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Here’s a nice vintage photo of the Herdon family. Alonzo and his wife Adrienne were former slaves. After the Civil War, Alonzo studied barbering. He eventually owned a string of very successful barber shops throughout Atlanta. He became Atlanta’s largest Black property owner by 1900. He founded the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, and became Atlanta’s first Black Millionaire . They had one son , Norris .
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Annie Malone –  If you thought Madam C. J. Walker was the first black millionaire, think again. Annie Minerva Turnbo Malone (August 9, 1869 – May 10, 1957) was the real first millionaire businesswoman and with no tragic end to her story. She lived up until the grand age of 87. Click to watch our Mini Doc on her life now.

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soap-lady  asked:

Have you thought about covering Madame C.J. Walker? Her story is fantastic, the first female black millionaire in the U.S. Or is she in the book?

I really should. I put her on the website early on as a Modern Worthy (back when I was limiting it to anyone who hadn’t been alive in the past hundred years), but I think she’d make a great RP.