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this is how we broke up: 6 P.M. (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 1,602

Warnings: Super cheesy fluff at first.

Authors Note: this is a new Anthony series I’m starting so, if you’re into that… here ya go! this is kinda like a prequel if you will… (Alsoooo this is a high school au lol) 

Summary: this is how you broke up at 6 PM


May was your favorite month. Summer was just around the corner and the anticipation was bubbling in your gut. This year, however, was different. The relief you felt in the previous years was twisted into a ball of anxiety that seemed to scratch it’s way up your throat. You couldn’t bear looking at a calendar scared of what the next day could lead to. And of course. You set everything off till the last minute. Your worries all lay in front of you now as you shut your locker for the last time.

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Completing the first draft of a new paper, the grad student and his co-author awkwardly avoid the question of who will be the lead author.

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Tell me if any of the links aren’t working. Happy reading!

The Encounter - A Fatal Error fanfic

So I had an idea for a story! I apologize in advance.)


*You pet the dog. Petting capacity is at 50%.

Greater Dog’s tail wagged at incredible speed as Frisk rubbed his belly. It seemed like they couldn’t stop just yet, unless they wanted to hear his incessant whining. Not that that was a problem, of course. Frisk was more than happy to indulge the small dog.

Eventually, Greater Dog yipoed and placed his paw on their hands. It seemed like he wanted them to stop. Frisk complied, then the dog stood back up and hopped into his empty armor headfirst. His tail stuck out from the top as he left the area. Frisk giggled at how goofy it looked. They wiped off the snow from their shorts and started heading back to Snowdin.

As they walked, Frisk admired the sight of all the snowflakes falling from the sky. The trees swayed somehow in a nonexistant breeze, and the occasional passerby would greet them. Even monsters that didn’t recognize Frisk were so nice. Everything about this was just so…peaceful. They hoped it would only get better from here on out…


Frisk jumped, startled by the sudden sound. They looked down and saw no twigs underneath their feet, so why…?

Frisk curved their lips. …It’s probably just Sans. But…why doesn’t he just come out?

“Hello?” Frisk called out. “Is anyone there?”


Frisk squinted their (already tiny) eyes. They could make out some sort of figure, huddled up behind the trees further up ahead.

…But the twig was behind them. How could he have done that?

Frisk didn’t understand much about the Underground yet. Maybe, if they just walked up to him….he could explain?

Frisk took a deep breath, then began to approach who they believed to be the short, pun-loving skeleton. As they got closer, however…he obscured himself just a little more.

But why? Was he afraid of them?

…No, he couldn’t be… Frisk thought. He was the first person I met after I left the Ruins…


Frisk picked up speed. The figure reacted frantically to their approach, making a few shuffling noises in the snow. It wasn’t until Frisk entered the forest that they got a much better view.

…What they saw in front of them, they hadn’t expected at all.

It was Sans, or…it wasn’t? Frisk couldn’t tell. His jacket had been bleached of all color, and several specks of…something surrounded his body. They resembled glitches, and some of the pieces were even detached from his own body. It ended up looking like fragments of his body were missing, or simply floating around him.

But what bothered Frisk the most were his eyes and chest. His eye sockets had no lights in them, and were instead mismatched in shape and color. One was blue (and they swore they could see words inside of it), while the other was bright red and…half-melted. It was uncomfortable to look at those seemingly empty eyes…

…And on Sans’ chest, there was a wide, ghastly cut, extending diagonally across his belly to nearly the top of his shirt. The strange words in his eyes were unmistakably there as well, and his slippers were stained with what looked like blood.

Seeing the cut made Frisk a bit queasy. What could’ve happened to this poor skeleton?

“…Sans?” Frisk whispered, their voice quivering. The skeleton, who hadn’t seemed entirely focused on them before, lifted his head at the mention of the name.

“… yyyou… you aare…”

Frisk winced at the sound of his voice. It sounded so distorted, so broken that they could hardly understand it. And yet…they still could.

…This was all very strange.

“…Frisk,” they replied. “I’m Frisk. We met earlier…didn’t we?”

“…. Dddin’t we?” he mimicked. Frisk was a bit unnerved by that, but they didn’t want to just leave him like this.

“…You aren’t the same skeleton I met. Are you?”

‘Sans’ tilted his head, contemplating the question. Eventually, he shook his head.

“…I see.” Frisk scratched their head, then stared at him hesitantly.

“Then who are you?”

Frisk watched as he reached up for his scarf and clung to it tightly.

“. .. Nnoo one. Jusst passing throughh.”

It was the most coherent sentence they had heard from him so far. Frisk prepared themselves mentally to ask something else.

“…What happened to you?”

The skeleton’s head lowered a little. His grip tightened on the scarf.

“sssomething i lost important to me i lost him”


“nnot here gone why he’s nnot here”

“I-I don’t under-”

“bbbrotherr find him i can’t i can’t WHHERE IS HHE-”


He stopped. He turned his head towards Frisk, who looked a little bit afraid.

“Please, slow down. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

The skeleton shut his eyes and rubbed his arm. He suddenly felt something warm touching him. He opened one eye and saw it was Frisk, looking up at him with concern.

“Do you…wanna talk about it?”

He abruptly sat down in the snow, shaking his head vigorously. Frisk felt their heart clench at how miserable and lost the skeleton looked.

“…Okay. Can I sit with you, then?”

He shrugged. Frisk took it as a yes, or that he at least didn’t seem to mind. They sat down next to the skeleton and said nothing for a while.

Frisk and the strange skeleton just watched the snow fall.

After a while, Frisk turned their head towards the skeleton.

“…I should probably get going. I can’t stay here forever.”

They smiled, and patted his shoulder. Frisk didn’t know if he liked hugs.

“It was nice to meet you.” Frisk stood up and began to walk towards the end of the forest.

“…… .pppap…yrus……

Frisk paused midstep, then turned around.

”…What was that?“

He twiddled his fingers anxiously and grinned.

”.. . papyyrus. Myy brotherr.… “

Frisk’s mouth opened a little in surprise. ”…Papyrus? So wait…you ARE Sans?“

”…mmyyy papyrruss isss missing lost he’s not gone.. .“

Frisk shook her head. ”…I still don’t understand you. Where is he?“

He clenched his hands into fists. His grin slowly turned into a grimace. ”. …goonneee… . .“

They rubbed their head and looked down, realizing what Sans meant by that single word.

”…Oh. I’m really sorry…“

Frisk was about to say something else when they were cut off abruptly. They couldn’t speak or breath properly all of a sudden. They noticed that several red strings had appeared out of nowhere, and most were wrapped tightly around their body. Trembling, they looked over at the skeleton.

He was grinning again, but it seemed far more sinister than before. Frisk could see tears in his eyes.

“B E C A U S E O F Y O U .”

Xedra’s Notes:

Originally posted by cratermania


I really like your writing style, and your characterization of Fatal! And I really REALLY like how you wrote his dialogue! It was so spot on :’D


Transgender woman shot in New Orleans burglary

  • On Sunday night, three gunmen shot a transgender woman as she ran away from them, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. The gunmen then held up the victim’s friend and two other men.
  • The shooting happened as the victim attempted to visit a friend’s home. 
  • As she walked up to the front door, she noticed three figures wearing masks approaching her, according to the Times-Picayune. 
  • The victim tried to warn her friends inside, but the gunmen entered the house. As the victim fled, she was shot more than once, the Times-Picayune reported. 
  • The gunmen then robbed the people inside the home before escaping through the back door, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.
  • Authorities first identified the victim, who was taken to a nearby hospital, as female then male, then reported she is a transgender woman. The victim is alive.
  • Authorities also said the gunmen were not targeting the woman, but rather the people inside the house. Read more (3/8/17 8:30 PM)

“You look at him like the story of Icarus
is a lesson you’re never gonna learn. 

Oh, but maybe some things were just meant to burn." 

BTS Reaction to: When You Call Them Daddy for the First Time (M)

Author’s Note: As I finish up a request, here’s something to keep y’all occupied.

seokjin: Jin had always been vanilla, with a few hints of dominance coming out here and there.

But one day, when he moved your legs up to his shoulders, and he was able to hit that one spot you both know you love so much, “Daddy!” was all that could escape your lips.

His powerful thrusts subsided, and he looked down at you with an indescribable emotion in his eyes.

Seokjin, I-”

Before you knew it, he pulled out, flipped your position, and had your ass pressed against his stiff erection.


He slammed into you in one stroke, silencing your calls. He didn’t even give you time to adjust, for he already set a fast pace.

“Baby girl, you know that’s not my name…”

Originally posted by fawnave

yoongi: Yoongi’s tongue was a gift from God, for it always made you feel so good, especially when it was pressed against your core. his tongue had you at a loss for words or, at other times, saying too much. This time happened to be the latter.

Here he was again, bringing you to your second orgasm with just his tongue. Your brain was shut off temporarily.

“I can’t take anymore, D-Daddy-”

You hands flew to your mouth quickly. Oh God, you wished Yoongi hadn’t heard your slip up. He already thought you were weird. Maybe your whine was, for it was fogged with pleasure.

But Yoongi understood you all too well, because eyes darkened with what seemed like lust. He only dipped down once more, his tongue flicking even more haphazardly against your swollen clit.

“Yes you can, baby. You’re gonna take whatever Daddy gives you.”

Originally posted by yukidinme

hoseok: More than anything, Hoseok loved to touch. He could spend hours in your company just cuddling and admiring the curves of your body, not even hinting towards anything sexual.

There were some outfits, such as the innocent yet suggestive babydoll you were wearing right now, that had him going past these sinless limits. In this outfit, Hoseok had to nibble your ear, tweak your hardening nipples, and rub your clothed core. These gropes and fondles became too much for you to think properly.

Oh… Daddy-”

His touches stopped for a second, but in his current state, continued on shortly after.

“Yes, princess,” he murmured. “Tell daddy what you want.”

Originally posted by mn-yg

namjoon: You didn’t know what it was about him, but Kim Namjoon screamed daddy. It was in his voice, his height, his personality, his wits, everything. As much as you wanted him to take on this role, you were always too afraid to voice your wants around him.

You had done well for so long keeping this kink to yourself, but this time, while Namjoon was pounding into you from behind, he decided to take it one step further. Namjoon, slowly but firmly, moved his right hand down your hip until it was placed right beside your ass and probed at your puckered hole with his thumb.

The pleasure on both your holes was overwhelming, making you almost collapse from your hands and knees position. You could only grip onto the sheets with your delicate hands.

“You like that, baby?” Namjoon teased, milking out your reactions.

“Yes, yes… more, Daddy-”

You stiffened at the slipup, nervous as to how he’d react. But he only bit his lip at your act of submission and slowed his actions, making you whine in desperation.

“You’re gonna have to do a lot more than that to get what you want from Daddy, baby girl…”     

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jimin:As captivating as Jimin was on stage, he was all about love making, and passion, and equal power when it came to sex with you. Jimin, however, was feeling a little different today.

For once, he wanted to take the reigns, and here you were, straddling his hips and rubbing your sopping entrance against his rock hard erection. His feisty self wasn’t giving you what you wanted today, at least not so easily. Jimin wanted you torn in two before he finally entered you.

Each bump of his dick against your throbbing clit had you gasping and moaning out in ecstasy.

“I’m t-tired of waiting, so give it to m-me, Daddy, please-”

His grip on your hips tightened, a reflex merely from surprise. For a few moments, he sat under you, pondering over your sudden outburst. Jimin didn’t want to scare you away, but he also want to hurt your feelings.

“Mmm…Daddy thinks his princess is ready…”

Jimin finally grabbed your hips and , sheathing himself in your tight, wet heat in one go. You could only cry out.


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taehyung: Of all the men you’d been with in your life, Taehyung was the most experimental. He was always looking up weird articles, asking you weird questions, and always trying weird things to get the both of you off.

So, when he asked you ride his thigh, you were intimidated but unsurprised. But good God, you didn’t know how good it would feel. The way the denim of his jeans pressed against your clit, the way his leg bounced up and down, and the way his strong thighs flexed every now and then all had you on edge but greedy for more.

Taehyung wanted more, too, for he panted as he teased you with questions.

“Do you like getting off to my thigh?”

“I need more, I need your cock, D-Daddy-”

That five-letter word must have been a key. Before you knew it, Taehyung was silently flipping you over, undressing himself, and sliding his length into you.

Originally posted by qweentae

jungkook: Jungkook was never too vocal during sex. Other than a few grunts, groans, and some breathy whines, he never said much. His attention was always on pummeling into you, relying on just his movements to send you over the edge.

Those dancer hips of his were more than enough because they had you moaning, shouting, and screaming every damn time. This time wasn’t any different, for you had to search in the depths of your mind to just correctly call out Jungkook’s name; God, you were so wrecked.

But this time, you called out the wrong one in your lusty daze.


And everything froze. From your embarrassment, it seemed as if everything in your bedroom was frozen in midair, including you and Jungkook. It seemed as if he had to contemplate the meaning of such a name, the sheer power behind it.

After an intake of air and a bite to his bottom lip, Jungkook could only say one thing.


But after that, he was thrusting into you even harder, not wanting to disappoint in his newly appointed role.

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I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m currently in the process of trying to complete and publish my first book, which will be a modern retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, about the trials that two teenage boys face falling in love in an early time period. As an LGBT writer, I want to create more stories with diversity and representation available for teens and young adults.

I need to gain support, for this book. It seems a little silly to ask, but this will never become a thing unless there is a real following and genuine interest for the story. I was told that gaining interest on social media is the best and most efficient way to start my career and make a living from this.

Truly, this will NOT be able to happen without tremendous support from all of my followers, as well as anyone who wants to support diversity in young adult literature and young, aspiring authors.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are at all interested in reading, knowing more about, or supporting me and this story, LIKE AND REBLOG this post. Gaining a following is one of the biggest and most important steps in gaining the momentum needed to self publish or to get a decent publisher, and any support, whether it is liking or reblogging this post OR following my blog, it would be IMMENSELY helpful.

Tumblr has always shown momentous support when it’s been needed, and I would really, really appreciate anyone who is willing to help get this jump started. I will be posting excerpts, updates, and recording my experience as it happens, as well as continuing my regular prompt filling that I do now.

Thank you SO much in advance, and please feel free to send me an ask if you’re interested in learning more!

NOVL Writing Tip #1 by Josh Sundquist

Introducing NOVL Tips - a new video series featuring advice from some of our favorite YA authors! First up is @joshsundquist, author of LOVE AND FIRST SIGHT, and he’ll be sharing some writing tips with us ✍️

Writing is difficult so procrastination is easy. Do your writing first thing, and don’t do anything (anything!) else until you’re finished. 

Don’t look at your texts, don’t go on Twitter, don’t even touch your phone. Actually, turn your phone to airplane mode and close your web browser. Wake up early, eat breakfast and do your writing first thing, before you go to school or work. Make a daily word count goal—500 or 1,000 or 2,000 words, whatever works for you—and don’t do anything else until you’ve hit that goal.

Stay tuned for more tips from Josh, and be sure to check out his newest novel about a blind teenager that gains sight and discovers the visual world has been keeping a secret from him. Read the first chapter now >> 

Captain's Vigilante (1/?)

Word Count: 3700ish

Warnings: amateur author, first attempt at fan fiction, really really wordy

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major to threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

“Sam, where is she?!” Cap shouted to his communications. He ran at a steady pace, lungs burning already. His hold on his shield tightened. He almost caught her and he wasn’t about to let her escape again.

“She’s turning right at the intersection towards the tunnel-oh hell no-” he was cut off, static replaced his voice. Cap stopped running instinctively and pressed his earpiece again. “Sam?” He yelled.

“His suit self destructed!” Bucky shouted out the window before he stopped the car right next Steve. “Get in!”

Steve ran inside and Bucky hurried off, overtaking every car that was too slow. “Turn right. She headed for the tunnel,” Steve instructed. Bucky nodded as he sped up.

“Where’s Nat?” Steve asked his friend.

“On her way. Said she needed to find the right tools first,” Bucky grunted as he cut off yet another a public bus. “So many goddamn people.”

“There! That’s [Y/N]’s car.” Steve pointed at the one right in front of them that Cap saw her get into. Bucky understood. They couldn’t possibly let her go again. It would be months before they get a single lead on her. She was top of the Avengers priority. She was that dangerous.

Bucky smashed the cars front to the rear of [Y/N]’s car. They couldn’t see her face but they saw her head wobbling from the impact. Bucky sped up and got the car in close distance so they could see her. But the person on the wheel was just a hoodie with some kind of blinking technology as the head.

The two super soldiers’ eyes bulged when they realized what that blinking meant. Bomb.

Steve jumped towards the passenger seat and wrapped his arm around Bucky. He angled his shield towards the explosion and boom. The two were knocked out of the burning car, the shield absorbing all the impact of the blast. They coughed up any of the smoke they inhaled. Bucky then glanced up and glared a hole through Steve’s head before muttering out. “Great fucking job, punk.”

“Honest mistake,” Steve shrugged as he bitterly chuckled.

“Hey fossils, need a lift?” Natasha quipped as she stopped her motorcycle. She cocked and loaded her gun before smirking. “We need to catch an evil genius, if you don’t mind.”

“Is that my motorcycle?” Bucky asked as he squinted. Steve chuckled before standing up and dusting himself off.

“Never mind that. Get on, Steve.” Steve didn’t have to be told twice before he got on the motorcycle. Bucky stood on his feet and held onto his gun, dusting himself off with a puppy sad face as he pointed.

“B-but that’s mine-”

Bucky didn’t even get to finish before Natasha sped off. They passed the tunnel but [Y/N] nowhere to be seen. No tracks or anything. They were getting to the crowded part of the city. “I’m going to need directions, Steve.”

“I don’t know. Sam was the one who tracked her from the sky-” a bullet was shot to their front tire, knocking them both off.

The two quickly recovered. The cycle was torn apart from the impact, surprisingly not exploding. They sprang to their feet and examined the surroundings for someone out of the ordinary. But all there was was civilians who just glanced to them confused as if they were the ones causing the ruckus.

Steve’s eye caught the smirking face in the crowd, hiding behind a pair of eyeglasses. Steve’s instincts told him to run after her, which he did.

[Y/N] realized that he saw her so she ran. That was stupid. She just wanted to pride herself that she can leave the Avengers utterly helpless. But here she was, jeopardizing her escape because of her ego.

She glanced around, studying her surroundings. She was calculating every scenario where she can escape. Her brain gears were working at a marvelous speed.. She can climb a building and disappear by stealing an employee outfit. She can hack the traffic system with her phone and disable all cars, making a distraction to the Avengers. She can steal a car and speed out of sight. But those had disadvantages. Her safest bet was getting them lost to crowds and escaping through all the confusion.

She ran towards the crowd, then slid her glasses to her bag. [Y/N]’s eye caught a pair of sunglasses hanging by a woman’s bag which she swiped and wore. She removed the tie around her hair and swiped a handkerchief from a man’s pocket and she wore it as a bandanna. She turned removed the jacket she was wearing. She camouflaged herself in a matter of a minute.

Steve was stumped but he never lost sight of her. That was [Y/N]’s fault. She underestimated a super soldier’s focus and sight. He saw her change her whole outfit with only a few to change and in plain sight but no one even noticed. He ran towards her, leaving Natasha behind.

“[Y/N]!” He shouted as if she would glance back when she was supposed to be running away.

A bullet was fired in the back ground. Steve looked back to see Natasha with her game face on.

That was when chaos started. Civilians were running around rampant. They were panic shouting. Cars were going faster. But what was most confusing was [Y/N]. She could’ve ran with the crowd and used the panic around her to escape. But she went in the middle of the road, running at a straight line. She just made herself a bigger target.

“Move, Rogers. She’s mine.” Natasha ran past him with her gun pointed to one direction. Steve couldn’t blame her. She was the one who spent most her time tracking the woman down (if you don’t count still pissed Tony).

She kept firing her weapon and Steve was sure by [Y/N]’s slowing pace that she got her. Twice to be exact. [Y/N] ran a tight turn as Natasha’s aim slowly wobbled. Nat’s shot swerved away but so did [Y/N]. She caught the shot midair with her back, causing her jerk from her steady pace.

Steve was shocked by what he saw. It seemed as if she done it on purpose. But even more shocked when [Y/N] took a crying little girl that appeared in front of her to her arms and then got on a motorcycle. She rode away at top speed with the shocked child clutched to her chest.

“She wouldn’t have gotten far,” Nat whispered before pressing her earpiece. “We’ll split up. She has a hostage. Don’t try to shoot her. Steve, you-”

Natasha’s words blurred out. His first instincts to save the little girl kicked in. He bolted away to her direction. He found himself a motorcycle too. He hot wired it and convinced himself that he was just borrowing. Not long until he got into a quiet neighborhood and saw drops of blood on the pavement.

He stopped and parked his ride. His shield was held tight in his hand, ready for any form of combat. He took a deep breath when he saw a trail of blood depicting that something or someone was dragged there. He hurried towards it, fearing for the kid’s life. But all he saw was her. [Y/N] was there, leaning on the wall, clutching her wound with her scarf as blood freely fell from her. She was breathing deeply. Steve can daw her eyes fluttering before they landed on him. She smirked at him.

“Oh, you’re here.” She cheerfully murmured though her voice was dry. “Good job, Captain. You’re the first to ever catch me.”

Steve gazed all around, wondering where was the girl and where was [Y/N] keeping her. She sensed this and laughed at his face.

“If you’re looking for the kid, I already have her with her mother. She looked so scared and shook up. You better tell her mom what happened. Your friend almost shot her little girl.”

That’s when it all clicked. [Y/N] swerved not because of an accident but because that girl was directly at the target. If she didn’t, that child would’ve been the one bleeding right now.

Steve swallowed the lump on his throat. He was wrong. He was ready to fight this woman for the safety of a child but she even saved her life. Steve’s anger melted away as he studied more of the alley. It started to look like one of those dirty alleys he was beaten up back in the day.

“Where’s the files that you stole from the tower?” He almost commanded. To his annoyance, all she did was shake her hands and grin at him. He got closer to inspect her and she let him. She just made a few quips about never knowing Captain America is a frisker. Steve though saw she was shot three times through her abdomen. She already lost a lot of blood. He glanced around and took a deep breath. At a quiet neighborhood like this, help won’t even reach her until she… Steve shook his head at the thought. He can call for back up and let her on her own accords to heal but his morals shone through.

He carried her piggyback style, wrapping [Y/N]’s legs around him and he held onto her thighs. It was the only way he can ease of the tension on her torso and possibly let her bleed less. She automatically wrapped her arms around his neck to stabilize herself. She rested her head lazily on his shoulder, lips near his ear. “Woah. Where are we going now, Captain? Somewhere nice?”

“Your place is close here, right?”

“Yeah, how did you know that? You’ve been stalking me or something?”

“You wouldn’t have travelled far in this direction if you had nowhere to go.”

“Ooh, strong AND smart,” she giggled. Steve was about say something snappy back but his earpiece started picking up static.

“Steve, where are you? We lost her! Did you find her?” Natasha’s voice was heard through the static. Steve glanced at her as he debated with himself. She looked over to him, already knowing what he’s going to say. They shared a glance, it wasn’t the right thing to do but.. “No. I lost track of her. I’m going back but I may take a while.”

“Copy, Rogers,” Nat replied before she signed out. Steve continued his walk while [Y/N] couldn’t help but giggle at what happened. “Aww… did Captain America just lie?” It was a sight to her. It wasn’t everyday she’ll see The Captain bend the truth.

“Just tell me the directions,” Steve grumbled as [Y/N] continued chuckling softly.


“You got taken down by three bullets. If we knew it’ll be this easy, we would’ve just focused on our aim.” Steve quipped as he started to stitch her up. The bloody bullets he took out were on a tray by the foot of her bed along with the used cotton he sanitized the wounds with. “Would’ve saved a lot of time.”

“Well, I wasn’t counting on it.” She replied back, clenching her jaw at the little pain of the needle. Her voice was dry and her body was in pain. All that was in the bright side is that [Y/N] can finally say that she got Captain America in her bedroom. “I thought you never open fire at crowds.” She shrugged. “Too many casualties.”

“What makes you think we baddies always try to get lost in one?” She raised her eyebrow at him. She was making good points and Steve knew it. “Y'all better be more careful, Captain. Tell that to your teammates.” That last sentence made Steve bite his lip. She was right and she was telling him to do something they should’ve done. They almost shot a child. And she saved that child… from their bullet. She’s the villain in this story, the mastermind, the bully, the one at fault. But instead, he felt responsible for every thing. He finished bandaging her before fixing her first aid kit.

“So are you going to arrest me now or wait until I recover?” She asked out of the blue, earning Steve’s full attention. He just stared at her as her eyes bulged from their sockets and she tried to sit up in surprise. “Wait. Are you going to let me down easy?”

He stopped her from getting up and pushed her back down. [Y/N] won’t need to reopen her wounds. “Just release your hostages and I might just consider.”

“Hostages? What hostages?”

“The children of the politicians that were missing for a while was found last week caught with you by CCTV.” Memories of it flooded Steve’s mind. It was the first lead they had in months after loosing a trace after their tangle up in Russia. He couldn’t help but chuckle when he remembered how she posed for the camera. They way she knew she was being watched and ow she handled it brought a smile to his face. “You were holding up peace signs in every single one of them,” he chuckled.

She let out a chuckle, remembering the moment. “Did it make Stark angry?”

“Furious,” Steve smirked. He remembered just how red Tony got when saw those pictures. “He was ready to send out all the suits to you.”

“Still pissed I hacked his system?”

“I don’t think he really lets that stuff go.” They shared a laugh momentarily. Steve sighed as he was brought back to reality.

“So where are they?”

“Back at home.” She stared up the ceiling, still imagining Stark’s pissed off face. How she wished she saw that. She would frame that beauty. “They’re own home to be exact.” His forehead creased at the information. He doesn’t know that. They didn’t have much information to work with but she was their one and only lead.

“You guys didn’t factcheck, did you?” She smirked. This was such a precious moment for her. “You don’t know they’re back to their families?”

“If they are, their families would’ve notified us.” Steve snapped back, taking his stand.

“And if they aren’t, don’t you think people with political backgrounds would be a bit more demanding?” [Y/N] cocked an eyebrow at him. Steve closed his mouth. She had a point there. He ran a hand through his hair, slowly getting frustrated with the woman.

“Why did you try to steal some files about them if they’re already back at home then?”

“All of you were on edge.” She chuckled. “Trying to find my traces, my motives,….me.” She stared at the Captain, loving every minute of his reaction.

“I couldn’t help getting more information on you when I thought you won’t even pay attention to an intern.” She continued on. [Y/N] she snuck in, in normal clothes and a fake intern I.D. And just waltzed in the tower with little problem. She got to floors by tampering with the elevator and got to a computer. Everyone just passed her and didn’t even give her a second glance. [Y/N] was scrolling through what she found before a large hand was placed on her shoulder. She turned and there was him, Steve freaking Rogers. “But you did. Captain, you were the only one who saw me. And to think, I was going to pride myself on the fact that I got into the Avengers tower with only glasses as a disguise. But you got me and got me shot. So congrats, Cap.”

“To be fair, Nat was the one that tried to shoot you. If that clears anything up.”

“I don’t know, Rogers. I still have holes in my torso.” She laughed making him chuckle too.“But I am feeling a tad bit better.”

She moved a little bit, trying to get a more comfortable position. Steve just stared at her. Her [Y/H/C] was in tangles yet it had a certain shine to them. The [Y/E/C] in her eyes were more prominent up close. He never really got to admire her like this. It was always through a screen or through the files they had for debriefing or even when he’s trying to arrest her. She actually seemed harmless when she’s laying back like this. “You can leave now. I didn’t get to bring home any of your files so there’s nothing you can get back from me.” She made him snap out of his thoughts. [Y/N] almost laughed at his reaction. “Seriously, Rogers. You should go before the poison starts taking effect.”

“Poison? What poison?”

“Seriously? You’ve known Romanoff for years and you still don’t know she puts old Russian poison on her bullets for special occasions?” His face showed even more confusion, making her even more frustrated. She took a deep sigh. The clues are right there. It’s not like they were not obvious or anything.

“Look at the bullets, Rogers. They are tinged more violet than red when you wiped out the blood. It stings far worse than a regular bullet and regular poison, I should know, thus it’s old and not relatively American. That the metal is slowly corroding is a dead giveaway. It’s an aged Russian concoction designed to take down people fast and Agent Romanoff had them specially on her bullets for me.” She moved a bit to the right and felt that unordinary sting kick in. “And, fuck, I can already feel it working.”

“I’m going to unstitch you,” he warned before getting the scissors again, ready to take out as much poison as he still can.

“Don’t bother, Captain. Most of it is already absorbed. My immune system will fix it. I’m enhanced, too you know. I’ll just go down with a flu or something.”

The longer he stayed with her, the more convinced he was that she wasn’t who everyone says she is. She wasn’t some villain who’s out to kill him. But instead she was teaching him the trick of how to cheat at poker. There was never a dull moment talking to [Y/N]. She knew how to make even small talks interesting. Her jokes made him chuckle and laugh. She seemed so comfortable to be talking to him and vice versa. Steve felt like he could tell her everything and so he did. He told her about his past and the war to which she listened eagerly. He told [Y/N] about how he was so small, the strong wind could break him, how he was friends with Bucky before, how he thought he lost Bucky and that it was his fault. Whenever he got on the painful subjects, she says something witty that makes him laugh and forget about it. That was the beauty of talking to her. She had the ability to make people feel better even when they feel like crap. “And they found me in the ice 70 years later..” he glanced down, it was still a sensitive subject to him.

“Must be hard to be older than sliced bread.”

“Just listen to my story, will you?”

That went on and on for while. He told her about how he met Bucky again and the fall of Hydra to which she replied she was on another side of the planet, minding her own business. She told him how she got the captive children back from the syndicate and how she took them to grocery stores where she was caught on CCTV right after so they’ll get to eat before she drops them back at their home. Their talk slowly got more and more personal as Steve poured his heart out on the conversation. [Y/N] just sat there and listened to him. She didn’t judge him like anyone else did. She listened and even held his hand through the most difficult things to say and whispered words of encouragement. [Y/N] didn’t treat him like a hero who always had to be perfect, but instead made him feel like himself. Steve Rogers who, again, was still just a man. Maybe there was something about confessing your mistakes to someone you think have done worse than you makes it easier to say. But she didn’t seem so bad. She was sweet even. She understood him. She knew what it felt like to have the world against you. She had a lot of red in ledger too.

“Can you do me a favor, Rogers?”

“I really like this apartment and the folks next door are really nice. Can you maybe?” She placed a finger to her lips. Steve thought about it for a while. He wasn’t breaking the law. She wasn’t asking him to harbor a criminal or something. She was just asking him if he can keep a secret. It was the least he can do. He already helped her with her bullet wounds. He thought about it for a while. All he did was nod before she continued on with the story how she stole a flower vase from a black market museum and got away with it.

[Y/N] woke up at an ungodly hour and didn’t even realize that she drifted off. The last thing she remembered was Steve going over how Bucky was getting better and better. She stretched and turned his head to see a bowl of soup and medicine by her night stand. She couldn’t help but smile. She took it to her hand and it’s not even a bit warm, must’ve been a while. There were a few pills next to a glass of water. A note caught her eye, no wonder Cap’s. ‘Drink the tablet every 8 hours take as much painkillers as you need. -Steve’

[Y/N] almost awwed out loud. She couldn’t stop her grin. She popped the pills in her mouth and looked around the room. He obviously fixed her room a little, tidied up some stuff. Her clothes on the floor made it to the hamper. Her guns that she had scattered were all away. Probably confiscated. Guess the Captain doesn’t like messy. But she realized something. Her laptop by her work table had a USB plugged into it with the label, 'future schemes’, before she left. She was so sure. But now it’s gone.

She smirked to herself as she leaned back. Steve Rogers did prove to be a sweetheart but he is still Captain America after all.


Steve glared at the screen with the information that was handed to him. He was in a computer shop. A trick Natasha thought him to use when he doesn’t want to be tracked. He didn’t dare to show Tony or the others the USB he got. They’ll be more interested about how he got it than the looking for the things inside it. Sure, he stole it from her but how will he be able to explain how he has it in the first place without it blowing up mysteriously as if it wasn’t one of [Y/N]'a special tricks?

But he focused on what was in front of him. How did she know there were still Hydra facilities alive and thriving not that far from the Avengers tower? How did this count as her future scheme? What was she going to do with them?

Steve had the feeling it won’t be the last he’ll saw of [Y/F/N] [Y/L/N]. But this time, he wouldn’t even think twice about being her back up if she ever needs it.

It was written

Newt meets a fellow author at a book signing, and they hit it off

Newt x reader

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Newt wandered down the cobbled streets of diagon alley, his book tucked protectively under his arm and an innocent brown leather case in his long fingered hand. The cobbles were slick under foot, from the nights rain. The sun that now shone weakly through the light mist, cast endless rainbows, a full spectrum of colour scattering across the old cobbled streets. As Newt made his way to flourish and blotts, for a rare book signing.

Almost hopping up the stone steps, before he pushed the door open, the bells tinkling announcing his arrival.

“ah Newtown my boy.’ The elderly  gentleman gingerly made his way down from the precariously wobbling ladder that lead to the utter most shelves of the over stocked book shop, where newt had spent hours hiding on many a shopping trip in his youth.

“always good to see you, lad. Theirs someone I’d like you to meet, I think you’ll get along.’ The slightly withered manager, grasped his hand, shaking it the entire time that he had been talking.

Curious by nature, newt raised his eyebrows questioningly. As a young lady meandered into the shop, from the back room.

“ah, there she is, Newton, this is y/n y/l/n’ Newt froze, his eyes wide. It couldn’t be, surely not, y/n y/l/n, the famed herbologist, whose work with plants both magical and nonmagical, had aided him in a great many situations while he was out in the field. This was the woman who had brought medical herbology  on leaps and bounds, her research alone, had allowed newt to create a great many salves and ointments for his creatures, and here she was. Standing right in front of him, a slightly perplexed but intrigued look on her pretty face, and all newt could do was stand there gaping like an idiot, opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

Gathering what little of his sense he had left, he raised his hand for her to shake. Her hand was soft, though newt could feel a few small raised scars scattered across her skin.

“it’s not Newton Scamander, is it?’ she asked sceptically, a ray of hope in her voice. He nodded ‘please, call me newt’ a little confused, before she seemed to almost overflow with excitement.

“oh my goodness, your book, your research into magical beasts, is astounding, the work that you did with billywigs, helped me to discover the pollination methods of several plant species. I have wanted to pick your brain for years.’ She tailed off her delighted ramblings, her cheeks flushing a lovely shade of pink in embarrassment.

Newt couldn’t quite believe his ears, he was utterly flustered as butterflies fluttered about his stomach. His own cheeks undoubtedly a deep tomato red, as he sputtered out his deep thanks. 

The bell above the door tinkled, announcing the arrival of the first customers. Newt thanked Merlin for saving him anymore embarrassment, as the pair were ushered to their tables, where their books were piled high in teetering stacks.

 Newt peeped around the heap of “fantastic beasts and where to find them’ to find y/n doing the same, he held back his laughter, as the first person approached his table, only to hear a faint giggling from behind the pile of books, as he signed his well-practiced autograph, a secret smile playing at his lips.

The day went on in much the same way, stealing glances between autographs and exchanging shy smiles, before burying their flushing faces back into their books.

Newt’s heart only grew for this amazing woman, as a little girl with wild curly hair, held a puffapod tentatively in her hands, shyly approached her table. Y/n gladly crouched by her side for her father to take a picture of the plant loving pair, before embracing her tightly, as she beamed with pride. Handing the girl a small piece of parchment before she slipped her hand in her fathers, and skipped out of the door.

It was growing dark, and the crowds in the usually bustling streets were thinning, finally Newt gathered his courage, and approached y/n. “I was wondering if you would like to join me on my rounds, the beasts will be getting peckish by now.’ Her bright eyes widened, a breath taking smile on her face, ‘really?’ she whispered in awe, Newt nodded with a light chuckle, ‘yes of course, that would be wonderful.

Newt took  her hand a little nervously, before lifting the silk lined lid of his case.


Have a great day and be safe

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By birdsofshore (HD_Erised 2016) | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 41,000

Harry never expected to spend eighth year listening to Draco Malfoy wanking.

Genre: UST, wanking, pining, 8th year, first time, enemies to lovers, 

My Comments: This fic is absolutely amazing. It is so well written that you can feel exactly what Harry and Draco are feeling. You feel their pining, their longing, their love, and ughhh. I’m just ruined by this fic. It is also really, really hot. 


Hours after the final doors close and seal locks in place, Clarke is leaning against Bellamy’s door. “Can I come in?” she asks. He nods and starts to say, “Clarke, I…” But Clarke interrupts him again, this time with her mouth on his. It’s taken so long for them to get here that now? They don’t waste time, tugging off their clothes, and she pulls him back on the bed. Later as Clarke dozes on his chest he brushes a kiss across her forehead. It may not be the future he imagined, but it’s theirs.