first buyer only

[closed, thank you]

i had to go for a blood test and x ray today, and it took away up a little sum of the money i had saved up to help my mother with my fees

im.. im really exhausted

exhausted to the core

but im opening quick sketch commissions to make up for the amount lost (its nothing above $50 dont worry, but its still something that i really need)

offering quick sketch commissions with price cuts again, like the ones for my medicine bills last time. 

these can be done within 30 mins - 1 hour.  i know i still have orders to work on, trust me, i’ll get to them as quickly as i can this week

bust ($3)

 half-body ($6)

+$3 for simple coloring (either one of em)


  message @sai-shouart​ if interested

*first come first serve, serious buyers only please

i cant say enough how stressful it is for me to get messages on my art account about wanting to order something, only to have no response or payment from them for weeks when I couldve given the spot to someone else.

i’m trying to work to earn money to support myself and my family here. please dont make me wait for nothing. i am already skipping meals every day just to save enough.