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so you know those soulmate AUs where you’ve got your soulmates first words to you written on your body in their handwriting? what if your soulmate had really shit handwriting? and you’ll have no idea when you meet them because you can’t decipher their stupid fucking handwriting

Jesse, you don’t have to listen to me all the time. It’s your own damn life. But if there’s anything I want you to actually take to heart, it’s this:
Find someone who is the lyrics to your music and the music to your lyrics.
Got that mijo?

Band AU. It’s honestly my favorite AU that I have going on with this lovely.

It has become extensive story wise and I do not have the confidence to summarize it well enough to do it justice. oTL

But some context for these two: Hanzo and McCree are in a rag tag rock band and get to know one another during the band’s tour. Hanzo is the bassist and McCree is lead vocalist who also plays guitar. Hanzo is excellent at writing lyrics and McCree excels at composing songs. They learn more about each other, help each other through their fears and the ghosts of their pasts, connect through music and lyrics, flirt while they play billiards, cheesy lyrics and implied confessions happen on stage, twooter drama, lots of antics in trailers, and more. 

Bottom line, we love this AU and it’s very dear to us!




Youtube recommended me Belly Dancing videos after I binged on Figure Skating vids. 

So uh. I jumped down that hole and have spent most of my time doing up some outfits on Kylo hahahah

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍

“John,” Lafayette said, a deadly serious look in their eyes, “Alexander put his contacts in for you. He’s deeply in love with you.”

Somewhere Only We Know

[ E | 12.5k | AU | OS ]

Ever since they got together, Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane often find themselves getting caught up in work. This ultimately leads to the couple having less and less time for each other. So when Alec has to cancel their plans for a weekend together once again, he decides that enough is simply enough. Screw work. Screw everything.

Little did he know that Magnus isn’t working this weekend but has instead taken some days off—without telling him. Apparently there is only way to find out why: Drive to Magnus’ cabin in the middle of nowhere and confront him. A good plan. But since when does life follow a certain plan… ?

(sequel to “The Notorious Pumpkin Pie” but can be read individually) 

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h-hello! If I remember correctly, you like yugioh, right? Not sure how familiar you are with the first series but how about a crossover where Kamukura is Hinata's ancient egyptian spirit, so every time Hinata is in a duel he and Kamu switch places and Kamu destroys the oponent---


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Have you ever drawn Aphrodite Percy?? Or (robbie rotten voice) WOULD YOU LIKE TO

My dude aphropdite!percy is my go to au, I call it the ‘hes so pretty I want to cry au’

behold the collection (usually always accompanied by hades!annabeth or annadeath as I have taken to calling her) But since I spoil you guys here’s a baby aphrodite perce for the road

please no more pjo asks rn!! (commissions)


some sonic doodols, including:

-half assed shadow on lined paper
-rouge in a different outfit
-very small knuckles that i was apparently excited about
-human shadow, less half assed

Can you imagine if one day Charles Xavier does show up in a future season and David just becomes so confused and stressed and everything becomes even louder and he starts curling in on himself, but then suddenly without any warning everything stops. He doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way before, and he’s afraid to even think the thought, but hell. He’s pretty sure he’s completely healthy right now. Charles explains that he won’t keep him in that state for long, but he just wants to talk to his son in a more comfortable way, and David just has tears in his eyes as he whispers to himself “it’s so quiet..” with a small laugh of disbelief.

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I took a quick break from working on Asgore, and made the mistake of discovering the amazingness that is Villainous. Long story short, it’s made me super inspired to draw and since no one else seems to have made one yet I’m creating a Swap Au! So far I’ve only got Demencia done - but Black Hat, Flug and 5.0.5 will be following asap! (Because who needs sleep or schoolwork when you can draw owo)

This is still more of a concept atm, so let me know what you guys think and I’m open to any name suggestions!

What if Steve met Natasha in the forties? Can someone write a novel about this and pile on the fluff as Nat falls head-over-heels in love with pre-serum Steve? Please?

Sooooo, I never saw Moana in theaters, but I finally saw it on DVD.  I’ve watched it several times already and I’ve listened to the music nearly non-stop for a little over a week. This means I’ve been thinking ( a dangerous pastime, I know). Has anyone done a Moana/Hobbit AU?  I feel like all the right characters are there to pull it off, but I also feel like a crazy person for analyzing this idea so deeply in my mind….

Bilbo = Moana

Thorin = Maui

Belladonna = Grandma Tala

Dwarves = Heihei (HA!)

Smaug = Te Fiti (missing scale is where the Arkenstone goes)

Ocean = Gandalf

Tamatoa = Thranduil ( I start giggling like crazy when i think about this one)


ordered just ice and then this happened

you know, when I watched Rogue One, I never envisioned that I’d be writing fic about Jyn and Cassian as grumpy suburbanites who don’t know how to parent, but here we are