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Dan Harmon on the Future of Rick and Morty and That Community Movie
"It became impossible to finish."
By Lisa Eadicicco

Speaking of Community, there has been a lot of speculation about a Community movie. Is that something you’re thinking about?

“It is. I recently had a conversation with a director that’s the kind of guy whose weight in the industry could make that happen. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually putting thought into that again. There might be an opportunity at hand if I can actually think of what I would do. I say those words so carefully because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone being let down or feeling anxiety.“

Code July Day 8: Vehicles

“Can you send us the Overwing, Jeremie?”
Uh, looks like the program is bugged. I’m sending you the Overbike instead.
“But I’ve never driven it before, I don’t-”
“Don’t worry Yumi, I may know a thing or two…”


if they had an extra hour to get to know each other before gettin to the lions.

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  


Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.

There is a distinct difference between caring for someone and carrying someone.

Know the difference.

You are allowed to let people down when they are too heavy.

You are not a bad person because you have limits.

You should never feel the need to apologize for:

•your gender
•your sexuality
•your mental illnesses
•your feelings
•cutting toxic people out of your life
•taking care of yourself first
•loving yourself first
•being yourself
•standing up for yourself

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry because I gave you everything that I have. I’m sorry because I cared about you. I’m sorry because I was always there for you. I’m sorry because you were always my first priority. I’m sorry because I cry over you. I’m sorry because I loved the way you smile. I’m sorry because I fell in love with your eyes. I’m sorry because I made you my everything.

I’m sorry, because I loved you.

—  P.G.G