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okay, but what about neighbours!malec au, where

  • magnus lives next door to jace, izzy and alec
  • and he met only izzy because jace and alec are always busy
  • (they could run a gym together or sth)
  • anyway at some point (because it’s spring, and it’s warm, and windows are open) magnus hears an argument between the three of them and decides to listen (because he loves gossips and doesn’t have anything better to do)
  • isabelle yells at jace and after a few minutes tall, dark and handsome boy leaves their house
  • magnus instantly thinks that this must be jace, who evidently wasn’t pleased with his sister yelling at him, so he probably went for a walk
  • they never met before, so magnus has no idea that in fact, this tall, dark and handsome boy was alec (who didn’t want to be in the middle of izzy and jace’s fight)
  • so, because magnus would really like to get to know “jace” better, next time he talks to izzy he asks about jace’s number and because she’s still mad at jace she just shrugs and gives magnus jace’s number without questioning it
  • and for the next week, jace keeps whining about this magnus guy who keeps texting him 
  • (isabelle is really happy with herself for letting this happen)
  • (alec is not happy because he might have a little tiny crush on magnus even tho he doesn’t really know him)
  • and then, after another few days, magnus sees “jace” struggling with some big boxes and decides to help him
  • (alec is really irritated because jace typed wrong address and the new gym equipment came to their house and not to the gym and now alec has to deal with it)
  • he’s in a hurry so they don’t really talk and as soon as they’re done with boxes, alec says that he has a brother to yell at and he has to go
  • the next day, there’s a party at lightwood’s and isabelle thinks it would be really funny to invite magnus
  • (only because, along the way, she realised that magnus confused jace with alec and in reality he likes alec but she had too much fun to say something)
  • magnus, of course, comes and he goes straight to “jace”
  • (alec stars choking on his beer as soon as he sees this insanely handsome man coming his way)
  • and just as magnus wants to say something to “jace” they both hear izzy screaming “hey alec! can you come over here for a moment?”
  • and magnus is like “wait, you’re not jace?”
  • “no, I’m pretty sure I'm not”
  • “who’s jace then?”
  • alec points at this blond guy who’s talking with some other boy and magnus wants to punch himself
  • “so you’re saying that I just wasted almost two weeks texting the wrong guy?”
  • and as alec tries to connect the facts, isabelle is laughing in the corner of the room
  • and then, they get drunk together and alec finally asks magnus out and magnus, of course, says yes
  • and they live happily ever after

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I've never read any type of fan fiction , soo can you recommend me good slow burn camren fics? Thanks love your blog girly

Lauren never planned on living in the house she lived in. She never planned on working the job she worked. She never planned on befriending a strange girl named Camila, either. Lauren never planned a lot of things.Thanks sweets 😘

Chances (one of my favs)

Camila and Lauren both share a room in college, but that’s about the only thing they have in common. At least that’s what they assume. From the start, they haven’t been able to get along with each other, seeing as they’re pretty incompatible and they pick fights over everything. But little do they know that they’re each other’s closest friends on Tumblr. They message each other constantly and along the way, feelings developed. What happens when they soon realize on a bold decision to meet on a blind date that the person who they want nothing to do with is the same person they think about right before they go to sleep?

Lifeboat Lighthouse (favs)

Camila’s entire life had been mapped out for her since she was child, she would go to college, study business and then eventually take over her father’s company. It was a life she never wanted but had no say in at all. But when the privileged daughter of a multimillionaire meets Lauren, a waitress on the luxury cruise ship where she’ll be spending the summer, her world and everything she knows is turned upside down. Camila is about to learn the hard way that just like the ocean that she sails on, life can be unpredictable. Like the turning tides, everything can change in an instant.

Walk a Mile (favs)

Look with your eyes. Judge with your soul. First impressions almost always suck. They can be spot on or way off, depending on how open and receptive you are to the other person. When you make preconceived notions about people, learning to tolerate them can be a little difficult. What if you have to live with them? That’s the situation Camila and Lauren have been put in. As typical and cliche as it may be, two totally different worlds collide. However this time, neither of them know whether they’ll mould or combust.

Yours Truly 

Lauren and Camila know a lot about each other, except for, well, their names. They’ve been writing anonymous, handwritten letters to each other for an English assignment for a couple months now and during that time, Lauren’s developed a genuine interest for a girl whose handwriting resembles a child’s first attempt at using a pencil. But she couldn’t be more charmed by it. What happens when Lauren unexpectedly finds out that the shy girl in her class who she doesn’t know a single thing about has the exact same handwriting as in the letters she anticipates reading every single day?

Through Her Eyes

Lauren never planned on living in the house she lived in. She never planned on working the job she worked. She never planned on befriending a strange girl named Camila, either. Lauren never planned a lot of things.

Reasons to go, reasons to stay

“And I wonder how many polar opposites we have brought together by falling in love. Inside you could have been the match that started the fire and burned down an entire house, and inside of me may live the remnants of a rocking chair inside the house that was burned to the ground. All these little things… these cells that make up our bodies, they could have once despised one another. But now every single part of me is in love with every single part of you. Just with one touch we would be resolving age old conflicts, or ushering the tip of the tallest mountain to kiss the sand that lies at the deepest part of the ocean.”

Yellow series : Yellow / Blue / Green  (FLUUUFFFF)

Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren’s private texts in front of the whole cafeteria, forcing her out of the closet. Lauren left for New York with her three best friends the day she graduated, thinking she had escaped Camila. The only problem is, Camila is back. And different. Completely different. Not the kind of ‘different’ you’d expect, either.

The Stripper (SMUT)

Have you ever imagined having two lives? Be two people at the same time? I bet you have. But between thinking and living there was a very big distance, believe it. Imagine… Camila, a sweet and delicate woman. Karla, sexy and imposing. Which one would you choose? What’s your type? Hard, I know. Let’s let Lauren answer this one…

Experiments (SMUT)

A lot of girls experiment in college; it’s natural. It’s no different at the University of Miami, and when they’re looking to experiment, they know exactly who to go to. But what will happen when she finally falls for one of the girls she hooks up with?

Trials & Tribulations (very long but must read)

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

CC7 / LJ10 (still ongoing - not many updates)

Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

Surreal Perfection (non au)

It’s been a year since Lauren decided to break out from Fifth Harmony to start her own band, and Camila still hasn’t forgiven her for leaving them, and for leaving her. After a brief encounter at an award show, their lives come crashing back together. Angst, Drama, Humour, Romance, and everything else in between.

The Girl Next Door

Camila Cabello is an average girl. She’s not popular, or somewhere in between. She belongs to a group that her school refers to as the Brains. She’s extremely smart, involved in many educational clubs and the only thing fun in her life, advanced choir.  She’s that type of girl who gets pushed around, does people’s homework because they tell her too, and gets tormented by the preps. The preps (the popular kids) are a group of people who torment people like the Brians. Camila has found her self running from them all her life. Along side with her friends Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke and Darren Criss. But one day during one of her encounters with the preps, her life changes forever. And it was all because of her.


Do I Wanna Know (non-au)


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So, folks, this is my first attempt at writing anything about Ivar The Boneless (because yea, you’ve all got me there) and also my first smut. **Someone save me.** I appreciate all feedbacks and sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language. Kisses to all ivar’s army!

The water was deliciously hot, the smoke coming out of it a desired cloud around the little tent. Deep blue eyes watched her from afar, their owner comfortably seated on the small bench a short distance from the wooden tub. She stared back at him, lost in that delicious sensation of being suffocated by scrutiny, as if he could see beyond her skin, even know her most secret thoughts. Ivar had this power over her, to discover her intentions, her wants and frustrations… to discover her obscure desires, to unravel them. It was irritating at first, that he could always imagine her plans; While a shield-maiden of another King, that her enemy could read her so easily was not attractive at all. However, all battles come with a price and that kind of connection with her Prince had saved their asses again and again, even to this day. She still remembered their first encounter, during the revenge for the death of King Ragnar, when in the midst of a fierce battle, (Y/N) had jumped on Prince Ivar’s chariot, and he had been pissed without limits. She was convinced that he would kill her after the battle was over, burying the ax in her skull as she had seen he doing repeatedly during the battle. He’d surprised her, however, with a hand tightly clamped around her throat, deliciously blue angry eyes, telling her she was a good shield-maiden. She had almost fallen back.

It had been so many years since that episode, which seemed a distant dream of a younger age now. And the past little interested her while she were naked in a bathtub, with her lover a few feet away, his eyes trained on her. She could not contain the smile that spread across her face, putting her hands on the edge of the tub, right in front of her body and pulling to lean against it, her long wet hair down her back attracting the man’s attention.

- Are you just going to keep staring? – (Y/N) teased, leaning her face in her folded arms over the edge of the tub, her body slightly above the water, just to give him a peek at the curve of her ass, before plunging it further down the water as soon as his eyes moved.

She watched as a mischievous smile spread on her husband’s focused face. The movement made his skin stretch and small wrinkles appear next to his shiny eyes, while the rest softened - he looked years younger. She could not hold the ridiculously passionate little sigh that came from her lips. This man would still be her death - and she would be satisfied, happy and contented to the arms of the Valkyries that came for her.

Ivar got down from the bench where he was, crawling across the floor near the tub. (Y/N) took advantage of that moment to observe the upper part of her husband’s body, the way his muscles flexed beneath his shirt, at times forcing the stitching of it, an aura of brute force around him, while his eyes did not stray from her face, the malicious grin more pronounced now, because he knew exactly how much watching his body excited her. When he got close to the bathtub, sitting next to it, (Y/N) moved away from the edge and leaned back in the bathtub, her body temptingly submerged at shoulder height, awaiting the next step of the man in front of her.

It was shameful how her body was already prepared for him. Some glances, a smile and just seeing him approaching her and she was ready, her pulse accelerating and her whole body warming and shivering, ready to receive him. And Ivar knew this, because his smile grew even larger in full satisfaction as he looked into her eyes, a hand slowly moving up the length of her neck, fingers slowly caressing her pulse. Then, provocatively slowly, stroking her jugular, down to her shoulders, only lightly brushing the skin above her breasts. And all this while his eyes remained focused on hers, watching them being taken over by lust, hazy, and the struggle to stand still as he continued with the small caresses.

Rough fingers dipped the water and traced lightly her left nipple, a flash of satisfaction shining in those large blue eyes as he felt it already hard. (Y/N) also couldn’t contain the small smile when she saw him with that boyish expression. Then his fingers roamed again, now to her face, quietly caressing the side of it, the high cheeks and then, down the tip of the nose to the half-opened mouth of the woman in front of him, to the point that he dipped two fingers in it. (Y/N) sucked on them, slowly and long, with little nibbles, her eyes never leaving his. She could see that he was also excited, his pupils dilating and his eyes focused on her mouth. Resolved to stimulate the fantasy that should be playing in his head, she pulled her mouth from his fingers just to lick them from the palm of his hand to the tips of them, putting them entirely back into her mouth, sucking them. Ivar hissed, releasing the air he held until he shifted, lifting his body so that his other hand could reach her neck, as he withdrew his fingers from (y /n) mouth to spread his hand down the valley of her breasts, descending slowly, stroking, squeezing, massaging all the way to her womanhood. The hand around her neck massaged it, deliciously pressing her neck, shoulders, and back to the nape of the neck, until (Y/N) felt the other hand on her sex and the pressure of the other on her neck. He knew exactly what she liked and how, to the point that he started penetrating with just one finger, slowly exploring her, pushing away her folds, stroking his thumb over the pleasure button just above, all while massaging her neck unhurriedly, calmly, soothing, almost. Another finger was added to the mixture and her breathing became erratic, small strokes on her clit as Ivar penetrated them deeply, still slowly; Even though the pressure in her neck increased, everything was very slow, very little, much less… (Y / N) wanted more.

- More. - A small gasp, and Ivar smiled in satisfaction, almost as if he defied her to endure the provocation. The hand on her throat increased the pressure and she groaned in satisfaction as his fingers became faster, stronger and synchronized strokes and soon (Y/N) struggled not to move against her lover’s hand, a long moan escaping her lips when a third finger was added, his thumb caressing her clit between a few movements, whenever he completely removed his fingers, then put them back, strong, deep. She was going to cum soon. The fact was that her skin was already burning for him, being deprived of this for so long. He could had spend only a few moments on her clit and she would have enjoyed it with the same force she would enjoy now. And he seemed to know because he took one of his fingers out to allow best access of his thumb to the small nervous button and soon it was difficult to breathe, the pressure in her throat making her breath come out in small hisses and her whole body tensed, waiting the great moment. Her climax washed over her, making her whole body tremble as her hands gripped the edge of the bathtub, water flying and her head going backwards as a loud moan escaped her throat, having Ivar allowed her to breathe deeply enough just for that. Upon returning from her high, he looked at her satisfied, completely soaked all over the top of his body. The sight made her laugh and move closer, stealing a small kiss on his lips as her hand wandered down his abdomen to his pants. He deepened the kiss as he felt her hand cling to his hard member and she stroked him over his trousers insistently, wanting him inside her. He broke the kiss to look at her, a devious smile on his face. He pulled the wet shirt over his head and her eyes were immediately drawn to his chest, his muscles defined by more than just battles, clamoring for her touch and her nails. Then his face appeared in front of her eyes, a smile playing on his lips.

- Are you just going to stare? – He mimicked and (Y/N) smiled, her hands clawing at Ivar’s perfect abdomen as they climbed up to his neck to pull him into a kiss. No. She definitely would not.

A Milky Way gave me breath

So I had this idea of ​​fic, where the reader is new to Beacon Hills High School, after moving to the city. Her first day starts very badly, and the panic rises. Chance or destiny makes sure that a person well-accustomed to panic attacks passes by at the right time.

Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5

As soon as my foot touched the too-much-clean floor and my body crossed the entrance doors, I knew I did not belong there.

The corridor in front of me was crowded with young teenagers, all wearing a face that was both different but similar in the same time. They knew where they were going, some insecure, others had a pre-filled full future waiting only for them to graduate. Their biggest concern being, in the immediate future, the next class inscribed on their schedules.

And there was little me, lost, alone, empty, planted like a statue in the middle of the entrance of my new school. Asking myself again what I had done to deserve finding myself there.

New house, new town, new school.

Beacon Hills.

Nothing belonged to me anymore, nothing represented me, and nothing mattered.

I felt new tears rising to my eyes, which I was quick to wipe away before moving hesitantly towards my future.

It was the first day of class, and I was already lost, like a little puppy that would have lost her mother. I could not find my locker, my classroom, or the director’s office. The corridors were empty, but anyway I wouldn’t have been able to talk to anyone for directions. With my social anxiety, it’s impossible. My hands become moist, my heart drums in my ears and my breathing becomes wheezy and difficult. My mind is empty of words, and my legs began to shake uncontrollably. I tried everything, to fix this, but I cannot go to others. Some says that I lack confidence in myself and others tell as soon as I have my back turned that I am just an associable person.

I’d like to have friends, I’d like to talk to people, but I can’t.

And here I am, lost in a school that I hated more and more, alone, beginning to panic. I don’t want to be there, I only want to go home … my home before, the one that no longer existed.

The too well-known tears invaded my tired eyes. A curtain of water came over my sight as I felt a sob getting caught in my throat as I tried to take a breath. Automatically, one of my hands pressed against my heart by forcefully clutching my too big hoodie, while the other stood brusquely on my head, slamming my skull with my palm, hoping perhaps it would bring out the memories of my head, in vain.

After several interminable seconds, the sob finally slipped from my sore throat. I put my hands on my mouth to stifle it, not wanting to attract whole classes in the corridor, making me look oddly. I had to find a place to bury myself in for the rest of the day, hidden, isolated…


But I could not see where I was going anymore. My head began to spin hard and my hands trembled against the lockers I leaned on to help me move forward. Then, a familiar pain resounded in my chest, my breathing suddenly broke, and all the sound that could have crossed my lips got caught in my throat.

No oxygen came in or out of my lungs, and my head started to turn horribly. There only was mist and pain surrounding me. My breathing was rapid, jerky and difficult. I had the impression that my skull would explode any time soon, that my lungs were on fire, and that I was going to die.

Then I heard footsteps in the corridor, followed by a voice that I could not catch the words. Someone was going to see me in that state, laughing at me or worse, filming me and fetching his buddies. I had to hide, panic intensified in me. I no longer knew where I was, everything spun and I could not breathe.

“ Are you okay? ”

The person, a boy, stopped in front of me. Anxiety echoed in his voice, and I could hear the pity that was soon to follow. The poor little new high school girl I was, panicking in the middle of the hallway, like a kid.

I clumsily pushed back the hands he had placed on my shoulders with the intention to help me. He didn’t understand.

“Hey, hey, hey… let me help you”

His voice was soft, calm and almost reassuring.

But he didn’t understand that his presence wasn’t helping me, it made everything worse.

“Calm yourself, you must breathe slowly you hear me? ”

Breathe? I couldn’t breathe, the world crumbled, everything was slow, and I no longer even felt my own body. I was going to die, I was going to die!

“I … can’t … breathe …”

This time, when he put back his hands on my shoulders with a tenderness I did not know possible, I didn’t push him back. I no longer had the strength. My legs gave in under my weight, and I would’ve hurt myself if the boy hadn’t supported me. He knelt before me as I tried again to find my breath, or simply find the reality that seemed to escape me.

 " I’m gonna die… “

I felt the boy’s hand against my cheek, warm, soft and tender. His thumb caressed my burning skin as he whispered calming words that did not succeed in calming my heart rhythm or nausea. My thoughts were intermingled too much for me to calm down.

“You will not die; it’s a panic attack …”

The panic that began to make his voice tremble did not reassure me much. I looked up at him, but my vision was so tangled, I couldn’t distinguish his features. The only detail I succeeded in seeing and which struck me was a row of moles that adorned his cheeks. More particularly, his left one.

It looked like a Milky Way, it was fascinating and beautiful.

I don’t know why this detail struck me so much, but for a split second I forgot where I was and that I was dying asphyxiated.

This moment of inattention was enough for the boy to do the thing I was less expecting him to do.

Something hot and damp stood on my lips, while powerful hands grabbed my face.

I was so surprised that I froze completely, eyes wide open, as motionless as a statue cemented in the ground. I even forgot to breathe.

When he backed away, I blinked several times, putting my hand against my lips. I did not quite understand what happened.

But when I breathed again, the pain was gone.

I looked up to look at the boy, but he was faster. He mumbled briefly that when he kissed me, I held my breath, and that was the first idea that crossed his mind at that moment.

Before I could see his face, he ran off.

When my eyes were able to see correctly again, the Milky Way boy was gone.

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Hey, let me know what you think about it, about the English (I wrote all of it in French and then translate it with google translation’s help), and also the story!

I might continue it if someone likes it! (because I have ideas ehehe)

Ps: this is my first attempt of english writing… please be kind ;0;

Daryl x Reader - It's always you (Request)


Requested by Anon:  Hey! Can you please write an imagine with daryl where they are in the farm and the reader is younger so Shane notice that they’re in love so he goes mad and all but it has a fluffy end?

I hope you like it anon ♥

(Y/e/c)= Your eye color

(Y/h/c)= Your hair color

Warning: Attempted sexual assault (but the rest is Daryl fluff)


It’s been five days since Sohpia’s disappearance and you could tell that everyone are upset and stressed out by the fact that she hadn’t left any phisical evidence that could help our reserch.

Sit on the porch of Hershel’s house, you stare at the horizon.

The sun is almost set but all you can think about is where Sophia could possible be.

The though of her all alone and scared makes you really sad.

Suddenly you hear someone get close…It was Daryl.

“Hey! Did you find her?” you asked smiling, with an hint of hope in your voice.

“I’m sorry…”

“Oh” the smile dropped from your face while you lower your head sadly.

“Hey, we will find her…here!” he lift his hand to show you a flower:” It’s a Cherokee Rose…The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the trail of tears the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much ‘cause they were losing their little ones along the way from exposure and disease and starvation. A lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they, uh, said a prayer. Asked for a sign to uplift the mothers’ spirits, give them strength and hope. The next day, this rose started to grow right where the mothers’ tears fell. I took one for Carol but somehow they reminds me of you”.

He puts the flower on your hair, however he doesn’t pull his hand away but he lingers it on your cheek.

Smiling you lean into his touch.

“I better go now” Daryl says pulling away and turning to walk to his tent.


He stops on his traks, waiting for you to continue: “Thank you…for everything” you say, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Daryl didin’t answer, he just smile and walks away, not aware that someone watched the whole scene, not liking it one bit.

Shane always like the young girl; how her (Y/e/c) shine and how her beautiful (Y/h/c) hair frame her face.

She was perfect but really young; on her twenty’s so he didn’t approach her before.

However, seeing her with Daryl made him so angry that he decided that now it’s the time for some action.


You were on your way to the RV when someone grabbed your wrist:
“Hey (Y/n)! Can I show you something?”

You stare at him suspiciously so he continues:
“It’s about Sophia, tomorrow you’ll go looking for her with Rick so I wanna show you area you two will inspect”.

“Oh…ok lead the way then”.

The table where the group reunite before going out the farm, is situated near the barn, so you didn’t suspect anything; however Shane stops and quickly turns toward you: “You and Daryl seems pretty close”.

Confused by his sudden interest on you and Daryl you answered: “Mmmh…yeah, so what?”

“Well…don’t you mind what people would think? I mean, he could be your father”.

You start to feel anger grows in you.

Why does he care?
“No! I don’t care about our age gap, we’re living in a word where dead people roam the streets so, do you really think that people will care about me and Daryl being together?”

Seeing that he can’t separate You from Daryl made Shane so angry that he push you violentely against the barn’s side, blocking you and starting to nip and kiss your neck:
“Shane what are you doing?”
“I’ll make you feel good, he doesn’t deserve you”

You start screaming for help but Shane muffled your cry with his left hand: 

“Sssh…Aren’t older men your thing, huh?”

When Shane start to unzip your jeans, tears stream down from your eyes.

When you think that there’s nothing left to do, you see Shane being threw down by someone:
“Stay away from my girl you son of a bitch”

Through your teary eyes you see Daryl on top of Shane, punching him on his face.

“Daryl stop! You’ll kill him!”

Hearing your broken voice, he stands up, leaving an unconscious Shane on the ground, and envelope you into a tight hug.

“It’s you…it’s always you that save me from walkers and…people” you say, sobbing into his chest.

Daryl kisses the top of your head, whispering sweet nothings to sooth you.

When you finally calmed down, you take his ruined hand and kissed his knuckles:”Let’s go patch-up your hand and then we going to sleep into your tent”.

Smiling he just added:” Into our tent”, before walking with you back to the farm.


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Reaction - Gruvia Oneshot

AN: Hi, this is my first attempt at writing in English, sooo I’m sorry if it sucks!




 Gray was acting weird lately. Not around his friends, of course. He still had those long e happy conversations with Lucy; played comfortably with Wendy; shared a few drinks with Cana and - obviously - his fights with Natsu never appeared to end (and for that, Erza would aways reprehend them). Everything looked exactly the same, except for his relationship with a certain water mage.

It started when Juvia showep up at the guild in a regular morning. She quickly went to compliment her beloved, whom was already with his group of friends at one of the tables, and then went to seat with Gajeel, Levy and Lily. So far so good. But a few minutes later, Gray walked until them and seated next to the bluennette… a little too close. There was a lot of space, but he seemed comfortable with his shoulders and knees touching hers, and that didn’t pass unnoticed by Levy and the black exceed. But after some pondering about how their proximity was completely normal - and even predictable - after almost a year living together, they decided to let it go.


The following morning, Gray and Juvia were side by side in front of the quest board. Both seemed very focused reading the descriptions of each mision. When Juvia accidentaly dropped one of the pamphlets and lowered herself to pick it, some strands of hair covered her face. The ice mage promptly put it behind her ear, almost causing the bluennet to faint - wich could happen anytime from the look of her very red face and the steam coming out of her head -, and then turned his attention back to the board as if nothing happened.

Cana, who watched the whole scene, was open-mouthed and nearly dropped her beloved barrel on the floor.

- I have to stop drinking so early.. - She said in desbelief and seriously doubting her discerniment capacity in a drunkenness state.


The day Team Natsu decided to watch something in Lucy’s new movie lacrima, Juvia just arrived from a mission with Gajeel.

- Can we go already? - Natsu snorted impatient. - Me and Happy want to sleep in Lucy’s bed.

- Aye!

- Who said anything about sleeping in my bed?! - The blonde said exasperated.

- I’ll be right back. - Gray went after Wendy and Juvia. They were headed to the infirmary, where the young dragon slayer was fast using her magic in the water mage’s most serious injuries.

- Juvia is fine, Wendy. You don’t have to bend over backwards because of this. - The bluennet smiled kindly to the child. - Juvia will be brand new in no time, thanks to you.

- No need to be grateful for it, Juvia-san. I’m glad I could help you. - Wendy blushed a little and soon realized they weren’t alone. Gray was in the room, and he seemed really worried. - I’m gonna dispose of this bandages and be right back. If you feel anything, please let me know.

- Tough job? - The dark haired boy asked once they were alone and approached the bed Juvia was seated.

- Oh, not really! Juvia thinks Wendy overdid it a little.. Ouch! - Juvia moaned with pain after trying to get up, and soon she was seated again pressing her hands firmly against her ribs.

- Be careful. - He warned, standing right in front of her with a serious look in his face, and searched for more wounds on her body with his eyes. - Where else does it hurt?

- Nowhere, Dr. Gray-sama. - She smiled playfully, hoping that would tranquilize him. - You will not get rid of Juvia so easily.

- That’s the last thing I want. - Gray showed his most flatterer smile to her and put his hands kindly on her pale face. Juvia felt like her heart was going to scape through her mouth.

- G-Gray-sama… What are you doing?

Before they could do anything, Natsu slammed the door open.

- GRAY, WE NEED TO GO! NOW! - The dragon slayer yelled.

- Natsu! Stop being so annoying and slow! They’re talking! - Lucy came inside the infirmary as well and started pulling the pink haired boy out.  - I’m sorry about this, guys!

Alone, again, the brunet snorted with anger.

- That moron! - He whispered to himself.

- Gray-sama is going out on a mission? - The bluenette asked with curiosity.

- I wish. We’re going to watch a movie, or something like that, in Lucy’s place. - Gray rolled his eyes. - Wanna come?

- Juvia would love to! - Juvia said excited, but the twinge in her ribs turned the enthusiasm into disappointment. - Perhaps Juvia should wait until she’s completely recovered.

- Yeah. - The ice mage sighed. - I have to go now.. Sorry. I’ll come back later to see how you’re doing.

- Thanks for coming and checking up on Juvia. - She offered him a big, brilliant and beautiful smile. Gray felt his cheeks becoming warm. 

- Juvia’s really happy.

- I-It was nothing.

- Would Gray-sama like to go on a mission with Juvia, when she’s feeling better? - Juvia asked bashfully; the nervousness evident in her voice.

The crooked smile that only made him look more handsome was back in his face, then.

- Sure.


When Gray left the infirmary, Lucy looked at him with a very malicious smile.

- What?

- I heard you two. - She said, causing him to blush violently. - We can wait until Juvia is feeling better. She could come with us and you guys could be toget-

- S-Shut up! - He said with a scowl.


Walkind down the bustling streets of Magnolia, Erza suddenly stopped walking when she saw, through the big window of a café, two familiar figures. Juvia was trying very hard to eat a dessert - but without much success, ‘cause her face was getting all sugary in the process - while Gray laughed affectionately, having fun with the bluenette’s lack of skill. That scene made a sweet smile appear almost automatically in Erza’s features, especially when the brunet pretended to stretch his arms just to put one of them around Juvia’s shoulders. He was finally being “a little more resolute”.

Since the end of the Alvarez Empire’s war, the ice mage seemed to be genuinely happy. A kind of happiness that he never allowed himself to feel before. And of course - the re-equip mage knew for sure - Juvia was behind this. 


When they stopped if front of the Fairy Hills’ entrance, the water mage embraced her beloved in a tight hug.

- Juvia knows it wasn’t a real date, but this was the best night of her life. Thank you, Gray-sama!

- But it was a real-

- Gray-sama is acting.. Hm.. Different with Juvia. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but-

- Juvia. - Gray called her with amusement. He couldn’t believe his ears…

- Yes? - She looked at him with expectation.

- I promised an answer, right?

- Gray-sama doesn’t have to worry about-

- This is what’s going on.

At first she looked honestly confused but, a few long seconds later, the bluenette finally seemed to understand what Gray was talking about.

- O-Oh… - Juvia said, looking at her own feet. Each second that passed, her face becoming even more red. - Oh! So… Gray-sama… Juvia…?

Before she could say some nonsense or do anything, Gray grabbed her by the waist and touched her lips gently with his. He almost smiled when she stopped breathing in the beginning of the kiss. Then, not much seconds later, they pulled apart - just a few centimeters.

- Did you get it now, right?

- Gray-sama… Are you sure? - She whispered, with her eyes still closed, and Gray kissed her again. This time, really slow and a little deeper, but as tender as the first one. - But Juvia is- One more kiss.

- I’ll keep kissing you until I get a normal Juvia reaction. - He said just about to capture her lips again, but stopped after realizing that her eyes were watery. - J-Juvia! Did I do something wrong?! - The brunet was exasperated.

- Can Juvia hug you… Anytime and anywhere she wants?

- Er.. Yeah. You already do this, actually. - The ice mage was confused.

- And.. Can Juvia kiss you? - The bluenette bit her bottom lip. - Even if she really enjoys doing it? She might get addicted..

That made him laugh loudly.

- I am honestly hoping for that to happen. - And that’s when the “normal Juvia reaction” happened. She jumped euphoric in his arms and kissed her Gray-sama passionately.

My first one -shot!

So , now here it is, my first attempt to write something about our favourite character Eric.

Title: Little Warrior

Warning: none just a lot of fluff

Words: 1622

I want to thank my fellow jai-sisters and the lovely @pathybo for encouraging me to post this! You rule! Lots of love!

P.S. I’m sorry for every mistake in this text, English is not my first language.

When I left the infirmary, I was stunned. Not about the pregnancy, I was well aware about that, but Eric. He had shown up and seems very interested about the child. He even stayed behind to asked the Doctor a few more questions. With a big smile on my face I walked back to my Apartment.

Halfway there suddenly Peter stopped me, a malicious smirk on his face. „Well, well look who’s here. Heard you’ve been knocked up.“ Ok, rumours spread as fast as light at Dauntless. „ you think you can take advantage of this, don’t you? Carrying a leader’s Baby would gain you respect?“ he took a step towards me and started poking my belly with his index. „You are nothing but a cheap whore! Everybody knows that, and this little brat inside you…” The next moment a dark shadow rushed past me and Peter was pinned on the opposite wall. Eric! With his hands tight around Peter’s throat he glared angry at him. „This is MY woman and MY child you’re talking about“ he hissed between clenched teeth. „If I ever saw you around May or my child again, I swear to god I’ll show you the chasm from a very different perspective!“ Peter gurgled and turns violet. I laid my hand on Eric’s Arm. „Honey please! He’s not worth it. Let’s go home ok?“ He let go of Peter with a deep growl, took me by my waist and left further down the hall with me. Around the next corner he stopped and looked at me with worried eyes. „Is everything ok? Did he hurt you? Did he hurt the Baby?“ He laid his big Hand on my stomach. I shook my head. „No, everything is fine, but I think we need to talk.“ He nodded and followed me.

The second I closed the door behind me his lips crushed on mine. But it wasn’t that usual heated sex-driven Kiss, but a soft and sensual one. When I break the kiss a few seconds later, I saw nothing but genuine love in his eyes. We sat down on my couch. „We’re really having a Baby, don’t we?” Eric noted. “Jepp” I just answered. He shoved his hand trough his hair. “Wow….that’s wow. I’ve never thought of me as a father!” “Nor I’ve been thinking of me as a mother, at least not for now. Somewhere in the future of course but not yet.” Eric slides himself closer to me, wrapped one of his arms around my shoulder and with the other Hand he started to rub my non-existent belly. “Move in with me” he whispered to my ear. I look at him in shock, that was unexpected. “Eric…I..” He took my hands in his. “I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, since you told me” I scoffed lightly. When I broke the news to him, he went pale as a wall, excused himself and run for the hills. No one saw him for nearly two weeks! Today he finally reappeared. He laughed a little. “I know I know, I’m sorry about that, I was a little overwhelmed. But as I said, I thought about it. If I would ever had to have children in this world, this faction, it would be with you!” I sighed. “Babe , I’m normally not the kind of relationship-guy, and I can’t promise that this will work , but I want to try it, for you and the Baby.” I layed my forehead to his. “I also don’t know how all of this will end, I never was in an relationship before, but I want this Baby, our Baby to grow up in a real family.” He gently kissed me again. “So it’s set? You’re coming with me?” I nodded and snuggled into him. Slowly he shoved his hand on my stomach again. “I… I think…I love you!” The next moment he grimaced. “Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought.” I laughed. “I love you too….Yeah, you’re right, it feels good!” We sat there for a couple more minutes, hanging on our own thoughts.

Suddenly Eric jumps up and took me with him. “Come on, let’s seal the deal. Pack up a few things, you’re living with me now! Later we will visit the Housing-Department to get you registered to my Apartment. I don’t want you and our Baby to be on your own. If something happened, I’m not here to help!” I smiled. There he was again, Eric the leader. Any other day I would be angry about someone ordain my life like this, but maybe it were the hormones or because deep down I know that he was right, I simply agreed. So I took my Dufflebag and threw random clothes out of my Wardrobe in it. Eric went to my bathroom and collected my toiletries. A few minutes later we were ready and headed out to Eric’s . As I closed my door Eric laced our Hands together. This was the first time he showed any affection towards me in public.

After we put my belongings at his home we went to the Department. Carlene, the assigned Dauntless smirked widely at our request. “Finally! That step was long overdue!” She laughed hardly at our confused looks. “What? Do you really thought nobody knows about you two? We even placed bets on how long it took you to admit it to yourself! As for that…..” she spins herself around and shouted to a fellow Employee “Tell Andrew he owes me a lot of points now. I told you it would took them over a year!” Eric and I looked at each other staggered. Was it that obvious that there was more between us than just occasional banging each other? Beside that we hadn’t much in common….till now.

We get everything done and went back to Eric’s…No, our Apartment. Eric opens the door and pointed inside. “Welcome home, Babe” Albeit I had been in here countless times before, this was the first time I took a real good look around. It was as I expected: Neat, very structured and a bit cold, to be honest. On the right side of the door was the living room with a big black couch, a fireplace and a TV above it. On the left lays the kitchen with a cooking island as the central element. There were three more doors to the Master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a little bathroom as Eric told me. All walls had a light grey colour like concrete and most of the furniture was black or dark brown. On the ceiling was a big surface light which makes the whole room light up nicely. Eric dropped my bag on the bed. As I opened the wardrobe I saw that Eric had already made room for me. I looked at him in question and he smiled “when I thought this whole thing over, I already made a few arrangements” I chuckled lightly and shocked my head.

In the next few ours, the rest of my stuff was delivered to us. Soon you could tell that a woman was now living in here: There was a sand-coloured rug in front of the couch, a few pictures on the walls, a candle holder on the sideboard and a basked of fruits on the dining table. Now the bathroom holds two toothbrushes and a few more care products. Eric looked around in awe. “Wow, I liked my flat bevor , but now it looks really vivid!” He slipped his arms around me and kissed me lightly. “Thank you” he said tenderly. “For what?” I asked astonished. “Just for being here with me, for giving me something to live for aside my job” A tear formed inside my eye, as I kissed him eagerly as an answer.

Later we laid in our bed together. Suddenly Eric laughed to himself. “What’s up?” I asked. He props himself up on his elbows and turned to me. “I just realised that this is the first time I’m in bed with a woman and not having sex with her” I looked at him “Never bevor?” He shocked his head. “Nope. Either I was in the girl’s room or I throw her out afterwards.” I thought about it. As in my case he was right. Every time we were done I soon left to my own home. We never really slept in the same bed. “So, should I sleep on the couch as long as we have no sex?” I said smirking. He laughed again. “ No, of course not. To be honest, now I can’t think of anything better than to wake up beside you every morning!” I looked at him ecstatic. “Aww, big bad leader Eric, soft as a little kitten” He glared at me playfully. “Don’t you dare tell anybody! I have a reputation to loose!” He reached for the covers, took them down and lifted my shirt up. Lovingly he caresses my stomach. “So, how are you two?” I laid my Hands on his. “Good, great actually. I’m happy and comfortable” He nodded satisfied, laid his head beside my belly and kissed it gently. “Hey little warrior, it’s me, Daddy. You have to grew fast and become strong. Me and your Mommy can’t wait to see you!” I fondle his hair softly. “And if it is a girl?” His eyes sparkled “Then she will be as brave and as beautiful as her mother!” Wow that whole Baby-thing has engulfed him entirely! I put my head on his chest and my arm around his waist. I closed my eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. There was a big adventure for us ahead!

Originally posted by ladanvm

-i have it massively headcanoned that english is actually ryan’s second language

- like imagine the crew’s just running around one day on the town, just doin their own business, when they’re nearing an ammunition store and ryan just goes “oh, wait, je veux– shit, i want to stop in there.” and they just write it off as a flub for the first minute before gavin tentatively speaks up from next to him. “ryan… was that… french??”

- everyone suddenly turns on him and he just blushes the deepest shade of red like “uh… yup. yeah. that was… french.”

- and they discover that french is actually ryan’s first language, and he can still speak it pretty fluently

- cue gavin urging ‘say something in french’ every other second and ryan ALWAYS replying with ‘quelque chose

- ryan now being more comfortable with them knowing that he learnt english as a second language so he can attempt to say bigger sentences

- but every so often when he’s talking about something passionately he just slips into french, and when he goes, ‘yknow????’ at the end expectantly, ray has to shake his head and reply ‘you started speaking french ten minutes ago and all i got out of that was ice skating. i think.’

- ryan not knowing the english for some words so he’ll have to stop and mumble quietly to himself ‘fuck… what was that fucking word again…’ and he always hates being caught like this but ray thinks it’s the most adorable thing since baby animals

- michael had ALMOST convinced him that the word for ‘shooting’ was ‘masturbating’ 

- ryan quietly singing french songs to ray when he’s curled up next to him in one of his giant hoodies

- at some point the crew just collectively really pisses him off so he goes an entire two weeks speaking french and nothing but.

- “ryan, pass the salt”

- “désolé, je ne sais pas. je ne parle pas anglais. est-ce que tu veux la poivre?

- “ryan i will fucking fire you” 

 - ryan forgetting that he’s speaking french and just fluently answering someone’s english question (and then being really flustered when he realizes he’s been speaking french)

- what’s weird is that he wasn’t actually born in france? so no one knows why he learnt french. he just did.

- french ryan with his hair tied up in a bun and wearing this big cute pastel pink sweater bye

[Durarara!!] Epitome of Eighteen Histories 15: Orihara Izaya Episode

So, this is my first attempt at translating something from Japanese to English, which is to say from my third to second language. 

At first I only intended to practice reading, but then I found out that I would forget the last sentence as soon as I finished a new one, so I decided to write it down, then somehow it turned into a translation.

I’m sure I made several mistakes in there. Read it with a grain of salt. Please bear with me and feel free to point out any mistake, both in the translation itself and in the grammatical thingy.

Scan provided by @durararascans, thank you very much!

[ translation under cut ]

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Eien Misui ni Good Bye English Translyrics

After finding that no one managed to make an English cover/lyrics for it, I decided to try my hand at it! This is my first time ‘translyricing’ something, and I had to cross-translate a few extra conversions bc I don’t understand Japanese myself, so I hope I could convey the song (and Dazai’s character) effectively while still keeping it singable!


As I walk on, this fleeting world- ever changing it’s own face
Everything passes but there’s still emptiness
Even in this setting sun, why do thoughts and feelings stay
As if each breath takes my heart away

I extend a hand, again, again- yearning reaching
But my wish crept through my fingers

As the day never ends, an unending roam, I’m waiting for the glimmer of a dawn
If I can’t even grasp what life is like, just yearning for meaning
I want to just drown, with something else than this loneliness I’m alive with
Then there’s no point-, with this night I’ll say goodbye

I always say that
But yet I’m still alive

I wish for the grandest end, but the curtain hasn’t dropped yet
Is it okay, to be this selfish?
Words on words, it just gets worse, always repeating arduously
Melancholic, a gloomy, gloomy setting sky

What will be will be- it’s always inevitability
But even though I am, no longer what I am
I want to cast aside this
A former stained self

I’m a failed jester, I want to proclaim- this is the one ‘self’ I know
Can’t anybody know, see or sense- and join me in an end
To try is to fail, it’s never enough- death is an absolute end
The setting sun, is all the more bleak for the endless

Even in the grey
I somehow found you

The rope that helps me up, not tying my heart down- an endless thank you for that day
I want to try, to not die for this, but to live a life
I’ve never in my death, had such thoughts before

As the day never ends, an unending roam, I’m waiting for the glimmer of a dawn
If I can’t even grasp what life is like, just yearning for meaning
I want to just drown, with something else than this loneliness I’m alive with
Then there’s no point- I’ll say an endless goodbye

Maybe, perhaps
I can enjoy this fickle world


Hello everyone from the writing community! Let’s make some introductions! 

First of all, I’m not a native english speaker and writing in english is a challenge for me BUT I’m a slut for challenges so here I am. 

This is my first serious attempt at writing a book and I need all the emotional support I can get… and since none of my friends or family members really understand the struggles of writing, I thought to myself: “Hey! There’s something called social media where I can find tons of people that love to write and that will be able to understand what I’m going through and actually help me!” hence: holycollectorofbooks was created. 

Regarding my book and my aspirations towards it…. 

I’m not really an ambicious person, I want to do a good job and when I finish my book, post it on whatever site for everyone to enjoy for free. That’s really all that I aspire. 

Now for the actual argument of the book I want to write. 

The story follows two foot soldiers that during the time that they spend at war they realize not only their feelings towards each other but also the true meaning behind the brutality of conflict. 

The setting of the story is purely fictional but it’s going to be based loosely on the campaigns of Alexander the Great in Asia. 

The characters, outline, etc are on the process of being created, I don’t have anything solid yet except for the argument. 

I know that this may not be the usual writing prompt that will end up becoming popular but I genuinly want to write their story…

So please, please, please, I beg you! If you are a writer as well I would LOVE to hear about your works and talk to you and bond about stuff and go crazy talking about books and giving recs and whatever! don’t be shy, don’t leave a sister hanging, HALP MEH! I need you. I only want you for your brain! don’t run!

(It goes without saying that I’ll follow ANYONE that follows me from the writing comunity, it doesn’t matter what you write, I love to read everything, from poetry to fanfiction. Literature is literature) 

Rowaelin Library AU

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic for the Throne of Glass series. Let me know what you think! Also, English is not my native language so there may be some mistakes in it. You can also read this fanfic at: FFN. Read the other parts here: Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven  Part Eight.

It smelled like I was in an old-people’s home. I sniffed once again and then I decided that I should just ignore the smell, for I had to be here. I had never felt the urge to go to the library, but since I needed more information, the library was the only place to go. I had searched the entire internet for only a scratch of information, but it had seemed like every tiny bit they had had, was now gone. Like it had gone up in smoke. I sighed in frustration. For that exact reason, I had been obliged to go to this dustball full of books.

“Can I help you with something, sir?” I heard a voice ask behind me. I turned around and looked down on the librarian who was sitting behind her desk. I had expected a small, elderly woman, but instead I saw a young girl with brown hair sitting behind the desk.

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Frustrated Kings and cheeky Djinns

Night One

Since his Majesty Sinbad returned from his buisness trip in the Kou Empire, there was no day were he wasn’t buried under a pile of documents. In his absence, despite Ja'fars relentless and hard work, there had been masses of paperwork awaiting him to be looked over and signed. The days had been dull and boring but despite the frustration he completed his tasks under the watchful eyes of his advisor.

The sun was starting to go down, colouring the white tiles into a warm, orange shade. Sinbad was signing the last contract for the day, leaning back in his chair as he finished folding the parchment.

Staring off into the distance, watching the room grow darker and the sun vanishing on the horizon, an old familiar feeling crept up his spine. The vague sensation of not being alone with his thoughts anymore. He could hear a slight chuckle, then the deep voice was whispering what he has been holding back for so many weeks.

„It’s not like you to hold out that long without giving yourself any sort of relief, your Majesty.“

Sinbad sighed, knowing this conversation would proof very difficult in his current strained situation.

„Focalor, you should feel how frustrated i am right now. Youre teasing isn’t going to help my case at all you know?“

He could hear his Djinn trying to hide his amusement concerning his Masters predicament.

„I offered you quite a few times back in Kou to help you with your…“pressing matters“.“

„And i already gave you my answer regarding this topic. You never know when to give up, do you?“

Short silence was looming over the now darkened throne room. The sun was gone and the air started to get chilly, letting Sinbad shiver in his thin robes. He was lighting an oil lamp on his desk, waiting if the Djinn would give up or conter his Master’s statement. The response came immediatly as he sat back down in his chair.

„I know you’re at the end of your patience, my King. Anymore of these never changing daily patterns, without turning to your worldy desires and you might lash out at your subordinates. We all know this has happened before. So why don’t you let yourself go for once. I promise i won’t leave you unsatisfied…“

Sinbad was grunting in response, knowing that he was completely right and not able to give an justifying answer in return. He swallowed the knot in his throat, gave out a huge sigh and rubbed his temples in a futile attempt to stay composed.

„If i agree to this, will you finally leave me alone afterwards?“

„I won’t make any promises, cause if it ends up being more than just pleasant, im gonna make sure you will give into my demands again…“

Too exhausted to fight back, Sinbad stood up to slowly walk back to his chambers, pondering wether this was the worst idea he has ever had in his life.  

„The Master is submitting himself to his own servant…“ he mused while shaking his head faintly in denial, entering his bedroom and quietly closing the curtains behind him, not knowing what will await him.

First attempts at FanFic writing! Hope anyone enjoys this. Feedback always welcome. English isn’t my first language so im sorry for any grammar issues! And to anyone reading this: I probably love you! <3

Ugo out!


title: TINY SCAR
Elizabeth of York x Henry Tudor
the morning-after their first night together. no need to say that pre-marital sex is my headcanon for this one-shot.
rating: NC-17
words: 3360
notes: my attempt of fluff + smut, because they deserve better reprensentations of their relationship in fiction that the ones we have, and here my little contribution. it took me way too mcuh time to write this shit :P… sorry in advance for my english, but i hope you will enjoy it anyway xxx inspired by this gifset.

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there’ll be flowers on the other side of the garden wall

Summary: “I miss how we used to go sailing,” says Henry, over his much-erased algebra notes, sitting in the booth at Granny’s.

Killian pushes the plate of fries towards him even though he’d won most of them in dice, anyway. “Me too.”

“Maybe – after things?” asks Henry, and Killian smiles, sort of tired and sort of gentle and looking for the very first time since Henry’s known him, his age. 

“I’d love nothing more.”

(Henry doesn’t say: I miss my mom. He thinks that’s just widely understood.)

someone please yell at me i promised myself i wouldnt slip into ouat hell and yet, here i am, attempting to cathart the Ache in my soul that followed 5x02 and beyond. there’s like. no discernible timeline because i personally have no idea how the time thing is working on the show rn, and i dont know if everyone’s in character, and did u know 300 year old piratey english is SO hard to write, but. here. we are. anyways, i love henry mills,

It starts slowly, innocuously, slipping into his daily routine as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. There’s Grandma and Gramps and baby Neal, who take the time now more than ever to give out hugs, warm and strong and grounding. There’s his mom, Regina’s tense jaw softening only when she looks at him, and there’s even Robin sometimes, clapping him on the shoulder, strong fingers squeezing just slightly in a gesture of solidarity.

Henry starts slipping into the seat beside Killian’s on impulse.

He’s not sure why – well, he’s sort of sure why, but the original impulse, after everything, after the two of them fetch Emma from the tower, after the alternate universe where everything’s wrong but maybe one or two things are the same, after Merlin’s pen has chosen him and after his mom vanishes into a swirling vortex of darkness and after they fall back into Storybrooke with no memories and after Emma’s hard, cold, pale face sneering at them

She’s his mother but she isn’t, it’s not her, and Henry starts slipping into the seat beside Killian’s whenever they happen to be in the same room.

Usually it’s Granny’s, if he’s honest; not just the family meeting spot but also the only place that sells decent onion rings and Henry finds himself there more often than not, even when they’re not convening to discuss the latest Catastrophe that’s struck town.

Henry doesn’t like to think about the fact that the latest Catastrophe is his mom, so he grabs his onion rings and grabs the newspaper and doesn’t think about exactly what’s making him do this, and slips into the booth. Into the seat beside Killian’s.

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Here is my attempt at drawing a Head Mistress for Uagadou the african school for witchcraft and wizardry. I wish I had time to colour it at the moment as one o the amazing things about that school would be the colour palette. 

I also drew this cause I was dreaming about an idea I had yesterday on twitter…

What if @jk_rowling was to hand pick unknown authors from the country of each new wizarding school to write a new series for each one.

Her guidance and their cultural knowledge. Published first in a native language. Then a week later in English for the rest of the world.

I so want this! Don’t you?

Tony Stark x daughter! Reader x Peter Parker (T.H.)



Sorry, I don’t know why Tumblr isn’t letting me change paragraphs… I apologize in advance if it’s difficult to read DX

This is my first attempt at an Avengers imagine, if this is even worth calling that, but anyway I’ve tried my best so I hope you enjoy!

I apologize for poor grammar and writing in advance… Although I can speak and write English, my native tongue is Japanese.

In this imagine you and Peter are the same age.

Summary: You and Peter were working on a science project for school, and after awhile, you decide to watch a movie together. (This probably sucks, because I didn’t really have anything specific in mind. Sorry😐)


*Y/N’s POV*

“Hey FRIDAY?” You call out to the AI. “Yes miss Stark?” FRIDAY’s voice rings throughout your room which is located in one of the private floors in the Stark/Avengers tower.

“Tell dad that I’m gonna be in my room with Peter working on our science project? And not to interrupt? He should know what happens when he does…” You question. “Of course miss.” The AI replied and you turned to Peter who was sitting on the corner of your bed.

“Well than, shall we start working?” You ask and he nods.

*Time skip brought to you by Steve trying to teach Bucky how to use an iPhone*

Currently, you were sprawled out on your bed, face down, while Peter was sitting on your small, yet comfortable sofa in your room, his face in his hands, trying hard not to fall asleep. You’ve been working on the project for over five hours and you both were exhausted and your minds were just not functioning properly. “I think it’s about time we take a break, don’t you think?” You ask him while propping yourself up on your elbows. “Yeah, I think so too. What do you wanna do?” He says smiling groggily at you. “Hmmm… How about we watch a movie?” You smile as you jump on the sofa making him chuckle. “Sure. Which one?” He gestures towards your huge DVD collection.

“(Your favorite movie).” You reply and got up, grabbed the said movie, and put it in the player. You went back to the sofa and snuggled into Peter, making him smile softly to himself.

He loved everything about you.

Your smile that could light up the whole room, your eyes that always sparkles with so much love and admiration for him, your personality that was a perfect mach for his, and the smell of your hair which always smelled like (your favorite smell), as you always used that shampoo. Your presence was enough to make him happy.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered and you could feel a faint blush forming on your cheeks. “Thanks.” You whisper and look up at him to find that he was already looking down at you.

“I love you.” He said and you smiled. “I love you too.” He leaned in, both your faces inches apart, and his soft lips brushed against yours. You closed the gap, and melted in to his touch. Sure, you’ve kissed before, but you can never get over the butterflies that you feel in your stomach. He makes you feel special, like you’re the only girl in the world. You were his first girlfriend, and he was your first boyfriend.

There were, and will be some bumps along the way, but what relationship doesn’t? Every problem you go through together made both of you stronger. You always sticked together, and of course, missions were no exceptions. You’ve been training with Natasha, and Steve sometimes, and you were really good at combat.

You both pulled away, both in need of oxygen, and smiled lovingly at each other.

“I’m glad you’re my boyfriend.” You say and his smile grows bigger. “And I’m glad you’re my girlfriend.”

Halfway through the movie, FRIDAY called. “Miss (Y/N), Mr. Stark is outside your room.” You we’re so engrossed in the movie that the AI had to repeat herself a few times before Peter nudged you making you groan.

“Would you like me to let him in miss?” She asks and you scrambled to answer. “Wha- No. NO.”

“Too late. I’m already in.” Your dad says from the doorway, and you sigh.

‘I knew I should’ve locked the damn door.’

You thought to yourself.

“So what are you love birds up to now?” He smirks and you roll your eyes.

He didn’t like you two together (at first), being the overprotective father that he is (but who isn’t really?), and it took a lot of convincing from you, and the rest of the Avengers, for him to finally approve of you and Peter dating.

“We’re just watching a movie dad. No biggie.” You sigh and Peter let’s out a small laugh.

“Well than, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to help me design a new suit for Spidey-boy here, but I guess you two are so busy studying, I’ll come back later.” He said walking towards the door. Peter groaned next you and mumbled. “It’s Spider-man…” You sniggered.

“Oh and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He calls out. “So basically I can do whatever.” You smirk at him and he rolls his eyes. “Don’t push your luck missy.” Peter laughs at this making you playfully glare at him.

“You’re so lucky I love you.” You say and he pulls you into a hug. “I know I am.” He kissed the top of your head making you smile. “Now let’s finish watching this movie, shall we?” He said, both of you focusing on the movie once more.



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