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If you were to write a list of first aid products, like hydrogen peroxide for example, that all pet owners should have, what would you include? Also I'm not sure if those are personal pictures of Fernbank but if you ever find yourself in Atlanta I would highly recommend going! -Thank you :)

I would start by telling everyone to throw their hydrogen peroxide in the bin.

While hydrogen peroxide has been traditionally used, because it fizzed and looked dramatic and was assumed to be doing something, it actually damages the animal’s tissues and delays healing. Salty water does as good a job at cleaning a wound, but causes no tissue damage.

The first aid kit I would recommend owners have is really basic. The intent of first aid is only to preserve life or prevent further damage until ongoing medical care can be reached. It’s not a substitute for treatment or seeing a vet.

  • Salt, for salty water
  • Iodine (betadine). when diluted to a weak tea color is non-damaging for healing tissues. Diluted more that 1:50 is safe around eyes.
  • A cone (Elizabethan collar)
  • Saline solution for eye irrigation
  • Gauze swabs
  • Co-plus self adherent bandage, or equivalent brand
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • pair of gloves

That’s basically it. Having a towel, blanket, or something on hand for pet transport is advisable too. Many of these things you can find in a human first aid kit.

But please remember a first aid kit is no substitute for seeking veterinary (or medical) attention. I do not want to see things like this happening.

They were my personal photos from Fernbank Natural History Museum. I greatly enjoyed going, and the Autumn forrest there was beautiful too.


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‘Come on!’ Daryl yelled, grabbing your attention.

You and Daryl had been paired by Rick to find supplies for the group back at Alexandria. Negan had stolen most of the groups food and supplies and people would soon starve if food was not found quick enough. Daryl had been the only member of the group that you had bonded with and trusted. Daryl had been the one to rescue you when he found you cowering in a closet in a empty house. You had hid there to escape the group of men that had held you prisoner ans used for their own sexual gratification. 

There gang of men had invaded the camp that you and your friends had called home for almost a year, claiming that they hadn’t eaten for some time, you took pity on the men and shared some of the supplies you had to spare. But it was a cruel trick, they waited till everyone fell asleep and they were slaughter as they slept in their beds. The ones who survived were the ones the gang took particular interest in and wanted to take against their will.

Since that night Y/n has never said a word, it was only Daryl who truly understood what she had gone through. He never forced you to speak or try and ask what happened to you, many others had tried but you did not wish to tell them of the horrors you had suffered through. No one needed to know that it was too dark to talk about, and you has heard the whispers of what they said about you.

Daryl did not mind if you joined him on supply runs, he liked the quiet and knew that you would not bother him with chit chat. You had tried your best to follow his instructions but there was times he was a pain in the ass. You had hated the times when he would bark orders at you like a lap dog, but their were times he was kind and would help you if you were hurt.

You had cared very deeply for Daryl, however you were not sure of those feelings until you were reunited after the prison fell. You had yet to tell him of your feelings, worried that it would change things between you. Not wishing to scare away your only friend by announcing your love for him. The more time you had spent on runs the better your skills had become at killing walkers. You hated guns and insisted on keeping them far away from you, preferring to use a machete or an axe.

The others had tried to train you using a gun but you were a terrible shot, Rick believed it was safer not give you a gun. However Daryl had taken a gun before you both had left Alexandria in one of the cars, you missed riding on the back of his bike. You liked being close to him as you rode on his motorcycle, his presence seemed to calm you and made you feel safe.

Together you had found a relatively empty neighbourhood of small houses, there did not seem to be many walkers around and managed to slip by unnoticed. You had planned to go through the houses one by one in search for essentials, food and guns. You planned to stash some guns away from Negan without him noticing, you hated that the group could barely defend yourselves now.

You were now on your fourth house and it seems quiet enough, you had found a few can vegetables and beans and some cereal bars. It had seemed as if the house had been emptied some time ago.

‘Y/n you look upstairs, while I look around here’

You saluted him before slowly walking away with your machete in your hand, preparing for any hidden surprises. Looking through the bedrooms, you searched through the various drawers and closest. The house didn’t have much in the way of supplies, a few painkillers, a first aid kit, women’s sanitary products but you thought it was better than nothing.

As you continued to search you heard a loud bang from downstairs, feeling a sense as if something was going down; you rushed out of the bedroom and down the stairs. 

Racing into the kitchen you found Daryl fighting against a rotting walker, and by the smell of it had been locked inside for some time. His crossbow and gun out of reach on the kitchen counter, knowing that you have no chance firing his heavy crossbow you make a move for his gun. 

‘Hurry up! shoot it!’ he yells.

Without hesitation you fire several shots at the walker, hoping that at least one bullet would hit its mark. As you emptied the barrel of the gun the walker collapsed to the ground, no longer moving. Looking up to Daryl you notice that Daryl is bleeding from his shoulder, one of the bullets you fired hitting him. You gasp dropping the gun to the floor, grabbing a towel from the counter you pressed it onto his shoulder.

‘Daryl….I’m so sorry’ you cry ‘I didn’t mean to hit you’

Daryl is momentarily stunned as he hears you talk for the first time, having known you for almost two years. You had surprised even yourself, however you were too worried that you may had seriously hurt him.

‘Your shit shot you know that’ he smirks at you, causing you to smile back. 

‘Yeah, yeah you don’t need to remind me’

Removing your pack from your back, you rummage around looking for the first aid kit that you shoved in there earlier.

‘Take your vest off and your shirt. I’ll take a look’ you instructed.

You looked over at him, he stood reluctant to remove his leather vest and shirt.

‘Daryl please, You have nothing I haven’t seen before. Please the quicker we can check your shoulder, the quicker we can get back and Denise can check you over’

Daryl grumbled and slowly began to remove his vest, grimacing as he pulled it down his arms. You stood watching as he hesitantly began to unbutton his shirt, you helped him pull it down his arms as his stood only in his jeans and boots. Y/n moved behind him and looked at his shoulder, it looked as if the bullet had passed clean through. Which would make it a lot easier for Denise to sort out when you both got back to Alexandria.

‘It looks like it went straight through. We can get Denise to stitch this up when we get back’ you told him ‘I’ll just patch this up and I think we should head back’

As you turn your attention to the wound on the back of his shoulder, you notice the scars that litter his back. Unable to help yourself you lightly trace the markings with your fingers, causing Daryl to shudder and goosebumps break out on his skin.

‘Who did this to you Daryl?’ 

‘My old man’

‘He did this to you? What a jackass. I’m sorry but this will sting’ you replied as you poured some alcohol on the bullet wound, cleaning away the excess blood you quickly place a dressing onto his skin.

You moved slowly in front of him and repeat the same procedure on his chest, however you were unable to remove your hand from his warm skin. You look up at him as your eyes meet his, both of your chests rising quickly, the atmosphere charged with electricity. Stepping on your tiptoes your lips crash against his, pressing both of your hands on his chest, keeping you steady. Daryl freezes in surprise not returning the kiss, worried that you have gone to far you start to pull away until Daryl wraps his arms around your waist and pulling you against him. This time kissing you with enough passion that it almost leaves you breathless.

To be continued?

Eris - Sicheng

*You thank your Father for what he had taught you when you were young, otherwise the bleeding man who leaned against your apartment door would’ve left stains.

Characters: Sicheng, Reader

Pairing: Sicheng/Reader

Genre: Angst // Hurt/Comfort // FightClub!AU

Word Count: 6.2K

Warnings: Descriptions of Injury // Language

“Holy Shit.”

Your keys dropped back into the plethora of tissues and spare change that inhabited your purse, their usual chiming dulled by the cushion of cloth beneath them. Your eyes widened slightly as you stared at the floor directly in front of your front door, your grip on your bag’s strap tightening ever so. Frozen in place, you dug the soles of your sneakers heavily into the croaking wooden slats that led down the apartment complex’s hallways, your gaze fixated directly on the figure slumped over your mail slip.

The first thing you saw was the excess of red tracing over his white t-shirt, then the way his head lolled forward on his broad chest, then finally his hands- both propped limply on his risen knees, the palms facing downwards towards the floor with bruised and blistered knuckles seeking the ceiling. It was safe to say you didn’t recognize him. It was also safe to say you weren’t used to bleeding strangers greeting you after a dead-shift. You took a shuffled step closer, releasing your bag and letting it swing on your shoulder.

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Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happy Hour- Pt1.

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Words: 1,733

Summary:Young Army doctor Captain Pierce meets Negan and his Saviors after being held captive. 

Warnings: Swearing?

Author’s Note: This is my second story I’ve written and posted. I received such good feedback from when I wrote for @ladylorelitany ‘s red velvet writing event that I thought I would write and put my stuff out there. I’m well aware I need to improve my writing, please be gentle and enjoy. 

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Hi! I don't know if you're still taking prompts but I'm loving all your ficlects so maybe if you're up for it: "I wish this moment could last forever…" + 1 or 2 + G for Merthur ??

Yes I’m still taking prompts (for all ships and any prompts!) I decided to keep the prompts open. I’ll do them when I have time in between things.


The little bell above the door dinged as Merlin walked through. He asked for a room.

“By the hour or for the night?” The motel clerk asked without looking up from her magazine.

“The night.”

She held out a set of keys and then her hand, for the money. “Out by 8 am or we kick you out.”

“Thanks.” Merlin took the keys and laid down the cash on the counter.

It wasn’t the best part of Camelot City. But then again, it wasn’t the best part because people like Merlin frequented the area. Magic rebels were criminals in the eyes of the law. Not that any kind of magic person was looked upon with any respect, by the law or otherwise.

Which is where the rebels came in. Balinor had been heading the group of rebels for years, and as soon as he was old enough, Merlin had been his right hand. The most recent upset was the ordinance which ‘relocated’ anyone of magic out of the city. The rebels had been trying to hide people and aid settlement anyway they could but it was hard when they had to work completely underground and undetected.

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hurricane preparedness tips

so with the next hurricane Irma heading towards the Caribbean, P.R and the Eastern Continental U.S states I thought it would be a good idea to share tips in preparing, please feel free to reblog with any tips you have to add and personal experience stories 

  1.  If you get an Evacuation order; do so! it’s not worth the risk in hoping that it’s a false alarm over getting stuck in quickly rising water, getting cut off from roads or help. 
  2. if your anywhere on or near the projected path stock up now! Irma is still days away and the projections are very far reaching but take that as an opportunity to plan ahead before a more widespread panic overcomes your city/town/whatever and supplies start running low. Worst case; you just have more caned goods to go though. Fuel up now and consider getting a Jerry can too.
  3. keep track of your medication! depending on how badly your area could be hit, it can become extremely hard to get medications refilled or replaced. Print off or make a list of your(families) current medications and make a few copies to be safe! I’m not sure how refills work in the U.S and I’m guessing it veries depending on the state and insurance but consider looking into getting an extra week’s supply on hand. If you or a family member is on peritoneal dialysis see about getting the supplies for manual exchanges encase your not able to use your cycler. If you or a family member is a dialysis or any other kind of patient that requires constant medical assistance as such; talk to your clinic about what your options are to make sure care is able to continue. it may be best to evacuate before necessary just to ensure your able to keep up with your needs
  4. do laundry now! might seem like an odd one but this top is passed on from someone who’s been though this before. you might lose power or plumbing and not worrying about your cloths can be a big help.
  5. defrost your icy freezers now! a buildup of loose ice/frost might seem like a help if the power goes out for keeping your food cool but depending on how long your without power that can cause a bigger mess, possibly spoil food faster and case freezer burn after power returns. You’ll also want to extra room for
  6. fill up containers with water and stick them in the freezer. if you lose power it’ll turn your freezer into a cooler and unlike an ice pack you can drink and use it as needed as it melts. Just be sure not to fill up any container all the way as water expands as it freezes to give it room to grow. 
  7. be mindful when using candles. if you’ve made your house as water tight as possible and have sealed up windows and door frames you could also be restricting the oxygen flow of your home and candles eats oxygen and produces low levels carbon monoxide. also as odd as it may seem in a  hurricane you still need to be mindful to always watch any open flame to not catch anything else on fire. response time is a lot slower in a natural disaster and access to your home could be impeded
  8. make a family plan! what happens if the store hits or the evacuation order is issued and not everyone is home? communications might be down so don’t rely on getting a call or text or email though. know your first and secondary shelter options. make sure you know how to describe your family to someone who’s never seen them before and has seen dozens if not hundreds of people that day.
  9. if you have pets include them in your plans! when stocking up on supplies include food and water for them as well as anything else they might need (litter and such). if you don’t have a carrier for them get one now. take them with you when you evacuate or if for whatever reason you can’t make sure their not locked up, tied down or in anyway trapped.
  10. make a go-bag now! prepare a bag with clothing, rations, medication, important documents (sin/ss cards, pasports, ect) a few hygiene products, first aid kit and have it somewhere at the ready now. we’ve all had to pack in a rush and doing so now gives you time to think about what you need. it can always be unpacked later if unnecessary.
  11. when stocking up on supplies, consider options that don’t need water. some canned soup needs water added and some don’t, keep that in mind. buy hand sanitizer encase the plumbing goes out and you can’t use soap and water. get dry spray shampoo. 
  12. move important things to the highest point in your home. it’s not piratical to bring personally important things with you if you have to leave, like photos, mementos and documents. so give them the best chance of surviving if your home is flooded by moving them now. same with electronics. consider taking some time to cloud back up documents and other files. 
  13. get a battery powered radio. batteries and portable chargers should be a part of your supplies and if your T.V, phone and internet is knock out a radio will be able to keep you updated. also on this tip; get a hand cranked can opener if you don’t have one.

thats all I can think of for now. please keep safe everyone who’s at risk and please follow your local warning.

Hi! I am back and active in my studyblr, I had taken a semester off for personal reasons, but I am here with a “What’s in my Bag?”
Feel free to send asks!

Backpack: Vans ($30 at Tilly’s: I got it on sale and have it for like 2 years)
Pencil Pouch: I got mine at Target for $4.99
Makeup Pouch: Forever 21
Also, I keep it as my “emergency kit:” first aid, feminine products, extra set of panties, hand sanitizer, lotion, gum, Tide to go, wet wipes, deodorant, mirror and small brush, cash, my student ID, license, and my school copy card.
I have 3 folders, two notebooks, a 1.5” binder with loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, mini-stapler, reusable water bottle, snack, headphones, portable charger.
Mostly everything in my bag is from Wal Mart, Target or the dollar store.
Everything in my bag ranges from $.99 to $10.00. Most of it is like back to school sales, Black Friday sales, etc.

If you have any questions/ or constructive comments, just ask!

My new semester starts January 8th!

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hi Isabella! do you have any skincare products that you’d recommend? you seem to have pretty clear skin and I would love to know what your routine includes!

My skin gets gross from time to time like everyone else’s, but these are my holy grail products:

First Aid Beauty Repair cream (this stuff works WONDERS)

Dr. Weil for Origins Serum (best serum I’ve ever used)

Dr. Weil for Origins toner

Dr. Weil for Origins skin relief mask (my favorite, especially before flying)

M61 Cleanser

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yo imma glide straight past those hateful irrelevant anons and ask you what you actually do to keep your skin so clear and beautiful?? like ive got a really similar skin tone to you and your skin is basically goals for me lol youre an awesome photographer as well, your tumblr is one of my faves! 🤓

Hey so I get this question a lot so I figured I’d made a post about it. I struggle with incredibly dry dry drrrrryyyyy skin so I’ve tried every product out there to help but I think I finally found the combination that works for my skin. Keep in mind this mind not work for you! It really all depends on what your skin needs. 

OK so here we go: 

I just found this amazing product. It literally takes allllll of your makeup off so quickly. The eyeliner I use is like glue and is impossible to get off but this stuff is like a magic freakin eraser. 

These are the cleansers I use. I’m obsessed with First Aid Beauty products. I really feel like their line saved my skin. But I like to switch it up sometimes. About 3 times a week I’ll use the cleansing oil as a mask kind of. I put it all over my face and then hold a hot wash cloth up to it for a few minutes. Then I wipe it off and my skin usually feels amazing. I’ll also use the kiehl’s one too sometimes but I’m not a huge fan it sometimes makes my skin feel dry afterwards. 

These are the masks I’ve been using recently. (Like I said I’m obsessed with FAB’s line.) The oatmeal one is a sample size that a friend got me for christmas and I’m so mad because I love it so much and now I have to buy the full size, lol. It’s literally like putting butter on your face. I love it. The peel off is good for just getting all the gross stuff that hides away in your skin. 

And last but not least, moisturizing. I don’t know if the Ultra repair cream is SUPPOSE to be used on your face but I use it because of how dry my face gets and it’s amazing. I use a little bit in the morning and then lay it on pretty thick before I go to bed. It’s magic. I promise. If you have dry skin you have to try this stuff. And sometimes I’ll do a layer of coconut oil, let it dry, and then add the cream. (Also don’t even get me started on coconut oil, i use it for literally everything)