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So I'm been reading a debate about creating angst for relationships. Some say without angst/conflict a couple is boring, others say too much angst makes the couple look contrived & leads to the audience losing interest. What are your thoughts? Is there a proper balance of angst ?

There most certainly is a proper balance of angst. When shows fail it’s because the angst between the couple never changes and it gets repetitive or it’s not substantiated, it’s not earned, there isn’t a reason for it.

With Stefan and Elena, their angst changes with every season. The first season, all of that tension was because Stefan was a vampire and Elena was a human and he was trying to protect her, she was trying to figure out if he could be a part of her life and she his and it’s fighting/giving into this feeling despite that:

and then the latter half of season 1, that angst is Stefan being a vampire and Elena seeing that while Stefan is fundamentally a good person and strives to keep his bloodlust in check, he is still a vampire and Elena has to make a choice between sticking by him or bolting and because she chose to stick by him and because Stefan is torn up and literally suicidal that creates angst for their relationship

and in season 2 the angst is created by the fact that external circumstances are trying to force them apart which is Damon and Katherine and Klaus, they have to fake breaking up and then be broken up and then deal with everyone trying to kill her while keeping a united front

and season 3 it’s obvious, Stefan is a ripper and Elena is fighting to get him back and that creates a lot of pain but it also creates moments between them that are charged because the feelings are still there so their gazes and their dialogue are very angsty

There are reasons, there are shifts to their angst which makes it so that it isn’t angst for the sake of being angst, there’s context and the reason why it isn’t too much angst is because we get to see Stefan and Elena just be just as much as there’s angst

Then you have relationships that are all-angst and done properly because the show knows they’re all angst and it’s supposed to be extreme highs and extreme lows and I’m-pulled-in-and-out and it’s irrational and unstoppable but they’re also unsustainable

and this works because their angst is called out all the time, Buffy being irrational when it comes to Angel is called out all the time, the buffyverse makes fun of Bangel whether it’s on their spinoff

or BTVS itself where the Zeppo episode is Xander’s episode and he just walks in on an argument of Buffy and Angel being Buffy and Angel and he’s just like erm … uh … I’ma , I’ma go, it’s hilarious because it’s from Xander’s POV and he interrupts the melodrama of it all. then there’s the fact that Angel leaves because there’s no more to do with Bangel and that kind of angst and intensity.

Then you have something like Cookie and Lucious in Empire where their angst and their toxicity is routine and cyclical and you yell at the screen how destructive that man is for her and her sons yell it and her sisters yell it and she yells it to herself, everyone knows and it can get repetitive but then the show does something to bring you back into it and the main thing about this relationship is that they fire shots at each other, Cookie is consistently done wrong by Lucious, she has given up a lot for Lucious but she does not lay down for Lucious, she is not passive, she is not weak so that charges the angst as well:

The reason why I can’t get on board with a relationship like Olitz for instance is because nothing changes about their angst and I think the reasons for their angst are weak and contrived and the show doesn’t do anything to pull me back in, like I just finished binging Empire and I was rolling my eyes because Cookie and Lucious were at war yet again but then a scene changed my life, lmao, and brought a new level to their angst, a little context Cookie served 17 years in jail so Lucious could build his record label, Empire, which is a huge label, and she helped him with his records that went gold and she gave birth to three sons and she’s helped him run this company and he consistently undervalues her or cuts her out and he credits a wife he doesn’t love with being his muse, with giving her all to the record label and Cookie’s had it so she comes back to the office to destroy things

and even with this, this fight leads to them almost having sex even though she’s with someone else and when she leaves the office she is like I have no idea what came over me and her sister is like yeah, Lucious does this to you… and it’s not even like I want them together because I don’t at all but seeing them do their thing is always entertaining

Olitz doesn’t have that. Chair didn’t have that either. The first two seasons for Chair, fine, but then after that it was contrived and mean-spirited and boring because nothing changes.

So long story short, a balance or a good rendering of angst can most certainly be done.

GUYS!!! I just realized that in their first episode of every single season, except 6B, Lydia always makes her first appearance of that season with Stiles!
Season 1: Lydia is first seen in front of the school when Stiles is talking to Scott
Season 2: Lydia is first seen in the hospital where Stiles is waiting for her in the chair
Season 3A: Lydia is first seen in the car with Allison while Stiles and Scott are in the car next to them
Season 3B: Lydia is first seen with Stiles in the same bed (even though it’s an illusion)
Season 4: Lydia is seen with Stiles walking through a town in Mexico
Season 5A: Okay so this one is kind of tricky, they aren’t seen together for a while into the episode BUT they are seen together at the end and Stiles looks at her with such love even though he is dating Malia
Season 5B: Lydia is first seen when she is (again) in a hospital bed and Stiles walks into her room
Season 6A: Lydia is seen with Stiles when they are all sitting at the bench AND THEN THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE EPISODE!!

Wow that’s so crazy I just realized this now. If only they were shown together in the first episode of this season!!

High School Band AU

@thesunandoceanblue helped come up with these. thanks for sacrificing some sleep for me, leshi! 

(be warned: broken!hux, mentions of panic attacks/anxiety, some minor hurt/comfort, slight reysma and stormpilot)

  • alexander hux is a special kid-he’s the only violinist in their band. he’s so good that the band director took him. he’s in the highest band, wind ensemble.
  • ben solo is an angry & angsty percussionist. his favorite thing to hit play is the timpani. (he also enjoys the vibraphone)
  • phasma is first-chair trombone. she’s got it going on man
  • rey is a cute lil oboist & u can fight me over it. she’s really nervous about her sound but at the same time she knows she kicks ass
  • finn is a clarinet; second chair. he has a great, deep sound that nobody expects out of him. you want to keep listening to him play, and when he speaks, you want to listen.
  • ah, poe. poe is for-sure a trumpet. loud, outgoing, extraverted, prominent-all poe. what’s that noise, you ask? you’re hearing poe play hot cross buns. he’s first fucking chair & it confuses everyone
  • during marching season, hux is a drum major. everyoneis afraid of himrespects him bc he does his job & he does it well, along with the three others-alice unamo, dopheld mitaka, and will tarkin (who only got DM bc he’s the grandson of the famous composer richard tarkin the twat)
  • ben is the lead snare on drumline. everyone calls his gang of drumline percussionists the knights of ren. it started as a joke but now, everyone calls them that. they’re the lamest group i swear 2 fuckin god
  • rey is a wiz at anything color guard related. she can spin anything and everything. flag? easy. rifle? sure. saber? hell yeah.
  • phasma and finn are easily the two best marchers on the field bc of how technical and detailed they are. finn looks really cute in his uniform too (according to poe)
  • hux has the DUMBEST crush on ben. ben is a dumbass & is a total fuckwad. he falls to peer pressure from his knights/buddies too often. but hux still thinks he’s cute and kinda funny (but only a little funny not very funny) and no he doesn’t look at ben while he’s marching shUT UP MITAKA OR I’LL STAB YOU WITH MY GODDAMN BATON
  • ben also has a crush on this sneering & mean red head. hux is really cute when he gets angry, in ben’s opinion.
  • since kylo is in percussion, he has a slight understanding of piano. he persuades hux to teach him more. he begrudgingly agrees
  • they finally go on a date to see a movie. ben holds hux’s hand the entire time hux doesn’t mind, if he’s honest with himself
  • ben loves to see the passion on hux’s face when he plays his violin. it’s amazing to him how one person can hold so much emotion, but only show anger 99% of the time (hux is angry about this)
  • meanwhile, poe and finn are a thing. nobody thought it would work, bc “whaaaaat? a clarinet and a trumpet?? no fuckin way!” but they’re super cute and ugh I LUV THEM (not as much as kylux but i do)
  • (cue forbidden reysma!!) plasma thinks she’s infected by all the romance around her, but she really wants to take that cute oboist rey out on a date 
  • there are a fuck ton of make-out sessions in the practice rooms
  • (broken!hux ahead) hux gets panic attacks when he can’t play a rhythm right after sight-reading it. ben just carefully sets down hux’s baby violin and bow, then holds hux in his arms, whispering comforting things in his ear. most often, hux gets panic attacks at home or in private, where nobody can see him break. but ben is with him like 98% of the time so
  • ben usually says “you’re playing this concerto marvelously, kitten” or “hush, kitten, you’re okay” (i’m a sucker for hurt/comfort oK)
  • ben is a sucker for praise. he doesn’t get it nearly as much as he’d like, and hux happily gives it to him. it’s borderline mean how hux makes ben whimper from kissing him and praising him nonstop
  • ben always makes an effort to go to hux’s recitals, youth orchestra performances, and anything else he’s in to support him since hux’s parents aren’t usually there
  • in return, hux tries not to be a bitch the next day
  • aside from the disagreements, they get along and show too much PDA, which is a shock to everyone ngl

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1. I have a question about Gossip Girl. It's a show that my teenage self loved very much and shipped (rightfully or not) Derena and Chair. I didn't particularly see the chemistry of Dair, but it's relative. However, you said that Dair is more profound than Chair. I might agree on that. But what would you say about Derena vs. Dair? Because sure, the show screwed with Derena in weird ways, but in season 1, when they started dating, I felt like Dan was the love of Serena's life. She grew so much

“I have a question about Gossip Girl. It’s a show that my teenage self loved very much and shipped (rightfully or not) Derena and Chair. I didn’t particularly see the chemistry of Dair, but it’s relative. However, you said that Dair is more profound than Chair. I might agree on that. But what would you say about Derena vs. Dair? Because sure, the show screwed with Derena in weird ways, but in season 1, when they started dating, I felt like Dan was the love of Serena’s life. She grew so much being around him. And I don’t know, maybe my impression is wrong, but I felt like he was just as much in love with her. That, had it not been for all the ridiculous drama, they’d have had a much more meaningful relationship. They didn’t like the same stuff like Dair, but they did open up to each other, especially Serena (it was really hard for her). And I just disliked the fact that Blair knew Serena still had feelings for Dan, B for Chuck, yet she chose to go after Dan… It’s all messed up.“

First of all, I will be the first one to say that I shipped Chair for the first two seasons and the first one to say that Leighton and Ed had outstanding chemistry, like it’s a fact. One of my favourite moments between them and in GG is when Blair tells Chuck she loves him and he looks at her so pained and says it doesn’t mean anything to him and the way Blair closes her eyes as he walks away, I was just like, I feel you, girl. So I understand why people ship Chair even though I resolutely do not. And with Derena. Penn and Blake had great chemistry too, which made for some pretty intense scenes between Dan and Serena … when he shows up to the cotillion is also one of my favourite scenes and when they dance in season 1 and Serena tells him he can let go of her since the photographer’s away and he says “I don’t want to…” like I love that moment.


Derena and Chair to me, are high school romances and my issue with Gossip Girl is that the show seemed too afraid to let these characters grow up and shift dynamics. I do think that Dan and Serena were great together. For a time. When Dan and Serena were together it was the first time she really understood her privilege and what came with it and it was the first time she met a genuine person and they had the intensity that comes with first loves, with experiencing what it’s like to truly care about another person for the first time in your life and that’s wonderful and sweet and so so significant but they didn’t grow from that moment. They didn’t become mature adults with each other, every time they were together, it was back to high school, back to Serena being pigheaded about her privilege and Dan being resentful and judgemental, back to Dan just waiting for Serena to make up her mind and take into account other people’s time and feelings and him just ready to rescue her whenever she did something that inevitably gets her in trouble so I don’t see their relationship as meaningful past high school. And with Dair … they spoke about *real* things and experienced *real* things and they were grownups together, as adults Dan and Blair are the people who complement each other the most and they make each other better people instead of reduce one another to pettiness like Derena and Chair did. So, that’s my opinion on that :)


SCENE CLINIC: THE WIRE, “CHAIR RECOGNIZES…" This is a scene from the first episode of the third season of HBO’s The Wire, and if you need an explainer on that in the first place, my condolences. 

My purpose here is merely to point out how brilliantly this scene highlights Robert McKee’s theory of "charge” within a scene. It starts out with Stringer Bell, interim head of the drug crew seated in front of him, extolling the virtues of organization and a higher-level of criminal intelligence, while the crew continues to push for a run-and-gun offense against rival dealers. Stringer has the positive charge, the crew the negative. 

Now, watch how effortlessly Poot–always masterfully played by the much-unsung Tray Chaney–flips McKee’s concept into action. 

Bitty pads down the hall toward the kitchen, shivering. This morning is cold – the kind of cold that seeps into your bones, deep and biting. He likes winter enough; he just doesn’t like the start of winter, that sudden dive in temperature that makes you feel as though you went to bed on Earth but have woken up on Pluto. Sighing, he braces himself for the tiled floor and steps into the kitchen.

Even through his socks, the cold reaches up to grab him. He hugs himself and gazes out the window. Crystal patterns have laced themselves against the edges of the pane and rendered them opaque, like stained glass. It’s pretty. Bitty traces a finger along the line of one whorl, then pulls his finger back; pressed against the inside of his arm, it’s colder than the rest.

Where the window’s clear, he tilts his head and gazes outside. The yellow-green blades of grass in the lawn have been painted over with white, and the yard glitters.

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28 for the anime asks, I'm so sorry :^)

OOOH ooh boy, let’s me see let’s see, lemme see.

I’ve watched plenty of anime, and since you haven’t caught up to One Piece I’ll spoil another anime in case you haven’t seen it.

The most upsetting thing that happened to me while watching anime was probably one of the Sailor Moon episodes where everyone D I E S. THEY JUST ALL DIE, I WAS IN TEARS IN MY DAD’S CHAIR


but then again, *Hunter x Hunter flashbacks* … ah yes… All of the Ant Arc :’^)ccccc

Season 12!!!!

Sam: *moosesigh*


Sam: Dean!  Da MOOSE is in a PREDICULEMENT!!!

Dean: The first episode, and you’re already TIED TO A CHAIR???

Sam: I know right?  SEASON TWELVE has not been KIND to DA MOOSE!  TIED to a CHAIR, undergoing VARIOUS TORTURES.  Same old same old.

Dean: Same old same old.

Sam: So what’s goin’ on in YOUR STORYLINE?

Dean: Welp, drove my BABY, fought some FOES.  Same old same old.

Sam: Same old same old.

Dean: Oh, and saw MOM.

Sam: Oh, tell her HI!


Dean: Cas!

Sam: Whoa!

Dean: Cas, that’s a SWEET new RIDE!

Cas: Yep!  Lost the PIMP CAR last season, so I thought to UPGRADE.

Sam: What’s your STORYLINE, Cas?

Cas: You know, headin’ off to MARS with DAVID BOWIE.  Same old same old.

Dean: Same old same old!

Dean: See ya Cas!


Sam: Hey!

Sam: Dean, does it occur to you that CAS has been given a WAY BETTER STORYLINE?

Dean: What?  Huh.  Naw.  Anyways, can I get you anything whilst you’re in your PREDICULMENT?



make me choose → edwestwikcs asked: season 2 chair or season 2 leighted bloopers

I absolutely adore the final scene of Yakimono for many reasons. 

For one: Will and Hannibal back in their chairs. It’s such a gorgeous hint at the first season. It’s exactly how they started out, in the meantime as everything is different now. 

Second: Hannibal just ACCEPTS Will into his office after being pointed a gun at. I know he’s doing this because it’s easier to manipulate him when he’s kept close, but we also know that Hannibal has honestly missed Will. Despite knowing that they’re enemies now, imagine how awesome it must feel to have him back there. Hannibal has kept Will’s appointment open for all this time, and now Will is back in his chair. 

Third: Will’s way of manipulating Hannibal in this scene is shrewd as hell, which makes it all the more awesome. Personally, I adore the moments when Will and Hannibal are honestly friends (as honest as they can be with each other), but Will showing up, on his old appointment, with his hair slicked back and a clean shirt… ugh. 

In this episode, Will openly acknowledged that most of Hannibal’s actions can be summed up to how badly he wants Will in his life. And he plays on that in this scene. He shows up on his old appointment, probably having deduced that Hannibal wouldn’t want to fill it. He appeals to Hannibal’s vanity, saying he needs his therapeutic help. He admits his feelings for Hannibal are not all spiteful, but more complicated. (“I need to deal with my feelings about you.”)

Hell, he even dolls himself up. He makes a change from the old fishing jacket and crumpled shirt he almost always wore during their sessions, he fixes his hair, probably knowing how much Hannibal values beauty. Will knows Hannibal is not a psychopath, despite knowing what he’s capable of. He knows Hannibal has feelings, and he wants to play on them. 

In short, Darl!Will and awesome Hannigram dynamics are most likely on the way.