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If you were to write a list of first aid products, like hydrogen peroxide for example, that all pet owners should have, what would you include? Also I'm not sure if those are personal pictures of Fernbank but if you ever find yourself in Atlanta I would highly recommend going! -Thank you :)

I would start by telling everyone to throw their hydrogen peroxide in the bin.

While hydrogen peroxide has been traditionally used, because it fizzed and looked dramatic and was assumed to be doing something, it actually damages the animal’s tissues and delays healing. Salty water does as good a job at cleaning a wound, but causes no tissue damage.

The first aid kit I would recommend owners have is really basic. The intent of first aid is only to preserve life or prevent further damage until ongoing medical care can be reached. It’s not a substitute for treatment or seeing a vet.

  • Salt, for salty water
  • Iodine (betadine). when diluted to a weak tea color is non-damaging for healing tissues. Diluted more that 1:50 is safe around eyes.
  • A cone (Elizabethan collar)
  • Saline solution for eye irrigation
  • Gauze swabs
  • Co-plus self adherent bandage, or equivalent brand
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • pair of gloves

That’s basically it. Having a towel, blanket, or something on hand for pet transport is advisable too. Many of these things you can find in a human first aid kit.

But please remember a first aid kit is no substitute for seeking veterinary (or medical) attention. I do not want to see things like this happening.

They were my personal photos from Fernbank Natural History Museum. I greatly enjoyed going, and the Autumn forrest there was beautiful too.

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