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Crossember challenge Day #21

late againsorry for the sins,

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cross!sans by @jakei95

crossember challenge by @byutak

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30 Day Character Challenge

Day 10 — A character who taught you something about real life

 Uzumaki Naruto [ Naruto ]

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Sam x Reader

Warnings: none (canon swears - crap, bastard, etc.)

A/N: hey guys! This is my first ever fic so tell me what you think? Thank you to @winchester-writes for the opportunity to try something new. Enjoy!

Italics = persons thoughts


Christmas Eve. Sam never knew which holiday would be his last so he wanted to celebrate every one when he can. Decorating the bunker proved to be pretty therapeutic after you and the Winchester brothers had only finished a hunt the day before. Damn vamps almost got away from sam and Dean but you had gone around the back entrance quick enough to catch them off guard and gank the bastards.

“Nice job.”

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didn’t do inktober this month but i did do oc-tober, which is like inktober but with less traditional ink and more fantrolls. like 90% fantrolls. (you can see them all on twitter)



the moment you started shipping malec

Day 28: Thanks!

Okay I’m finally done!!! (it’s 3.41am here….. and I have to wake up at 7 ahahah end me)

Thank you to everyone checking once in a while for this personal project! I know I usually post fan arts but I’d like to also post more personal stuff (hoping you would like it…) 

Again, this is the first drawing challenge I’ve ever done and although I neglected days from time to time, I managed to actually finish exactly in time XD

I hope you enjoyed the drawings, I challenged myself drawing things I usually don’t draw and trying different colouring styles 
Also you might have learned a bit more about me, who knows 

Okay I’m going to sleep and I’ll be dead tomorrow, BYE GUYS 

Ree’s Rocky Horror Writing Challenge



There are over 100 of you beautiful folks following me.


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I couldn’t be happier to have you all here. So to mark my first milestone of 100+ followers, after much deliberation (and several Ghirardelli chocolates), I came up with something that could only appeal to the cool and the crazy. 

Well, babies…welcome to my first ever writing challenge!

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t7s Graphic Challenge : 6. Favorite NANASTAR girl - Seto Ferb

Ferb icons


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Ferrum Gloria

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Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Nightmares have been plaguing your dreams lately. What could they mean, and what effect will they have on your relationship?

Word Count -  2,812

Warnings - Fluff, angst, cursing, canon-typical violence ie. temporary suicide/death? (I really don’t want to spoil the story, but I want people to know that reader does take her own life. It is non-permanent and is described very briefly, but I don’t want to risk anyone getting triggered.)

A/N - This fic is a part of @torn-and-frayed ‘s Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge! The song I chose was In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. ‘Ferrum Gloria’ is latin for Iron Butterfly- or at least that’s what google translate told me. Heh. This is the first challenge I’ve ever done, so let me know what you thought!

You weren’t sure how much more of it you could take. You spent too many nights waking up in a cold sweat, heart racing from your dreams. There wasn’t much to them, just darkness and a sense of foreboding. They’d been happening for what seemed like a month now, slowly eating away at you.

What scared you was the fact that lately they’d gotten worse. They began to feel even more real and you couldn’t understand what they meant. Dreams were the brain’s way of dealing with life, right? So what could your dreams possibly be about?

You were glad for the consistency and monotony of daily life to distract you from your situation. You climbed out of your bed slowly, careful not to wake your boyfriend in the process. He grumbled in his sleep at the movement, pulling his pillow in closer to his face before settling with a small soft sigh.

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Hey y'all 💜 how are you?? I’m not really full of this to say today! Lol. Sorry! Kelly and I went shopping today. I got new makeup 😍😍 and also lost our ihop virginity lol. but that’s about it!
I’m going to be adding people to my March challenge group and would love more participants! This months group was small but fun! I want to get at LEAST 10 if I can! The bigger the group, the better the prize 💜 please dont hesitate to message me or comment if you’re interested. This month was my first group and I found that I really love doing this! I love the atmosphere of it all, and love seeing others stay motivated. I also want to give a HUGE shout out to @itismytimenow for being so active in my group, and making my FIRST ever challenge group so great! Thanks girl 💜

Also, even if you’re not interested in joining, please reblog if you don’t mind! One of your followers may be interested 😊💜

honestly tho- taka/monta’s such a good ship. like, not only was monta the first real challenge that taka ever had when it came to catching (since everyone always gave up right away because taka was a genius) but they have so many cute lil panel interactions, like

figuring out cellphones together 

being catching experts together (also poor sena- that’s gotta be hot)

and talking on the plane with each other

like i know it’s not much but BUT

it means a lot in my heart