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Trans women of color. From top to bottom; Isis King(Model,actress, and designer) Amiyah Scott(Urban/Hair Model) Laverne Cox (Actress and trans activist) Shanice"Ebony" Wills(Participant in the Underground Ballroom scene) Janet Mock (Writer,and trans activist) Tracey “Afrika” Norman (One of the first black trans supermodels aka “Baby Beverly”)*Side note Tracey is the fierce woman with the big hair*


The Legendary Pat Cleveland is One of the First Black Supermodels

Pat Cleveland was discovered at 14 by a Vogue editor on the subway. Pat initially attained success in the 1960s and 1970s and was one of the first African-American models within the fashion industry to achieve prominence as a runway model and print model.


FASHION NEWS:  Before Beverly Johnson, Iman, Naomi Campbell or Tyra, there was NAOMI SIMS

It’s been three years (August 1, 2009) since the pioneering cover girl died from cancer, at the age of 61.  Naomi Sims, regarded as the “first black supermodel,” appeared on the cover of a 1967 New York Times fashion magazine and Ladies Home Journal in November 1968.  

Designer Halston told The New York Times in 1974, “Naomi was the first.  She was the greatest ambassador for all black people.  She broke down all the social barriers.”

After enjoying five years as a successful model for top designers like Halston, Fernando Sánchez, Teal Traina, and Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Sims launched what became a multimillion dollar beauty empire with her wig and cosmetic lines. 

Today we pay tribute to the fashion icon - Ms. Naomi Sims