first amendmant

Get REAL people

     You know whats starting to piss me off? All of this damn “Oh no, SOPA needs to die, no one should be able to trace us like that, keep america’s freedom” Bullshit. FIRST OFF. half of you fucking non-knowing illiterates don’t even know the damn difference between SOPA and PIPA. SOPA is an initiative which allows the government to crack down on piracy and copy right infringement. NOT A FUCKING MEANS OF TRACKING IP ADDRESSES. The fact that they do not full explain what is considered copyright means that we risk losing freedom of expression,creativity, and speech. Any and all sites, blogs, photos and creations altogether can not only be censored but taken down altogether at the governments behest, as well as have serious legal ramifications including but not limited to the creative controllers ability to sue for absurd amounts of money as compensation.

     PIPA on the other hand IS something that would allow the government to use means of tracking ip addresses of supposed piraters and copyright infringers as a means to disable them. Meaning that in regards to SOPA they go Hand in hand. PIPA can be used to track and cripple, then SOPA to take down altogether. BOTH of these are equally as destructive. SOPA HAS been fought by the internet communities that blacked out, as well as some members of government and the president, who refused to sign it unless they revise it in a way that completely explains the processes without any gray areas, . PIPA has yet to hit congress but will on JAN.24th.

      But the part that REALLY pisses me off is how everyone is getting butthurt over this shit. YES this shit is evil, YES. it should not be allowed to pass BUT WHERE THE FUCK WERE ANY OF YOU WHEN EVERY OTHER FREEDOM WAS TAKING AWAY. yeah everyone signed online petitions to stop these acts and to “keep our freedom” yet no one did a GOD DAMNED THING when the National Defense Authorization Act  was signed into law. Aparently our REAL freedom doesnt mean shit but low a behold try to do anything to the internet and all of a sudden NOW people want to do something a-fucking-bout it?

     What most of the IGNORANT masses out there dont fucking realize is that piracy is considered A FORM OF TERRORISM AND TERRORISM SUPPORT. MEANING  that is SOPA AND PIPA are to pass, then anyone found in infraction of either of those two CAN BE DETAINED, TORTURED OR ALTOGETHER KILLED ALL ON AMERICAN SOIL . NO RIGHTS, NO FREEDOM. but no one batted a got damn eye as THAT got passed into law. NOOOOO everyone is just worried about free shit. NOW people want to riot because they lose freedoms. NOW people are outraged. NOW people care. this shit makes me sick. And I hope everyone whom  this applies to is around long enough to see the fruits of their fucking reaping come back to bite their damn heads off.

     Another thing that gets to me? I f i hear one more god damned person say “oh well vote for ron paul, he’ll stop this!” i’ll flip shit. LOOK WHATS FUCKING HAPPENING NOW, OBVIOUSLY VOTING WONT SOLVE SHIT. thats just a way to sit by lazily doing NOTHING with your fucking lives yet trying to pass it off saying “oh well at least i voted.” apparently voting wont do shit. It has shown throughout history that the only thing that incites change is action. Now i’m not saying to riot, or destroy or hurt or kill or anything like that, I’m saying do whats necessary to incite that change, TO GET the freedom which all of you say you so rightfully deserve. I’m not a leader, I can’t tell you what to do, and everyone damn sure has their own choice in the matter. But remember that when shit goes array, YOU had a chance to stand up, yet you did nothing.

     For the record, if you just hate these bills because you want to be able to pirate. GO FUCK YOURSELVES. this shit matters to the creative and sharing people in the world who need freedom of expression not only in their works  but in their lives. And yes, I can say all of this shit because not only have I heavily opposed all THREE of these bills, I participated in every initiative that stood against them and if the day comes and god forbid it does, I plan on fighting for what I believe in.

     To those of you who’ve read this, good on you. to those who do something about it, even better. Don’t mind if it has nothing to do with you.

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