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Could you expand on what you liked about Irredeemable? It's been years since I read it, but I recall finding it somewhat off-putting, and never attempted to finish it.

Off-putting is absolutely the correct way of describing it. While it never goes far into direct explicitness or gore as I recall, it is a crushingly dark book from start to just about finish; a psychologically vile, relentlessly cruel 37 issues in service of maybe the most comprehensive savaging of Superman as a concept ever put to paper.

It’s the book that made him my favorite character. It may be the book that’s the reason I write.

Now look: the first issue came out when I was a little shy of 14. Great a comic as I will maintain it sincerely is (though it does go a little slack in the last year or so, and the spinoff Incorruptible is pretty much entirely a write-off), I am unquestionably looking at it through rose-tinted lenses. I don’t even know why I got it; I was just collecting the Batman and I guess Green Lantern books at that point, and while Mark Waid was surely on my radar, Boom! comics most certainly were not. Maybe I saw the Grant Morrison quote on the cover, or maybe I just thought “oh sweet, Waid writing an evil Superman”. But while I don’t blame anyone in the slightest for not liking it - not in a “I can see how they just wouldn’t get it, man” kind of way, the tone and content here are going to completely justifiably rub some people entirely the wrong way - I will absolutely stick up for it as a great piece of superhero comics, and a fascinating examination by contrast of how Superman works, and indeed has to work, as a character.

So here’s the premise:

Or as the back of every trade puts it, how did he come to this? What became of the hope and promise once inside him? What happens to the world when its savior betrays it? What makes a hero irredeemable? The answer to the third question at least is that the world is shit out of luck: millions are dead before the first page of the series, and the rest of the superheroes can’t do much to help, because they fire energy blasts or talk to machines or have wings, while he can shatter diamond in his bare grip, liquefy titanium with a glance and hear every whisper on Earth that might dare to defy him. Most of the book is from the perspective of those heroes, on the run and desperate to find a way to survive and triumph, as their own dirty little secrets and failings start to come out under the pressure. In base concept, it’s a pretty standard Superman deconstruction.

But it’s a Superman deconstruction by the world’s biggest Superman fan. And that makes all the difference.

Whatever your opinion on Mark Waid, it’s pretty indisputable that that guy has spent a lot of time thinking about how Superman works; what makes him tick, what makes people respond to him, how his world has to be for him to function. I may not agree with him 100% on all of it, but he’s damn well put the hours in to go with his passion, and when you understand the story engine on that level, you’re going to know as anybody how to take it apart; what vital piece is most necessary to keep it running, and what’s going to happen if you take it away. For Irredeemable, the cog in the machine is idea that, even with all the good intentions in the world, a person may not necessarily be emotionally equipped for the job of being a superman. And that’s a very valid concern: after all Waid noted in an interview, in the classic Superman stories, his biggest fear come to life often wasn’t that he’d fail in his mission, or lose his adopted home, but that no one would love him anymore.

With Plutonian, the reason it works, aside from Waid’s enduring skills as a storyteller, is that there’s no cop-out. He wasn’t a hidden invader, he never planned to conquer the world, he didn’t privately despise humanity all along, he isn’t detached from mankind in the sense of being an inscrutable alien whose motives and emotions are beyond us, he isn’t doing this because he just wants to make the world a better place. While I don’t want to give up any of the reveals, it’s probably fair to say he grew up to be about the best person he could reasonably be expected to given his circumstances; a guy who feels he should do the right thing, a guy who wants to be himself and be loved in spite of his issues and insecurities. Not a saint, but hardly a monster. But the problem is, he’s not a probably-okay-enough-given-the-circumstances slightly neurotic guy who’s just holding a 9 to 5 job and seeing a therapist, he has to be Superman. And when that normal, well-meaning guy has to live with the hard realities of never being able to touch someone too hard or they’ll shatter, of having skin like diamond, of never getting to believe a little white lie because he can hear their heartbeat spike or avoid knowing what people really think about him because he can hear their private whispers, of never being able to stop because he can hear every cry for help and the world expects him to answer? And when he can’t even bring himself to just stop, because being a hero is the closest he’s ever come to being loved for who he is? It all comes crashing down, wrapped up in a set of high-concept superhero horror adventures by one of the best writers out there. It’s not a world built on ‘realism’ in the sense of abiding by the laws of physics or the political fallout of superheroes, but it’s grounded in an emotional reality of what it would take out of someone to have that job that makes it all painfully, inevitably believable that even most well-meaning individuals wouldn’t be able to handle it. And that got me thinking about Superman.

Superman had been my favorite character as a little kid. Between the 90s animated series, the Fleischer shorts my dad had on tape, the Superman Adventures comics and Byrne’s Man of Steel (even if I’d later change my tune on the latter), picture books (props to anyone else who remembers The True Story of Superman, Superman: Slippery When Bad, or I Hate Superman!), and all the lunchboxes and birthday paper plates and posters and whatnot that tend to accumulate around little kids, he was #1. Even when I started to get way more into Batman and Spider-Man, he was always holding up third; I never thought of him as boring, but I definitely started to think of him as not all that deep, even if he could hold down great stories like All-Star and Birthright.

But this book was the first of its kind to make me think “Wow, being Superman would be the hardest job in the entire world. Even given the obvious differences, why doesn’t he turn out something like this? How could anyone not turn out like this, under that kind of pressure, with that kind of basic physical and mental distance from humanity?” And as it turns out, questions like those make Superman really, really interesting. The implications of someone living with that kind of power and becoming not just a truly good man, but an outstandingly, impossibly good man go as deep as it gets. And suddenly I’m looking back at the old stories in a new light and with a new appreciation, and suddenly I’m reading a lot more about him and thinking a lot more about him and what works and what doesn’t, and suddenly, oh, dang, he’s my favorite character now. More than that even, I start thinking more about characters in general, and what works and what doesn’t, and what works and what doesn’t with comics in general, and I start getting Opinions, and oh I write a lot now, and oh shit I have a Tumblr and I want to break into comics.

So that’s why I liked Irredeemable.

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YO OKAY SO. I JUST FINISHED READING THE FIRST TWO BOOKS OF THE 'SHADES OF MAGIC' SERIES (the third book is coming out in two days though *deep breath* I CAN SURVIVE TWO DAYS) and if you haven't read it already, i highly highly recommend it!! i read book two in 24 hours, and... damn. i thought you might want to check it out since you like tog/acotar. it's ya, fantasy, and phenomenal. also no year-long suffering waiting for the next book! :D aside, hope life/college is treating you well~ :3

Hmmmmm… I will consider this! Anyone else vouch for this?

Having the hardest time finishing my damn book. Not sure what to do? Trying to stitch 100+ pages of poetry together but still feel like there’s material I need to write. I’m just going through page by page playing with white space and structure which I could do for LITERALLY YEARS. And all for u to have some feelings. I need to just go for that completed first draft, workshop it in the next workshop and try to not get bogged down in details which, if I truly believe I’ve surrendered to the potential multiplicities of various artistic platforms doesn’t matter all that much anyway.

sexual history does not define purity. i have seen pure. it is my friend silently moving things so her blind girlfriend doesn’t have to grope around for them. it is the seven year old student i had who learned how to sign “want to play” so he could talk to his deaf neighbor. it is the morning i woke up to find my dog and two cats all sleeping next to each other. it is in small beautiful moments: holding someone’s hand so they can work through a panic attack, giving someone a smooth rock from the ocean, a little boy being a princess, the look on a child’s face the first time they read a book on their own from start to finish. pure is paying for someone’s coffee, is giving up time for soup kitchens, is staying up late to help a friend work through things. it’s saying “yes, i’ll help,” even when you’re dead tired and you need help yourself. 

this world is full of terrible things people can do to each other and yet we don’t see “pure” as the moments that matter. we see it as one black or white possibility: either you are a virgin and holy or you are unclean. but people are not blankets of snow. we don’t dirty for letting people in. no. when we love, we only become more beautiful.


Happy Blackout day everyone!!! On this date one year ago at 7:00pm I posted my first selfie on tumblr. I was so nervous because I wasn’t sure how people would precieve me. Would the internet end up mocking me or would it accept me? I had my blog for a year and the people who followed me had no clue what I looked like. I wanted it to stay that way. Put to my surprise my selfie that I posted for the first blackout day was accepted and shared by so many people. My blog and my personal life changed dramatically because of blackout day. The positive messages that I recieved from people gave me the push and the drive that I needed to finish my abandoned book project. Now a year later I can proudly say that I’m a much happier person and I’m also a self published author.

So last summer I kind of wrote a book. It was the first time I completed a draft of anything since my junior year of college. But all those drafts were rewrites, even the book I wrote last summer.

For NaNoWriMo I decided I’d write the sequel to that book, which has never been written before. Not even a word. I didn’t even have a PLAN for it. I just knew some stuff needed to happen.

And on November 1st, I started writing.

Today, January 9th, I finished writing.

I wrote a brand new first draft of a story that was only a concept and a few ideas. I know that may seem like not much different from what I did last summer but honestly it is.

Since college I’ve felt like a piece of myself was lost because I wasn’t complementing drafts and I wasn’t finishing stories. All my life I told myself I was a writer and suddenly I wasn’t writing. What did that make me? What was I, if I wasn’t writing? It got to the point that I didn’t want to tell people about my college degree because it made me feel like a failure for never writing.

And today I did write. Today I wrote the last words of a completed draft.

And I wrote it because of lots of reasons. Dragon Age rekindled my love for my own characters. I grew to love new and old characters in ways I hadn’t allowed myself before. It got me writing fanfiction which kept my writing strong.

I met wonderful people, @medinaquirin, @partlygood, @whatthefawxblogs, @monster-jensen and many more who liked my writing even when I didn’t. 

And @partlygood showed me how exciting it was to have someone out and out fangirl your own work.

And I just want to say thanks. Thanks to the people here. Thanks to the writers I followed. Thanks to myself.

I wrote a book.

Final Tally:

Today’s Word Count: 6,298

Total Time Spent Writing: 70 days

Total Word Count: 93,438

PLUS an extra 12,632 words spent writing before and after my writing to keep me on track and to discuss my issues with myself. That really helped me keep going.

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Review

Just finished watching all 8 episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Please note that this is a lengthy review, possible spoilers lie ahead, and I would first advise you to read another review, for this one is Very Fatefully Dreadful. ASOUE has been my favorite book series since I was a kid and I had been looking forward to this adaptation since the aesthetically pleasing yet flawed narrative film from 2004, over 12 years ago. I’m pleased to say that it’s one of the most definitively faithful adaptations I’ve ever seen, and then some. The 2004 film was the caterpillar, the Netflix series is the butterfly. After the film made the fans doubt any possibility of future adaptations, the success of this true adaptation is a damn triumph. Because Daniel Handler himself has had a main role in the production of it, the dialogue oozes his quirky writing style and dark humor charm. Handler was working on the screenplay for a long time attempting to get it re-adapted and damn has it all fell into place swimmingly with the artistic freedom from Netflix. It feels like the 2004 film but with proper casting and story, and it’s interesting to note that the 2004 film had hints of elements that Handler wanted to introduce like the spyglass cryptex. Sonnenfeld with his Adam’s Family background nailed the ambiguously Victorian yet curiously modern anachronistic aesthetic on just about the same level if not better than the 2004 film. The set design, color correcting & schemes, and overall feel gives the show itself it’s own character; one of the most important things they did right. They have learned a lot in 12 years, this series was designed to be properly paced and fine tuned to the source material with two 45+ minute episodes per book. There’s real magic when the film adaptation gets so much right from page to screen. The liberties that the narrative has taken to expand the plot are really fitting and I welcome them. The attention to detail in every paper shown is immaculate and pleasing to story detectives like myself. There’s so many little hidden texts, insignias and references to future books. Many scenes are taken nearly directly verbatim from scenes from the books and I looove how well they execute it all. It all comes together gorgeously, just the way we fans have always wanted to see it depicted and I adore how much love went into making it shine. At first, I was a little wary when silly CG things began happening, but then it occurred to me that what the 2004 version got right was that uniquely wacky-gothic hybrid aesthetic. This series takes it and fully realizes it in a really pleasing way. The show’s universe is so ridiculous, but it embraces it well by sticking to the books so tightly that it all just feels part of the world. And because the source material is that way to begin with, I’m a lot more forgiving when something preposterous happens. A lot of the tongue-in-cheek humor is genuinely laugh out loud funny to me, especially NPH’s incredible job portraying Count Olaf, not in a “it’s just Jim Carrey being silly” way, but in a truly threatening imbecilic way. He’s less silly than Carrey, but in a way that allows him to still be more perceived as villainous and evil. NPH is the perfect level of evil goof. Klaus and Violet are also very wonderful, this Klaus is much better then the glasses-less 2004 version, and Violet’s actress feels more or less identical to the 2004 version, which is fine although I wish they had made her a bit taller to show her age. I don’t have a problem the other actors and actresses. Everyone played their part to my satisfaction, even Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket whom I had worries about. I think the show rides the line perfectly between surreal silly and melancholy, I’m so glad they got it right. And can we calk about the how the whimsical music is on point too? There were a few minor effects issues I have, I must remind myself that it’s truly meant for children and some of the wackiness can feel a bit excessive. Sir’s smoke inconsistencies, a few careless misspellings in documents (possibly on purpose???), and several flubbed lines are glaring. However, at the end of episode 7 they pulled the rug from under me with a narrative twist that should have been so obvious yet I didn’t figure out until it happened. It made proper sense, and made up for a bunch of plot issues I had, a wonderful way to delightfully surprise the seasoned fans with future continuity. I love how the end of episode 8 sets up season 2 so seamlessly and preparedly, I AM SO READY FOR THE DARKER BITS. I hope they explore Olaf’s exterior motives from his youth with expanded flashbacks and tie in the mysterious new characters just as well as they’ve sewn everything else so far. If you’ve read all the books and are a big Snicket fan, you are in for a very rare treat - one of the few truly magnificent book-to-film adaptations championed by the author himself. The world is quiet here. 10/10


Well, turns out I read more than I thought I had! That’s probably because I’m slack when it comes to updating my Goodreads page and it was still on 45 lol

I read 52 books in total in 2016 … Well, 51.5 if you want to get really technical because I just couldn’t bring myself to finish Isobelel Carmody’s The Red Queen but I’m counting it as one because I suffered through the first half of that mess =/

I’ve set my Reading Challenge to 50 books again for 2017. Shouldn’t be too hard considering I already have 20 sitting on the shelf waiting to be read lol

Happy New Year and happy reading!

wowow idk how many of you get tamora pierce’s email newsletter but there’s an update on the first numair/arram book!

And what is it I’ve just finished?  Arram Draper, ten years old and a very young student at the School for Mages at the University of Carthak, has a nearly fatal accident at the imperial games, only to be rescued by a beginning gladiator.  It is the start of an eventful year at the university, when he meets two new friends, Ozorne, an imperial prince, and Varice, a northerner. All three are advanced students who share a love of fun, wit, animals, and magic. Their studies take them through lessons with strange magics, plague duties, attendance at imperial festivities, suspicious deaths, and the perils of growing up.  Readers of other Tortall books will meet familiar characters with new guises, while new readers will not need to have read previous books to understand the life of an awkward, shy, gentle, goofy, tremendously talented young man with a knack for making truly vicious enemies.

release date is now spring 2018!

Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 5) SIRIUS’ POV

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Mentions of sex, fluff, mild language

Words: 1,947

A/N: I feel like at this point this is really becoming a series because if you haven’t read any of the other parts you won’t understand this one at all.


[Italics indicate dreaming]

“Sirius!” She moaned as I relentlessly pounded into her.

Her head, face first into the sheets, I was hitting it from behind. In the room all I heard were her moans and the intense sound of skin slapping. She began to tremble from under me, her legs shaking, the sound of my heart racing swelled in my ears. And suddenly I felt it, the burning sensation in my stomach, the tingle of my nose, I was about to… I reached my hand infront of her, beginning to rub  so she could get on sooner.

“Sirius!” She yelled, her voice deepening, sounding a little different.

I began to shake.

“Sirius, wake up!” She moaned again, catching me off guard, her voice sounding completely diff-

“Sirius, bloody hell, wake up already!” James yelled, shaking me vigorously.  

“What time is it?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Half past seven.”

“Shit.” I said, “Why didn’t you bloody wake me up!”

James rolled his eyes, walking away from me and grabbing his tie off my bedside table.

“I’ve been trying to,” He smirked. “But you wouldn’t stop moaning Y/N’s name.”

“Oi!” I yelled back at him, a smile plastered on my face now.

James pointed down to my now noticeable erection, “Better take care of that,” he said, and walked out of the room.

I sit in my bed staring at the ceiling for a second, trying to figure out how i’m going to take care of the growing problem in my pants.

“Fuck it.” I say, running off into the bathroom, headed for the shower.

The great hall was loud, so loud, much too loud for someone who had just woken up. I walked down the long aisleways toward my Gryffindor table, spotting Remus, Peter, and James.

“Morning,” I said, brushing my hair back. “Do I look okay?”

“Morning,” Remus said, “When do you not look okay?”

“He’s right mate, you could be beaten to a pulp and still look good.” He said, patting me on my shoulder, sitting down on the bench.

I looked around for her, she wasn’t in her usual place in front of, or next to me. My eyes wandered, until I spotted her clearly, she was sporting her red uniform which seemed oddly obscure next to the green one. The green one. He was tall and blonde, hovered over her tremendously. She had her hair wrapped around her finger, and him as well, twirling the long strand. She looked up at him intensely, and he stared right back, a slight flush coated his cheeks. A girl of that caliber is not meant to flirt with someone like him.

[This is what I picture young Lucius to look like]

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My heart sank deeply, it yearned for her. It was practically trying to break out of my chest and wrap itself around her. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight, her giggling at his jokes that probably weren’t funny, him leaning closer and closer to her as people busily walked around them. She always got along well with slytherins because her father was one and she grew up with them her whole life. I’m not surprised they aren’t prejudiced towards her because she wasn’t sorted along with them.

“You can tell just how much of a slytherin she is when she’s around them, can’t you?” Remus asked.

“True, she basically is one, just in a red uniform.” Added James.

“Who is that?” I asked, looking at the tall blonde boy.

“Who?” James replied.

“The one she’s talking to.” I said.

“Oh, that’s Lucius, Lucius Malfoy.”

I stared him down, the bloke wasn’t any better then me. Maybe she didn’t like him, maybe he liked her and she was just being nice. Then again, she wouldn’t waste her time with someone she didn’t like. She smiled goodbye, then went on her way, swaying her hips on the way back, making sure he saw. He sure did, his mouth practically watering, it made my blood boil.

“Morning!” She said cheerily, sitting down across from me and grabbing an apple from the center of the table, taking a big bite out of it.

“Morning.” We all said in unisense, me a little more monotone then the others.

“Thanks for the warm welcome.” She said jokingly, rolling her eyes, watching me with intent.

“How’d you sleep last night, Y/N/N?” Remus asked, looking up from his newspaper.

“Peachy,” She replied, taking another big bite. “What about you Sirius, how’d you sleep.”

James laughed loudly along with Remus and I stomped on their feet wildly, she stared at me with wide eyes.

“Swell.” I said, grabbing the apple from her hands, and biting into it.

“Hey, give me my apple!” She yelled, trying to rip it from my hands.

“What were you talking to Lucius about?” I asked, holding the apple behind my head.

“Bloody hell Sirius, give me my damn apple!” She yelled at me, her tiny fists grabbing at my forearms.

“Not until you tell me what you were talking about!” I retaliated.

“Jealous?” She asked smiling, cocking an eyebrow at me.

“Me jealous? No way…” I said, handing the apple back to her. “Just curious.”

She winked at me, then took another bite out of her apple.

She looked ethereal sitting there. Her skin was glistening, her cheeks had a hint of flush, her hair hung loosely in a ponytail, the ends upturned reflecting the sun off them, she always had a gleam in her eye, even if there wasn’t anything gleaming in the first place. She could be sitting in a pitch black room in the dead of night and still through all the darkness I could see the little gleam of light in her eyes.

“Sirius?” She said to me.

“Hm?” I asked, still entranced.

“This staring problem of yours has really gotten out of hand.”

It was halfway through the day and I still kept catching Y/N and Malfoy talking to each other during class and in between them. It was half past noon, just after lunch, and everyone loaded into our defense of the dark arts class. Luckily, it was all of us together, Me, Y/N, Remus, James, Peter and Lily, so we all had a relatively good time.

This year’s teacher was different than the last, and the last different from the one prior. Seemed each year someone new had to fill the position of the old, I assume teaching the class was much too tiring.

Y/N stood next to me, her arm brushing mine gently.

“Here,” She said. “You have something on your lip.” And wiped it off with her thumb, smiling.

I uncontrollably smiled back and blushed, then got angry at myself because I was supposed to be mad at her.

“The Boggart,” The teacher said suddenly, interrupting everyone’s conversations. “Is a truly, wondrous creature. Can anyone explain to me exactly what it does?”

Remus clears his throat.

“Shocker.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“A Boggart is a shapeshifter, and it shifts into a thing the witch or wizard threatening it is most afraid of.”

“Good, Remus.” The teacher says.

“The way you defeat it is by casting a spell upon it, which ultimately changes it into something humorous, taking the fear out of it completely.” Remus adds.

“Does anyone know what the spell is in which you use against it?”

Remus began to open his mouth.

“Other than Mr. Lupin.” The teacher said, casting him a glare.

Y/N suddenly speaks out from next to me.

“Riddikulus.” She croaks.

“Yes, Miss Y/N. Riddikulus.”

And one by one each person went up to cast the spell on the boggart which was hiding restlessly inside an old cupboard in the back of the classroom. Interestingly enough, our teacher made us all go up in groups depending on our houses, trying to see the distinct difference between everyone’s fears.

The slytherins were up first. Severus’ boggart shifted into james, and Malfoy’s shifted into himself, but lifeless, he pictured himself dead. After all the slytherins went it was our turn.

“Potter,” The teacher said. “You’re up.”

And from there James’ had shifted into a winning quidditch cup but for another house, Remus’ has shifted into a moon and clouds, Lily’s shifted into a spider, and then it was my turn.

I stepped up slowly. My wand shook in my hands because I already knew what mine was going to be, and how weak it would make me look.

“Maybe I should do this some other time.” I said to the teacher. They in return, just shooting me back a glare.

And suddenly it shifted, dust flying up around it, contorting into its desired shape.

Suddenly, there it was, my mother, looking at me with disgust. I rolled my eyes at the snickers I heard around me and held my wand up in front of her face.

“Riddikulus.” I muttered, yet she still stepped closer, unphased.

“Louder.” The teacher called.

“Riddikulus!” I shouted, and suddenly she stood before me with rat ears and a tail.

It was her turn, Y/N’s. I was actually quite anxious to see what hers was going to be, even though I’m almost certain it’s going to be her father.

She stepped up slowly, looking at the Boggart with fear in her eyes. Once again, it contorted, and flipped, and dust flew out from all sides, but suddenly there was… nothing. Where once my mother stood now was nothing, the boggart had disappeared. The whole room went silent. She looked at the emptiness, shocked.

“She broke it.” Someone muttered.

Yet she still stood staring at it. Suddenly, she began to walk backwards, slow at first, then ran out of the classroom in a flash.

I looked to Remus and he looked at me and suddenly I was right behind her, on her way down the hallway.

“Y/N!” I called, yelling to her as she walked into a supply closet.

“Y/N.” I said sadly, leaning in on the door, resting my ear on it.

“Go away, Sirius.” She sniffled.

“I’m not leaving until you open the door.”

And with that I heard a small popping noise, and I quickly pushed open the knob. She was sitting on the floor her knees to her chest.

“I don’t get it,” I said, crouching down in front of her.

She sat there quietly and stiff, I rested my hand on her head to comfort her. She relaxed into my touch.

“I’m fine.” She said.

I tilted my head and looked at her longingly, she definitely wasn’t fine.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I have known you long enough to know when you’re fine and when you’re definitely not.”

She giggled a little and look up at me, her face slightly coated with tears.

“Don’t look at me,” she said. “I’m hideous!”

I laughed slightly and sat down right beside her, taking her head into my hands, wiping away the wetness with my thumbs.

“You’re much too pretty to cry.” I say.

She looks at me with big eyes, they swelled with tears. She leant up slowly and pressed her lips on mine, they were soft and swollen against my rough ones. I leant in a little, swiping my tongue against her bottom lip and she quickly welcomed me in. We pulled apart after a few seconds and she laid into me.

“This,” She said. “This is the exact opposite of what I was afraid of.”

She stayed quiet for a minute afterwards and rested her head into my chest, I drew circles slowly into her lower back, her legs draped over my lap.

I thought of it suddenly, and tightened my grip around her with my arms.

Her biggest fear is simply no one being there for her.

9 A.M.

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Request: you sit behind me and poke me every time i fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can i buy you a coffee? au with Cedric Diggory? There can even be a little Hogsmeade trip :)

Notes: This took longer than I expected to write, but I’m happy with how it turned out! Hope you guys like it!

You groaned as you looked at the parchment in front of you, your schedule for your 5th year printed on it.

“Oh, come on! We all have history of magic first period!” Some boy in your house leans over your shoulder, laughing at the unfortunate timing. First period began at 9 a.m., and Binn’s dull lessons at a time when you were barely awake was not going to be a good combination.

After finishing your breakfast you trudge back to your dorm, grabbing your books before winding your way down to class. Soon enough the door opens and everyone files in, you try and get a seat as far back in the room as possible, but someone had already taken the seat you planned on getting. You simply moved up a row, sitting directly in front of the person, whose features were hidden as their head was bent over a small book in their lap.

You plopped your books on the table, sighing deeply as you rubbed your eyes. You crossed your arms on the table before dropping your head down to rest on them, appreciating the few moments of aimless chatter before Binns enters through the blackboard.

You try listening for a while before everything he says becomes slightly jumbled together. Yawning, you rest your head in your hand, forcing yourself to take at least a few notes. Soon enough you give up, putting your quill down and closing your eyes, falling asleep soon after.

You don’t know how long you were out, but your chin slipping off your hand startles you awake. Binns is still droning on, lecturing about another event. You try to take some notes but soon find it pointless, you slept through so much that you have no idea what’s going on now.

Deciding to copy notes from a friend later you start doodling on your parchment, passing the time until class is finally over. Binns stops lecturing as everyone starts packing up their stuff; you’d just finished putting your books into your bag when you hear a voice behind you.

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My goals for the year:

  • Get fulltime job with insurance
  • Go to the gym once a week & improve eating habits
  • Lose 1 dress size and/or improve stamina, whichever comes first
  • Get the apartment clean and keep it that way most of the time
  • Grow a healthy window garden
  • Finish writing another book

If I manage even two of these, I will be happy.

2017 The Year We Write!

Hey All,

My Goodreads Reading Challenge this year is 75 books. That’s ½ of what I read last year.  Why? Because in 2017, I intend to write. 

I finished the first draft of my book last year and the notes I received back were not great. So, then I wrote the second draft and the notes are trickling in… consensus? My book is doing too much. I basically have written two books and combined it into one. What does that mean? To get these stories and characters out of my head (FINALLY) I have to write both of those books this year,

To my booklr followers, no worries. 75 books still means around 6 books or more a month, which means the reviews won’t slow down. I am still impatient and excited for many new releases this year including History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera which I LOVED  and will be reviewing very soon. 

To my writer followers, this means that the blog is going back to basics. Writing challenges, writing tips, and idea discussions like we used to have.

In 2017, I challenge us to finally finish our books.

I don’t just mean draft 1, I mean however many drafts we have until we’re ready for querying.

I plan to start a beta reader network where we will all agree to read each other’s books and send critique criticisms. I have a few friends in the publishing industry, I will ask them to write up query tips and also interview some agents to hear what it is that they are looking for, etc in 2017.

But, first…we have to finish our books and get them ready.

Who is with me?

anonymous asked:

hi carrie!! early happy new year (or late? idk what time zone you're in) i was wondering if you could give me some advice about getting things published? i've kind of made it my mission in 2017 to finally start writing a book since i've wanted to for years. obviously i wouldn't really expect it to actually be good enough to be published but on the off chance i manage to writ something semi good, could you let me know a little of the process of publishing etc or your experience with it? thanks :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you lovely anon! first of all this is a great mission and i’m very excited for you!  ❤ ❤ ❤

first, write your book. finish it, finish it, finish it. you can do it and i believe in you! and if you’ve wanted to for years you definitely have a story and you want to tell it and you should GO FOR IT. 

okay, your book is done. format your manuscript. depending on where you are sending it to, some people will have specific rules like what font size to use, how big your margins are, etc, so look out for those.

some ideas:

okay who do you send it to? decide whether you want to get an agent or to query unagented. there are publishing houses that accept unagented manuscripts, but either way you’re going to have to write a query letter and a synopsis, which might be harder than writing the book itself.

if you want to get an agent, you’ll have to do research on who would be a good fit for you; look at the type of books they represent, genre etc, other books they’ve sold to publishing houses. an agent is basically a middleperson who will take a cut of your eventual earnings. 

also a lot of agents are on twitter, and a lot of authors on twitter usually in their bios will tell you who they are represented by, and you can follow that agent’s twitter. sometimes there are pitching events where you can try to pitch your book in a tweet, or at least you can intro yourself to the agent this way.

 a query letter is basically 250 words (it quibbles a little depending on what the agent/publishing house once, but it’s usually very short) of why your book is awesome, what it’s about, and why they should pick it. 

a synopsis is a page long (sometimes they will let you have two, but its usually a page) summary of everything that happens in the book, cut and dry, no prose or pretty words here, just tell me everything that happens. 

that’s kind of the nuts and bolts of how to send your stuff in, the basics; just remember to format to the specifications of the publishing house or the agent you’re querying. basically you send them the query, synopsis, and the first 50 pages of your manuscript (depending on what they want), and if they’re interested they’ll reply back asking to see the whole thing.  you can query people with a WIP, but it’s harder since not everyone will want to look at it if they know it’s not done.

also, if you want to self publish, that’s a great route too if you know your audience and can tap into a niche market. you do have to do everything, though, like design the cover and format it for an ebook– there are people you can hire for that if you like, but some advantages of self-publishing includes keeping all the profits for yourself. disadvantages: you have to do all the marketing yourself.

some advice posts on self publishing:

some other good reading pieces:

don’t lose heart– rejection is a part of the process, especially if you’re going the agent/ publishing house route. just because your book isn’t a good fit for that person or publishing house doesn’t mean it’s not good, it means it doesn’t fit with their very specific thing. for example, if you write young adult sci fi adventure novels and you submit to an agent who represents only dark gritty crime thrillers, they’re not going to be able to sell your book. 

find your niche! there are a lot of publishing houses that will post what they’re looking for, too, for example tor this year asked for  fantasy that is based on non-european cultures, which is awesome; there was a three month period where anyone could submit. keep an eye out for publishing houses that you like that will open submissions for a certain time, and be aware of deadlines, because they do sneak up on you. 

also a shout out to interlude press and duet books, because if you write LGBTQ+ genre fiction, their submissions are currently open

all the best of luck to you, and if you have any questions feel free to come back!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Part I – Your work  (for writers)

  • The fic I’m really proud: Fifteen Years Ago. It was my first multi-chapter AU that I finished. It is very dear to me. 
  • The fic I had fun writing:Comic Book Club. It was a no pressure, fun, fluffy story where I got to talk about comic books. It was so much fun to write jealous!Rick as well, but not in a crazy, possessive way lol
  • The fic that stressed me out a lot but ended up okay: Holding Back; mainly because it was so messy lol I sometimes go back and look at it and think, “What was I on?” Ha!
  • The most popular fic I have: At the moment, Worth the Wait. In general, The Way Forward.

Book Discussion Challenge

12/1 - Beginnings

I read The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger late last year, because I LOVELOVELOVE Stephen King and I found paperbacks of the first three in the series at a library book sale.

I have all seven now, thanks to more library sales and Thriftbooks, but I haven’t read any of them yet. One of my goals for 2017 is to reread this one and read the rest.

I know I few people who started the series ages ago and never finished, because they’ve been published over so many years–but has anyone out there finished the series? Am I in for a wild ride or a tedious one?