first almost kissing and now close talking

So, I made a pretty short fic a few months back and I’m finally deciding to share it.

Basically, fluff, feelings revealed (finally), and their first kiss, also Derek’s first kiss ever.

(No, Derek is not a teenager, he was just saving his first kiss for someone special, and Stiles… is someone special.)


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Cherry Flavored

Request: Can you write a smutty/fluffy Leo imagine about the nervous game?

Fluff | Smut | Angst

Pairing: Leo x Reader


You could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t planning on losing, nor was he going to give you an easy time. You felt frustrated already and he hasn’t even touched you yet.

There he sat, a smug smirk tugging at his lips as he sat with legs crossed in front of you on his. He knew how flustered he made you and decided to turn it into a game, a cruel game.

His hand slid up your thigh, “Are you nervous?” You could practically feel the cockiness in his words. He expected you to crumble and succumb into his teasing actions withing a mere second.

You shook your head as he advances farther up your leg, resting on the inside of it but his eyes never left your own, “Nervous?” Again, you shook your head in disagreement.

His hand drifted away from your thigh slowly, dragging his fingertips across your warm skin as he retracted and allowed the turn to be yours, “Go on, do your worst.” He challenged mockingly.

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anonymous asked:

I just wanna see you write one where Revali accidentally kisses link, like full on almost makes out with the boy, in the middle of an argument before realizing what he just did n fucking bolts

Revali and Link don’t get along. They spend most of their time bickering, and when they’re not, they’re not speaking to each other at all. 

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What is it about Shun’s straightness that people are so obsessed about? When you google Andromeda Shun you find a thousand posts about how he is definitely not a homosexual. And I just want to ask, would that somehow give him less credit as a Saint?

I mean people say things like “The fact that he has feminine figure doesn’t mean he is gay”
“June had feelings for him you know”
“He was a really strong Saint”
“The Libra Temple scene was not like that in the manga, he was only making an act of *FRIENDSHIP* by sacrificing himself for Hyoga!”

I can agree with the first one, but the rest?
1. Does June decide his sexuality for him? That fact that she has feelings for him doesn’t mean he reciprocates (It’s quite clear both in the anime and manga that he sees her as a regular friend, seeing as he doesn’t have dramatic flashbacks with her as Ikki did with Esmeralda or exchange meaningful glances with her like he so often does with Hyoga)

2. No shit Sherlock. I’m 1000% sure strong doesn’t equal heterosexual.

3. Ok, this one is truly open for interpretation. You can’t simply say that this scene confirms his gayness, but you can’t brush it off with ~*The Power of Friendship*~ either.

You can’t deny the fact that he almost kissed Hyoga, and I don’t think there was a need to snuggle up to him in other to give him his cosmo. That this was something Toei did? Yes, but I never saw Kurumada complaining about it or removing it from canon.

Now, those facts could actually be overlooked as simply being part of Shun’s gentle nature, if it wasn’t for how close Hyoga and Shun are right from the start. In all honesty, if we talk about Shun’s possible love interests, Hyoga is really the most logical option. What about June, you say? Well, before her first and only apparence, Shun had never mentioned her even once, and after that single episode we never heard of her again. She was not even a planned character, the only reason she exists is because Kurumada promised to do a character for the June magazine.

Hyoga, however, is always protecting Shun when Ikki doesn’t feel like it and he constantly calls out to him. They are usually glued to each others side (and I have screenshots to prove it) and they make a pretty powerful duo. I don’t know if you have noticed, but whenever Ikki is around, they are suddenly five feet away from each other at all times; then when Ikki leaves they are inseparable once again.

I don’t know if they were like this in the manga or if Kurumada/Toei realized what they were doing, but when you look back, the idea that Shun would sacrifice himself for the person he loves (ROMANTICALLY) is not such a foreign concept anymore.

On a final note, if he does have feelings for Hyoga, that doesn’t automatically mean he is gay. He could also he bisexual, pansexual, ‘90% straight’ or not even a cis boy at all.

Story of the Year: Part Two

So here is part two of this fic.  Enjoy!  Have lots of Alya.  I love Alya.

Three hours later, the bell finally rings for lunch.

Marinette has barely closed her bag when a vice-like grip clamps around her wrist and she’s being dragged away.  She just has time to wave and mouth “Bye!” at Adrien before they’re in the corridor outside and Alya hasn’t even slowed.

Resistance being futile, Marinette allows herself to be towed out of the school gates and around the corner to her street.  

Of course, Alya was bound to interrogate her in her own home.

“Hi Mme Cheng!”  Alya shouts as she throws the door to the bakery open with a crash.  

A customer looks startled, but Sabine is used to the juggernaut that is Alya and smiles indulgently. “Hello, girls!  Are you home for lunch?”

Before Marinette can speak, Alya is answering for her.  “Can’t, Mme Cheng.  We’ve got some serious gossip to discuss!”

Sabine nods knowingly. “Ah, something to do with the Ladyblog?”

Alya seems momentarily confounded, as if she had completely forgotten about the Ladynoir development in the wake of her latest earth-shattering discovery.  

For a second, Marinette feels her heart freeze.

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Lørdag 22:29

Isak and Even go to Jonas’ New Year’s Eve party and fluff happens

Read on AO3

Jonas’ house is filled to the brim, overflowing with people, both young and old, everyone excited to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. The place is decorated with banners and balloons, fairy lights draped around the living room, the Christmas tree standing in the corner at extreme risk of being fallen into. People walk through the house with their cups, bottles and cans held precariously in the air, people stopping to talk with friends, couples kissing in the hallways and bathrooms. The music is loud, the beat heavy, and it’s almost too warm from the close press of bodies.

Isak and Even are sat on the couch, pressed tightly together to avoid the couple who are making out sloppily beside them. That couple being Magnus and Vilde, who have apparently decided to give a go of it, and now have a problem keeping their hands off each other. Isak gets it; ever since the first time they kissed, Even and him have been exactly the same way, always hungry, the novelty of being allowed that touch not wearing off. Jonas and Mahdi are leaning against the wall beside them, each with a can of beer in their hands, their heads bent towards each other so they can hear over the music. Isak takes a sip of his own drink, eyeing Even as he takes another can from the six-pack on the coffee table. He wants to say something, ask him to maybe slow down, but he remembers Even’s reaction when Sonja had asked the same thing. Isak knows that alcohol isn’t good for him—he’s read about it, okay—but is he really going to spoil Even’s New Year’s Eve? Everyone is drinking. Hell, Isak has drunk a fair amount himself; he can hardly lecture Even. But still… he doesn’t want him to get bad again.


“I’m fine.” Even says immediately, as if he already knew what Isak was about to say. He looks deeply into Isak’s eyes, a silent plea. “Trust me. One night isn’t going to hurt.”

Isak gives a small nod and smiles at him softly. “Okay.”

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anonymous asked:

McCree and the times he almost kissed his crush

Requests are closed!
Almost kisses are my weakness

I. He almost kisses you when you’re laughing so hard you can barely breathe, when your face looks so open and alive and gorgeous. The only reason he doesn’t is because there’s other people there, and he doesn’t know you like that and it’s then that he realizes he really wants to

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario where Suga, Akaashi, Kuroo and Oikawa go rock climbing with their not very tall s/o? (Female pronouns if that's okay?) fluff and some cheeky kisses etc if you don't mind <3

I don’t know anything about rock climbing, so I googled a few things. I hope there’s nothing too inaccurate in this scenario (。・_・。)


She almost did it. Only three more meters and she would reach the top. She reached up to grasp another spot she could pull herself up.

“You have to see this, (Name), the view is wonderful.” The sound of Sugawara, her boyfriend’s voice was carried down to her ear by a light breeze.

You looked up. The edge of the boulder was so blissfully close, but still felt so far away when she felt the burning in the muscles of her legs. “I’m on my way. Don’t go anywhere without me, Koushi.” She shouted upwards.

She didn’t miss his light chuckle, barely audible in the wind. However, she would hear it in a crowd full of talking people. “I would never,” he reassured her.

After some more minutes, she finally reached the edge and pulled herself up, just to be met with Sugawara crouching down, face close to hers.

“Give me a head-start next time. My height is such a disadvantage and I want to reach the top before you at least one time,” she grumbled.

With a cheeky grin, Sugawara leant forward and mumbled, “Whatever you want,” before pressing a kiss to her lips.



“Please pull me up, you turned my legs to jelly.”


“A-And now?” She peeked over her shoulder and saw the ground beneath her grow hazy. “Oh my god, I’ll never get down. I’m stuck up here forever,” she mumbled, worry leaking into her voice. It was her first time in a climbing gym and despite that she made it to the top. How exactly, she didn’t know. Her eyes found those of her boyfriend.

Seeing the alarm in her eyes, Akaashi instantly cupped his hands around his mouth and called, “Don’t worry, we’ll lower you.”

The man securing her instructed you what to do with the rope and how to position yourself so you could walk down the wall.

“And if I fall?” she asked hesitantly.

“You won’t,” Akaashi answered, “Trust me, I’m right here.”

After making some tentative steps down, she got a bit braver and relaxed. She trusted the man securing you, he did this daily after all, and you trusted Akaashi. He was the one who took you here, so surely he must have some experience.

“Almost there,” Akaashi’s encouraging words reached her ear.

In fact, a few moments later she felt a weird warmth in the back of her knee and at her back. Then she safely plopped down into someone’s arms. It was Akaashi. His eyes looked down at her with adoration and a lazy smile started to spread on his lips. He brought his face closer to hers, his lips almost grazed hers. “I didn’t expect that. You did very well considering how short you are,” he whispered.

She leaned up to connect their lips, but drew back just as quickly evoking a dissatisfied grumbling from him. “Now let’s get me out of this climbing gear.”


“Tetsu, wait for me.” She panted as she looked up to her boyfriend who was a few meters above her already. With his longer limbs he could bridge a much bigger distance at once. And that was totally not fair in her opinion.

Kuroo stopped at an instant when he found a safe spot to pause. “Sure babe, anything for you.”  He then leaned back a bit and craned down his neck to look at her. To her dismay he caught her right when she was admiring his lean leg and arm muscles tense from holding on to the wall. “Like what you see?” He teased.

Quickly she averted her gaze, a blush deepening the red on her from exertion flushed face. “Oh shut up.” She dismissed his banter. Then she shot him a grin. “I was just trying to estimate how much longer your arms and legs are in comparison to mine. That’s a very unfair advance for you.” With a huff she heaved herself higher.

“Well, another thing is missing in your calculations.” Kuroo puffed himself up. “You forgot my incredible skill. You’ll be as good as me someday if you just continue practicing- H-huh?”

Kuroo had closed his eyes while talking, so he didn’t see her coming up to his level and was now completely dumbfounded by the kiss she planted on his lips. When he opened his eyes, he saw she climbed already further ahead.

“Now stop your big talk and start climbing again.” You said while blowing him a kiss.


To say that Oikawa was worried was almost an understatement. It was the first time he accompanied his girlfriend going rock climbing. She supported him so much with volleyball and now he wanted to give the same support to her. Now he stood at the bottom of the rock and watched her climb further and further upwards.

“(N-Name)-chan? Are you sure this is safe?” Oikawa didn’t trust those thin ropes at all. Although he didn’t know anything about the sport, they didn’t seem a good enough protection for his precious girlfriend.

Her clear laughter was carried to him by a gust of wind. “Don’t worry, I’m climbing this rock for the twentieth time or so. I know it like the back of my hand.” Right as she said this, her foot slid away in a bid to find a safe stand. Oikawa couldn’t hold back a gasp.

Another laugh reached his ear. “Don’t be such a drama queen. Wait. I’m coming down.”

She started rappelling and a few minutes later she stood by his side safe and sound. Upon the expression on Oikawa’s face, she couldn’t hold back the grin spreading on her face. “You’re so pale, Tooru. Say, were you worried about me?”

“What?” Oikawa indignantly turned his head away. “Not at all.”

You started peppering little kisses on his cheek and his nose which he half-heartedly tried to dodge.

“Okay, okay. Maybe a little bit.” He relented. “Who wouldn’t be worried if their tiny girlfriend had such a risky hobby?” Then he slung an arm around her shoulder. “Now let’s get home. I don’t think my poor heart can take any more today.

For The First Time

You gotta go where the muse takes you. Mine decided it was time for Christmas.

Rating: PG

Timeline: Season 7, I think (again)

A real kiss calls for the use of 146 muscles; 34 facial and 112 postural ones. Dana Scully could name each and every one of them. She’s also pretty sure that she and Mulder have had approximately 146 moments where they almost used those muscles. Almost. If it comes down to it, there is nothing to count. Not one kiss. Oh, of course they kissed each other’s cheeks, temples, foreheads and Scully is certain Mulder one time even kissed her nose. The mouth, though? Not once.

It’s been 7 years. It’s been innumerable moments. A long string of what-if’s, of missed chances and not-quiet-but-almost follows them around like an unwanted puppy. And now they’re here, stuck at this ridiculous Christmas party that the Bureau decided to have in November, right under the fake mistletoe. The fluorescent lamps bathe them in an unforgiving, unkind light and as much as she keeps waiting for it, this is not the way Scully expected their first kiss to be.

“Uhm, I think we should… move.” Mulder tells her. The sugary Christmas music dripping from the stereo makes talking almost impossible. Scully leans closer to him, just to understand what he’s saying.

“What?” She practically yells. Whose idea was it to put the speakers so close to the door, and in turn, to the mistletoe?

“Scully?” Mulder asks and leans in as well, uncertain of what her intentions are. For all he knows she wants to be kissed. She likes to stick to rules and traditions after all, his ever correct partner. Scully lifts her head just a tiny bit and suddenly, without either of them knowing how it happens, their lips touch. The kiss, if it can be called that, lasts for all of two seconds before Scully breaks it.

“Sorry, Scully,” Mulder begins and Scully just watches his mouth move because all she can hear is Bing Crosby singing about snow, “I thought you – I thought the mistletoe and I thought-” before Mulder can finish his speech, Scully grabs her bag and runs. Mulder stares after her, his brain trying to catch up. This, he figures, is almost as terrible as the almost kiss in his hallway. Just like back then he sets out to search for her now, to follow her wherever she disappeared to. This time will be different, though; as soon as he finds her, he will do this right.

It doesn’t take long to find her, actually. She fights her way through several drunken agents, none of which pay her any attention. Mulder sees her and despite her short legs she seems to be sprinting. Accidentally shoving another party guest, he finally catches up with her.

“Dude, watch where you’re going.” Scully turns at the man’s voice and sees Mulder. He can tell that she doesn’t want to stop; she wants to keep going to get away from him.

“I’m sorry, Scully.” His ears still ring with the music from earlier. He can still hear it, but softly now, in the background. He gently takes her arm and leads her away into a corner where they’re all alone.

“Sorry for kissing me?” She asks, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“No! I’m just sorry for kissing you like that.”

“Oh that makes more sense, thank you, Mulder.” She’s about to set off again, but he stops her, blocking her way.

“What I mean, Scully, is that I didn’t mean to kiss you here at this party under that stupid mistletoe. I wanted to do it *right*.”

“It’s never right.” Scully grumbles.


“Mulder, we’ve known each other 7 years.”

“So? Should I have kissed you on that first case just to get it out of the way?”

“No. But there have been… moments.”

“Moments,” he says carefully, “where something always went wrong.”

“Like today.” Scully sighs. Maybe they’re not meant to kiss. They’re partners, they’re friends and they’re closer than most lovers anyway. Does it matter if they ever kiss? There are so many ways to be intimate, she muses. But his lips, she thinks staring at them; she wants to taste them again – for real this time.

“Like earlier,” Mulder clarifies, “the day isn’t over yet. Unless you want it to be over.”



“Just kiss me already.” He grins at her before he finally captures her lips with his own. He wants to be gentle – he tries – and fails. Scully groans, opens her mouth, and his tongue invites itself in. There’s another groan and he’s pretty sure this time it’s him. Their tongues stroke gently, finally meeting, finally getting to know each other. Soon, way too soon, their lungs burn, scream for air. With a loud pop, Scully releases his mouth.

“That was,” Mulder starts, still out of breath, “that was… better, wasn’t it?” Scully chuckles and traces his bottom lip with her finger. 34 facial muscles, she thinks. And there are a few more Scully can think of she’d like to use again soon.

“Let’s get out of here.” She whispers against his lips.

And for once Mulder complies without complaint.


Aelin Galathynius was sitting in a small armchair near the bed where Dorian Havilliard was sleeping. She had a book in her hands, but she wasn’t reading anymore. Her eyes hurt as if she hadn’t closed them in a long, long time. Hours ago she had been reading aloud, thinking that it might help Dorian to come back of his unconsciouness. It hadn’t. The eyes of the prince had remained closed, his face motionless.

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Word Count: 9800+
Requested: yes
Rating: R.

Pairing: Calum & Lana.
Summary: Wedding sex with Calum.
A/N: Okah so this had been requested by my cousin and she’s really seriously into Calum so she asked me to do this and I was like okay! Her names isn’t Lans though it’s Rana (Egyptian).


It had all started with a simple ‘I do’ and since then their lives had been a lot more… Exciting. But if you ask the red head siting in the wedding dress next to her groom she’d say their lives had became worse, but in fact she’s just facing the fact that’s she’s actually growing up.

Because most of her problems are very weird to worry about, like that one time her finacé took her car to wash it as a surprise and when he came back she almost cried because she liked her car dirty-or wanted to wash it herself. And she’s not pregnant because they went to the doctor to check. She’s was just under a lot of stress lately with the wedding coming up and planning for it and all that.

But the last thing she needed right now-after all that planning and hard work and stress and a lot of coffee in between-is for people to look like they’re not having much of a good time, because she’s not having a good time herself because guess what? She just fought with her husband and it was over the fact he wore a black tie rather than a dark blue one.

Yeah, they had been going down hill for a while and they weren’t enjoying their wedding as much as they thought they would. And he took it upon himself that she’s upset, he wanted to give her the best time of her life in that wedding because he’s such a good lover, and when he looked at her as she sat there with her arms crossed and a very deep frown on her face he wanted to lay on the table and pee in someone’s face so she would laugh-or be in a better mood- but he can’t do that right now, can he?

“Wanna dance?” He asked with a very cheeky smile on his squishy face.

She turned her head slowly and looked at him with an even deeper frown as she studied his face. And then she reached for her drink and gulped the whole glass at once and then stood up and said: “Fuck it!” Throwing her arms in the air and grabbing his hands and pulling him to the dance floor as he laughed at her mood swings that he had grown used to after almost six years.

She held his hand in hers and placed her other on his waist as she played the groom’s roll, and as she wiggled her eye brows playfully at him he couldn’t help but laugh and place his free hand on her shoulder making people (his band included) cheer for them as they had the first dance.

“Nice…” She tired to say something a male would say, and then she looked at his chest and said; “Chest.” With a very disgusted expression on her face.

“I’m not wearing a bra,” he acted along as she tried not to laugh.

“They’re very small though,” she said.

“You’re such an asshole,” he pouted at her as he placed his hand from her shoulder to her waist and got back to being a male.

“Hm, I get that one more than I get girls actually.” She said in a deep voice and placed her hand on his shoulder.

They both started swaying slowly to the beat as the song played softly in the background.

“I like your dress.” He said as he smiled softly at her. And even though she was wearing heels she never managed to look taller than him, he was a giant.

“Hm,” she hummed as she rested her head against his chest. She closed in her eyes and breathed him in. She could feel other people piling onto the dance floor. And for the first time that day, she actually felt like it’s her own wedding. Because it was too boring and she had expected a lot of fun earlier but it didn’t happen until now.

The rest of her wedding all she did was drink and then kiss her groom, and talk and she had to change her wedding dress because she spilled whine on it, and she wore that tight short blue dress that drove almost every male in the whole place crazy. Calum was with her most of the time, and if he wasn’t he’ll be watching her or talking about her. And she danced a lot, too. With all her friends, males and females, in fact she dance a lot her feet hurt so she had to take off her heels.

And by the end of the night all the dance floor lights were on and it was more of a party than a wedding and she felt like she was eighteen rather than twenty two. And all Calum did was watch with a twisted mind and think of what to come ahead when they’re finally alone. And that night Calum had took her into the bathroom and kissed her as her back pressed against the wall as they dry humped. And then someone knocked on the door-but she was too tipsy and high by her lover’s touch to notice who it was-and they had to save their needs to later on that night.

“You’re very heavy,” he joked as she lays her head on his chest as he carried her down the hall of their hotel bedroom.

“Carry me in silence or you’re not getting any tonight.” She warned as they reached their door.

“Hm, I wouldn’t really risk my chances.” He smiled down at her as he opened to door with the card the hotel staff gave him. “See, it’s too good to waste.” He joked once more as she hummed. She obviously got the joke but wasn’t really in the playful mood he was in.

“So, I had been thinking,” she started as he tried to turn on the light with her in his arms. “I think I’m too tired to have sex tonight.” She rested her head on his shoulder as he looked at her-the light still off due his failing tries to turn it on.

“What?” He almost yelled, he had been thinking about having sex with her the whole night (month really), the way her breasts were pushed up by her dress and the way her dress hung to her hips and ass made him drink with eagerness.

“You heard me,” she shrugged, she reached for the light and turned it on, he would put her down at the moment if he wasn’t staring at her lips so much. And he didn’t like the affect she had on him because with just an innocent pad of an eye he could be begging her to take him to bed.

“No, we’re having sex and that’s final.” He stated as he frowned seriously.

“No! I don’t want to!” She yelled dragging the O as he walked her over to the end of the bed. She was wiggling in his grip like a child, and she was yelling right in his ear as he dropped her on the bed with frowned eye brows.

“Okay! Fine! Ill take care of myself!” He yelled throwing his hands in the air and walking over to the dresser. When he sat down she was staring at him with innocent sleepy eyes with her tight dress.

Her breasts were almost on full display as her arms were extended behind her back as she looked at him through the mirror, he was loosening his tie and the frown on his face showed the fact that he was irritated and wasn’t in need for something but her at the moment.

She stood up and started walking up to him and stood behind him as he pretended to dis-knowledge her presence, she tried to get him to look at her as she swayed her hips from side to side because she knows he’s watching with the side of his eyes.

“Aw, darling,” she cooed as placed her hand on his shoulder and started to softly massage his tense blades. Leaning down and placing a small kiss to his temple. But the thing that annoyed her was the fact that he was still ignoring her and didn’t even look at her as he started to unbutton his dress shirt.

“Did I upset you?” She asked kissing down his clenched jaw as he stared at his own reflection. And the fact she wasn’t getting a reaction out of him was irritating her, and she started to suck on his neck and nibble with her teeth. “Aren’t you going to answer me?” She asked pulling away completely as he just sat there. No words coming out of his lips and she was starting to loose her cool.

“You can’t boss me around.” He stated as he stood up, and moved over so he’s standing in front of her as he tried to stand his ground but she had been in this position one too many time before and she knew how to handle it. So she stood with her back straight as he tried not to laugh at how small she looked.

He moved over and sat at the end of the bed as she watched him move with his top unbuttoned. He still wore his frown as he undid the lace of his dress shoe and took them off along with his socks.

“Well, am I getting any tonight, or…” She trailed off as she stood in front of him with her arms over crossed over her chest, and when he looked up at her she swore he looked like the cutest thing ever with his puppy dog eyes.

“Or.” He said with a small smile on his face.

“Well, in that case…” She said as she sighed and moved closer as she placed her hands on his shoulder and straddled him with her face a few meters away from his, “I might take what I want anyway.” She smirked as she leaned closer to his neck, titling her head to the side and sucking on his collar bone harshly as he sucked in a breath through his nose and his hands were hovering by her waist the time she left a hickey on his neck and moved to another place to mark.

“You think you can just be a tease all day and then get what you want?” He asked through gritted teeth as she started to rock her lower body back and forth on top of his own.

“I think I might just do that,” she smirked, enjoying this way too much as she placed her hand on his chest and dag her nails softly into his skin, sucking on another spot.

“But it’s my dick,” he breathed as his hands found their way to her hips to push her harder against him.

“And I’m going to use it for my own pleasure tonight, unless you want to contribute in what I’m planning to do,” she mused, moving her hands lower down his chest and settling on his belt as he moved her faster against him.

“I want you to use me,” he moaned adding to her demanding-self the words she needs to fuck him right, and she was sure his mode swing were exactly like hers but he was a guy so it wasn’t that obvious. She hummed and kissed the corner of his full lips and then stopped the movement of her hips making him groan slowly as she opened his belt slowly, making him look at her with pleading eyes.

“Would you like to be tied to the bed, Calum?” She asked as she opened the button of his dress pants and pulled down the zipper, “would you like me to fuck you until the sun rises?” She titled her head to the side as she talked dirty in his ear, and her hand dipping in his boxers and reaching for his aching member.

“Yeah, I would love that.” And it was like in one moment he’s mad at her and the other he’s wrapped around her fingers as she touched his base, and he bite his lips to keep from thrusting toward her hand.

“Would you like my skin milking you soft?” She started to run her hand up and down his member. All she wanted was a small plea but his pride was higher than his dick at the moment, and she was about to change that.

“Yeah,” He said throwing his head back and enjoying the little touch he got from her and licked the side of his lip.

She hummed and got off of him and stood up. Walked a few feet away from him, and when she was pleasant with the distance from him she turned around and moved her hair over one shoulder as she slightly swayed her hips from side to side, and she was sure he was palming himself to the image of her and she liked that idea more than she should.

She reached one hand behind her back as she took a hold of her dress’s zipper and slowly pulled it down, he was growling from the back of his throat but his lips between his teeth prevented any pleasurable noises from coming out of his chapped lips as his grip on his dick tightened.

When her dress was down her shoulders to her forearms she pulled it further down until it was to her waist; And Calum could see that she’s not wearing a bra and the thought aroused him more than it should because his member twitched and he moaned as she bent down when he dress was hip-length as she wiggled her hips to get her almost skin tight dress off.

He was watching with hungry eyes as she kicked her blue sleeved dress off to the side, and then she looked at him over her shoulder and smile innocently at him as she giggled making him even harder, and he actually needed any type of release thus he stood up and pulled down his bottoms swiftly as she watched his desperate actions before she chuckled and then looked ahead of her again and pulled down her panties.

When he was sat on the bed his hand went to his cock faster than she was able to turn around and look at him as he stroked himself to her naked body. And his eyes closed as he squeezed the base harshly. She started to him as he moaned at the slight movement of her breasts, he swore she was taunting him before she even touched him and he needed her mouth at the moment more than anything.

 When she reached him she rested her hand on his shoulder and leaned in slowly as her breasts hung as she kissed his forehead and his hand stopped to take in her touch because it had been a while since she had touched him like this; It’s either rushed or… Rushed.

“Hm, too much for you, Darling?” She asked as his hand went back to its fast motion as she ran her hand down his chest and placed her hand on his own, stopping his actions as she moved it and replaced it with her own as she kissed his lips slowly, but the actions of her hand wasn’t matching her lip’s.

“I need your mouth, Sweetheart,” he panted against her lips as she pulled on his hair with her other hand, moving over so she was straddling his left leg and kissing down his neck as her hand moved faster on him.

“I’m not in the mood.” She says getting off of him and standing up, as he stared at her with an open mouth she smirked and ran her hand through his hair. She walked over to their bags that had been delivered over here by their family and started to search for one of his shirts to wear to bed.

She’s only doing this because she knows that Calum would never be anything but gentle and caring in bed tonight, and she needs the rough side to show because the last two weeks had been boring as hell as in for their sex life. So, her plan is to push him to bend her over their bed and fuck her until she needs to see a doctor, the thought of him being dominate turned her on to the point of almost moaning at the idea.

“Stop being a fucking tease and come over here and suck me off,” he demanded, and the smirk on her face showed that she knew her plan was working. She had seen his dominate side before, but it’s not easy to make him reach that point, so it’s as annoying for her as it is for him because she’s very needy when it came to Calum, but she had to stop herself from going over to him and fucking him with everything she had like the good wife she is. But she needs his roughness more than his passion at the moment.

“Or what?” She dared him not looking up from the bag on the floor she’s searching through.

“I-” he started but cut himself off because that’s their wedding night for fucks sake, it has to be passionate, but most of all remembered because you know, it’s very special and all.

But she had enough of passion, and she wants to remember this night too, but if they go slow-his way, she’ll look back at it and yawn. It doesn’t have to be slow so she can enjoy it, she just wants something new, and if he broke free she’d be more than happy if he became that freak she wanted so bad in bed.

“You’ll what? Fuck me till I can’t even remember my own name, or will you spank me so every time I sit I’ll remember you? Or will you tie me to the bed and own my body, Calum?… Or would you go old and boring as usual.” She titled her head to the side as she tried to get his rage to top his softness.

“Lana… Don’t.” He warned as his fists clinched the sheets he’s siting on top, and by the way his dick twitched she knew he liked the idea, too. But he just won’t admit it because Calum is a very stubborn guy and would never change his mind, but not tonight.

“Don’t what,” she started as she walked over to him with his shirt in her hand and stood in front of him, “don’t tell you how much I need you, Darling?” She asked as she stood with a straight back as her chest perked up in the air.

“Just don’t.” He said as he laid on his back. She frowned and stood between his long legs as he tried to ignore her deliciously naked body.

“But, I need you.” She moaned as she let the shirt drop to the floor and leaned in and placed her hands on his hips. “Don’t you want to feel me, baby?” She asked as he glanced at her and then back at the sealing, his arms behind his head not giving her the attention she wanted.

“Go away.” He rasped. Her hand reached for his, and as she tried to do so her heat dragged against his cock making him gasp softly. Her smirk grew as her hand took his and pulled it to her center.

“Can you feel how wet I am for you, Calum?” She leaned closer so her face is hovering over his, when his middle finger ran against her a shiver ran down her spine. He hissed at how she was dripping for him.

“Hm,” he hummed as he moved his long finger to her clit and started to rub her slowly, she closed her eyes as she savored his touch and by how he smirked she knew he would do what she wants, but not unless she has the upper hand, which she doesn’t, and that’s going to change now.

She lifted her bum in the air preventing his fingers from touching her as she looked at him with eyes full of pride as she placed her hands on his shoulder and slowly ran her right and down his chest to his aching member and took a firm grip on it. slowly she started to pump him as he looked at her with pleading eyes.

“What do you want, Calum?” She purred in his ear, her hand almost pulling on his cock whilst she jerked him with her hand. He groaned and closed his eyes at the pleasurable feeling she was providing him.

“You.” He moaned loudly when she let go of him, she smiled sweetly at him as she leaned in and placed a small kiss on his jaw, placing her heat against his hardness and grinding mercilessly as he took a hold of her circling hips as they worked him up.

His groans were never something she heard and took pity on him. No, she liked to have it as a desperate plea for her touch as he begged her with doe eyes. She was grinding and he was moaning and in blink of an eyes she was pulling away.

He groaned as he sat up with fury eyes as she smiled innocently at him as he stood up and walked over to her as she stepped back until her back was almost touching the wall as he tried not to bruise her skin with his needy touches as she smirked back at his frown with her nose in the air.

“What are you going to do?” She rasped, placing her hands behind her back as her breasts were calling for his hungry lips, she titled her head to the side as he clenched his jaw and stepped closer to her.

“What do you want?” He had asked as she placed her small hands on his shoulder, their height difference was obvious as their bodies were now touching due his closeness.

His member was touching her lower tummy as she tried not to grind against his hardness. His hands remained by his sides and his eyes staring into hers as she tried not to turn around and bend herself over for him to take her.

“I want you to fuck me.” She spoke every word slowly. His skin tingled at her tone as he tried not to give in to her words, but they sounded so appealing and attempting and they made his mind race with possibilities as he held her waist and pushed her against the wall.

“You sure about that, Love?” He whispered in her ear, a shiver ran down her spine at his rasped words as she nodded her head once. “Use your words.” He demanded through clenched teeth as he slammed her body against the wall.

“Yes.” She moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her hand rested on his bicep, she needed his touch more than anything now as he leaned in and kissed her neck, leaving marks for her to remember the next day as she moaned when his teeth bit on her collar bone.

“Lay down for me?” His tone was gentle as he tried not to fuck her right there, but to fuck her right. She looked him in the eye before walking over to the bed and siting at the end of it. “I said lay down, you don’t want to get in too much trouble. You already have enough on your side.” He warned walking closer and taking his button down off on the way, she laid on the bed as he told her so.

He knelt before her spread legs as he took a hold of the back of her knees and pulled them further apart. He leaned in and placed a small kiss on her parted lips, her breathing stopped when his middle finger tracked her clit. He chuckled before leaving a kiss to her jaw, neck, and collar.

“So fucking wet.” He chuckled darkly as he kissed her right nipple, “wanna hear you, Love.” He said as he kissed the top of her stomach, she was holding back her moans as his finger started to rub harsh circles on her sensitive bud.

His lips were driving further down her body until they were hovering over her core, she sat up on her elbows watching his dark eyes look back at her. His lips looked like they were made just for her own self pleasure as he blew air on her center. She didn’t like his teasing very much as he lifted her legs and laid them on his shoulders and his hands rested on her hips.

He faltered his tongue as he licked from her slit to the top of her sex. His movements were very slow as she tried not to place her hands in his hair and pull him closer to herself, the tip of his tongue circled her clit, she was holding the sheets tightly as he licked her up and down.

“Taste so sweet.” He moaned against her, his dick was aching him to fuck her already but he couldn’t stop now, because he wasn’t going to let what she did earlier make his needs static and she didn’t even take care of him, thus not going to let her have her release. He started to thrust against the sheets as he laid on his stomach. His tongue was fucking her as she started to buck her hips up, but his hand was in her way.

Her moans were very pornographic as she held her hair tightly in her hand, she swore she was going to explode if he did anything more. And then he had to fucking add his long fingers.

“Calum.” She moaned when his finger dived in knuckle deep as she was already so warmed up by his movement that the heat from her center was getting to her stomach and she was already feeling so fucking close. And he could feel it by the way she was clenching around his fingers, “right there.” She pulled his head closer to her clit when his finger started to thrust faster at her left wall.

“Are you going to come, Baby?” He cooed as she nodded her head frantically, he smirked as he thrust his finger two more thrusts and then pulled it out, she groaned as he tried not to laugh at how venerable she was.

He leaned up on his knees and looked down at her body, her legs now resting around his hips as she breathed heavily, she was so close and she still felt it there she just needed that extra push. She knew he wouldn’t even touch her so she reached her own hand down and started to rub her center.

“Don’t.” He warned, obviously not very pleasant by her actions, she was fucking herself harder and his name was out of her mouth like it was the only thing she knew how to say. Her hips were thrusting up the sheets, and her mind was getting cloudy and she could feel it as her neck arched backwards and her mouth was a gape.

Her other hand reached and started to pull on her nipples as her eyes closed. The feeling wasn’t like her husbands fingers, but she just needed to reach her high. But right before she could release his hand was pulling hers back from herself.

Her wine stroked something in him, he liked seeing her like this-needy and venerable-probably more than he should, and he found his dick twitching as her back arched in frustration. Her teeth sunk into her lips as she tried to calm herself down.

“You okay, Love?” He smirked down at her as she started to breathe normally and opened her eyes to look at him, she looked very angry with him but she wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

“I’m fine.” She said calmly, and her glare was what he found amusing as he smirked and leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips before he wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. He stood up with their lips still touching as he lifted her up by her ass.

She reached between them and started to pump him, he was getting dizzy because he really needed her but he still had to give her what she wanted, which consisted of even more teasing and he wasn’t so sure if he could do such thing with his dick hard as a wooden blank.

She guided his member to her folds and started to rub him up and down against her, the arm she had around his neck was the only thing keeping her from falling and providing her pleasure as she grind herself against him and kissed.

He was moaning so loud she was sure he was going to explode if she moved her hips a few more times, and he couldn’t breathe so he pulled away and rested his head in her neck as he took a firm grip on her hips and started to guide her slower down his cock.

He was close, and she could feel it by the way his dick was twitching against her, and she smirked as the pleasure was bringing her closer than him, but he was too busy enjoying himself to notice her as she threw her head back and groaned loudly.

When she started to orgasm he could feel her liquid dripping against him as she dug her nails into his shoulder blades and rode her orgasm out.

When she was finished she lifted her head up and looked at him with a lazy smirk on her flushed face. The frown on his face showed that he wasn’t so pleased with her at the moment as he stopped her movements by holding her hips in place as he laid her down on their white-duvet bed.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Lana.” His voice was everything but close to gentle or his usual self as he unwrapped her legs from around him, but her arms were still around his neck to provide him from moving away from her still needy body.

“I’m sorry,” she wasn’t sorry, she just needed him to pleasure her on their wedding night. But Calum had forgotten that it is their wedding night, because her dress was always the reminder, but now there was nothing and he was just going to punish her for her action of dismay.

“No, you’re not, Kitten.” He cooed as he stroked her hair out of her face. His face was full of love as she placed her legs once more around his hips. But what he held in mind was nothing but blinding arousal as he one moment was kissing her collar and the other pulling away and slapping the side of her left ass cheek harshly.

The slap that was delivered to her ass made her gasp loudly at the unexpected action and she looked at him with a weird look as his smirk became more of a dark evil one, and she knew she was in for a long night.

“Want me to be rough?” He asked, but she wasn’t very sure if she allowed to answer him or not, “then rough is what you fucking get.” He spoke darkly, and his pride made him sound scary as hell. And she loved every single moment of his darkness.

“Stand up.” He ordered as she did what he asked her and stood before him as he sat on the bed. He placed both his hands on her waist and tracked her smooth skin as she watched his eyes roam her naked body. “Beautiful.” He phrased as he kissed above her belly button.

He stood up with a firm grip on her waist and spun around. “Bend over.” He said. It took her a moment to actually understand what he was telling her because this is her passionate lover, and he was going to spank her until she couldn’t sit anymore.

She did as she was told and spun around slowly, and with slightly shaky hands she placed her palms against their soft duvet as she arched her back. Her ass was in the air, waiting for him to mark with his rough hands as he stared at her creamy skin for a long time before he stepped closer to her.

His dick was between her ass cheeks as she moaned and wiggled her hips so she could feel more of him, but the harsh slap she received from him stopped her movement all at once.

“Bad girls don’t get treats. Be a good girl get what you want. Got it, Kitten?” He growled as he rubbed her sore skin. She bit her lips and nodded. “Use your fucking words.” He warned.

“Yes.” She nodded again.

“Yes Daddy.” He corrected her with a small tap of his fingers against her sore skin.

“Yes Daddy.” She repeated. His growl was one of satisfaction as he muttered something before she heard the slapping sound and her right cheek stung from the rough impact.

“I said, fucking count.” He said through gritted teeth. His hand landing on her ass once more, but it wasn’t meant for her to count but as a punishment for her because she hasn’t heard him.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She whined as he rubbed himself against her dripping core.

“Good girl.” He smiled as he slapped her left cheek because he felt like it wasn’t red enough. She started to count his slaps over and over, and every time he would slap her, her cheeks would wiggle, taunt him as they evolved his dick between their soft warm, cheeks, every time it makes him gulp at how fucking good that looked.

“Daddy.” She moaned as he started to rub her ass up and down. The feeling was so bittersweet she was sure it was almost impossible for him not to take her right at the moment.

“Is my little dirty girl getting tired.” He cooed leaning over her to look at her face. His palm was rubbing her sore skin as an attempt to soothe the sore cheeks that were taking him better than he ever imagined.

She hummed as she turned her head to the side to look at him. He noticed the tears at the corner of her eyes as she bit her lips and tightened her grip on the sheets. His hand tracked from her hips to her waist and then back down. He felt proud, and he felt powerful and most of all, aroused. Even though he should hug her and tell her that he’s sorry, it was too late to back out now.

“I’m sorry, Babe.” He smiled as he kissed her cheek and wiggled his hips around hers a little as she closed her eyes to enjoy him. He was taking it slow but the way she wanted it as she moaned softly at the hardness of his member.

“Daddy,” she said, her back started to hurt from arching for such a long time. She needed a break but she wasn’t sure he would give her one if she begged him.

“Yes?” He asked with a smug smile as he stood with wobbly knees behind her, all he could focus on at the moment was her perky ass as she rubbed it up and down his cock. He was getting dizzy and every now and then blood would rush to his base and the feeling is so fucking good he can’t help but moan at her movements.

“Can I ride you?” She asked as she flipped her hair over to one side, she turned her head to look at him as it fell over on shoulder, he groaned as her ass moved more freely and the pre-cum that leaked every time her pussy would glide against his balls is what he loves to see, and it would fall against her ass cheeks-that were marked with angry red hand prints on them-and he had to stop himself from reaching forward and yanking her from her hair towards him.

“No.” He said as he stilled her hips in place by his hands on them, and the high pitched whine that came from her lipstick stained lips made him feel the need to slide his aching member into her ass hole and fuck her so hard that he would taste himself whenever he kissed her.

“Why?” She whined as she tried to push her ass against him once more but his grip was bruising and it was not helping her touch him.

“Because, bad girls don’t get treats.” He said as he slapped her red ass cheeks softly.

“But I had been a good girl for you, Daddy.” She moaned, she wanted so badly to reach her own hand for herself and just find some friction.

“No, you haven’t.” He said, “stand up.” He ordered. She did as she was told and his hands flew to her hips as he pulled her body flush against his. His right arms going around her stomach to prevent her from moving away. “You’ve been a naughty girl, and your punishment isn’t over yet.” He rasped in her ear as a strong shiver ran through her as her eyes closed. “Don’t make me repeat my words, Darling.”

He let go of her and said for her to lay down, and she slowly pulled away from in front of him and turned around. She sat on the bed never breaking eye contact as her hair fell against her left eye covering it. She was very seducing with her movements as his dick twitched at the image of her resting on her elbows and her left knee bent slightly.

“Good enough?” She titled her head to the side as her breast were on full view to his hungry eyes. He knew what she was doing, and he wasn’t giving in just yet.

“Yes.” He replied coldly as he reached for his tie on the dresser and slowly, moved so he was between her knees. His hand reached for hers as he pulled them above her head, and harshly tied her. And his rough movements made her heart flutter and she was making the sheets wet from her own arousal.

He slowly ran his hands down her arms, and reached her rounded breasts. He sighed when he felt her nipples harden under his cold hands. He squeezed them as she closed her eyes, he reached forward and licked her nipples harshly, flattening his tongue against her right and dragging upward to her collar bone as he bit the skin there.

His movements were rough and slow, and she was moaning loudly. The heat from the room and his touch along with his body made her temperature rise, thus became sensitive. And when he rolled her nipples in his hands her hips jerked upward towards his thigh. Her arousal made his tan skin shine and he pictured how his dick looked inside her and at the memory his teeth dug harsher into her collar.

He pulled away form her as a whine escaped her pouty lips. His stare burned into her eyes as he pulled away his hands too. He leaned in closer to her, and with breath that smelt like it could break hearts, he whispered: “Make one more sound and you’ll be tied like this for the rest of the night.”

Her eyes widened at his tone and her chest rose to touch his, when he pulled away she felt a little cold but she was too focused on him at the moment to pay it much attention. She was highly aroused that the pain from her wrists was numb and her core was thumbing so hard it felt good as if she was getting some friction.

He raised his eyes brows as if waiting for an answer, and when she noticed she muttered a small, “yes, daddy.” Before biting down hard on her red lips.

“Good girl.” He praised as he ran his hands down her sides from her breasts… And when he reached her hips he pulled them up, and slowly laid her legs around him and her ass-in a very uncomfortable position-on his knees. She looked very fucking seducing in this position, and he was sure she wasn’t very comfortable and when his eyes tracked her body and then reached her center he got a very clear view of it.

His dick was hanging next to her pussy but not quiet touching it, and he also noticed the liquid against his thigh, and he couldn’t stop himself from reaching down with his middle finger and touch her clit. He tracked around it in circles for a while as he kept eye contact with the flustered redhead underneath him.

He was watching her as her lips parted and her eyes closed in pleasure, his finger moved lower and reached her opening as a small gasp fell from her lips but she covered it up by biting her lip. But he had noticed but decided to let it go because he love the affect he had on her as she pulled on the tie.

“Look how wet you are, Darling.” He smiled at her as he dipped a finger in her, but it wasn’t a slow motion, no, he dove all of his finger in her right away as a moan left her lips in pleasure and surprise. “What did I say?” His tone wasn’t even a least bit gentle as his other hand reached down and slapped the side of her ass.

“’M sorry, Daddy.” It sounded as a moan, too. But he enjoyed it too much that he hadn’t paid attention to it.

“It’s okay, Baby Girl.” He cooed as he started to move his finger in and out of her at a very slow pace, he was waiting for her to slip and make a sound or plea, but she was only breathing heavily as her eyes closed and lips parted.

His finger were increasing pace quickly as he hunched forward a little to help his finger move faster as she bit harshly on her lip to stop the whimpers that were coming out of her lips, Calum could hear them but he decided not to do anything because she was trying too hard to stop herself from moaning.

As her face started to get red, his worry became too much to handle as he slowed down his actions. She was holding in her breath as she tried not to cry for him to fuck her but she was doing such a good job but he still stopped.

“Daddy, please!” She whined as she threw her head back and started to thrust her hips towards his long fingers.

He only pulled away completely as she cried for him to continue but he didn’t do anything as he stopped in his tracks. She groaned loudly at the amount of teasing he was doing to her, she needed to be touched and she couldn’t think of anything but him at the moment and all she wanted was for him to fuck her as she cried tears of pleasure underneath him.

She wanted him to be merciless.

“Sh, Baby Girl.” He smirked at her as her beasts bounced up and down in front of his hungry eyes.

His movements were according to a beat, and his eyes glued to hers as the stare made her drip even more, and they wandered lower and lowered until they reached her pussy and the sight was enough to make his dick twitch, he felt like just fucking her, stop with all the teasing. But he wanted to keep her satisfied and give her what she wanted and tease her at the same time as she pulled on the tie that was stopping her from touching him, or herself.

“What do you want, Baby Girl?” He cooed as he rubbed her thighs harshly up and down as her skin moved with the movement of his big hands, he squeezed her full skin as she moaned at how cold his hands were against her sweaty skin.

“You, Daddy. I want you.” She breathed lifting her head up and looking at him as he sucked in a breath at the sight of her lips full and wet for him.

“Are you worked up enough?” His tone was far from sexy as he leaned in closer to her and rested his head in her neck, she lifted her chest to touch his and nodded.

“Yeah.” It sounded like a wine but she was just very desperate at the moment to even care if the sheets were stained with her arousal or not, thus closed her eyes and savored his sent.

“Have you been a good girl for Daddy?” His hands moved up her sides to her breasts as he squeezed and pinched her nipple in his rough hands making her moan, her skin was very soft and sensitive and whenever he touched her she would moan and a mark-one would last and one wouldn’t-would form from a slight touch of his. And he loved that fact about her, that she was so responsive.

“Yes, Daddy, all for you.” She moaned biting her lips and wrapping her legs around his hips tightly caging him in and arguing him to bury himself in her deep.

“Hm,” he hummed as his hardness glided against her full opening, “do you want Daddy’s cock, Pretty Girl?” His question and dirty talk was something he knew she would never say no to, and she wanted to badly to just do that move that would move him so he’s deep in her.

“So bad, Daddy I want you so bad!” She wined in his ear, his grunt was so damn animal-sounding that she couldn’t hold herself from rolling her hips into his and the friction was one that drives a person crazy if they weren’t so holding on to each other.

He hummed, muttering something to himself as he pulled away from her neck and looked her dead in the eye. His hand went to her hips and held them in place, and with the other hand he reached for his member and lined against her damp opening.

With one peak on her lips he entered her at one thrust making her gasp loudly, he stopped a moment to not pass out or have a black out as he started to thrust harshly into her.

“Oh my god!” She gasped arching her back as his thrusts were making her feel so fucking good and his grunts were something she longed to hear as his grip on her hips tightened.

He stopped for a moment as he angled his hips and started to thrust in another stop inside of her and reach behind her back and lift her body up by his arm and fuck her harder as her back arched and the look of her was something he would never-ever-get over as she cried from pleasure and her tits bounced.

“Yes! Daddy, yes!” She was being fucked into oblivion as his thrusts would stop for a while and he would angle his hips and then fuck her just as hard as a nail into wood, but if you would look at it and try to describe it you would say it looked like a hammer landing on a nail harder than ever, and it was so damn planed that she was moaning so fucking loudly.

She was numb at some point as he slide in and out of her easily, and he arched her back even more-if possible. Her back was arched to him posing her bouncing tits to him, and her legs were around him as his arm was supporting both their weight by holding the headboard and her arms were tied and they were forming bruises from how red they looked and he glanced at them for a moment and slowed down his thrusts because it looked very painful.

“Oh, Baby.” He said stopping his thrusts as she wined for him and closing her eyes tight, his hand on the headboard reached for her wrists and touched it making her moan from how painful it felt, “does it hurt, Doll?” He cooed and looked down at her painful face.

“Yes.” She said, her voice was forced as she tried not to cry, she bit her lip and look up at him with doe eyes. All these pet names were driving her crazy, she felt like a queen, and he never really made her need anything-but him. He knew how to take care of her.

“I’m sorry.” His voice was spoken slowly as he laid her back on the bed and untied her, his hips were making small thrusts, his hair was very messy as he closed his eyes and hissed at how she was clenching around him so tightly.

When he was done he pulled his hips back and slide out of her making her moan at the loss of contact. He gave her a small smirk as she tried not to slap it off of his face, he places his hand on her hips and with the other he pulls her up by her own hand so she can sit up.

“Wanna turn around for me?” He asks as their eyes meet in a hungry stare, it feels like she couldn’t say no to him at the moment because her desire was topping her thoughts at the moment and all she could think of was how to get him to let her finish.

“What are you going to do, Daddy?” She asked with every ounce of innocent she had in herself, and as her hands placed themselves against the head board, he looked her back up and down stopping at her arched bum in the air.

He hummed before saying, “take care of you, Baby Girl.” As his hands took place on her hips and he shuffled around to adjust to a position so he could fuck her from the back.

His knees were parting hers as his chest was glued to her back as she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder, he kissed her shoulder once before he slide in her swiftly. His thrusts were as merciless as before and she found herself getting dizzy because her mind was racing so fast but she couldn’t really focus on any of the ideas at the moment, and she only knew how to say his name as he pounded into her milky ass.

“Feels good?” He asked through gritted teeth, and his voice shook because his thrusts were just that hard. Calum liked the sounds of her moaning so much that he tried not to let out any noises so he could listen to her moan his name and beg for him to let her finish.

“So… Good, Daddy.” She threw her head back against his shoulder and rocked her hips slightly as he grunted loudly. Her curls were very messy and some of them wrapped themselves around his bicep a little as it tickled him, but the tickling didn’t make him laugh, it made him shiver and freeze for a moment because he felt too wild to concentrate-because he didn’t want to hurt her.

He started to breath loudly as she wined for him to keep going, he looked at the wall as his dick was buried deep inside her, and her hips moved a little so she could get friction because the amount of teasing she got was so fucking much but he stilled her movements by his big hand on her hips.

The grip was hard and it made her feel the roughness he was keeping in himself as he gripped her waist with his other hand tighter and tried not to cry out from pleasure because his hips were so deep in her that her ass was against his pubic bone and it seemed like he pushed really hard that her skin was wrinkled against his.

“Fuck, look at you.” He moaned, and he didn’t really want to stop now because he was feeling too good staring at her and started to thrust again but this time it was very slow, but very hard as she tried not to scream.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!” She moaned loudly as he stopped for a moment and then started but it was very fast and rough as his hips slapped her full ass’s skin, and his hair was against his forehead due the sweat coming from his hair line as he gritted his teeth hard enough to break them and the skin of his pubic bone was red and so was her ass but he couldn’t even stop.

At this point all he could do was swear and cry out because she started to clinch around him so fucking hard, and she kept calling him 'Daddy.’ And he was sure that his dick was going to be numb from all the pleasure but he tried not to think it too much as he snapped his hips rather hard.

Her hand moved from the headboard to his hair as she started to pull on it and beg him to let her finish, her back was arched to the point that it looked painful and she was sure that it’s going to hurt as hell tomorrow but fuck it, it was their wedding night.

He was starting to slow down and his thrusts were getting very sloppy as he felt the shocks of a starting orgasm rocking through him but he wanted to hold on for her. His hand reached from her hips to her clit as he started to rub hard circles into it as she tried not to fall right then and there.

“Wanna cum, Baby?” He rasped in her ear sending a shiver down her spine, she moaned and pulled on his hair a little as he started to suck on her neck and breath heavily.

“So close.” She breathed as she closed her eyes and faced the ceiling. She could feel it bubbling inside of her as it sent shocks through her whole body making her fingers tingle.

She was coming with a small scream because he was going slower when she came because he knew she was sensitive when she finished. She kept on moaning as she couldn’t hear anymore and her words were slurred and he kept saying 'I love you.’ In her ear as she came down.

When she was done he pulled out of her slowly even though he wasn’t finished yet, and she could barely move as he adjusted them so she can blow him because he was very desperate for her at the moment.

“Such a good girl for me.” He said mainly to himself as she lazily made her way in between his legs, she pushed her hair over one shoulder as she bent down, and placed her hands on her thighs as she kissed his red angry tip.

She looked at him through her lashes with that sexy look that made him shiver and bite the side of his lips at the sight of her between his parted legs. She opened her mouth and took his tip against her tongue as she gave him the show he wanted badly, he moaned and closed his eyes for a second before placing his hand on her shoulder.

She wrapped her lips around his tip and sucked harshly making him buck his hips into her mouth for even more friction. She took even more of him into her lips inch by inch as he tried to hold his vocals in.

Her right hand wrapped around the base as she squeezed it harshly before giving him a stroke and going deeper with her wet lips, his groans were some kind of encouragement for her as he placed his hand from her shoulder to her cheek and stroked it with his thumb. He titled his head to the side and hissed when she took all of him in and started to suck harshly and move her head up and down in a very fast motion.
“Lana.” His moan was very desperate as if he was begging her to move faster, because he just needed that little extra push to just explode and her hair was against his thigh as the curls wrapped around it. And if it were another time Calum would have thought that she was dead fucking damned hot with her lips wrapped around him. But she looked very pretty as she did it at the moment. And she made it look so effortless that he couldn’t hold his moans anymore because he was sweating so much as the salty drops ran down his chest and to his abdomen as she started to push over that area to make him release even faster.

He gasped loudly as his eyes closed because that sensation felt very good and her other hand left his cock and went to his balls as she squeezed making even more pre-cum leak out of his member into her throat as she swallowed around him.

“I’m coming.” He whined in somehow a high pitched tone as he laced his fingers into her hair and started to pull slightly as he guided her up and down on him. He was getting even more vocal when he was nearing it and she sucked harder to make it even better for him.

And with a loud gasp he came, and when he did all his body muscles tensed up and he threw his head back and grabbed her hair tightly in his hands. His moans seemed like they were forcing him to let them out as his chest stopped because he felt very oblivious-in the best way possible.

She sucked him through it an when he finished coming down his moans weren’t as loud as they were when he started to cum. Puppy brown eyes opened and looked between his legs as he moved his hand from her hair to the side of her cheek and caressed it as she sucked his softening cock dry.

She moaned as she pulled away from his member and kissed the tip one last time, he moaned and pulled her to him by her forearms to kiss her, her hands placed themselves against his cheeks as he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

She moaned as she pulled away from the kiss and looked at him with a lazy smile, he mirrored her expression as he laid down underneath her.

“Not to be cheesy or anything, but that was really good.” She smiled up to him as she lays her head on his chest with their legs tangled.

“Hm.” He hummed and caressed through her hair with his fingers.

The rest of the night was full of… Sleep. Because, what else is there to do, they were exhausted as they were sleepy and they were in need of deep sleep because they had a flight the next day.

And he fell asleep muttering, “goodnight, Mrs.Hood.” And kissed the top of her head.

“Goodnight, Mr.Hood.” With a big ass grin on her lips. Because it felt very good saying it.

Lost Girls of Neverland

Request: heyy already requested this on other blogs, but I wanted to see your take on it too please c: Ok so Pan discovers there’s also a group of Lost Girls and reader is the leader and they’re all very powerful and amazing fighters and also know magic so they absolutely beat up the Lost Boys when they try to attack and Peter falls for her bc BADASS READER IS LIFE :D

Warnings: none

Notes: oh hey! I’ve actually read an imagine with the prompt! hm… let’s see what I can come up with…!

“Ha. Ladies, it seems we have a challenge.” You cackled darkly. 

It was nighttime in Neverland. There was a giant bonfire going on, your Lost Girls finally all sitting and calming down. You were all dressed in the cloths Neverland had to offer. All of you weren’t afraid to get dirty, whether it be getting down and dirty with your hands or with magic. 

Legend says, that there’s a whole other group on the island of Neverland. It’s not just Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. You and your Lost Girls were also living on the island. Though you were on the other side of the boys, hence why you never clashed… until now. The Lost Girls and the Lost Boys had finally met face-to-face. Peter wasn’t there and neither were you. You were both doing your own things.

“What’s the challenge?” Felice, your head Lost Girl smirked.

“We’ve got to show those boys who’s boss. Think we can do it, ladies?” You laughed. The girls chanted and cheered around the fire. 

Just like Peter, you were evil. But evil in a different way. You didn’t kill people left and right like he did. You didn’t lock people up in cages either. Instead, of someone crossed you, you’d make sure they would go insane. That they’d lose their mind, and their mind would kill them. You were sinister like Peter, but in your own way. You viewed everything as a game, too. You also held a great deal of magic like him. You were the female version of Peter Pan, but you were better. 

This ambush was all some big game. A deadly game, but still a game to you and Peter. You hadn’t even met the boy yet, but you were both so alike. You were ready to show him who was boss though. Beat all the boys’ asses. Prove to them that girls can be tougher and better than rowdy boys.


That next day, after waking up and getting ready for the attack, you and your Lost Girls traveled down to the other side of the island. You all climbed up high in the trees when getting closer to their camp. All of you swung and jumped from tree to tree, staying quieter than a mouse ever could. 

“One… two… THREE!” You shouted. All of your girls jumped out from their hiding places, attacking the boys on the spot. Of course no one died or got seriously injured. This was just a game. The sounds of swords clinked, arrows flew, little rocks were slingshotted. Some Lost Boys and Girls wrestled one another. It was a full on brawl.

You watched, proud of your Lost Girls. But you were in search of one particular boy. Peter Pan.

“The infamous Y/N,” you heard that deep accent. You turned around, a smirk resting on your lips.

Pan,” you said.

“I hear you’re wicked,” he chucked sarcastically. “Well I’m much worse,” and he shot magic right at you. Though of course you blocked it with your own magic. Peter cocked an eyebrow at you.

“Impressive.” His tone was still low and dark.

You and Peter fought, you blocking his every move. You and him only went at it for a good five minutes before you hit him with a blast of your own magic. He fell back, about to retaliate, but he was restrained. Felice and Ruby, two Lost Girls, quickly pinned him down to the ground. You snapped your fingers, roped being tied around Peter’s wrists. You smiled in victory as you and Peter both looked around the camp.

“Boys! What–” Peter cut himself off. He stared in shock and amazement. His Lost Boys were all tied. Some were tied to the nearby trees, others had their feet and hands tied, others were tied, but knocked out. How could a bunch a sissies take out his entire camp of boys? How could a single girl like you take Peter Pan out? It baffled him, but he was extremely impressed.

“Your boys won’t help you now, Pan,” you laughed a hearty laugh. “So don’t waste your precious breath.” You were proud of all your girls. A few of them had cuts on them, but none of them cared. None of your Lost Girls cared if they got a scratch on them.

Peter stared at you in astonishment. Wow, were you stunning. You could fight, use magic, and you weren’t afraid to be nasty? Who could be anymore perfect for him? A demon and a demon. That’s how it would be. 

“Nice try, but I can do a little trick–” Once again, Peter cut himself off. He tried to make the ropes around his wrists and ankles disappear, but they didn’t. You let out a single, sassy chuckle.

“Please, you think I tied you with regular rope? Boys really are stupid.” Peter growled at you remark.

“Untie me at once!” He demanded.

“Or what? The little boy will throw a fit?” You mocked him, your fellow Lost Girls laughing.

Peter squirmed to get free, but with this magical rope that sopped his magic, he was screwed. All of his magic had stopped working, and he questioned what kind of rope you were using. What powers did it hold that would block all of his magic? It was killing him. He couldn’t stand being a magic-less being.

“What do ya think, ladies? Think we showed ‘em who really runs Neverland?” All of them nodded in agreement. Your hands rested on your hips, eyes still on Peter. My, was he charming. He looked pathetic trying to squirm in these ropes, but aside from that, he wasn’t half bad looking. 

“Think it’s time to untie them?” You asked once again.

“I think so. I’ve gotten my fix on beating a bunch of foolish boys,” Felice cackled.

You snapped your fingers once again, and the ropes disappeared on all of the boys. Half of them stood up, too scared to move. The other half stayed on the ground out cold still. Peter stood up, rubbing his wrists. Your Lost Girls got ready in a fighting stance, but you held your hand up to them. That was your sign of telling them to be at ease. They lowered their weapons, backing up. 

Peter walked up to you. He was taller than you by a good few inches. His arms were folded over his chest and he looked beyond angry. Though his stare didn’t affect you at all. You stood your ground, not breaking at all. Not even a slither of fear showed in your eyes. You weren’t afraid of him. You knew you had more power than him. You were stronger.

“You’ve got fire,” Peter finally broke the unnerving silence. “I like fire.”

“What are you implying, Pan?” The corner of your mouth twitched up.

“What do you think I’m implying, hmm?” You smirked at him. There was tension between the two of you. But a different kind. It wasn’t awkward tension or tension from hatred. More of tension from fascination. 

You got closer to Peter. You looked up at him, your body centimeters away from him. “I know exactly what you’re implying, but I’m not going to say it with them all around.”

“Smart girl.”

There was another pause. All the Lost Boys and Girls stayed silent and watched. The two leaders were conversing, and if any of them made a single sound, they’d be punished. 

“Ladies,” you turned to them. “I think it’s time for you all to go back to our camp. Reward yourselves.” The girls nodded, walking away.

“Boys,” Peter turned to them. “Clean up this mess. I’m disappointed in you. Getting beat by mere girls? Pathetic.” The boys nodded, turning their back on peter and you. They started to clean up the aftermath of the fight.

You punched Peter directly in the chest. “Mere girls?” You snapped. “I think we’ve all showed you, Pan, that we’re not just mere girls.”

Peter looked at you with a glint in his eyes. “I like how you say my name. It’s a turn on. But what about my first name? I want to hear it roll off your tongue.”

“Oh, Pan, I like you,” you got super close to him now. Your lips were almost touching his, your hands on his chest. Peter didn’t know what was going on with him. He felt this tingly sensation inside him. With how close you were, he got the flutters in his stomach, and the urge to kiss you. He was fond of you, and you being right in his reach was torturing him. You made him weak.

“But it’s going to take more than trying to poorly sweet talk me. Better luck next time, Pied Piper.” You pulled away, pushing lightly off him. Your lips had barely brushed against his before you walked off, disappearing and putting yourself back at your camp.

You left Peter standing there. For the first time, he was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to do. He was lost. Lost with you. Lost in you.You were so maniacal and cunning. Snarky and sassy. He loved it. And we all know, Peter Pan always gets what he wants.

She Almost Lost Him

The CS scene we all really wanted in “Heroes and Villains”.

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Emma’s back hit the wall, their kiss covering her “oomph”. 

And damn, could her pirate kiss.

Wait, no, no. Emma put her hand on his chest, pushing him away. She swallowed to reign in her emotions, because they needed to talk. But she almost lost him, oh god, she almost lost him. 

Killian’s brow furrowed, confused.

“Hold it, buddy.” Emma said, all business, pushing down the panic that threatened to overwhelm her. “You don’t get to kiss me and act like everything’s all good now. We need to talk about what the hell happened.”

“Swan.” Killian leaned in close. “My heart’s back now, and I just want to kiss you.”

“Nice try, but I’d like to know the finer points of how it was taken in the first place.” Emma straightened herself, moving to the door of his room. “Come on.” 

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anonymous asked:

Kate and Castle got divorced two years ago, they have a kid together, after another night of trying to top the top 10 Kate ends up pregnant at the end they get remarried.

“Noah’s at the baseball with my dad.” 

The words leave her mouth the moment she opens the door, her posture tense and unreceptive. 

“I know he’s with your dad. I wanted to talk to you.” 

He tries to keep his tone light, because this is the whole reason he’s here – the way she wants to retreat as soon as she thinks they might have a conversation that doesn’t involve their son. But they can’t avoid it forever. 

They slept together. 

He’d joke that it’s not a big deal, after all they have done it before, but they’re both aware that it is, in fact, a big deal. 

They’ve been divorced two years, and they had finally settled into the rhythm of being friends and parents to Noah, and now everything’s a mess. 

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I just want to talk about this moment here: (gif belongs to sheriffswan)

Normally Killian is the one pulling her to him, stepping into her comfort zone, besides the times they kissed. Emma usually strategically places herself a safe distance away. But here, after they had an amazing first date, Emma is stepping closer to him as she talks. It seems almost unconscious, as if she needs to physically be closer to him. She feels comfortable around him now, and she might not be fully open with him yet, but she’s getting there. Even mentioning that the date was amazing as she stepped as close to him as she could. It just shows that our precious baby is beginning to accept her feelings for her dashing rapscallion. 


You liked being alone. It wasn’t that you didn’t like people, it was more like sometimes you just got tired of hearing all the noise, sometimes you liked being alone with your thoughts.

Everything in your life was just starting to calm down after the whole Ultron situation. You were in the middle of training to be apart of the new avengers and you were glad that you were no longer being experimented on by Strucker, but still at least there you had time to be alone. In the new base you were glad to have a new family but you needed your space. 

You looked around, and figured you’d better get back inside, you needed some sleep if you were going to continue your training tomorrow. You got up and brushed yourself off, you turned around and jumped slightly at the sight of the android. 

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked looking at you. “Shouldn’t you be charging?” You shot back rudely. “That’s why you should be asleep.” He said referring to your obvious cranky stage. You sighed knowing that the machine had a point. “Why aren’t you asleep?” He asked confused. 

“I needed time to think.” You said, you figured you could at least play nice with the android, he hadn’t had enough experience with the world to earn your spite. 


“Everything, nothing, whatever comes to mind.” You said with a shrug. “And you have to do this at night?” He asked–it seemed as though his questions were neverending. “No, but I just find easier to think when no one else is around. There’s not as much background noise.” You answered. “Isn’t human contact necessary for a healthy psyche?” You sat down on the lawn and motioned for him to follow, this was going to be a long talk. 

It’d been almost an hour now, the two of you talked–well he asked questions and you answered to the best of your ability. 

“Were you close to him? The one that died?” Vision asked, you sighed and looked down at the grass under you. You blinked away the tears that wanted desperately to fall. 

“Pietro and I were close, he and Wanda were in Struckers’ lab because they wanted to be, I was there because Strucker needed another lab rat. We trained together, and he was my first kiss. But nothing romantic ever came out of your relationship.” You said staring off into the horizon trying to fight back your memories of the speedster. 

“I’ve never felt love. I’ve read about it, I’ve seen it, but I’ve never experienced it personally. What it is like?” He asked you turned your attention back to him and that’s when you realized that as much as he knew, he was still young, he was new to the world he hadn’t had the experiences you had.

“Well to be honest I’ve never been in love, I’ve felt love but it was always the familiar kind. I guess neither of us have been in love.” You said as you made eye contact. Neither of you said anything for a while you just stayed looking into the others’ eyes, that’s when a thought occurred to you. 

“Have you ever had a kiss?” You asked looking at him. “No.” He said simply. You leaned close to him. “Then you have something to look forward to in the future.” You said stopping just before your lips could touch his. “Goodnight Vision.” With that said you got up and jogged back inside the base.

Requested by Anon

CrissColfer Fic-a-Day Advent 2014: Day Seventeen

Pairing: Chris/Darren 
Word Count:
Prompt:  non-famous crisscolfer meeting at a queen+adam lambert concert and then having sex (preferably but not necessarily top!darren)

Read the fic on AO3.

Darren’s back hits the door with a thud and he laughs as a mouth slams into his. This isn’t quite what he’d thought about happening when he got dressed for the concert but Darren certainly isn’t going to protest this outcome either. Not when the man in front of him tastes this good.

“Watch the knob,” Darren adds, his words mumbling directly into the mouth of the other man. Chris, he thinks, his name was Chris - of course that sticks out enough for him to remember. It’s an unfamiliar hotel room, one Darren booked just on the off chance that he or his friends might not want to make the trip back home after what promised to be one epic concert.

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My first mini short story (drabble?) it's really cutesy so ya XD

“Hey mommy?" 

I look up from the cooking board that I had been slicing carrots on for tonight’s dinner. My five year old daughter, Miharu is standing next to me tugging at my shirt. 

‘She’s grown so much’, I think to myself sighing sadly at the thought.

"Yes?” I say, bending down slightly so I can look in her eyes,

“Where do babies come from?" 


If I had something in my mouth, I would have spit it out. I barely stop the sharp knife from slipping out of my left hand and onto the floor.

"Miharu. What kind of a question is this?" 

My daughter shrugs, her long sandy brown hair swaying during the motion. 

"Sakura said her mommy told her. But she wouldn’t tell me!” Miharu small face scrunches up at the thought of her cousin keeping secrets from her.

'Oh god, Yuta’s going to kill Lily’

I look down at my daughter who’s crossed her arms in defiance. Yuta and I still have no idea where she gets it from.

“Sweetie, Sakura is older than yo-” I try to explain, though I’m quickly cut off.

“But I want to know!”

I sigh, and glance at the clock on the wall. It’s getting late, maybe she’s just tired. 

“Let mommy talk to daddy first. I’m almost done with dinner so go clean up your toys ok?" 

Miharu grumbles, but does as shes told. 

'Thank god, but now what am I going to tell Yuta?' 

About two hours later, I’ve successfully fed, washed and read a bedtime story to my daughter. 

"Goodnight my sweet Miharu,” I say as I kiss her cheek. After making sure for the last time she has enough covers, I turn off her light and quietly leave her room.

As soon as I’ve closed Miharu’s door I hear another one open. I walk down the hall and into the living room.

Sure enough, there’s Yuta his handsome smiling face greeting me.

“Amaya! I’ve missed you!” he says, pulling me close to him so he can give me a kiss.

After heating up dinner and filling in Yuta on the day’s events, I find myself telling him what our daughter said.

“Apparently Lily had told Sakura, and Miharu must have overheard somehow.”  

Yuta usually sunny expression darkens slightly.

“I suppose she could have overheard somehow…it seems unlikely Lily would talk about things of that nature so openly.”

I nod. “True, but still that doesn’t solve our problem. What are we going to tell her?" 

Yuta thinks for a second and then plants an unexpected kiss on my lips. Unlike the one before, its deeper and more passionate.

"Yuta?” I whisper, looking into his eyes as he pulls away.

“Lets go make a baby." 


He can’t be serious right now, this is just another joke right?

But Yuta dosen’t look like he’s joking.

“It’ll be easier for her to understand if she sees her mommy go through the whole nine month process." 

I laugh, and he gives me a large grin.

"So you were joking.”

“Not in the slightest." 

Suddenly, I’m in his arms being carried bridal style to our bedroom. Wrapping my arms around his neck I whisper "I’ve always wanted a little boy." 

Yuta grins, and carries me into our room.

9 months later

"Miharu come and meet your brother." 

My six year old daughter runs over to meet the new addition to the family; Katsu.

"And that’s how babies are made.” Yuta and I say at once, as she gently touches his little fingers. 

Miharu nods in agreement.

“That’s how babies are made.”


Anyway I would love any feedback and I hope you guys liked it!