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here’s a fic i will never finish because of the new campaign, enjoy

Percy was much too hungover to deal with this shit.  

Actually, Percy might still be drunk, but he was at least too tired to deal with this shit.  He had been up streaming until five in the morning, and had only managed to sleep three hours before stumbling upstairs to his kitchen. Scanlan had had the bright idea that for Vox Machina’s third anniversary, they should have a charity livestream, proceeds to benefit Emon’s recovery after the recent attacks.  It was also Percy’s first time appearing on camera.  He had always been the technical guy—producing the videos, creating the website, keeping up with the equipment.  Before the Briarwoods’ reappearance he didn’t want his face going public, and after their legal battle had ended he had kept out of the spotlight from habit.  But Scanlan had insisted, and it had seemed like fun, so he had joined in.

It had taken about five minutes for his phone to let him know that someone thought he was a “daddy,” after which Percy turned it off.  He had thought that would be as bad as it got. According to Vex, however—it wasn’t.

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anonymous asked:

Winter Victuuri walk with Makkachin? (A snowy walk with the doggo)

“baby it’s cold outside”

coincidentally, today was the first snowfall here! (and it stayed on the ground for once) <3 (I took the pictures then drew them on the picture!) so here you go anon <333 lots of doggos

//edit: i fORGOT the ring ;A; added it now!


171110 Without You // Minghao