first book on our list is the hobbit

T5W: Books You'd Save from a Fire

Kind of disclaimer, I probably won’t really care about my books burning, they’re books and they can be replaced. But I still felt like making this list.

#5 Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Box-set by J. R. R. Tolkien

I got this exact box set for Christmas, I really like it, they’re cute little books with the maps and they really nice leather bound covers. I don’t really like this cover scheme but I feel like I would want to save it.

#4 Fault in our Stars by John Green

Small, funny story, I’d first checked this out as a library book, so I didn’t have this copy. My grandma is at Target and she’s texts me saying “Do you want your own copy of this book?” I’m like sure, why not. Apparently without any knowledge of this she got me a signed copy with DVD extras about the movie, this was before the movie came out. I flipped out. So since it’s signed I would want to keep it.

#3 Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Gotta save my favorite book of 2014, plus my copy has the Jullian perspective chapters, so I gotta have it.

#2 Cress by Marissa Meyer

Another favorite of 2014, plus I love this over, it’s not very displayed well on this very small image but I do really love it.

#1 Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

This one is actually the one I would probably actually try to save from a house fire. For one this book absolutely beautiful, the illustrations I would proudly display half on them on my wall. Just look at the cover. Secondly it’s the only book I have signed by Rick Riordan and I obviously love this man.