first borderlands gif

Animation wip for Timelapse Fusion meme (like this -> x x x)

can’t finish this today or tomorrow maybe next week i could, i just need to add some inbetweens then lineart and colour all 18 frames and then organize everything in vegas pro :”D
Borderlands Gemlands AU © @fancy-rhys

The progression of Rhys

When I first played Borderlands 2, I chose Zer0. I figured I would enjoy sniping, and he reminded me of the Infiltrator in Mass Effect. When i hit TVHM, i didn’t care for him as much. Then one day I decided to try Salvador. Now he’s my favorite character. There’s just something about how he maniacally laughs when Gunzerking and just how genuinely happy he sounds while doing it that just makes me love him, and enjoy playing him.


Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

↳  Claptastic Voyage

“I learned that, no matter what this brutally heartless and desperately meaningless universe throws at us, our spirits can never REALLY be broken when we walk hand in hand, wrapped in the companionship of others! I guess, what I´m saying is, we´re a team - and I love you guys.”