first attempt though lol

eternity-of-lies  asked:

Is there any way you would make a part 2 to the ❛ Take me, pull me all around. Break me, I’m yours. ❜ fiction you wrote? It's really good btw!! 🖤🖤🖤

oh wow hello there i have no idea where you came from especially since this account’s activity has been severely dead LOL 

thank you though!! that was my first attempt at writing anything closely resembling smut coughs while trying to experiment portraying jumin’s “darker” aspects. he reeks of sin pfffff

as for a part 2 of the drabble, for now i’m unsure since if i er… continued it… it’d just be 100% smut and i can’t write that to save my life LOL. it’d be more likely for me to experiment with the darker aspects of their relationship like in that setting, though. with implied sin since jumin’s sex appeal is yummy.   yum

curse u smut y r u so hard to write *shakes fist*