first and last

brandon and i already have the names of our children picked out ten years ahead

Story time.

In my husband’s first year of college, he went through something incredibly horrible. In the second semester, he and his roommate began receiving death threats. Things posted on their door, in the halls, in the bathroom. They started out as racist hate messages. My husband is half Korean, his roommate was mixed race Black and Latino.

As time went by, things got worse.

Their room might be trashed. They were getting death threats. They got moved to a different dorm building and still it happened. After months of this, when things were getting extremely scary, they got moved off campus.

And still it happened.

My husband was dealing with the police a lot during this, as you might imagine. He got visited by the detective and was told that the culprit was found. He asked who, and was told he couldn’t be told. But that he was smart and could figure it out.

And it was at that moment that my husband realized it was his roommate. It fit. Their room kept getting broken into. They kept getting found, even when moved off campus. My husband never got to speak to the kid, never got to ask him why or anything, though it’s clear “attention” was the main motivator.

But for that half year, because it did take damn near the whole semester for it to get solved, my husband thought someone was honestly after his life. He lived in that constant stress and fear. That he might get attacked at any moment. That he would go back and find his room trashed. That he was being targeted for being yellow. He did bad in class, even with the teachers taking it easy because of his situation.

It was a very very real thing to him.

I was telling my husband about the shit that’s been happening with Mandi. He was disgusted and horrified.

I told him that she is even being accused of sending it to herself, and he was outright livid and wants to kick that person’s ass now.

My husband, who went through the above, wants to kick your ass for implying she’s sending hate to herself.

Think about that.


Four times Alec grabbed Magnus and went for the kiss and the one time he held back and waited for Magnus to initiate the kiss.