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Victor’s career

I was thinking a bit about the fact that Victor is five-time consecutive Grand Prix winner but like it is said that he was on the top since he was 16 so does it mean he’d won earlier but failed when he was 21 or that he started to win regularly when he was older (quite uncanny when you look at the average skaters age)? So how in my opinion his career looked?

Firstly, I’m sure that Victor started to win when he was 16, we know he won his first European Championships then so even if he wasn’t the best in the world yet he already was the best in Europe and in his age category (we also learn in ep 1 that he’s beaten world record in junior division year before so).

 And I think that we have even a more obvious proof here because it may be suggested in the 10 episode that Victor won the first Winter Olympics he was able to take part in. I can’t find the original post but someone noticed that when you look at one of the medals on Victor’s chest, the most exposed one:

It looks oddly similar to Torino 2006 medals:

Which would mean that Victor won his first Olympics being just 17 (and is obviously very proud of it). So he was already the best of best then. I’m also pretty sure that one of the medals with blue ribbon could be Vancouver 2010 medal and there’s really no reason why Victor shouldn’t win it if he was already the best (and I bet he’s Sochi champion too). And after Vancouver, he’s won every one of Gran Prix Finals that we know for sure. So what intrigues me is what was happening between 2006 and 2010 Olympics?

The first reason why Victor could not be able to win every competition before would be the fact that there were some older more experienced skaters which would be logical except that we never hear about anyone being even close to Victor’s league. Every skater from Chris to Yurio looked to Victor at some point. It’s like no one really remembers times before Victor, he was the legend when he was 16 already and we never see anyone who could be any threat or an inspiration for him. So I think that even if Victor lost some competitions then he was still considered the best and champion-to-be. 

And the only other possibility is that Victor could get injured at some point. This is just my headcanon now but I guess that he could get a really serious contusion when he was about 19/20 years old and he had to take a year off the ice to recover. I think it would make so much sense if that was the “dark moment” of his professional career, the one when he cut his hair and changed his style. And he would make his comeback right before Vancouver which would be a very nice similarity to Stephane Lambiel’s story (that wonderful skater that had his cameo in 12 ep) and I don’t know how much canon it will turn out (if will ever get any info about Victor’s past lol)  but I love this idea and I thought I could share it. 

Just you know, Victor starting to win everything and then suddenly he pushes himself too far and he don’t even know if he’ll be able to come back (poor Yuuri crying whole night because of his idol), getting depressed and cutting his hair but then working two times as hard as before and coming back just to surprise everyone and win his second Olympic gold. So much Victor style.

So this is it I just had this idea but I like it and maybe it will help someone with writing about Victor’s past idk. I’m just very curious who was winning when it wasn’t Victor himself I really hope will get to know more about Victor’s past next season!

Jack and Bitty actually coming out in the rain of red-and-white confetti after Captain Bittle leads Samwell to its first NCAA championship at the Frozen Four.  Bitty is on his team’s shoulders, exhilarated, when his boyfriend gains the ice.  

“Here comes 2015 Samwell alumnus and Providence Falconers forward Jack Zimmermann to congratulate his former teammates,” the ESPN commentator says.  Bitty leans down and shouts something in Chowder’s ear, and Chowder and Dex swing Bitty down to the ice as he reaches out for Jack.  

It’s not an easy landing–Jack’s shoes don’t have great purchase, and Bitty’s on skates; Jack reaches out to catch Bitty and Bitty does his best to stand upright as he glides and they both spiral a bit, clutching to keep each other upright.

And then it’s so natural, so easy, to do what they’d talked about, Jack’s mouth finding Bitty’s, the team triumphant around them, Samwell colours falling all around, until Jack sees a man coming with the trophy and has to break away, point his dazed boyfriend to where a carpet is being rolled out onto the rink.  Bitty, flushed and jubilant, has to go and accept it.

“I’m so proud of him,” Jack says later to the cameras, arm around Bitty’s shoulders.  “I’m so proud.”


Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe on the Deathly Hallows set in Wales. (2009)

“So you joined us at the…”

“Second ever.”

“..Second ever! And first one in the outdoors. The second ever but first outdoors Dangerball 2009 Championships. Rupert brought to Wales this mini table tennis set. And it’s rubbish to play table tennis with but we have invented a great new game. It’s 7-5 to Rupert. I’m sure you’ll pick up the rules as we go along.”


Evgenia presenting her short program at the European championships 2017

With a score of 78.92

  • Hermione: If you could go back in time, what would you do?
  • Harry: I'd go and se-
  • Draco: You'd see your parents, you'd see Sirius, you'd kill Voldemort, you'd save Dobby, so what? You know what I'd do? I'd go to a pri-
  • Blaise: You'd go to a primitive Muggle civilisation and use magic to become their god, we know! We got the list of things you'd do if you had an army of followers!
  • Ron: And can I say, that itinerary was an inappropriate use of a Howler. My mum's forbidden you from the house. I'd go to Tu-
  • Ginny: You'd go to Tudor times so you could gorge yourself on all the various meats and cheeses without judgement, you've mentioned. I'd take part in the fi-
  • Luna: The first Quidditch league championship, so you did say twenty-three times. I'd go to the formation of t-
  • Hermione: The Unknown Creatures Discovery Club, so you could bring back a Glubwhompher, as you already told us. Does nobody have anything original to say?
  • All: *shrug*
  • Draco: You know what you could say that you've never said to me before-
  • Hermione: Yes?
  • Draco: That's the one!
  • Hermione: ....

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Kamil Stoch messed up his second jump in the first World Championship competition in 2013, just to win the next one.

Peter Prevc lost the Crystal Globe two seasons ago, just to win in an amazing style a season later.

Daniel-Andre Tande didn’t win 65th Four Hills Tournament. But history tends to repeat itself.

If you’re Tande’s fan, just stay patient and keep supporting him. Maybe it hasn’t been his time yet.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi
[February 12th, 2017]

The WWE Championship isn’t the only title that changed hands tonight, as the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss was dethroned as well! Bliss lost her championship to Naomi, who proudly held the title high through a stream of tears as the fans chanted in unison, ‘You deserve it!’ This marks Naomi’s first championship reign in the WWE. Naomi’s comrade Becky Lynch was successful earlier in the evening in defeating Bliss’ villainous counterpart, Mickie James. Perhaps a one-on-one encounter between Naomi and Lynch is in the works?

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Victor wasn’t ‘much younger’ when he started his winning streak though. In fact he was only a year younger than Yuuri is now, so it’s not ridiculous at all. He truly believes Yuuri has it in him to win those five titles

Well, Yuuri is 24 now (25 the next GPF!) while Victor had to have 21/22 years when he won GP the first time (and he was already at the top when he was 16/17, he won his first European Championships then so he started much earlier than Yuuri). And in competitive skating, this is a huge difference. Another one being that even if Yuuri is able to catch up with Victor now it needed much more effort and dedication from him because it is said multiple times that Victor is a prodigy, a genius, you know, skating god. He could do it because there was no one to beat him before Yuuri and Yuri of course. But there are several skaters that proved they may threaten Yuuri, such as JJ or Otabek who did great and is much younger and there’s still Yurio. And Victor himself is coming back! So while I’m sure Victor truly believes Yuuri could do this, it is still nearly impossible.


It happened today.
My team brought home another Regional Championship first since 2012.
I was so nervous for today because I know how close it was going to come down to. We won by 9 points. That doesn’t leave much room for error when you stack up against a team that is so similar in abilities.
Thank goodness for Bloomsburg and their talent because they push me to be a better runner. They all had great races today and it’s truly great being competitors with them.
Crossing the line is the best feeling ever because the feeling of relief is just something that can’t be put into words.
We worked so hard for this day.
It paid off.
And now we’re going to nationals!!!