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Hi! Love ur art! One suggestion though. The first time I saw a drawing of urs was randomly on google & then I had a hard time trying to track u down for more. That was a long time ago. Now that u have way more material I am sure it's going 2be easier. Still though, I wld suggest u add a signature so that ppl know how to find u. Please don't stress over this if u don't like the idea. Don't have to publicly answer this either. It's just that I love ur art and I want ppl to be able to find you.

Y'know what? That’s actually a good idea and I’m such a moron sometimes I don’t even think of these things! 😂🙈

Also omg I can’t believe you actually went to the effort of tracking me down! Thank you so much! 💜❤💜❤

hamilton + first date headcanons

(day one of my valentines week celebration!)


  • he is. a mess on the inside
  • SUPER professional and poised on the outside
  • asks you straight up if you want to go on a date with him.
  • like just. ‘do you want to accompany me to dinner tonight’ or something like that
  • HOWEVER, when you say yes, he gets all blushy and the biggest smile grows on his face. like. it wouldnt be possible for anyone else. it was so wide
  • he takes you out to dinner
  • (he wants to talk about you though!!! he will ask a lot of questions about you as opposed to answering ones about him!!!)
  • he smiles and nods at everything you say
  • (hes very shy about talking about himself but dont be afraid to ask him questions too!!! just dont expect a very long answer)
  • will walk/drive you back to your apartment
  • wont kiss you first, but if you kiss him, he will get the same blushy smile he got when you said yes!!!
  • he does this lil thing when hes walking away from your door where he takes a step forward, stops, and does a half-step-pivot thing
  • hes not sure if he wants to leave!!!
  • kiss him one more time because thats all he wanted
  • will text you goodnight!!! with a bunch of emojis
  • (he is very happy but he wont admit it)


  • ‘hey girl wanna go on a date lmao’
  • hes pretty chill about it on the outside and while asking you
  • but when you go on the date, he seems a little… nervous!!!!
  • hes good at hiding it though
  • but he talks a lot, even more than he usually does 
  • (and thats already a lot!!!)
  • probably spills a drink or something and apologizes profusely
  • you have to tell him to chill. please. this boy is so scared
  • once you tell him to calm down however hes pretty chill! in fact hes like his normal self
  • wont drive/walk you home because he wants to go and work 
  • (unless you want to doink)
  • but he will text you a long message that night thanking you for the night and saying goodnight!!!
  • (texts you the next morning. of course)


  • hes flirty about asking you out. all wiggling eyebrows and smirks
  • when you say yes though hes!!! speechless!!!
  • he laughs a little and turns away and then looks back at you and is like ‘wait really’
  • ’kiss him!!! or hug him!!!! but just reassure him yes!!!
  • he either takes you on a picnic or to a beach or to the park
  • something really pretty and nice!!!
  • (hes a dreamer and rlly likes pretty things)
  • usually asks you to play 21 questions with him!!!
  • he doesnt get super personal right away
  • but is fine if you do!!!
  • he does like talking about his dreams though, and what plans he has for the future
  • he’ll ask yours!!!
  • he walks you home, kisses your cheek, and like… sprints away
  • (he texts you the next day asking if you want to go out again)

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Couples Counseling

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.

Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200+

A/N: This is the first of two parts, because the fic got away from me and ended up being too long to post as one part. The second part is complete and will be up tomorrow! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one!


“Remind me again what we’re doing here?” Dean is only half-sitting down in his chair, looking very much like he’s one wrong answer away from fleeing.

“Calm down,” Sam answers, keeping his voice low and steady. “Three people, all from the same small town, murdered their spouse then committed suicide, all within the span of a week. The only thing they have in common is this therapist.”

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Ughhhh can't one good thing happen this week!? Maybe things will get better once Hina and Togami get here and are looked after by doctors. Just gotta have hope!

Don’t worry too much about it. It’s not the first time it happens and it won’t be the first time. I know it can be scary to see him like this but as long as someone keep an eye on him, things will be okay.

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I just spent the last two days reading a multi-chapter fanfic and now my sense of characterisation is slightly out of whack so I hope you don't mind me asking (and you don't have to answer!) but, would the crew ever get to a point of being comfortable around ryan? a time where they no longer see just the reputation of the vagabond lurking in their midst and feel at ease knowing the person behind the mask?

It takes a few years, but they get there. When Ryan first joined, no one truly trusted him, and there was not a shred of trust from him either. He had been a lone wolf for too long, never wanting or never needing a crew. Ryan is dangerous, he’s quiet and calculating and never lets his emotions slip. The Fakes are a tight knit group and having an outsider, especially one with a kill count as high as Ryan’s, is enough to put them all on edge. They didn’t mesh. Ryan had to learn to work as a team, the Fakes had to learn to trust him, and for a long time it was a strictly professional relationship. Eventually, Ryan opened up a bit. The Vagabond side of him came out less often and the crew finally got to know Ryan instead. They trusted each other, laughed together, and the crew was truly a team at that point. It didn’t slip their mind, however, that Ryan was the person behind the mask that everyone feared. That he was capable of chilling things and that he had not gained his reputation undeservingly. It took years and complete vulnerability on both parts for Ryan to become a part of their family. Ryan was gentle and talked about himself rather than locking himself away. The crew opened up to him, about ambitions, emotions, fears. They trusted him with their lives and they shared some good times together, and some dark times as well. They became a unit, and there was no longer any distrust between them. At that point, the Vagabond was gone, completely separable from the man they shared the penthouse with. He was no longer a dominant part of his being, but just a name with a story.

I’ve realized I don’t actually believe it’s possible to “teach” someone a language.

You can provide resources, but the student needs to use them.

You can answer questions, but the student needs to ask them first.

You can point at a word and say “This means that.” And then the same again for the next word. And then again, and again, and again. But a dictionary can do this too.

You can give a long awkward explanation of all the grammatical exceptions to the rules, but you’ll probably leave them even more confused than when they started.

What you can do is inspire them, give them passion – the longest-lasting and most useful gift you can give someone who wants to learn a language. If you ignite the flame of excitement within them to pursue the language on their own, they will continue to learn for the rest of their lives, even without you.

Not Dead Yet (Part 21)

*Thank you all for 200 followers! Here’s a special treat. This gonna be good.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: mild language

The next couple of days was like walking on eggshells. Peter and Felix weren’t speaking to each other and it affected the entire camp. What should have been a joyous return had turned sour far too quickly. The boys looked to me for answers but I could give them none. This was a problem that needed to be worked out amongst themselves. Felix was a devoted Lost Boy, Peter’s best friend. This surely couldn’t last that long.

As it turned out I was right for a change. One morning Felix and Peter were as thick as thieves once again. “Glad to see they worked things out,” Devin nodded to them, “What was it that had them against each other in the first place?”

“If I could tell you I would.” I sighed, “I’m just glad it’s over. Those two as enemies doesn’t work.”

“It was uneasy. Can you really not tell me anything? Anything at all?”

“It’s Peter, you know I can’t.”

“That’s another thing. When did you start calling him Peter?” I clammed up immediately. Since getting back I had gone back and forth between calling him Peter and Pan. Back at camp I was used to calling him Pan but after our time by ourselves calling him Peter slipped out. I know I asked to call him by his first name but the boys didn’t know that. All they knew was that I was acting far chummier with him than even Felix dared.

“What really happened in the Enchanted Forest?” he pressed.

“I–I can’t!”

“Can’t or won’t?”


“What happened that you can’t tell me? I thought I was your best friend.”

“You are!”

“Then why can’t you trust me?”

“I do! You know I could trust you with anything.”

“Then trust me!”

“Come on,” I pulled him up and dragged him deep into the jungle. When we were in the least trodden part of the jungle I stopped. Peter couldn’t follow me everywhere but I was still worried he might emerge from thin air.

“What I am going to tell you is told in the strictest confidence. You breathe a single word of this to anyone or even back to me after this time I will toss you into the mermaid lagoon with a boulder tied to your feet! Understand?”

“Yes, yes, now what happened in the Enchanted Forest?”

So I told him. Not everything but more than I know I should have dared. How I had gotten into some trouble and tried to run away with a magic bean and how Peter had chased after me, the long talks we shared and the fun we shared. Even so I couldn’t tell him exactly what we talked about or just how much fun we had. Those were memories for Peter and I alone.

“So that’s all it took? A couple days alone and you two are as cozy as hares in a hollow.” Devin chuckled, “How does that happen?”

“I wouldn’t say that’s all it took and we are not cozy. We’re friends at the most, nothing cozy about it. Why would you say it’s cozy?” I shot defensively.

“Well, you two do act far nicer to each other than I’ve ever seen you before.”

“Nice doesn’t equal cozy.”

“Maybe nice doesn’t but the way you two are always reclining on each other is. Also how you’ll jump on him like you do with us and the way he picks you up out of nowhere, it is very intimate behaviour.”

“Intimate? We’ve gone from cozy to intimate? How and why?”

“I’m just telling you what it looks like. Is there possibly something else that went down while you two–”

“No! Nothing happened!” He started smiling at me. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I just didn’t peg you for the type.”

“What type? What are you talking about?”

“The rumour going around.”

“What rumour?”

“Well there’s this rumour, not really a rumour more like a whispering that you and Pan weren’t missing but rather on holiday.” he was avoiding meeting my eyes, “That you two were away for some extended time alone.”

“The boys think we were gone because we were…” I felt like I was going to puke. “Why do they think that?”

“I–I don’t know, honest. I heard it from Sam who said he heard it from Curly who said he overheard Pan telling Felix that the real reason you were gone was for you-know-what.”

“I am going to kill him.” I stormed off. I could feel my skin tingling with just how mad I was right now. I do everything for him. I keep his secrets. I let him know he could trust me as a friend and how does he repay me? To reduce me down to nothing but a shag!

“PETER!” I shouted to the sky.

The air shifted and Peter was now standing in front of me, “You had better have cut yourself with dreamshade to order me here. I was just about to beat Nibs in–”

I socked him in the stomach with my club. He dropped down to his knees. I clenched his face in my hand so hard I was shaking. “You complete and utter shithole!”

“I’m sure you’re right but may I ask why?” He let out a long wheeze. “I think you broke something.”

“Maybe it’ll give you some good incentive to not lie to me.” I dug my fingernails into his cheek and tilted his head up so he was staring straight at me, “Why is it there’s a rumour going around that the real reason we were missing was because we were off having sex?”

“Ah…” he pried my hand off, “About that–”

“Why?!” I screeched, “What was so wrong with the explanation I gave the boys?”

“Nothing.” Peter stood to his full height again, “But Felix didn’t buy it, you know he didn’t. I knew I couldn’t have him against me so I gave him a more believable version.”

“Believable?” I turned my club over in my hands, “You couldn’t win back his respect so you threw me under? You didn’t give a second thought about reducing me to nothing but one of your flings! Let me get this straight right now, I am not one of your whores that you can play off so easily. I have worked too hard to earn these boys’ respect and I am not going to let your pride ruin that!”

“It wasn’t like I meant for all the others to hear.” he groaned, “Plus, I hardly doubt that them believing we had sex for a week is going to make them respect you any less.”

“You really aren’t getting it are you?” I shook my head, “If we really had then maybe I would think about this a little differently. After all as you’ve proven we all have carnal needs and there shouldn’t be any shame in sating those.”

This seemed to surprise him and he took a step forward, “So then…what’s the problem?”

“It’s a lie! If it was true I could at least wear it without any shame cause girls get urges too and the fact that I sated mine on you says a little more than you just coercing me into bed.”

“I prefer the term seducing–”

“I don’t give a damn what you prefer!” I shoved him angry tears rushing hot out of my eyes, “You took everything we did, the friendship we created back in the Enchanted Forest, and morphed it into nothing! Is that all I am in the end? Just a means to your ends like everyone else?”

“Of course not.” he reached for me but stopped when I flinched away. “What do you want me to do? I can’t exactly take it back, no one would believe me at this point.”

“Nothing. Just leave me alone. You got your second in command back you obviously don’t need me.” I began to leave when his arms wrapped around me pulling me back. I struggled against him trying to push him away but he wouldn’t let me go. I reached for my dagger but he beat me to it and threw it away along with my club.

“Let me go!” I screamed, “I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Not until you say you forgive me.” he murmured in my ear.

“I’m not playing this game with you!” I kicked hard at his shins, “I am not a pawn in your stupid games!”

He pushed me into a tree pressing me with his body so I couldn’t fight back. “I mean it! Let me go!”

“No. You need to say you forgive me first.”

“Why do you care if I forgive you?”

“Cause you’re my friend!” he stressed and I paused my struggling. He was staring at me intently. “You’re my friend, Y/N. I have always found you strong and dedicated and smart with an iron-will and bravery that goes often into brash stupidity. You know I’d never put you in a situation I didn’t think you could handle. Felix may be my second in command and a good friend but you’re the one that I trust the most. I know this because even though I know I can make you hate me, utterly despise me, you would never betray what I confided in you with or without the looming death threat.”

The words struck hard. I wanted to not believe him. To call him a liar and run but that would have been the lie. That pleading look in his eyes was more proof than I needed. “So, do you forgive me now?”

My arms went slack at my sides. “Can’t you just let me hate you?”

He smirked at me in triumph, “Where would the fun be then?” He stepped back to let me go.

I collected my things from the ground. Peter was still standing by watching me. My heart was still beating quickly in my chest. While my blood was up I turned back to him and pulled him down to peck his lips. We stared at each other in shock. What had I just done?

“W-Well,” he cleared his throat, “Just can’t keep your hands off me. Care to explain what that was about?”

That is a great question! Do I have an answer that makes sense? Anything at all? “I um…” I took a deep breath, “I am not a liar. If the boys want to believe their silly notions about me then so be it but I will not have those notions be false.”

He smirked wider at me as if he had one some grand prize. “Don’t go getting a bigger head than you already have.” I grinned back, “If the boys want to believe this rumour then I am not going to stop them. But I would rather have some weight to those rumours outside of a drunken make out.”

He gave a short laugh. “Is that all it took? Some sincere words and a rumour and you’re seduced?”

“I wouldn’t say seduced. Especially not to the point to want to crawl into bed with you but this wouldn’t be objected.” I leaned closer but he was the one to close the distance as he kissed me back, “You may act like an insufferable codfish but you certainly don’t kiss like one.”

“Nor do you Lost Girl.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back in. “Nor do you.”


Peter hadn’t expected this. Especially not from Y/N. After their wine induced make out back in the Enchanted Forest he was sure that was the start and end of it. But she just kept surprising him. First with the rough kiss the morning after and now this? One moment she’s yelling at him and the next she’s throwing herself at him. Just more to add to her contradictory character he supposed. She was certainly being all kinds of bold lately and he was not going to complain.

Try as he might have Peter couldn’t deny that Y/N was an attractive girl. Maybe not entirely in the traditional sense as she was a Lost Girl. She wore battered and ragged clothes stained with mud and grass and blood, and no matter how many dips in the pond she took there was always dust on her face. But it was the wild tangle of her hair and the dark underlying danger and bloodlust in her eye that made her attractive. She was like a viper. If you got too close you had two options, run like hell before she struck or reach out and pray she didn’t bite.

He had reached out and she had struck just not in the way he thought she would. Rougher this time and way more passionate than before his lips melded against hers. Both his hands were now wound tightly in her hair looking for a tether. She let out a small gasp and his tongue slipped between her lip into her mouth tasting her deeper.

He groaned against her lips. Whatever rational thought he had flew out the window as he soaked her in. Her smooth skin, her warm body, the sweet taste of her lips and the soft thread of her hair.

“Peter…” she whispered in a husky voice he hadn’t heard before that caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end.

“Shush,” he claimed her lips again, “For right now don’t say a thing.”

And she didn’t. Overhead the sky grew clear and the sun shone brighter than it had before. It was a romantic sight to those who didn’t know better. They knew though. And there was one thing for certain that was screaming in both their minds: things were never going to be the same between them again.

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Omg I love this meme. Can I ask two? (I've noticed you give v in-depth answers, so if that's too troublesome never mind at all): CoT, #12 and #14. -- xoxo, goodboots (who foolishly forgot her Tumblr password)

Certainly, old friend!  You’re not the first person to ask for two.

12: What do you like least about this fic?

The thing I like least about this fic is one and the same as the thing I like most about it: how long it’s taken me to complete it.  I started writing this series in 2005, but it didn’t really pick up significant pace until 2010 - 2012.  Now, here we are in 2017 with one more story to go.  The context in which I resent CoT’s longevity is the realization that I’ve completed much longer works (The Series / Book of Hours is a great example) in less time.  CoT is at this point in time around 232,000 words, and the series I just cited is over 300k and took me only about 9 months.  I end up telling myself I’m capable of a lot more discipline than spreading 232,000 across 12 years.  I can be unforgiving of my occasional inconsistency, but then I remind myself that CoT has served a function in my life unlike any other project to date.

14: Is there anything you want readers to learn from this fic?

Trying is the most important thing you can ever do.  Trying is everything.

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Can you do a request where the characters all know about the reset button and how they would reacts to MC clicking it after their route and how their answers and personality would change in the next one you did? (Please include Saeran, V and Rika if possible)

YAY ANGST >:D sorry this actually took me a long time to think about because omg this is too much character analysis… tbh i was going to leave this for later because it’s so complicated but I WANT TO WRITE ANGST… when i first read a bunch of reset theory posts i was literally so depressed for seven LOL.. like let the poor boy be happy he deserves so much

sorry but i couldn’t think of a really good characterization for saeran, v, and rika since they don’t have actual routes, so i didn’t include them :<

also this probably would’ve made more sense if i wrote them story-style but i got lazy ^~^


  • when you first reset, he was mostly dumbfounded
  • he had no idea what was going on, suddenly sitting on his bed with the messenger app open and realizing that he’d read this chatroom before
  • it finally clicks that you reset the game back to the beginning and he’s honestly so upset
  • did he mean nothing to you? was it that easy to have his feelings confirmed and then tossed aside?
  • but then he gets hopeful
  • maybe you just wanted to restart to experience falling in love with him again
  • so he plays along and sends those messages all over
  • he’ll even compare you to rika again, so that he can coax the same reactions out of you 
  • but even he could realize things were different when you were happily sweet-talking another member throughout the day
  • it honestly shatters him, and he distracts himself by excessively playing LOLOL nonstop
  • but as painful as it is, he decides to support whoever you’re aiming for
  • he’s happy to see you changing their life for the better, even if it’s not his this time
  • in every different route, he’ll never show you how much he’s hurting
  • he’ll just put on a smile and cheer you on
  • cause all he wants is for you to be happy


  • he’s devastated when he realizes you reset
  • it’s just a big mixture of disbelief and confusion
  • even when it’s obvious you’re aiming for another member of the RFA, he’s never going to stop sweet-talking you
  • because he’s desperate to have you back
  • his heart shatters a bit every time you greet someone else in the chatroom, or say goodbye to another member
  • he loves calling you though, because even if your heart changed, at least your voice didn’t
  • the only major difference is when he realizes you chose jumin’s route
  • jumin’s already ticked him off no matter what, but seeing you comfort and send those loving messages that he used to get from you was too much
  • he’s undeniably salty and bitter in jumin’s route because of that
  • but no matter what, he loves you so much
  • so all he can do is act as usual and wait for you to choose him again


  • she gets sullen when everything seems to restart
  • she doesn’t quite remember how, but you made a big impact on her life
  • and it’s all gone in the blink of an eye
  • she drowns herself in work as a distraction
  • even the prospect of no sleep doesn’t make her that upset anymore
  • at least it lowers the chances of her dreaming about you
  • she doesn’t even blame you for resetting
  • maybe this is how it should be
  • maybe she’s fated to being alone and working until retirement
  • after all, that is what the fortuneteller back then prophesied 
  • whenever she sees you happily chatting with the others in the chatroom, she steels herself and talks normally
  • she has many things to do, and she wouldn’t get in your way
  • the reset was just a sign that it wasn’t meant to last
  • so she’ll watch over you and guide you to whatever path that was meant for you


  • oh hell no
  • you did not just reset on him
  • he wasn’t accepting that
  • he’ll be extremely curt towards you in the beginning few days
  • he’s just so salty
  • but he gets impatient and starts mentioning the possibility of you visiting his home
  • maybe you’ll realize your feelings if you stayed with him for a bit
  • of course, you’re all confused and say you can’t leave the apartment
  • he shuts himself off and acts emotionless 24/7 now
  • he’s especially snippy when he enters the chatroom and sees zen chatting away with you
  • but every time he sees you move further and further away from him, it’s another crushing sense of unhappiness
  • each reset only multiplies his displeasure
  • although he never truly abandons the possibility that you might come back into his arms, he’s left with one lingering thought
  • “i can’t trust women”


i didn’t write a lot for bae since i feel like he knows about the resets already… like there have been theories and moments where 707 just breaks the 4th wall and i’m just there like ALRIGHT THEN lmfao but i’ll just put a few tidbits cause yay angst

  • he was completely withdrawn the first time you reset
  • all of his happiness just slipped out of his fingers with the press of a button
  • but he made this game, so wasn’t it to be expected?
  • this was what he deserved, with the life he was living
  • he wasn’t meant to stay in the light
  • permanent happiness was something he wasn’t allowed to hope for
  • he realized that fully once you reset
  • he’ll maintain his persona and act as the bright and happy 707 in the chatrooms
  • but there will be times when he breaks (ex “Unstable Seven” in the jumin route)
  • but even if you forget him, he’ll always love you
  • he might fade from your memory, but he’ll always keep you in his heart no matter where you go

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The ask of the year: How's do you think the Fire Lord of each member of the Royal family look like? And who's the best Fire Lord? And who is best assistant for him/her?

Like, how each one of them would do put in that position? previous gen, or just the currently living family line? Forget I’ll answer both:


I don’t need to go too in-depth here because we know him, but Zuko is the cycle-breaker among the previous Fire Lords and the first one in however long to openly advocate peace. His first few years were probably very tumultuous due to him upending over a centuries worth of methods and ideals; more so than his predecessors because the Fire Nation was used to “how things are.”

Zuko’s probably one of the least powerful firebenders among the crowned Fire Lords (he’s the only who’s trained with swords though that we know of), and between his living family, but this doesn’t matter so much because he relies on a support network the others ignored. He accomplishes some of the most positive change but his political skills are pretty lacking and leans on advice from his uncle and diplomatic support mostly from Aang and his Water Tribe connections.


Iroh’s approach would very a lot depending on what kind of mental state he’s in/whether or not Lu Ten is still around, because that loss shook up his entire world and changed his philosophy. Before that tragedy, Iroh was more devoted to the system, willing to take advice and listen to his officers, but unlikely to accept much compromise. 

But its hard to even imagine Iroh taking the throne after that point because he’d surrendered his authority and had no interest in the very real claim stolen by his brother. I supposed one of the only ways would be if Azulon’s assassination was made public early on. He’d be more prone to 


Azula’s a bit tougher because the only time we see her in that kind of control was when she was not at her best. Azula’s probably the most efficient out of her family members and sees through all of her missions to the end (personally if necessary).

She possesses a very small inner circle (but still a larger one than Azulon), and does use their opinions if she finds them useful, but they’re less likely to offer them. Azula might be one of the best politically, but her diplomacy can be interpreted as a threat if not relayed through an ambassador. 

(discaimer: I am bad at analyzing Fire Lord!Azula)


We know a lot about Ozai already since he’s been in power for the show, but among his family, he is the most ruthlessly headstrong and impatient. Ozai uses Azula as his number two, though his sense of loyalty is fragile at best and has no issue at all of casting aside his underlings if they fail to perform to expectations. 

Ozai’s leadership has issues, and he’s more outspoken but actually makes use of his advisers even if it didn’t help in the end. 


The first thing about this guy that stand out to me is that he’s one of the only two people we know of that achieved blue fire, so we can assume that Azulon in his prime was a very dangerous force in combat like his granddaughter. Plus he’s apparently a multi-tasker, given that the Fire Nation was waging war on Earth Kingdom, while Azulon also kick-started the repeated invasions on the Southern Water Tribe (which Ozai didn’t pay much attention to). I believe his reason for this is two-fold: A) The Avatar might have been reborn into the next element and B) he viewed the Water Tribe as a threat–and rightfully so.

The other thing is that he’s apparently loyal and protective over Iroh, even after he abandoned the warfront–and even though in this case Iroh is the favorite son, its made abundantly clear that Ozai would not do the same for Azula in a similar situation. 

Beyond that though, Azulon is colder and more stoic than his successor, and probably, more emotionally distant from his people as a whole. He probably worked more or less alone as we hear nothing about his wife (maybe she died in childbirth?), and I’m guessing the public wasn’t attached enough to him as a person to look too deeply into his death. 

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tips for NSFW rp?????

[ ohoho boy, uhM well I’ve never been asked advice on stuff of that nature before, but I mean I guess I can sorta tell you what I know/use from my own personal nsfw roleplays??

like first key thing here, regardless of who you’re smuttin’ with, know your anatomy and what certain parts do.
that’s probably one of the most important things imo; ‘cause y’know, you don’t want a good thread to go south by writing the wrong things by accident.
I say regardless because we have a few characters around here who are trans ( which I absolutely love like bless 😭 ) and it’s always important to know their bodies.

secondly..I mean be realistic? like, this isn’t a problem with anyone I’ve seen thus far, but don’t ~over-exaggerate~ things I guess?? like foreplay and prepping, etc. before just going straight into it?

thirdly, uh well, be respectful and don’t force your character upon another.
and if necessary talk with your roleplay partner about things you wanna write if it’s not strictly just sex. so y’know the addition of specific kinks, bdsm, toys, etc. I think it helps if you talk things over beforehand just so you know where to take the direction of things ( and what y’all are comfortable writing ), but that depends on the people of course!

AAA well I hope this helped lmao! I’m not very good with explaining things, but if you have anything specific you’d like my opinion/advice on, please feel free to ask me again! 👌 ]

On the first day of #PAIN fic...

12 Days | WYCH Part One | Masterlist

A/N: Hey, pals! Welcome to the 12 DAYS OF #PAIN FIC! You may be wondering: what is this? What is Team GTNW doing? Are they truly insane? (the answer to that last one is definitely yes but let’s not dwell on it)

Basically, we dropped part two of WYCH on you yesterday… but we’re terrible people and don’t want to give you part three too soon. (side note: we’re so grateful for all of your amazing comments and messages it’s overwhelming holy moly. we promise we’ll answer your asks eventually, our inbox is just crazy full of yelling right now)

So what is 12 Days? First of all, it’s how long you’re gonna have to wait for part three… BUT DON’T WORRY, because each of these twelve upcoming days is gonna bring you a new headcanon or drabble or short story from the WYCH universe that we both love but just weren’t able to make fit into the flow of the story. 

So, without further ado, DAY ONE!

Word Count: 1,707

“So, what color is your dress?” Lin leaned against the counter of the small bodega, watching as you poured him a to-go cup of coffee.

“What?” you turned to look at him, a quizzical expression falling on your face as you dumped sugar packet after sugar packet into his coffee.

“Your dress. What color is it?” he insisted. “My mom says that apparently my tie is supposed to match or something– I don’t know, she just told me to find out.”

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My Answer: Chapter Ten


Chapter One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six(M) / Seven / Eight / Nine


I am dressed elegantly at one of the elites party that my father and his family attended too and dragged me along the first time, I saw my friends with their respective families from one table to another, I felt so left out, despite I’m looking great like they did but you can feel the atmosphere of being a thorn in a bed of roses; like you didn’t belong in the world they breathing in but I don’t care as long as JongDae is with me, He was sitting on the table across me, I stole glances of him but tonight he never did

One of the events publicist went to out table and asked my father a lot of questions about his business and next big step like expansion and other related business staff, the publicist turned to asked the other family members which I fins my half sister’s answers and laughs are too rehearsed until its my time to be interrogated

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She Glows

for the @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble prompt “sparkle”

Rated T, NineRose and TenRose, 445 words 

@goingtothetardis beta’d this for me…she’s awesome!

Read it on ao3!

Originally posted by timelordgifs

She glows.

It’s the first thing he notices about her, after the danger has passed and she questions him, demanding answers. He can’t look on her too long, he has to look away lest he stare forever, but he knows. He knows that this one is special, this one is anything but stupid, this one is precious. Her caramel eyes are full of light and life and fire, and he wants nothing more than to have just a sip of what he sees in her eyes.

She sparkles.

He tries to impress her, taking her to places long ago and far away. She is impressed with what he shows her; he is impressed simply by her. He introduces her to nobility, royalty, emperors and celebrities, but none can rival her and she enchants them all. She’s been worshiped as a goddess more than once, but by none more than him, a supplicant at her feet. She is more beautiful than the most beautiful creature in the universe, and she has no idea.

She shines.

She takes his breath when she comes to him wearing glittering gowns and baubles, so achingly alluring that he has to struggle to stay on his feet before her and not fall to his knees and praise her beauty, her goodness. When she wears jeans and trainers and he takes her to the marketplaces of far-off worlds, she looks at him with a smile and he can’t comprehend why she smiles at him. People flock to her on every world, wanting to bask in her light, to feel just a bit of the warm glow she exudes from every pore. She doesn’t understand the effect she has on everyone she meets, and that ignorance only makes her more beautiful.

She shimmers.

Her amber eyes glint with tears when he’s been a thoughtless arse and hurt the only thing that’s ever made him feel complete. The pain is nearly unbearable: he’s wounded her and she is part of his very soul. Her distress is nearly a tangible thing and he wants nothing more than to rip it away from her and grind it to dust beneath his feet, vanquishing her pain so her eyes will never glint with tears again.

She glistens.

In the aftermath of their lovemaking when she lays in his arms and he holds her, he thanks every god he knows of for her. He doesn’t believe in any of them, doesn’t need to. He believes in her, and that’s all he’ll ever need. He runs his hands over her sweat-slickened skin and tries to believe that one day, he can be the man she believes him to be.


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anonymous asked:

ahhhhh thanks so much for the Peter headcannons!!! they're so lovely honestly and I'd hate to ask for more but I am bc what you come up with is literally amazing. do you think you could do some about peters school life? thanks again! <3

Thank you, anon. Also, this got a little long again? Um. My bad. I just have too many of these headcanons and zero impulse control.

  • One of Peter’s first friends ever? Little Flash Thompson. I’ve seen my share of Flash Thompsons in Spidey media, but in a few they kind of imply that Flash and Peter were best friends at one point, and I love that. They lived nearby, Flash used to visit the Parkers after school and loved Peter’s kind Aunt and Uncle asking about his day and genuinely caring about the answer (since his home life is… not so good…), and he and Peter were the best at make believe. Peter never really wanted to be the main hero, so he’d let Flash be the superhero with a towel tied around his shoulders and underwear over his jeans, while Peter donned a costume lab coat and swimming googles and cackled and pretended to be his enemy, an evil mad scientist. Aunt May loved it. She has the photos. 
  • Also: Peter wasn’t picked on that much in early school, because you bet your butt baby!Flash is protective as hell and will Fuck You Up if you touch his teeny tiny, less athletic friend
  • When they grow apart and adolescence turns Flash into an asshole, Peter will murmur childhood secrets into Flash’s ear when he passes them in the hall. Throw spitballs at his head in chemistry, and Peter will glide past Flash at his locker and whisper, “You may have gotten past my invisible pet dragons, but you’ll never stop my custard murder bomb in time, Captain Marvellous Underpants!” And Flash blanches and looks frantically around to make sure no one heard, because no one can know about Captain Marvellous Underpants and his arch nemesis, Doctor McBrain, Parker, you fucker.
  • Peter skips class. A lot. He never used to, but then he found his independence and began to treat the city as something to explore rather than something to struggle through. Rarely in middle school, but then later, when his Uncle dies and he takes on all these responsibilities, he constantly skips out during lunch breaks and doesn’t come back. Or comes late. His teachers have taken to looking surprised when they take attendance and he’s there, like, “Oh, Mr. Parker, you’ve actually decided to grace us with your presence?” And everyone snickers, and Peter siiiiighs, bc it’s not even like he misses that much, come on
  • Also: Peter’s grades slip post-Uncle Ben. He’s one of those assholes that doesn’t really need to study much to get an A+ but you do actually need to be in class and be paying attention and actively doing some homework to pass. He’s just. He’s just so distracted these days. His senses are dialled up too high, and he’s busy thinking about new suit improvements or ways to take down the latest villain on the block and how to avoid the police, and there’s this sucking, empty hole called grief in the pit of his stomach that takes his attention, and it’s really really difficult to think about history beneath all that. So. His grades slip. The school calls his Aunt, who is Not Happy. They let him go for a while, some leeway in the aftermath of his Uncle’s tragedy, but eventually the school and his Aunt starts cracking down on him. So Peter starts doing his homework by torchlight. He forces himself to pay attention in class. People start seeing Spider-Man crouched on building rooftops with a copy of the Great Gatsby and a fistful of highlighters.
  • Pre-Spider-Man Peter is a giant nerd. Like, hair combed back and clothes clean and science textbooks bundled under one arm. Post-Spider-Man is, if anything, even more of a nerd, but he doesn’t really look it. The thing is? Skipping class and letting your grades dip so dramatically and walking around with that distracted, faraway look in your eyes, wearing clothes that are rumpled at best (from being stuffed in his bag after quick changes in alleyways or rooftops) or that smell of smoke (from house fires) or have holes or blood stains he’s failed to notice at worst? Walking around with healing black eyes and bloodied knuckles from punching super-villains through walls? Yeah, people are going to take that badly. Peter does his best to clean up his act - wearing thick sweaters and fingerless gloves to cover up cuts and bringing a comb to school - but nonetheless, lots of younger students start being scared of him. His classmates know he’s the same embarrassing, harmless dweeb, but some middle schoolers think he’s ‘rebellious’ looking and the more timid ones flinch away from him. When Peter notices, it kills him inside. So he pulls out the soothing voice he takes to spooked civilians and the soft grin and the bad, Spidey-esque jokes and talks to them. Walks them to class. He’s only a sophmore himself, but he’ll be damned in he lets anyone hurt or tease the younger kids. Peter Parker, who stands up for the little guy even out of the mask, who’ll unflinchingly stand up to mean seniors who are picking on crying preteens even if it means getting beat up, because he’s gone up against super-villains, so do your worst, he dares you. Peter Parker, who the younger students stop being afraid of and start looking toward for help with bullies and homework and a kind, slightly distracted smile. Peter Parker being mistaken for a Dangerous and Rebellious Teen when he’s distracted with superhero business, but then being understood as a a protector, a big brother, a friend when he pulls out his personality and puts himself in the moment.

Hey, everybody! Sorry for being inactive for so long! (To be honest, it goes by fast for a speedster, so I lost track of time there!! :-O) I know that was super un-crash of me to do! Sorrysorrysorry!

I’ll be answering things piling in my dusty, ol’ inbox for the winter break, but don’t think twice about poppin’ a new one in there! Just know it’s first come first serve and it could take a hot second to get answered!

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I'm so proud of you for seeking help! I hope everything works out and you feel better with everything, specially yourself, soon enough! Keep strong, going for help is the first stop but it's a hard one. I'm proud of you and you should be too. Good luck with everything, All the love <3

Thank you, really. It’s been a long road. Your support and the support of those who left comments on my post ( @thegangbrokeme, @craniuum, @beachdeath, @leviathan, @feigndinnocence and @likeanunforeseenkiss) + the people who liked the post and sent me private messages means the world to me. You’re all wonderful <3

Dueling Desires (5)

This is the fifth installment in my Dueling Desires fic. The other chapters are listed here: 1 2 3 4


Both Simon and Baz had decided to get away from their friends’ questioning by skipping their last class of the day to mess around. Simon knew it was rude to ignore Penny and Agatha’s inquiries but he didn’t know if Baz was comfortable with him telling them. Plus he didn’t entirely trust Agatha not to mention it to the Mage.
Baz started stroking behind Simon’s ear and down his neck, back and forth. Simon murmured happily and realized the possible detentions over skipping were worth it. He kissed Baz gently, liking that they had the time to be slow for once. Their tongues slid leisurely against each other, like they were tasting one another for the first time.
Simon felt warm in a way he’d never felt with Agatha, like his was relaxing into a bath after a long day. Baz’s answering murmurs and sighs confirmed that he too felt comfortable making out lazily in bed, curtains drawn.
Baz pulled back and looked at Simon intently. His expression was strange, a combination of both contentedness and sadness. Simon pulled his eyebrows together in confusion but Baz put a finger over his mouth to stop him before he could speak.
“Just,” Baz started, “Don’t. Let me pretend for a moment.”
Simon had no clue what that meant but obeyed. Baz’s cool grey eyes flickered over his face and back to Simon’s eyes. It seemed like he wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words out.
Baz squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. After a few seconds of this he made as if to move away and stand. Simon grabbed his arm lightly.
“Where are you going?”
“I need some space,” Baz muttered.
“Are you thirsty?” Simon asked, glancing at Baz’s mouth to look for signs of his fangs.
“No,” Baz looked away, “Not like that. I-I just…”
Simon scooted closer, “Yes?”


Baz couldn’t keep this up. Snow was looking at him with that affectionate warmth Baz was getting too used to lately. He desperately wanted to shake off his feelings and cuddle back up against Snow but they kept pushing into his brain. No matter how hard he tried, it was impossible for him to disconnect from his feelings for Snow when they got like this. It’s like his mouth became its own entity in its desperation to tell Snow everything.
Snow pushed his fingers gently through Baz’s hair, fingers gentle as they stroked his scalp.
“Tell me,” He murmured, blue eyes gentle.
Baz fell forward helplessly.
“I want to but…”
Baz took a deep breath. He might as well get it over with and reveal the truth.
“Snow I…Simon, I’m in-”
He was cut off by the sudden sound of footsteps running up the staircase to their room. Baz sat up immediately and Snow followed suit, his hand hovering over his hip as if prepared to summon his sword. Then Baz recognized the voices.
“For fuck’s sake,” He groaned.
Snow frowned at him, “What is it?”
Before either of them could put their shirts back on or fix themselves the door to their room swung open, no knock.
“Penny! We can’t just barge in!”
Penny was walking in, head craned to the side to answer Agatha’s question.
“We bloody well can, they were both absent from their classes. What if they’re fighting-”
Penny’s sentence cut off as she took in the sight of the two of them in bed. She stood in the doorway smirking at both of them largely. Agatha came up behind her and looked as if she might pass out from shock. Baz made no move to cover his chest, just glared at them. Meanwhile, Snow’s face had heated to a deep red and he was throwing his shirt over his head.
“What the fuck, Penny? Why…?”
“We were worried you two might be killing each other since you were both gone from classes,” Agatha muttered embarrassingly.
Baz sneered at Penny, “Ever heard of privacy? We could have been in a far more intimate situation and you didn’t even knock.”
She rolled her eyes, “Please. We we’re concerned for Simon’s safety. Plus, you idiots left it unlocked.”
Baz didn’t feel like admitting she had a point so he just glared and threw on a jumper before getting up to leave the room.
“Baz wait!” Snow stumbled off the bed towards him.
“Not for you,” Baz grumbled and left.
He felt shaky all over. Baz had almost told Snow he was in love with him. He’d wanted to tell him. But he was still somewhat grateful for Penny’s interruption because it had probably been a stupid idea to tell Snow the truth. There was no way Snow would ever feel the way Baz felt and he was too far deep into whatever they were doing to risk it all now.


Penny and Agatha were buzzing with questions while Simon halfheartedly attempted to answer them all. He was in no mood to gossip about his affair with Baz or what he planned to do about it in the future. He was too busy obsessing over whatever Baz had been about to say.
Simon had a sinking feeling that whatever it had been, Baz wouldn’t attempt saying it again. Something about his face had tipped Simon off, like it had been important. He couldn’t help but fixate on the fact that Baz had used his first name for once. What did it mean?
He thought he had an idea, but was that because he was intuitive or because of his own wishful thinking?
Simon couldn’t be sure. But he wanted to know.