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Day 4, aspirations and hobbies. The sweet and delicate scent of freshly baked cakes was the only thing softening his agent life.

I headcanon Vanderwood as being into cooking and baking and absolutely nothing in this universe will convince me otherwise.


His and mine are the same | Soulmate AU | 2k

The first time Luke had ever heard his soulmate’s name uttered aloud– aside from the times he’d read it aloud to himself, or when he’d asked Aunt Beru when he was little– was when it was said by one of the droids he’d suspected of being stolen, C-3PO. “Our last master was Captain Antilles!”

Or, a series of five occurrences until Luke met his soulmate.

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I can tell that the last message I sent you riled you up. You can pretend that you don't care all you want, but deep down it hurt you that people criticize you and send you "hate". The Naruto series aren't well written, but I disagree that Hinata is shallow or selfish. She was one of the first people to acknowledge Naruto and notice him, while Sakura loved Sasuke b/c of his looks. It's funny to me how characters you hate have the worst personalities ever and no redeemable qualities to you.

Riled me up huh?? Too bad for you I’m actually laughing right now 🤣 just so you know I turned on anon messages simply so I COULD get these messages, and if these hurt my feelings I would just turn them off, so I’m sorry I’m not as mad as you want me to be.

Iruka was the first person to acknowledge Hinata, and even if she did “acknowledge him” she never approached him when he was suffering most. Not when he was alone, not when Sasuke left, not when Jiraiya died. She insisted on dying in front of Naruto TWICE, once when Naruto SPECIFICALLY said for no one to interfere and Hinata knew she stood no chance. Not only did she not care how Naruto would feel if he literally WATCHED HER DIE, she didn’t have enough faith in him to make it out of the situation on his own. THEN the way she REALLY fucks up is when Naruto goes all kyuubi, the chakra exposure would have literally EATEN HIM ALIVE AND KILLED HIM. If it weren’t for Minato, Naruto would be DEAD because of her.

The second time she jumped in front of the spike when she could have either blocked it or– get this– MOVE HIM OUT OF THE WAY 🤣 and because of this Neji is dead.

Everything Hinata does is because she wants to be with Naruto. That is literally all her character is ABOUT! You take Naruto out of her life and what is she? She had the potential to NOT be shallow in part one because of the side plot about her father and clan, but all that is tossed aside for “Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun”

She’s selfish and shallow. Sorry we don’t have the same views 😢


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I don't know if you answered this question before but, why do you ship (or like) osoichi?

I don’t think I’ve ever been asked this before! So I’ll answer it with some context first bc i feel like ranting:

See, I started watching osmt and Ichima.tsu obviously caught my attention right away because a) he loves cats and i love cats b) he’s socially awkward af and therefore adorable c) he’s an hilarious piece of shit like the rest of his brothers. Oso quickly caught my eye too, though, because I have a thing for senpais/characters who take care of others and even if Oso is childish, many times irresponsible, selfish and overall a shitty big brother, he still tries unconsciously to fill the role at times out of instinct, because he knows that logically he’s the same age as the rest of his brothers.

So of course, as these two characters became my favorites, I paid attention to them more than any of the other brothers. At first I simply really loved their brotherly interactions (i used to be against B.Lmatsu actually, though I wasn’t vocal about it nor harrassed people, I just avoided it), ESP nyanko ep melted my heart when Oso asked Ichi directly what he wanted to do and smiled knowingly because deep down he knew Ichi was just being a contrarian, then the Totty ep where Oso congratulated Ichi because he seemed more capable of determining socially accepted stuff to tell each other than he thought, etc.

Ep 16 was the breaking point though.

It’s hilarious bc for some strange reason most people ended up shipping the Bad Ship because of it, but I kinda felt my heart drop at Ichi’s panicked confession. And then I realized they had also french kissed before. Fml.

So as to answer the actual question: Why do I ship Osoichi?

Ichim.atsu is shy, overthinks everything and has a hard time being honest to himself, while O.somatsu is the exact opposite: He’s out-going, simple-minded and almost stupidly honest. While Oso goes with the flow at all times, Ichi resists it whenever he can, and is this difference that makes me think they compliment each other perfectly. In the i.chimatsu incident ep, Ichi feels frustrated and literally thinks “If I were honest like this idiot and wouldn’t be in this rotten situation! I’d have friends!”.

They have personalities that balance each other out. In the drama CD, Ichi.matsu constantly brings Oso back to reality from his idiotic fantasies and keeps him in check, in the ESP cat ep Osom.atsu asks Ichi to be honest and listens to his opinion and easily realizes he can’t outright admit he wants them to keep looking for the cat. Ichi helps Oso be more grounded, while Oso helps Ichi be more honest and extroverted.

Ichima.tsu is admittedly also the most helpless one of the brothers, which I like to think activates Oso’s brother instinct automatically like in the Totty ep (And overlooking ep 24 where Oso was too distraught to be of use to anyone), Sakurai himself says Ichi has caught Oso’s attention because his personality is worrisome. Fukujun then goes to say that Ichi only gives younger brother vibes with Oso, and in the free talk corner in the drama CD (if my japanese doesn’t fail me) Sakurai points out curiously that Ichi calls Oso “Os.omatsu ‘nii-san’, Os.omatsu ‘nii-san’” as if he has some respect for him.

Regardless, their relationship is balanced because even if Ichi’s pretty helpless in some aspects, so is Oso in others, and when Oso isn’t babying Ichi, Ichi is putting him in his place and rolling his eyes at how terrible his miraculous idiot brother can be.

They also get along pretty well, they hang out with each other no problem and team up to do shitty stuff. Oso also has an S streak that fits Ichi’s M streak completely, and doesn’t seem like the type who would object to his weird fetishes and just play along because it’s fun and even if it isn’t conventional, it makes him feel good. He said it himself–He’s a pervert, and he doesn’t care if his brothers think he’s a pervert too. He’d also be great at satisfying Ichi’s praise kink.