First Born

The witch completed the spell for the maiden, and they both smiled. The process had gone perfectly.

“Do I have to give you my first born?” the maiden asked, biting her lip. It hardly mattered, she had no plans for children.

“What? No. I hate that old legend, it was started by some politician or other as anti-witch propaganda.” The witch picked up the maiden’s sandwich and took a large bite. “You have to give me your first bite of your meal whenever I’m hungry.” She returned the sandwich.

The maiden eyed the bite mark, “I can eat the rest?”

The witch sipped the maiden’s soda pop, a small Moonlight Berry Blue Brew. “Yes, of course.”

“But when I eat the part you bit, isn’t that a bit liked we kissed?”

Their eyes met and a busy world went silent, grew calm and still.


9x11 “First Born” // 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)”
Knight of Hell & Prince of Hell: Immunity

Just because… well… they sure used everything about Cain and the way he lived and the whole storyline as an inspiration when creating Ramiel…


And when you finally turn,
and you will turn.
and everyone you know,
everyone you love,
they could be long dead.
Everyone except me.

~Castiel (10x22)

(9x11 “First Born” 10x22 “The Prisoner”)

Imagine Dean confiding in you after teaming up with Crowley.

Intro: While Sam and Castiel were busy tracking down Gadreel, Dean decided to team up with Crowley to locate a weapon (the First Blade) capable of killing a Knight of Hell; more specifically, Abaddon. You were left alone at the bunker, so you decided to cook dinner.

“He was right, you know. You are worthy.” Crowley noted. He was agreeing with what Cain had said to Dean not too long ago; before obtaining the Mark of Cain.

“Oh, great. Now you’re gonna get all touchy-feely too?” Dean sighed, adjusting his hands on the steering wheel, anxiously.

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