memories might live squarely in the past for him.

In short, I think Deacon becoming ok with who he currently is, finding that it’s “easier looking in the mirror”, is part of his growth as a character that the Survivor, as a best friend, helps facilitate. I don’t personally think he’d go back to his original face.

cute!ten-year-old!roman!nico and au-compliant!jason basically being the best buddies because nico takes admiration to a whole new level and basically calls jason a superhero and jason not wanting to disappoint so he buys a camera in new rome and asks nico to be his jimmy olsen 

(Nico basically spends a year staring at Jason like this: 

Nico annoyed when Bianca decides to become a Legionnaire but forbids him to do it (paralleling her being a huntress and him staying at camp halfblood only legionnaire and a home in new rome) but Jason and Bianca promising to bring souvenirs back for him 

Jason and Bianca legitimately being heroes in Nico’s eyes and him insisting how cool they are at New Rome Elementary 

Jason and Bianca accepting Nico with open arms when he comes out to them

Jason and Bianca helping him on his first date with a guy (and basically threatening to strike Mr. Guy with Lightning or Sucking His Soul Out if he ever hurts Nico) 

Jason realizing Nico dating doesn’t sit well in his stomach but concluding it’s probably because he’s just known Nico so long 

Nico slowly stops dangling over Jason or touching Jason or falling asleep on top of Jason bc he’s growing up

Nico denying that he’s totally in love with Jason Grace even though he’s a hopeless puppy 

Jason Grace training with Nico and freaking out when he accidentally hurts Nico and Nico just going, “Cool!

Jason holding Nico’s hand when he gets branded and officially becomes part of the Legion 

Nico getting an invitation to the First Cohort because Bianca is so loved in Camp Jupiter but deciding to "pull a Jason” and joining the Fifth

Praetor Jason having a ridiculously hard time disciplining Nico bc he has a fucking soft spot for the lil brat 

Bianca threatening Jason the same way they threaten Nico’s boyfriends because “You are so obvious and so not getting anywhere" 

Nico and Bianca sparring together and being the best Legionnaire siblings 

Jason vouching for Nico and Bianca to stay at camp because the tiny selfish part of him likes that they’re part of the Greek triad and he thinks he can relate to them 

Jason taking Bianca to the Wolf House while a pouty!nico stays at home

Jason and Bianca behind Nico 100% when he makes his journey to the Wolf House 

Nico taking it upon himself to help Frank out at camp 

Nico scaring the shit out of Frank and making all of these jokes 

Frank wondering if Nico and Jason are together bc Nico legitimately is not scared of the All Powerful High and Mighty Jason Grace

Nico laughing off the claims bc really? Yeah, maybe when he was little, but Jay is his big brother 

Nico realizing oh crap no i do like him 

Jason being so awkward as fuck he cannot make the first move to save himself

Bianca watching on and rolling her eyes and makin out with Reyna 


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Jasico AU where it's Jason and Reyna who extract Bianca and Nico from Maine not Percy and Thalia and Annabeth

I HAVE AN ONGOING STORY ACTUALLY THAT I’M WRITING ATM!<3 I posted a few previews about it but the main points are: 

  • Instead of dying, Bianca is a praetor while Reyna is a centurion of the first cohort while Nico eventually becomes centurion of the fifth cohort. 
  • To Jason, the three aforementioned people are basically his family. The way I see it, he welcomes Reyna in with open arms between SoM and TC and she’s lost so much that he feels that he needs to protect her, and with Bellona being a stricltly roman god, he thinks it’s cool and it makes her unique, like him. 
  • Bianca, Jason, and Nico pretty much have a great sibling relationship. After saving Bianca and Nico, Jason is the one who reaches out and makes sure they’re alright and vouch for them because he’s aware that they make up 2/3 of the big three  in the Greek world. 
  • I see Bianca and Reyna having a really good relationship and Reyna basically substituting as Bianca’s Artemis in the story (she feels that she should help Bianca become better as a demigod and what not, and Bianca def has a good relationship with her and maybe lesbians I mean what)
  • Nico is fractionally less powerful than his Greek!version because he’s close to Bianca’s shadow in the story. They all coddle him in some way since he’s younger (whereas Reyna, Jason, and Bianca are all the same age) 
  • Overall, Nico has a happier outlook on life since Bianca is still alive, but he works harder and can be a stickler to roman traditions to get everyone to treat him like an equal. I could see him a lot more mischievous and dorky and totally raving about Mythomagic 
  • Bianca and Nico are still stricken by the tragedy of their mother’s death, but they’re grateful to have each other 
  • Nico and Frank are bunkmates and Nico likes to scare the shit out of Frank at night and call him “Frankie” because they’re so close 
  • When Nico starts proving that he’s just as powerful as his sister and wants to stand one equal footing as Jason, Jason takes it nervously because he’s so used to the little kid that used to worship the ground he walked on 
  • And Nico does have that crush on Jason; he’s more comfortable with his sexuality by the age of fourteen, but he gets frustrated because he thinks Jason babies him too much
  • While Jason does end up crushing on Nico Bianca sends him a lot of death glares/wishes and Jason is just really hesitant 
  • he’s also a lot stricter and Nico tends to alternate from reciting rules to trying to make Praetor Jason smile in serious debacles 
  • idk i’m sorry this kinda just appeared 
“I think you’ll all know this one...”

In an extra nasally voice Storm stood on top of the barracks of the first Cohort. His guitar was strung over his shoulder and he strummed it to the invisible crowd below him. “Because maaaaaaaaaybe!!!!” he sung exuberantly. “You’re gonna be the one that saves meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” he paused for breath, “And after allllll!!!!” he cried, even though he was messing about he was still pretty good. “You’re my wonderwaaaaaall!!!!’

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Aleksei stood behind the crowd of Greeks he was defending, keeping a squad of Roman soldiers back with his chains. Across the city, Herrick and the second cohort were in a clash with the first cohort in an attempt to keep them off Aleksei.

Lifa made her way across the city, ducking in shadows and alleys and gutters, Aiden held tightly. She had only one her, her prosthetic gone. But she could hold Aiden on her hip, with his arms locked around her neck. She only wore a blood stained blue t-shirt and yellow bathrobe over that. She didn’t have pants, just underwear. It wasn’t like proper clothing was a priority, where she had just been…

Her lips were cracked, dry and bleeding, and she had drastically lost weight. Fresh, blooding oozing welts covered the backs of her legs and bruises marred her face and arms. She walked like she had a concussion. Which, she did. But eventually, she circled around and managed to find her way to the Greek side. Unfortunately, wary Greek citizens greeted her with swords.

“I’m looking for Aleksei.” She said hoarsely. “Go get him.”