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Man Down

“More have just arrived!” Gavin called out over the gunshots. “It’s getting pretty heated out here!”

“Just hold them off until Jack brings the car around!” Geoff ordered through the comms. “Don’t move from your position!”

Jack was running late with the getaway vehicle. Of course, there was a festival that had to block off every street between her and the others. When had a heist ever gone perfectly?

Ray watched from the roof, scanning the horizon for Jack and providing protection when necessary to those below.

“How’s it looking up there, Ray?” Ryan asked, throwing grenades from his balcony position. “Any sign?”

“Not yet,” he answered, “But on the plus side, no one else is approaching.” Ray scanned around to double check his statement, and that’s when he saw it. Gavin, firing off caps at two figures in front of him, oblivious to one sneaking behind.

“Vav!” he yelled to warn him, but before the could the gun went off.

Hearing Ray’s shout, Ryan swiveled to face the direction of Gavin. Oh fuck…

He lept over the terrace railing and onto the ground below, running toward the fallen form as fast as he could. Oh fuck, oh fuck.

“Geoff,” Ray called out. “Gavin got hit. He went down. We need a way out.”

Geoff froze. Luckily, Michael, who had previously been yelling directions to Jack over the comms, answered. “If you can make it across the street, there’s an alley that goes between the middle of the block. It’s a service road, but narrow enough so cars can’t follow. Jack can meet you over there, we can find another escape. Can you carry him?”

Ryan, taking out the thugs Gavin was preoccupied with, made it over to the lad. Even now there was too much blood. He turned pale at the sight.

“Ryan, can you carry him?”

“I-” Ryan stammered, he didn’t know where the bullet hit and was cautious to move him. “I guess so. We don’t have a lot of other options.” Scooping Gavin up, he called out, “Ray?”

“I got you, buddy,” the sniper answered, providing cover. “Just make sure he’s okay. It’s Monopoly night and he’s not getting out of it because of one stupid bullet.”

The First Thing He Said To You
  • Daniel: On the bright side, you'll smell delicious all day!
  • Jonah: Oh my gosh! Lucky!
  • Zach: Suit yourself, shorty.
  • Corbyn: Oh my goodness do you use the lip kit?
  • Jack: Will you stop messing with that?
  • •••
  • Further explanation or nah??

Honestly…It makes me really uncomfortable when people draw Leia’s Episode 4 Dress as being really tight with a big slit up the leg, because that’s not how it was at all??

It doesn’t even cling to her breasts or anything?? There’s like…a Small knee length slit, I guess, if you look hard enough. But this, and most other outfits of Leia’s, strike me as incredibly modest and professional. In fact, Lets take a look at that for a second. 

Look at what she chooses to wear on Cloud City in Episode 5.

Like…It’s a dress with pants? And I think this was probably an outfit she either A.) Packed for the trip on the falcon or B.) Was provided to her by Lando, And I find it hard to believe that Lando would force an outfit on her, considering he was very nice to her in previous scenes. She would have chosen it out of several different options.

I won’t add pictures, but her White Hoth outfit also consists of a jacket and pants. It’s sensible. They’re in the freezing cold. Why would she wear something sexy. She Wouldn’t.

There are honestly only two instances over the course of three movies where she /kind/ of shows skin. Instance 1 is at the end of Episode 1 where she…Kind of, I guess, Has some cleavage showing?

Like Barely. Keep in mind as well that this dress is floor length and has long sleeves. The second instance is at the end of Episode 6 on Endor

This slit is definitely more revealing, but to be honest, I can’t remember a single time in Episode 6 where it was apparent? They Honestly may have just done this for promotional material? Other pictures of the dress come off as much more modest

I’ve worn dresses shorter than this, so, I wouldn’t exactly consider this revealing by any means.

So when does Leia put on something a little sexier? There’s gotta be one instance right?

Yeah, Against her fucking will.

What I’m getting at here is that I hate the weird sexualization of Leia in Nerd Culture. It’s literally so rampant. It’s not surprising to me whatsoever, but it still makes me mad.

Leia Organa, a 19 year old Freedom Fighter personally fucking chose to dress modestly and people still depict her as this oversexualized Male Gaze Fantasy Being and it’s really disappointing tbfh.

ah sally face episode 2 came out today apparently! cant wait to see jack play it (hopefully) ^-^


black sails + historical figures

{eta: please read this regarding anne bonny’s unverified date of death}


coldplay - us against the world.mp3 

at last got around to draw my favourite characters from black sails, which, hands down, has the most emotionally fulfilling finale EVER. anyone else is still shook three weeks later? there’s not a day when i don’t think about it, if you ask me

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Hat is their thimble

i’m sorry i’m dorky af, (i’m a Little scared is it safe to come out?) well i been kinda on both sides with this Whole will they, won’t they. 

and i had this forgotten thought, since the  scene with the Daughters of Aku reaction to the deers, and them being isolated since birth, that maybe intimacy is not something Ashi would know alot about, or at least not understand it at first, like the naked scene(that was gold) i just think it could’ve been a fun personality trait

and have this one too

So sorry i live for Peter pan references *flies away in shame lol bye