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first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!


BNHA aesthetics : Bakugou Katsuki




Somewhere Only We Know

[ E | 12.5k | AU | OS ]

Ever since they got together, Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane often find themselves getting caught up in work. This ultimately leads to the couple having less and less time for each other. So when Alec has to cancel their plans for a weekend together once again, he decides that enough is simply enough. Screw work. Screw everything.

Little did he know that Magnus isn’t working this weekend but has instead taken some days off—without telling him. Apparently there is only way to find out why: Drive to Magnus’ cabin in the middle of nowhere and confront him. A good plan. But since when does life follow a certain plan… ?

(sequel to “The Notorious Pumpkin Pie” but can be read individually) 

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Hey, um, Thomas...I was wondering... Where do you buy your jeans? My younger brother has a quite the booty like you, and while he enjoys sweatpants a lot, there are certain functions we go to as a family that require the jean-y look. My dad has looked around at every local store and hasn't found any that fit over his butt. Sorry if this is a bit weird - honestly this is my first ask I've ever done. I hope you have a great day! regardless of my weird question...

Oh man haha well I get mine at PacSun cause they have very stretchable yet stylish jeans!


Bones in some stereotypical southern attire that @adenil-umano and @logicheartsoul requested! I dont even know but it came out 3000000 times better than I expected???

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Idk if you've seen Love Live Sunshine or not but.... Who's your favorite between Yoshiko and Hanamaru?

This one was easy

(for the choose between two characters prompt)

Matt: Let’s not tell anyone about that, yeah?

Tord: Mhmm!


Edd: Tom, Please!

Matt: Woah, guys I think you should both get back in the house so we can talk about whatever this is about!

Eduardo: What are you losers shouting about now? 

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I love the PJO au! What are Pidge's and Hunk's backstories?

Me too! I’m surprised i got a lot of asks for it after that one tbh! XD I know you’re not asking for Lance, but I’m adding him anyway just because. There’s a Shiro backstory ask so he’ll be next soon. (Keith’s Backstory)

The Backstories: Pidge, Hunk and Lance Edition (PJO AU)

Pidge is the daughter of the famous Sam Holt, an engineer and the current Administrator of NASA. She has a brother named Matt who went missing for 10 years. Ever since her brother went missing, she became a lil obsessed finding him, thinking aliens got him and all that, she however had fascination with Greek mythology for some reason. 

She was on their rooftop when she spotted her first monster: one of the Furies and boy did she scream so loud when it clutched its claws to her shoulders, taking her off the ground. She tried her best not to panic because GODS DAMMIT WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. Using all her strength, she swung her body forward until she was practically riding the monster. “Is this what Hiccup felt like when he rode Toothless because I swear to god this is goddamn awful and exhilarating at the same time.” It startled the monster and it shrieked, “What are you saying?! And what are you doing there?” “Oh! You could talk! Welp. Bye, bye. Sorry in advance.” Then Pidge stabbed the monster’s eyes with the pen from her tablet that she was holding and twisted its neck until she heard it crack. The monster shrieked louder in pain and suddenly it started to disintegrate. She was way up high in the sky, above their rooftop, then she started to fall. “Oh gods. This is how I die after I just killed one of the Furies. A heroic act at that and no one was even there to see it. Story of my life.” She accepted her fate and closed her eyes, doing a salute towards the moon. 

Next thing she knew, she was in the arms of her Dad, who caught her just in time because apparently he heard some noise from the rooftop and went to check. “I got you. And you just killed that monster.” Her Dad gasped. She had never hugged her Dad so tight in her life. “You have so much explaining to do, old man.” That was how she got to Camp Half Blood, she had the chillest arrival because her Dad simply drove her there because their car was protected with material that warded off monsters. Hunk was her first friend along with Lance and they formed a bond. She found out that her brother was in the Roman Camp: safe and sound.

Hunk is the son of a gourmet chef. His mom owned a famous restaurant and he always made sure to help her. He got all the skills from her and he was trained to be the next head chef until The Incident happened. Hunk was a nerd so the second he saw the thing, he knew it was the Khalkotauroi. He didn’t know how it appeared in the restaurant, he was just trying to prepare a dish when suddenly there were screams and he went out and saw the chaos the automaton caused. It breathed fire EVERYWHERE. Panic came over him when he saw his Mom being cornered by the bull and suddenly his feet started to move and he was in front of the bull, grabbing its horns, his body covering his mom.

“Get out of here, Ma!” Hunk screamed. Before his Mom could protest, the bull was preparing for another blow. The next thing Hunk heard was his Mom screaming out for him. He thought he was dead but he opened his eyes and he was still in one piece. He had no idea how that was even possible but he stared into the bull’s eyes and suddenly his hands were on fire. “Oh gods. No. It’s too early,” Hunk’s mom gasped. “I have no idea what’s happening so you better fill me up later, Ma. Fight fire with fire and—” Before he could finish his sentence, the bull stepped back and charged his mother and burned her.

Hunk screamed so loud and his whole body was covered with flames. “You did not just do that. Now, I’m really angry.” Hunk grabbed the nearest knives and charged, throwing knives into the bull’s mouth as it recharged for another blow. The bull burst into millions of pieces, leaving Hunk in tears holding his Mom’s dead body. Hephaestus came for him and informed him he needed to go to camp.

Lance is the son of a nurse. His family was big (mom remarried to his stepdad and now he had many siblings) and he wanted to make everyone proud of him. So he got into the swim team because if there was another thing he loved more than his family, it was swimming. He was in school and the swimming club was his second family, so during practice that was when he realized that he was probably more special than he thought he was.

The ceiling of the school’s indoor swimming pool got destroyed into pieces when a manticore decided to greet them. “Holy shit, what is that!?” Lance screamed. “MANTICORE!!” some geek screamed and the club members screamed as they got out of the pool. Lance was sorta hyponotized because there was no way a manticore could really exist—his thoughts got disrupted when the monster grabbed his leg by its mouth. “IT’S REAL OH GODS ITS REAL!!!” His friends started screaming at him and boy he screamed with them too because WHAT THE HELL THERE IS JUST NO WAY THIS WAS HAPPENING TO HIM. He wanted a chill swim NOT THIS! 


And that was when suddenly all the water in the pool went upwards and it appeared to be facing each of Lance’s balled up fist, waiting for his command. “Holy shit.” Lance was so shocked. The manticore roared and out of panic, Lance threw his hands up and then towards the manticore. The water obeyed and attacked the monster, temporarily drowning it. As soon as the monster can breathe, Lance shrieked because it looked so pissed, so he did the next best thing he could think of from all his gaming with Hunk: he froze the water into icicles and started stabbing the beast again and again until it disintegrated. His Mom told him later that day that his Dad was Poseidon and the next thing was, he was at camp with Hunk. When Lance arrived with Hunk, everyone bowed down to him when Poseidon claimed him and boy did he like to brag about being a Big Three kid.

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What would make sasuke actually fall in love with somebody?

I hope this answers this request!

(aw, look how cute he is in this gif! I’m not even a sasuke girl, but this gif’s cute!)

Originally posted by isohiko

  • Sasuke is one who falls in love very slowly with his S/O; it will take some time for him to realize that he loves whoever it is, and then it will take even more time for him to come to grips with it. Never has he been one to believe in love at first sight, or find solely the physical form of someone attractive and act on it; for him to actually fall in love with someone, he has to love the entire person, there’s not really one particular thing that makes him develop feelings.
  • He is definitely someone who would fall for someone who has been by his side for a good amount of time; proved that they are willing and able to deal with him in both his good times and bad. There’s something about someone who is willing to stay with him and all of his issues that is comforting to him.
    • Yet with that being said, his S/O would also need to realize that this is Sasuke and sometimes Sasuke needs his moments where he shuts everyone out, including them. It’s just how he handles life some days, and he needs someone who understand this and will let him be for a while. This is not to say that they don’t support him during these times, but they realize that he just needs to be by himself. So if someone was actually able to gauge when to let him be and when to stay, then that would also cause him to see more appeal in the individual.
  • I’ve said this before, but I feel that Sasuke would fall for someone who is extremely caring and perceptive to the world and people around them, but not overbearing about it. He’d be drawn to someone who is able to understand him; they don’t need to relate or speak on it, but just understand. He’s been through a lot, and he can be a lot to deal with at times, so he needs someone who understands this, but still has that unconditional love and care for him.
    • Lowkey, he likes to be taken care of. The little mundane things that no one really thinks about, those are the things that’ll get him. Small things like asking him if he’s had lunch, or telling him to make it home safely will do so much more for him than any type of flirting.
  • This may sound strange, but I feel like he would be more drawn in by someone who’s ‘pure.’ Not saying this in like a virginity type of pure, but as in their intentions and perspective on life. He doesn’t want to be around anyone who is going to hide the truth or stab him in the back the first chance they get; he wants someone who still has that positive outlook on life and treats those around them with good intentions in mind despite knowing the fact that the world isn’t always so kind. He’s suffered in the darkness for too long, he seeks someone who embodies the light.
  • Sasuke is someone who falls in love without realizing that he is falling in love. It’s just a lot of little things that build up this relationship between Sasuke and his S/O, and then one day he realizes that he loves them, and then he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to admit to being in love, but at the same time he doesn’t want to lose his S/O, because he didn’t act. 
    • Most likely his feeling for his S/O will come apparent one seemingly normal night right before they are about to leave, but he’ll grab a hold of their hand, and say something along the lines of, “Stay,” and that’s all that it really takes.

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Bruce and Selina, 20

Bruce gritted his teeth as Selina wrapped the bandage around his arm. Her mouth turned up in a surreptitious, knowing smile and raised an eyebrow at him. 

“What happened this time,” she asked cooly, tying a knot at the end and patting his arm. 

Bruce said nothing in response, his face shadowed and drawn. 

She set the medical kit down beside her on the gurney and turned to face him, one leg dangling off the metal table, waiting for Bruce to speak. The cold, disheartening silence of the cave stretched out as it always did, but Selina had learnt to be patient. She had learnt to wait for the tiny drops of water that sometimes broke his stony demeanour. 

“Jason and I had a… disagreement,” Bruce finally said, his voice low. “Again. So he tried to go solo tonight. I tracked him down, and found him taking on Two-Face and his men. Alone.”

Selina sighed, hands wandering up to find his rough face and cupping it gently, staring into the glazed, tiredness that lay behind his eyes. Searching him. She opened her mouth to say the words, to tell him how proud she was of him, how much she respected the deep love he carried for his children.

But words were often difficult with Batman. So instead, she cupped his cheek in her hand and leaned up, lips parting as she kissed him. A slow, steady, grounding kiss, filled with every single word of affirmation she wished she could give him. He returned her kiss, gently, reserved at first, but soon holding her in his arms like he never wanted to let her go. 

Time stood still. The dripping precipitation of the cave echoing into the chasms as they eventually pulled away from one another. Hesitating, still yearning. 

“I’ll talk with Jason,” Selina finally promised and stood to leave, mentally preparing herself for teenage hormones and long rants from an emotional boy who loved his father too much and just wanted to make him proud. 


Selina drew to a stop, turning to look back at the hand that held onto her arm. Looking back into those eyes that were now soft. She allowed herself to be gently pulled back into his strong arms and melted into them as he buried his face into her chest. 

“Thank you, Cat.”

She kissed him once more on the top of his head, a tender kiss pressed into thick, black hair that was peppered with age and stress. 

“You owe me, Bat.”

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Hey! So I know im supposed to be on a semi-hiatus, but I just realized that my 1 year anniversary was yesterday! I also realized that in a whole year on tumblr, I have never made an edit of a male sim (that wasn’t a sim request/sim download). So, I guess in celebration of my first year, I present my first male sim!


bakugo invites kirishima to the gym and kirishhima decides this child needs protection 24/7 aka the trans!bakugo au i will never be done with