first aid cpr training

You were always able to achieve anything you set your mind to, an ability you took for granted, until a first-aid training course where you accidentally resuscitate a CPR dummy.

So the first set of these is technically not complete yet because Coran, but, headcanons I have developed in the process of writing these:

   1. When Shiro was a cadet at the Garrison there was a very memorable incident involving a stomach bug, dubious amounts of caffeine and passing out in front of the entire class. He was filmed. It went viral. It’s long since died down but a certain part of Shiro lives in fear of the idea that someday the team is going to find out about that one time he became a meme.

As a bonus: Lance is actually familiar with the “must be finals week” meme (it goes around local sources on rare occasions, usually, well, around finals week) but doesn’t know that guy is Shiro. 

  2. Lance is, by a long margin, the best swimmer on the team. Guy’s terrifying. You’d think mister daunting physical specimen Shiro would give him a run for his money- and even down an arm and dragging a heavy prosthetic he does pretty good- but Lance has five years of holding down a summer job as a lifeguard, he could swim across a lake and back in a day for kicks.

If asked he’ll totally insist that he took the job to spend time around cute girls in swimsuits but if you don’t think every second of that CPR and first aid training has stuck with him or that he doesn’t take that dead serious, you’re wrong.

(On a related topic, he wanted to be a professional mermaid when he was a kid. Every costume-related thing ever in his childhood, he would dress as a mermaid. without fail.)

  3. Keith actually does have a noticeable drawl but only on very certain words and phrases and it comes and goes. It’s virtually never there and attempts to point it out don’t work because Keith is oblivious he’s actually doing anything.

(”If y’all’d’ve listened to me in the first place-” “‘y’all’d’ve?’” “I said if you had listened to me in the first place”)

  4. Pidge is actually pretty nice when it comes to video games, she’ll cut you some slack if you’re having a hard time even though she’ll also joke about it. Matt Holt, though. In this single area of his life Matt Holt takes no prisoners. He’ll talk about it like it’s all in good fun and there is nothing competitive here as he selects Rainbow Road for the third time. 

  5. If you’re Hunk’s friend, he fully intends to avenge you if anything happens. Sometimes, he will mention this. Most of the team takes this as a joke. Lance knows better.

  6. Nobody is really surprised by the revelation that Allura is shredded and Altean clothing tends to be very modest. They are, however, generally surprised by the revelation that Coran is shredded.

  7. Allura can sing. I don’t mean this as cute rom-com “oh, wow, you have a pretty voice” I mean, if you’ve ever seen that vine with “I don’t trust this they’re probably sirens”- that’s Allura. First time someone hears it, it’s Lance, he doesn’t see her, and he’s concerned the Castle is haunted again. It doesn’t help that certain rooms have absolutely great acoustics and Allura is very aware of this.

Sometimes the mice try to sing accompaniment which doesn’t tend to go that well, not because the mice are bad, but because it’s too cute for Allura to deal with. Years of choral training did not prepare her for tiny precious babies with chirpy little voices. 

BTS | Lifeguards AU

I don’t really know why, but I just thought of the boys as lifeguards and wanted to make a few quick aus about it haha.  I’m also a certified lifeguard, which helped a lot while writing these.  Hope you all enjoy!

Rap Monster

  • Is a lifeguard at this enormous water park that is known for their wide selection of waterslides; they even have a wave pool!
  • Everyone who grows up within an hour of the park practically grew up there over the summers because it is relatively inexpensive and there’s a whole area for adults to relax without worrying about their kids.
  • To be completely honest Namjoon doesn’t think much of being a lifeguard, like yeah he is in charge of saving lives, but his heart is not really set on it, so it’s only temporary.
  • However, Namjoon really likes the pay and he has become friendly with all the other lifeguards so overall he actually doesn’t mind working there.
  • The only downsides are that the water park is located in the middle of nowhere, so the commute is just insane, but also that his station is usually at the top of one of the bigger waterslides…
  • It’s not really the height of where he is working that freaks him out, it is just the fact that he knows he is really clumsy, and is afraid that he will, one day end up tripping and falling into the slide,
  • Just the thought of it haunts his dreams, Namjoon is terrified of what all the other guards will think if that happens because he is relatively new to this job and cares what his coworkers think about him.
  • Usually his job includes him just waiting for when the person comes out of the water slide at the bottom and is a safe distance away for the next person to go,
  • so it’s a simple and easy going job for the most part,
  • that being said Namjoon still has that irrational fear of his and tries to switch shifts with people who work guarding the wave pool.
  • Can almost always be seen wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, and because of this, sometimes the patrons think he’s all tough and stuff but in reality… no.
  • He’s so gentle and kind to others and is always extra polite to elders.
  • Owns too many articles of clothing and merchandise with peace signs on them to count.
  • During staff training Namjoon met another lifeguard who he quickly became friends with, who somehow convinced him to start training for a 15k marathon, 
  • completely regrets this decision with his entire body and soul because the training for a marathon is agony, but doesn’t want to leave his friend behind so keeps working at it.
  • Plus the training helped him get fit and bigger for the summer months when he is literally always wearing swim shorts and a tank top.
  • And you know Namjoon because you are also a lifeguard at the waterpark, and you two are sometimes on the same shifts at the wave pool.
  • You two have only had a few conversations together about casual things, but you’ve always been drawn to him because he always seems so friendly and gets along with everyone at the park, but most importantly…
  • You heard him rap once and it changed your entire world.
  • Like you showed up really early one morning because you wanted to get a head start on cleaning some of the large tubes that people use to go down some of the slides on (they became gross and some even started growing stuff on them),
  • , but when you walk into the locker room to change you hear the shower on the boys side (the locker room is only divided by a ¾ wall so it is only just enough to keep you from seeing into the other gender’s locker room),
  • And you try to be as quiet as possible, but then you notice that whoever is showering is singing - - no, rapping.  And they are REALLY good at it.
  • You’re not the biggest fan of rap music, but you can’t help but be pulled into this person’s rhythm and flow because it’s so unique and his voice is just so captivating?!  It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.
  • The person on the other side clearly doesn’t think that someone is also in the room because they start to get more passionate in their lyrics, so you try to change into your suit and uniform as quietly as possible, but you end up dropping your lock on the floor, 
  • The person on the other side of the divider instantly stops their rap, and honestly you are a bit disappointed, but you just carry on like nothing ever happened.
  • When you are finished changing you start cleaning the tubes like you originally intended and you catch a glimpse of Namjoon coming out of the staff locker room,
  • And you’re just like OH THAT MAKES SENSE, his voice is perfect for rapping,
  • and he notices you, but quickly ducks away.
  • You haven’t heard Namjoon rap since that incident, but it has been on your mind ever since, and you’ve even started listening to rap songs on your phone.
  • And things go back to normal, you even think that he forgets about the ordeal, but then one day you are guarding the wave pool and Namjoon is there on the other side watching his own zone when you notice that this one kid is having trouble staying above the waves and is getting pulled under,
  • , so you blow your whistle, signalling that you are about the do a rescue, and jump in to save the kid.
  • You hit the water and have no trouble swimming over to the kid, pulling him to the rescue tube and swimming back to the entrance.
  • It was a simple rescue and nothing serious happened so you let the boy go after you filed the paperwork, but it’s like a rule at the park that if someone performs a rescue, another guard has to throw a party that night.
  • So you go over to one of your colleague’s houses for your party and there are people everywhere drinking from red solo cups, and someone even brought cake (you thought that this was all a bit much considering that there are usually several rescues like this a week, but it’s all in good fun)
  • And Namjoon is there, but he’s sitting on the back porch drinking from his cup, and you don’t know how you came up with the sudden boldness to sit next to him, but you do,
  • and it’s a little awkward not going to lie, he’s wearing a black baseball cap backwards and has on a bunch of cheesy plastic necklaces with peace signs and hearts on them,
  • You ask him if someone was passing the necklaces out, but he says no, that they’re his, and that it’s weird but just kind of his thing.  So you start talking about that and he ends up taking one off and putting it around your neck.
  • “That was a really smooth rescue this morning by the way, you made it look easy,” He says, and you blush, not knowing what to say.
  • He offers you some of the drink from his cup, and you are about to refuse because you are not that into alcohol, but then he whispers that it’s just kool aid and that he always carries some packets in his pockets to parties because he can’t stand the taste of alcohol either.
  • Eventually it looks like people are starting to leave and Namjoon seems like he is about to get up and leave when you just blurt out,
  • “You’re really good at rapping by the way, I’ve never had the chance to tell you that.”
  • “You weren’t supposed to hear that,” he tries to tell you and brush it off, and you’re just like, “,but I did and you’re awesome dude,”
  • You stand up to face him, but stay quiet for a minute.
  • He just looks down as whispers, “Is it ok if like I kiss you or something, that just seems like the right thing to do to get you to stop talking about it?”
  • He DOES kiss you, and you DO go on a date that weekend, but you never stop asking him to rap for you, and he always gives in.


  • Technically is a lifeguard, but primarily works in the main office of the facility as a nurse.
  • Has a basket full of lollipops for all the kids that fall and skin their knees on the cement to make them feel better,
  • though half the time it is actually Jin who is eating them.
  • Doesn’t own a doctor’s coat because all he really has is a lifeguard’s CPR and first aid training as experience, but he does wear a large red fanny pack at all times,
  • inside he keeps all kinds of first aid supplies but it’s mostly just band aids and alcohol wipes,
  • ONLY USES BANDAIDS THAT ARE DEEMED CUTE, so like pink hello kitty and ones with Looney Tunes characters on them.
  • His uniform is similar to the other lifeguards in that he wears a plain white shirt with the facility logo on the breast along with the red swim shorts and his fanny pack.
  • Loves his job because he gets to work inside all day and enjoy the air conditioning while the other lifeguards have to sit in the sun all day and make sure that they are actively watching the pool,
  • however Jin does worry about the other lifeguards often and always asks them if they are drinking plenty of water and if they have reapplied their sunscreen because the sun is strong and dehydration is common among the guards.
  • Once when he first got the job Jin was working in his office when they made him switch with one of the other lifeguards *cough cough* Taehyung *cough cough* because they became super dehydrated and was about to pass out from heat stroke or something,
  • Anyway Jin was freaking out because he remembered everything from the training boot camps, but he was never that good at it and it felt like so long ago…
  • Nobody drowned so Jin is proud.
  • Jin has his own desk and room to himself, it’s very small and was probably at one point a closet for cleaning supplies, but he doesn’t mind because it’s quiet and there’s a long window along the wall that looks out over the pool.
  • In the “Health Center” as the sign on the door says, there is Jin’s desk and a plastic bed, the kind found in nurse’s offices at school, and a small filing cabinet filled with all the first aid supplies
  • And on the other end is a door to a small bathroom, a sink and a small mini freezer where Jin keeps all the ice packs (there are some also flavored ice pops in there too but shhh no one is supposed to know!)
  • That’s about all that can fit in there tbh.
  • When it’s a slow day, probably because not that many people are at the pool for some reason, Jin likes to take naps on the sick bed or just lay there and read a book.
  • You decide to come to the community pool every once and awhile because it’s nice and you need a change of scenery from time to time and IT’S SUMMER!  Time to find yourself so super nice looking dude to have a summer fling with…
  • - - what you don’t know - - 
  • So you just get to the pool and are finally ready after putting on all this sun block and making sure that your bikini looks perfect to get in the water,
  • , and it all happens so fast but you must have slipped on the wet pavement because you fall down and end up fainting without ever even getting into the pool.
  • You wake up a half an hour later on the sick bed in the Health Center and you’re confused?  and sore?
  • There’s a huge bruise on your hip and both your elbows are skinned,
  • And there’s Jin sitting in his desk chair, eating some ramen, and when he noticed that you’re awake he’s like Oh! thank God! and scoots over in the chair still.
  • You’re stunned into silence as he just keeps talking to you about where you are and why and just doing quick checks to make sure you don’t have a concussion, because OMG HE’S THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PERSON YOU HAVE EVER SEEN THROUGHOUT ALL YOUR YEARS ON THIS FORSAKEN PLANET
  • He introduces himself to you as Seokjin but that you can just call him Jin, and he is just so friendly and keeps talking so that it does not become awkward, and then you notice,
  • that it’s cold in the room, like really cold.
  • The air conditioner is on full blast and all of a sudden goosebumps are forming on your arms because all you’re wearing a bikini and you shiver,
  • Oh course Jin notices and without much thought into it he just stands up and TAKES HIS FRIGGEN SHIRT OFF AND HANDS IT TO YOU
  • if you didn’t have an irregular heartbeat before, you definitely do now because Jin is standing in front of you half naked, WITHOUT HIS SHIRT ON and wants you to put it on.
  • You do, and then Jin just kind of stops for a moment and realizes his actions and is surprised at himself, and that’s when it gets a little awkward.
  • “Um,,, can I uh, see your elbows uh,” Jin asks you, and you show him the scrapes.
  • He takes his time washing the dirt out of the scrapes and puts on some antibiotic ointment and two cute band aids with Mulan and Pocahontas on them.
  • Jin’s touch on your arms is so light and gentle and he’s an excellent caretaker.
  • When he’s done Jin suggests that since you fainted and you don’t have a concussion that you are free to go, but that he suggests that you stay there and rest for a bit longer, and you agree.
  • However neither of you move and you’re just kind of sitting across from each other, watching, until…
  • who made the first move is a mystery but somehow Jin’s lips are on yours and he’s pushing you to lie down on the bed, and you just make out with KIM SEOKJIN.
  • It’s crazy and you two know nothing about each other and neither oh you are the kinds of people who do this kind of thing,
  • ,but there’s a clear connection… all things considering, and his hands are in your hair while yours are on his bare chest, but then…
  • “Um… is it ok if you take your fanny pack off?”


  • Works at a recreation center and used to assist with swimming lessons, but that didn’t last long because he couldn’t figure out a way to keep the kids in line without scaring them, so eventually he just became a full time lifeguard.
  • Has no tolerance for any horseplay because he once had to rescue this young boy from drowning after his friend once knocked him into the pool wall and he hurt his head
  • Yoongi was able to pull the boy from the water, but his head was really bloody and he had to perform CPR and he had to do all of this with the parents over his shoulder crying, and it was just a lot for him to handle
  • The boy made it and is fine, but it was Yoongi’s first rescue and scared him half to death because they kid nearly died.
  • Blows his whistle often and sometimes proceeds to yell at the offender.
  • Is known as the ‘scary lifeguard’ because of his no nonsense attitude, so most of the time people just tend to stay away from his zones.
  • Rotates on shifts for the indoor and outdoor pools, but sometimes they have him just work the main desk or have him scrub the locker rooms clean, which sucks but a job is a job.
  • Became a lifeguard because he was one the swimming team all through his schooling years and won many awards for breaking records in the butterfly, which is his signature stroke (get what I did there haha),
  • anyway since he is such a strong swimmer his coach practically begged him to get his certification so that he could coach, and he did get the certification, but he has no desire to coach,
  • in fact he has little desire to swim either, that the swim team was just to add onto his college apps, but having a paying job is another thing and lifeguard seemed good as any.
  • His real passion is rapping, and he’s good, like really good, and he could probably go off and join some company label somewhere but he needs to stay home and take care of his family, so he doesn’t really mind all that much.
  • He tends to show up a little late to work sometimes, and the boss has gotten so angry that they have gotten really close to firing him, but there’s just something about him that makes them keep him around.
  • So you’re an EMT and one day you are just driving around the town in your ambulance with your partner waiting to get a call when suddenly you get one for a drowning victim at the rec center, so you head off.
  • And you rush into the rec center heading towards the indoor pool area because that is where the man who meets you at the front doors says the emergency is and he leads you there…
  • You and your partner run down the stairs to the pool deck and you rush over to the crowd of people surrounding the victim while try your best at not slipping on the wet tiles,
  • and there’s Yoongi performing CPR on the victim… and he’s crying, tears rushing down his cheeks and he’s whispering something that you can’t really hear
  • He’s doing what he’s been trained to do perfectly and his rhythm is better than yours (probs because of his secret talent for rapping) and
  • you almost feel like interrupting would disrupt a kind of intimacy that was created there, but it’s your job and a young boy is dying so you rush over next to the lifeguard,
  • and you can now hear that he’s whispering, “No, not again,” over and over again. 
  • But you signal to him that you and your partner can take over and he backs up immediately and practically falls onto his back panting heavily,
  • did I mention that Yoongi isn’t wearing a shirt?, I feel like that’s an important detail, he jumped into the water with it on, but he took it off once he pulled the boy onto the pool deck because it was heavy and wet.
  • When you have finally worked to get the boy into stable condition, you prepare to load him up into the ambulance and you shout out, “Are any of you this boy’s parents?”
  • “No he just comes here to swim after school sometimes,” this bare chested, hella attractive lifeguard tells you, and you’re like oh, well someone needs to come to the hospital with him cause he’s still a minor…
  • And Yoongi immediately volunteers to go because there are other lifeguards on duty, but after this incident the pool will probably close for the rest of the day,
  • , and that is how you end up sitting next to Min Yoongi in the back of an ambulance, who is still not wearing a shirt might I add.
  • When you get to the hospital you hand the boy over to the doctors, and Yoongi thanks you for all your help.
  • He takes your hand in both of his and kisses it, kind of formally with a bow and then runs through the automatic hospital doors and doesn’t look back.
  • Now this young lifeguard is a complete stranger to you, but for some reason you can’t get him off your mind and every time you think of him your face blushes and the spot where he kissed your hand starts to tingle.
  • and it is by complete coincidence that you run into each other again.
  • You are at the DMV waiting on the hopelessly long line to get your new license plates when you see the familiar stranger walk in.
  • He sees you and smiles, once he gets his place in line he sits down right beside you, and you don’t know this but you’ve been on his mind too.
  • “The boy’s ok.” He tells you, and you hug him upon hearing the news, “That’s incredible, it’s all because of you, most guards wouldn’t have been able to keep someone alive that long before we show up, but you held that rhythm for what must have felt like forever,”
  • “Is it that much of a surprise if I ask you to go get coffee with me later?”


  • The pool he works at is at a sleepaway camp, and it’s small, only needs one lifeguard.
  • All the kids love him because he brings them new pool toys like the colorful noodles and wind up fish
  • AND I mean come on his smile just brightens everyone’s day, and his attitude is infectious,
  • like though watching over the pool is technically his only responsibility he goes out of his way to teach the campers about the water and often sits in on different classes like arts and crafts or archery.
  • Doesn’t really mind when the children get a little crazy with the splashing and screaming because they’re just kids and they just want to have fun and really no one is getting hurt so what’s the harm?
  • That is until it gets a little out of control and he can’t see everyone which is when it becomes a safety hazard, so he’ll blow his whistle.
  • His wrists are covered in lanyard bracelets that the campers made for him during arts and crafts, and he always tries to make them back for everyone who gave him one, but he is not that good at them and there are just too many kids.
  • doesn’t own any standard lifeguarding swim shorts, instead he just wears his normal swim trunks and a tie dye shirt
  • stereotypical lifeguard who puts sunscreen on their nose and wears sunglasses
  • Every morning has to wake up a little early to clean the pool and pick out all of the bugs and frogs that flown in during the night.
  • Hoseok is essentially the only person taking care of the pool so he feels like he needs to take extra special care of it because it’s practically his,
  • though in reality it’s a hunk of junk, the cleaning and filtration systems are constantly failing and most of the pipes are covered in cobwebs.
  • to put it simply the pool is disgusting, but the campers don’t mind and neither does Hoseok because it’s 100 degrees (F) and there is no air conditioning.
  • Sometimes when the pool gets especially gross and green he lifeguards the lake waterfront so that the campers can still get a way to cool themselves off and have fun.
  • Has a class once a week where he takes some of the campers out onto the lake in kayaks and canoes and for a few hours they just explore the lake
  • And you are just one of the many counselors at the camp in awe of how Hoseok just is always so awesome with like everything,
  • the kids love him without even trying, he always stays cool under stress, he is a genuinely kind person who is looking out for others, AND the most frustrating, when he sweats he doesn’t get all gross and smelly like everyone else, he almost seems to be… glowing?
  • and of course you are friendly with Hoseok because you always stand by his chair when you take your group of kids to the pool and he is quite a talker
  • He also has shown up to a few of the staff parties, the ones that happen once the kids are asleep, and hung out with the counselors and staff,
  • And today is just like any other day in that after the pool the kids will dry up and head to the dining hall for lunch and then hammock area for siesta,
  • , and the kids are being a bit loud and it’s getting a little past the point when Hoseok usually signals that it’s enough with his whistle when one of the campers runs up to you asking where another camper is
  • and you are like “it’s ok I’m sure they are just in the bathroom, we’ll find them.” but you don’t remember being asked for someone to leave and all of a sudden you’re freaking out because WHERE ARE THEY OMG,
  • Hoseok notices that something is wrong by the look you give him and immediately starts scanning the pool
  • He blows his whistle and calls for the kids to have a buddy check, but then as the campers are exiting the pool you two spot the missing camper struggling in the water and whimpering that they don’t think they’ll make it to the edge.
  • RESCUER MODE ON!  Hoseok jumps into the pool with his shirt and sandals still on, and you’re pretty sure his phone was still in his pocket as well, but you don’t care because your camper is in trouble!
  • Of course Hoseok reaches the troubled swimmer and pulls them to the shallow side of the pool and to the wall where he helps them out.  They are coughing up a bunch of water, but is unharmed
  • And you are right at your camper’s side, but don’t really know what to do and then there’s Hoseok just comforting the child and his hair is all wet and sticking to his forehead and you never really considered just how ATTRACTIVE he is, like goddamn.
  • but you try and ignore those thoughts because your camper needs you right now, but at the same time Hoseok is just thinking about how he always thought you were pretty and motherly, but now as you are comforting the kid it’s dawning on him how he definitely has a crush on you.
  • After everything is under control and the camper is breathing fine again you start barking orders for everyone to grab their stuff because you are already late for lunch
  • As you are about to walk out of the pool gate you turn around to Hoseok to thank him and you two just kind of collide…
  • lips and all.  You bumped your upper lip into his really hard, but somehow that doesn’t matter because he is kissing you and omg HOSEOK IS KISSING YOU and he’s really good at it.
  • “We definitely need to do that again.” he says and you agree, you agree so embarrassingly fast.


  • Works at a really nice beach with Jungkook as a lifeguard, and spends most of his days walking up and down the beach front looking for seashells.
  • If you don’t know him it may seem odd to see a lifeguard pacing the shoreline for hours on end, with his head down looking at the ground, like aren’t they supposed to be watching to make sure everyone is safe?
  • And yes of course, but Jimin is really good at watching the water while he looks for shells and can still spot an emergency and react fast enough that the boss doesn’t really mind if he is just looking for more shells to add to his collection or whatever he does with them.
  • Jimin wears a first aid pack on his waist, but in reality he just uses it for the most part to store all the cool shells he finds in,
  • Everyday he comes home and empties his pack of shells and sorts through them again, making sure that he only grabbed the good ones and throws away the chipped or broken pieces.
  • And then the next morning he starts off the day again with an empty pack to find more, and it’s just a calming activity of his.
  • Sometimes he just gives the seashells he collects to the young children at the beach trying to get them to behave for their parents.
  • Jimin also really enjoys boogie boarding and keeps a few boards in the back of Jungkook’s pickup truck, so that he can get in the water and ride during his breaks.
  • Speaking of Jungkook’s pickup, Jungkook gives Jimin rides to work every morning and they always fight over what is playing on the stereo because Jungkook always wants to listen to alternative music but Jimin has softer tastes,
  • he likes some jazz and slow rock, but Jungkook always wins so Jimin gives in and always ends up jamming to the music anyways because he secretly actually knows all the words too.
  • The worst thing about working at the beach in Jimin’s opinion is all the seagulls… he hates seagulls, they freak him out with their squawks and he thought he once saw once steal his packed lunch, but then again that could have also been Jungkook. 
  • Jimin took on yoga as a hobby at some point and sometimes when the sun is rising, does yoga on the beach before his shift starts,
  • He has an extra mat for Jungkook, but he always refuses and Jungkook just watches his best friend while he sits in the sand.
  • LOVES, absolutely loves the feeling of sand between his toes, so he almost always walks around the beach barefoot, which was tough at first because the sand got so hot in the afternoon, but after time he just got used to it and it doesn’t bother him anymore.
  • The cutest thing about lifeguard Jimin is that while he walks around the beach looking for seashells he holds his rescue tube across his chest and under his armpits.
  • One day while walking up and down the beach looking for shells on his lunch break as he’s eating his sandwich,
  • he ends up walking much further than usual, and without noticing it ends up on the part of the beach that is privately owned by the several beach houses on the shore.
  • He knows that he should go back because his break will be up soon, but he’s never been to this area of the beach before, so there are so many beautiful shells that he has yet to have collected.
  • And all he’s doing is collecting seashells, but for some reason your dog absolutely can’t stand that there is a stranger on the property and just won’t shut up barking at Jimin through the window.
  • You are in your bedroom trying to study, but your dog’s barking is driving you nuts and you just can’t focus,
  • so, you go out (more like storm out) of your room to try and quiet your dog, but then as you are pulling them back off of the window you see this boy on your beach picking something up,
  • Now you are not the kind of person who really cares if someone from the public beach stumbles along and ends up on your property, as long as they just don’t set up their umbrella and chairs there, but you really need to study and your dog just won’t stay quiet.
  • You walk out onto your back porch, and the swing of the door shut is enough to get the boy’s attention, so he looks up, and you’re just…
  • it’s his face it’s so angelic and pretty and soft looking, and he waves at you and the muscles in his arms are flexing and he just looks so goddamn strong?
  • you’ve never seen anyone look like him before and you want to run back inside to disappear because compared to him you feel like an ogre with your band t shirt and pajama shorts, last night’s make up face and messy hair, and your prickly legs (in your defense you shaved two days ago, but it seemed to have started to grow back)
  • “Oh uh hi sorry if I was bothering you.  I was just looking for shells, but I’ll leave.” ugh even his voice is pretty.  You notice then that he is wearing a lifeguard’s swim shorts and tank, so he must work down the road.
  • And you just say that your dog was being annoying while you were trying to study for this really important test that you have to take in order to earn an extra credit over the summer, and he’s just like,
  • “Sorry, no problem, I totally get it.  I probably should go before Jungkook starts making a scene anyway.” 
  • , and you don’t know who Jungkook is, but you nod anyway, and go back inside because he’s walking away.
  • And tbh you basically forget all about your encounter with Jimin, but then one night your friends actually are able to convince you to go to a bonfire party on the beach about ten minutes down the road, and like he’s there,
  • Jimin is at the party and he is talking to another boy around his age, maybe a year or so younger, but the other boy is leaving the party just as you are getting there, so Jimin is left alone.
  • You freak out a little bit because you want to talk to him, but you just don’t know what to say,
  • When you control over yourself you just get in line for some of the drinks that will hopefully give you enough courage to talk to the handsome lifeguard.
  • It works much better than you anticipated and you march over confidently to the boy starting a conversation, all while pretending that your little encounter never happened.
  • And you learn his name is Jimin, and he is actually so charming and you are having a really good conversation when all of a sudden, someone starts screaming something about skinny dipping,
  • and while you may have thought that Jimin was not the skinny dipping type, he starts taking off his clothes just like everyone else, and you are not one to hold back, especially now that you have so much alcohol in your system.
  • Just like that everyone is running naked into the ocean, and the water is so cold on your bare skin, but it’s such a liberating feeling.
  • Later that night you end up being walked back to your house with the help of some of your friends and you fall asleep with a smile on your face because Jimin was so much more charming than you ever thought he could be, and also, you know…
  • The next morning you wake up with a massive headache to a series of knocks on your front door.  You trudge to the front door not really caring who sees you looking like such a mess because you feel so awful, 
  • , but there he is again.  Jimin is at your door and he brought you gifts,
  • “First is pills for your hangover because you sure as hell have one after last night,” he says, and then after you take them with a glass of water he cutely reaches around his back and pulls out a beautiful seashell necklace.
  • And it’s not like one of those tacky looking ones, this one is so beautiful and when he tells you that he made it himself you don’t believe it because it looks professionally made…
  • turns out that Jimin makes a lot of the shells he collects into jewelry and sells it,
  • You accept his gift, and maybe it’s the pills, or maybe you’re just crazy, but Jimin is standing in your living room and all you can look at is his lips, and he’s doing the same to yours.
  • *kiss*


  • Works at the community pool during the summers and absolutely loves watching all the kids splashing around in the water all day having a ball.
  • Became a lifeguard because he didn’t want an overly serious summer job and is a relatively strong swimmer, so he took a lifeguard training course,
  • he then learnt that it IS in fact a very serious job, but also that it has a lot of perks like getting paid for sitting in a chair all day and he gets discounts on swimwear at stores so it’s like a win-win.
  • Spends his shift in the lifeguard chair in front of the water slide and is in charge of monitoring when it is safe for the next person to go down.
  • Sometimes he ends up watching the children’s water jungle gym area and gets to actually play with the kids, splashing in the water with them…
  • and then gets scolded by the other guards because he is supposed to making sure everyone is staying safe, not playing with them!
  • Likes to eat ice cream when he’s sitting on the lifeguard stand and it gets all over him and his fingers are usually sticky until he cleans himself off in the water.
  • Still, he has ice cream stains all over his white lifeguard shirt and swim shorts.
  • wears socks and flip flops, he’s THAT person,
  • Has this awesome pair of red cat-framed sunglasses that he found in some old box somewhere of his parent’s old stuff and wears them all the time
  • Never blows his whistle… though when he first got the job it was his favorite thing to do until he realized it frightened some of the kids
  • On the weekends Tae teaches swimming lessons to all the kids and people who don’t know how to swim or are looking to improve themselves,
  • and frankly he makes significantly more money during these lessons than just lifeguarding, but he never has considered dropping one for the other because yes swimming is important, but being a good swimmer isn’t always going to keep you safe in the water
  • during his breaks he likes to jump into the kiddie pool and just lay in the shallow water and think, that is until one of the kids splash him and an all out splashing war erupts.
  • And you like to come to the pool with the young boy you babysit because it’s a nice change from the park and you can sit back and relax and listen to music while tanning in the sun while he swims with his friends
  • But this time as you are settling into your lounge chair with your earbuds in and a magazine, you find yourself paying less attention to the boy and you end up falling asleep.
  • You wake up what is probably hours later and you have a minor heart attack because you don’t know where the boy you babysit is and he isn’t where you last saw him.
  • You go to look for him but you are covered in a horrific sunburn all the way from your chest and neck to your knees and it burns so bad, but finding the boy is so much more important.
  • Running around the pool you are searching for the boy when you decide to look by the small food court to see if he is there, and when he isn’t you look around for a lifeguard to help you
  • Originally you didn’t want to make a scene by getting a lifeguard involved, but it’s gotten desperate.
  • And there’s Tae, clearly on break since he’s eating french fries at one of the picnic tables, but you don’t notice because you’re frantic, and you’re just explaining the situation to this ridiculous looking lifeguard with cat-framed sunglasses and hair in his face with socks and sandals on,
  • , but he’s listening to you and then reassuring you that this happens all the time, that he couldn’t have left the property
  • AND THEN… he takes off his sunglasses and you’re taken aback because he’s, beautiful, like so unbelievably pretty, and here you are with make up probably running down your face with a gross sunburn down your entire front, and you’re suddenly self conscious
  • Tae being Tae takes your hand when you are searching for the boy both because he’s childish and doesn’t understand the implications that may have, but he also wants to comfort you as you were clearly distressed.
  • He takes you to the loudspeaker where you make an announcement about the missing boy, and within minutes someone found him and brought him into the pool office,
  • You’re so grateful towards Tae, and when you ask how you can possibly repay him, he stays quiet and shrugs, that it wasn’t that big of a deal, that it is just part of the job, but it means so much more to you than that.
  • “How about ice cream then?” you ask him, and the smile on his face, like the sun, the sun, but then he’s like “Isn’t that kind of like a date then?”
  • and you’re kind of shocked because that wasn’t what you meant, but I mean you wouldn’t mind…
  • but Tae is then like, “Don’t worry, I want to go on a date with you,” so you three end up going to get ice cream after his shift is up, and he is so full of surprises and you can’t help but tell him that you should do it again sometime,
  • He agrees and on your next date (this time without the kid) he brings you some Aloe Vera for your sunburn and it’s so thoughtful, but it’s still kind of embarrassing because you were hoping that he wouldn’t have noticed, but then again how could he have not.


  • Works at the beach with Jimin, and thinks that being a lifeguard is super cool and edgy because he is saving people’s lives and gets to be on the beach all day
  • totally has a hero complex in that he puts up this arrogant facade whenever he is working, but in reality has a shelf in his bedroom dedicated to his favorite action figures.
  • Owns a shark tooth necklace and always wears it because he thinks it makes him look super cool and tough, especially when he is not wearing a shirt…
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH, whereas most of the guards wear a t shirt or a tank top, Jungkook never wears a shirt on duty
  • Never, and all the girls at the beach know him as this super hot and charismatic lifeguard, so he gets invited to all these beach parties by the people who live in the beach houses and have their own private beaches,
  • , but he rarely shows up to them and people think it’s because he was probably invited to a million other parties and just couldn’t make it… which is probably true that he was invited to others
  • but the real reason why he rarely shows up is because his mom has him on a strict curfew and he never really has the guts to sneak out of his window.
  • Owns this super old pickup truck that he drives everywhere, at some point it was probably blue but now it is so covered in rust and is so old that the blue looks like a dark gray,
  • the seats are this orangey yellow color and he never cleans it so the seats are always covered in crumbs and… his t shirt on the passenger seat.  There’s also a ton of energy drinks in the back of the truck in the tool kit.
  • Drives Jimin to work everyday and they always listen to Linkin Park cds and other alt bands in the truck
  • So he thinks that being a lifeguard at the beach is so cool and stuff, but then he actually had to jump in and save this girl once because she wasn’t a strong swimmer and the tide went out before she could get back to land
  • Since she was so far out in the sound it took Jungkook a while to reach her and carry her back to the beach, she had to be hospitalized because she was under the surface for so long,
  • , and Jungkook had never gotten nightmares before he saw this girl’s life nearly end right before his eyes, and reality hit him like a mother–
  • So for a while Jungkook got super serious about his job and it started to stress him out because it was a lot to hear about this responsibility he has, but experiencing it is a whole other animal, 
  • but then he meets you.
  • You frequent the beach often because you are a surfer and this beach has the biggest and best surfing waves,
  • and you talk to Jungkook sometimes when he is up in his lifeguard stand and not going to lie you two are massive flirts.
  • But that’s all it is, in reality Jungkook is barely even a friend, and his whole “lookin tough” vibe isn’t really your thing, but as you two get a little closer he opens up more and you see another side to him than just this beach hunk.
  • Anyway, so one day you are getting your board ready to out surfing like usual, but you get a weather alert on your phone, but you don’t really think much of it.
  • So you go out into the sound and the water is a little stronger today, but nothing really concerning,
  • and you see this wave start to build up really nicely nearby, so you obviously don’t think twice about catching it,
  • , but then when you first start riding it the wave grows considerably and soon you’re on this massive strong wave and you are losing control over your board because the wind is picking up.
  • After trying hard to stay on you give up and try to wipe out in a clean way so that you can keep going, but when you do the current sweeps you in and you can’t surface no matter what you do.
  • And while you are a very strong swimmer and even have your lifeguard certification, the water is stronger and it’s pulling you down and the more you struggle the weaker you become 
  • Back on the beach Jungkook sees you go down and doesn’t think much of it but keeps an eye out to see you resurface, but then you just don’t?
  • And he gets a little worried and stands up in his chair to get a better view because sometimes when you resurface you are far away from where you went in, but you’re nowhere in sight.
  • Jungkook blows his whistle and runs into the water with his rescue tube and swims faster than he has ever swam in his life because, while that girl was a stranger and he kind of knows you now and he can’t bear letting you suffer a similar fate,
  • mostly because you are super pretty and have nice eyes and legs and like talking to him and are flirtatious… basically he likes you… a lot.
  • He dives down to where you are sinking and pulls you up and into a calmer zone where your feet can touch the ground.
  • By then you have caught your breath and are holding onto the rescue tube for dear life, but since you are finally in a safe area Jungkook stops and turns to look at you, and
  • , and he has this look on his face, worry and relief and something else
  • “I’m fine,” you say to him, but then he grabs the side of your face and pulls himself to you, and his face is just there,
  • so close to yours and you lick your lips because his are centimeters away and you know what’s coming next,
  • “I’m not fine, you scared me to death.” and he kisses you.
  • He kisses you in the water for such a long time that you lose your breath all again, but this time it’s nice.
  • You two end up dating not long after that, and Jungkook convinces you to get a job at the beach so that you can be lifeguards together, and you end up agreeing
  • because not only do you want to spend more time with your gorgeous boyfriend, but Jungkook is also never going to stop getting dirty looks from all those other beach girls and you have to defend what’s yours.
  • the pay is also really good so…
  • You sit in between Jungkook and Jimin in the truck on the way to work every morning and on the way home every evening and jam with them to Linkin Park and eat energy drinks with the boys.

I really really hope that everyone who reads this enjoys it, I worked really hard on it.  I’d love feedback, and if anyone has any other requests feel free to send them in!

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Don’t reblog posts about first aid/CPR/BLS/protest response unless OP is a trained and certified first responder of some sort.

There’s a lot of medical misinformation going around on tumblr, and there are also fake posts by nazis and other bigots trying to get us hurt.

Check your source and check the notes. Other medics may have already reblogged with corrected info or debunked info.

Stay safe and trust your medics! We are here to help.

P.S. I’m always willing to answer questions regarding first aid/CPR etc

Dear me,

You can do this, your not studying for that 90%, you are not studying for your family, your teachers, your friends, you are not even studying for you. You are studying so those families, those families that you want to make happy, those families you want to help make feel like there is good in the world, your studying for those kids who will wake up and might be scared, sick, and anxious, you are studying to make them better in every way that you can. You are studying to wake up one morning put on your uniform ride that bus to work and start your day with a smile on your face knowing that you made it and that you are making a difference. You are studying so the kids who you make smile, the families you help heal, the parents you make happy, and the patients you care for, those people know they are in good hands, they are healthy and happy because of you, they are better because of you, you have the knowledge, the power the understanding to actually help them and DO something. And when someone asks you 10 years down the line, 20 years down the line what do you do? You can smile and proudly say I AM A NURSE AND I MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

So next time you are in bed with tears in your eyes worried that you don’t understand why you are struggling so hard, next time you feel yourself about to give up, next time you get a 60% on the test you studied so hard for and you feel like it might not be worth it after all. REMEMBER THAT.

Remember that sure you might save 1 life during your life with your CPR and FIRST AID training etc. But as a nurse you could an will save hundreds or thousands a year. Remember that sure you may have it harder then others and yes you may really really struggle but at the end of the day it’s worth it, because even though you don’t reap the benefits just yet and even though you are stuck in your room studying while your friends are having fun, meeting new people, and experiencing new things You will be doing what you love and proving everyone in your life who ever said you “Can’t” wrong.

I’m smiling in the future because you will lead me there,

Thank you.

Hurry Cases

At the request of riker191, here are the 6 hurry cases (I’m not a paramedic but these are things I had to learn well in order to get Eagle, so it should be mostly accurate, and at the very least it’ll be helpful in the case one of these occurs). IF YOU ARE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL AND SOMETHING IS INCORRECT OR MISSING, LET ME KNOW OR ADD IT TO THIS POST!

NOTE: Some scout troops don’t include Heat Stroke as a Hurry Case, but having seen it happen too many times and I think it definitely qualifies.  

The 6 Hurry Cases are: 

  • Heart Attack
  • Heat Stroke
  • Severe Bleeding
  • Internal Poisoning
  • Choking
  • Stopped Breathing

The first step in ALL Hurry Cases is to Call 9-1-1 immediately (in the case of Internal Poisoning, if you know number for Poison Control, call that, but 9-1-1 will transfer your call when you tell them that you’re dealing with a case of Internal Poisoning). Whenever you are on the phone with 9-1-1, have as much of the following information ready as possible: 

  • Your name and the Patient’s name
  • Location
  • Reason for calling
  • If the Patient has been internally poisoned, the type of poison they have ingested (i.e. chemical name, pill name, description)
  • If you are a medical professional or trained in CPR or First Aid, let them know, and if you have begun CPR, let them know

Before we go any further, there’s one common symptom between all hurry cases (and some non-hurry cases) which is important to treat, called Shock

Shock occurs whenever a serious injury or trauma is present, and is a lack of blood flow to the brain. For instance, severe bleeding obviously leads to a lack of blood flow to the brain. It is important to treat for shock in ANY Hurry Case. To treat for shock, do the following:

  • Do whatever you can to keep the patient calm and under control. Talk to them in a calm voice, and keep assuring them that everything is alright (even if they are unconscious). If the patient becomes any more nervous or anxious than they already are, chances are their Shock will just get worse. 
  • If the patient is conscious, get them water and have them take small, frequent sips. 
  • In all cases except Heat Stroke, if a blanket is available, cover them with a blanket. 
  • Lay them down and raise their legs above their head. This will get blood to flow toward their brain. 

Now, I’ll go in order as listed above. 

Heart Attack


  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Unexplained Sweating
  • Coughing/Wheezing
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Tightness in the Chest
  • Dizziness/Disorientation
  • Pain on the left side of the body, especially in the left arm, shoulder, and chest cavity
  • Patient’s denial that they are having a heart attack

How to treat a Heart Attack:

Begin by calling 9-1-1 immediately. Ideally, if there are two or more people aiding on the scene, have one person call while the other begins first aid. If you have a means of transport and are close to a hospital, you have the option of driving the patient to the hospital (unless, of course, you are the patient). 

Begin by having the patient take small sips of water and breathe deeply. If you have aspirin/baby aspirin, and the patient is well enough to take medicine, administer aspirin. This will help treat the heart attack. 

There is, in reality, very little you can do to treat a heart attack other than administering fluids, administering aspirin, and keeping the patient calm. If help is going to take a good deal of time to arrive, you should also treat the patient for shock.


Heat Stroke


  • Headache 
  • Dizziness/Light-headedness
  • Lack of sweating despite high temperatures
  • Redness of skin/Skin is hot to the touch
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing/Rapid breathing
  • Seizures
  • Fainting
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Behavioral Changes/Irritability
  • Rapid Heartbeat

How to treat Heat Stroke:

Begin by calling 9-1-1. Remove any and all clothing from the patient. Get the patient to a cool (preferably air-conditioned) location, in the shade. Give the patient water and have them take short, frequent sips. Apply ice packs/cold water to the pressure points of the body (back of the neck, armpits, groin, inside of the elbow, back of the knee) and the patient’s forehead and back. Fan the patient with cool air and wet their skin. If possible, immerse them in an ice bath and wait for help to arrive. NOTE: When treating for shock in this situation, do not raise the legs and do not cover the patient in a blanket. Doing this will only make their condition worse. Keep the patient calm and wait for help to arrive.

Severe Bleeding


  • This one is fairly easy to identify. There will be lots and lots of blood, often spraying or spilling from the wound.


Once again, begin by calling 9-1-1. If you have sterile gauze available, begin by applying pressure to the site of the wound. Do not remove pressure from the wound at any point, as it will cease clotting. If you do not have sterile gauze available, use some sort of cloth - a towel, clothing, anything that won’t flake or come apart when wet. While keeping pressure on the wound, tie a constriction bandage between the wound and the closest pressure point between the wound and the heart. For instance, if the wound is on my forearm, I would tie the constriction bandage between the wound and my inner elbow, since this is the closest pressure point between the wound and my heart. A pressure point is a location on the body where an artery (a type of blood vessel which carries blood away from the heart) meets a bone, and the major pressure points are the back of the neck, the armpits, the inside of the elbow, the wrist, the groin, and the back of the knee

Tying a constriction bandage:

Take a sterile bandage or a piece of cloth or clothing, make it into a rectangle, and wrap the cloth around the body part, bringing it back around to the front, and tie a square knot really tight. If you need more explanation, the internet should have an abundance of resources (with pictures!).

IF THE BLEEDING IS NOT SLOWING OR STOPPING, AND YOU BELIEVE THAT THE BLEEDING IS SERIOUS ENOUGH THAT IT MAY KILL THE PATIENT, TIE A TOURNIQUET BANDAGE. A tourniquet bandage is designed to completely stop blood flow to the limb, and is very similar to a constriction bandage, with a few distinctions. For starters, the Tourniquet is tied on the pressure point. Additionally, a tourniquet is often tied with a rope, belt, etc. To tie a tourniquet, wrap your material around the pressure point and tie a square knot. Then, place a pen (or some other rod-type item) on top of the square knot, and tie another square knot around the item. Twist the pen/rod to tighten the bandage, and take note of the time you put the tourniquet on. NEVER REMOVE A TOURNIQUET BANDAGE YOURSELF. ALWAYS KEEP IT ON UNTIL THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ARRIVE, AND THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. Taking note of the time you put the tourniquet on will aid the EMTs in deciding whether or not to amputate the limb. 

Internal Poisoning


  • Redness or irritation around Patient’s mouth
  • Smell of chemicals/gasoline from Patient’s mouth
  • Confusion or otherwise altered mental state
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Drowiness/Unconsciousness
  • Difficulty Breathing

Note: Some symptoms may vary from chemical to chemical but these are some general guidelines.


Begin by calling 9-1-1 or the Poison Control Center at 1(800)222-1222. If you forget the number for Poison Control, call 9-1-1 and they will direct you to poison control. Have any and all information possible about the substances ingested, such as name of the chemical, amount of the chemical, and description of any pills/tablets consumed (all pills have a distinctive shape, color, texture, and some form of mark/indentation/serial number imprinted on the surface). If the patient vomited, find some sort of container for the vomit and keep it at hand (when the EMTs arrive, they can use the vomit to ascertain what was ingested). Some cases call for induced vomiting, while others do not. The general rule is: If the poison is corrosive (i.e. it burned the throat while it went down), DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING, as this will burn the throat again on the way up. On the other hand, if the poison is non-corrosive (i.e. it did not burn the throat when it went down), it is safe to induce vomiting. To induce vomiting, swipe your fingers into the back of the patient’s throat and try to trigger the gag reflex. If the patient is conscious, try to dilute the substance in any way possible (the best ways are by having the patient drink milk or water). Treat the patient for shock by keeping them calm and covering them. 



  • The universal sign for choking (two hands placed across the base of the neck)
  • Weak, wheezy sounds coming from the patient (the patient may attempt to cough or speak but air won’t be able to make it through the airway because it is blocked). 


Begin by calling 9-1-1. The best first aid for choking is administering the Heimlich Maneuver. Based on the patient, there are different ways of administering the Heimlich Maneuver. If the patient is of comparable size with you, get behind the patient, place one leg firmly between theirs to support them, make a fist with one hand and place it in the other in front of the patient, place your fist under the solar plexus and push up and into the patient (if you are unclear on how to do this visually, search “Heimlich Maneuver” on google images and you’ll get a myriad of resources). Continue doing this until you dislodge the item in the airway. If the patient is significantly larger than you, put them up against a wall and push the heel of your palm firmly up and in, similar to the way previously mentioned. If the patient is an infant, place them face-down on your forearm, gripping their face with your hand, and firmly pat them on the back. If the patient is you, and you are alone, sling yourself over the edge of a chair or a table and force your body against it to dislodge the item. 

Stopped Breathing


  • No visible signs of breathing (i.e. rising/falling of the chest cavity)
  • No sound of air coming from the patient


To begin, make sure the patient is in fact not breathing. Attempt to communicate with the patient and ensure that it is, in fact, a case of Stopped Breathing that you’re dealing with. If you’re pretty sure, call 9-1-1. It is better for the EMTs to come when there isn’t a situation than for them not to come when there is a situation. To check for stopped breathing, we “look, listen, and feel”: Kneel beside the patient and place your head sideways over theirs so that your ear is just above their mouth. Look for a rising and falling of the chest, listen for any breathing, and feel for breath on the side of your face. If the patient is not breathing, check again for a pulse. If there is a pulse and the patient is not breathing, begin Rescue Breathing. If there isn’t a pulse, begin CPR (explained below). DO NOT MOVE THE PATIENT, because if they aren’t breathing there is a good chance they have sustained neck/back injuries and moving them could cause further complications.

Rescue Breathing

To begin rescue breathing, gently tilt the head by moving the chin, so the patient’s head is against the ground and their neck/chin is further in the air (once again, google for diagrams if needed). Cover their mouth entirely with yours and exhale fully into their lungs, looking for a rising/falling of the chest as you do so. Wait 5 seconds. Repeat this process one more time. If the chest did not rise/fall, this means that the airway is probably blocked (usually by the tongue). In this case, sweep two fingers across the back of the patient’s throat to try to clear the airway. Readjust the head as detailed above and repeat the process of rescue breathing: Breathe, wait 5 seconds, breath, check to see if the patient is breathing on their own (Look, Listen, and Feel). If the patient is an infant, do what is stated above, except place your mouth over both the patient’s mouth and nose.


What is CPR and when is in needed? 

CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, and is intended to get the patient to breath and the patient’s heart to beat on its own. It is needed when the patient is not breathing and does not have a pulse. To check for breathing, see “Stopped Breathing” above. To check for a pulse, place two fingers gently against the neck of the patient to feel for the jugular vein. If the patient has no pulse and is not breathing, begin the process of CPR. 

Administering CPR

To administer CPR, take a firm stance kneeling perpendicular to the patient. Make sure your shoulders are directly above the center of the patient’s chest. Imagine an invisible line connecting the patient’s nipples. Three finger-widths below this line is where you’ll be administering CPR. CPR consists of two parts: Chest Compressions and Rescue Breathing. To begin Chest Compressions, place one hand on top of the other with your fingers intertwined and place the heel of the palm three finger widths below the midpoint of the “nipple line”. Make sure your arms are straight and your shoulders are directly above where your hands are. Press down, keeping your arms straight, approximately 1.5-2 inches into the patient’s chest 30 times. You’re aiming for a rate of approximately 100 compressions per minute, but in practice just go as fast as you can, because it is difficult to reach 100 compressions per minute. Count the compressions out loud: When you reach 30 compressions, begin rescue breathing (detailed above). Repeat this process 3 more times, then check for breathing and pulse again. In an infant, instead of using your whole hand, place two fingers over the same two fingers of your other hand, and compress approximately 1-1.5 inches. DO NOT STOP CPR UNTIL THE EMTs HAVE ARRIVED. IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER PERSON WHO KNOWS CPR ON HAND, DO THIS IN PAIRS, SWITCHING OFF, BECAUSE THE PROCESS WILL GET PHYSICALLY TIRING.

NOTE: Regulations for CPR change constantly, so while this may not be 100% up-to-date, this will work.

That’s about all I’ve got, if anyone wants to add or change something let me know or go ahead and do it! Stay safe!

iamchills  asked:

Hey, I'm a junior in high school and I'm fairly certain that I want to pursue stage management after high school. Any advice, tips, or wise words you could possibly give me?

I’m so sorry I didn’t reply earlier, but I didn’t have time go on my computer until this morning, and typing a list on my phone is tedious. But, without further ado:

  • Stock up on black tees, leggings, pants; and, if you have the means, acquire a pair of black steel-toed boots.
  • Before you begin working in a professional setting, know that you are still in school, and thus, whatever the teacher, instructor, or faculty director says, goes.
  • DO NOT SIGN UP FOR LATE NIGHT CLASSES IN COLLEGE. You will hate yourself when shows come around.
  • Start establishing relationships with directors, producers, etc. outside of the school setting. For example, if your faculty director in school knows someone who is a successful professional director, and they just happen to come watch a show, make sure to have a conversation with them. Show them your enthusiasm. This way, if you ever need a job, you can go to them, and while there are no guarantees, it never hurts, and almost always helps your chances.
  • Obviously, acquire as much experience as possible in high school and college, but also, practice thinking on your feet. In high school, what I would do for myself during tech week was to make a list, mentally or physically, of every obvious thing that could go wrong. Usually, this entails things like: pre-set props not being preset, an important cue line being skipped, curtain getting stuck somewhere, etc. It’s quite a tedious process, but once you’ve done this for a couple of shows, you’ll have a solution to almost every problem. 
  • Be a trouper. Make reasonable sacrifices. It’s a part of the commitment.
  • If you have long hair, practice putting it up in a bun or ponytail, and sticking writing utensils into it.
  • Get a watch. That is, an actual, legit electronic wristwatch with a timer and ability to light up. No explanation necessary.
  • Condition yourself to be brief and dismissive, when it is needed for you to do so. But also, be friendly. I disagree with the statement: “You can be friendly, but not friends, with actors”. From my experience, you can most definitely be friends with actors, as long as they know that just because you are their friend, it does not mean you can let things slip. The key is to build a strong, healthy relationship with actors, and also to get them to respect you, both as a friend, and also as an authority that they need to obey in times of need.
  • You will mess up. Accept it, figure out what you can do better next time, and move on.
  • Practice eating a full meal in ten minutes or less.
  • If you haven’t already, become proficient at Microsoft Office softwares; especially Microsoft Excel. You’ll need it.
  • Familiarize yourself with all aspects of theatre, specifically tech theatre. Know about lighting, sound, costumes, set, etc.
  • Power tools training, too.

That’s it for now. I may add to this list when more things come to mind. ALL STAGE MANAGERS OUT THERE: Anything else?

anonymous asked:

I have to bring this up because it's been a repeat argument all season long on Arrow. A recent poll talking about heroes on The CW excluded Felicity until her fans fought for her and now she's kicking butt as number one. What do you think of the notion that Digg and Felicity aren't heroes because they don't wear costumes? We've seen this sentiment by certain fanboys, articles like the one saying to kill Diggle and even the CW's superhero fight club excluded them.

Settle in. It’s story time.

Once upon a time, I was a teenager. I decided that I wanted to follow in my brothers’ footsteps and become a lifeguard. Since it would not be safe for myself or others for me to take on such a job without proper training, I underwent several months of training in water safety, emergency care, first aid, and CPR. When my instructor felt that I had fulfilled the physical and academic requirements, I was certified by the Red Cross as qualified for the position.

I didn’t just go out, buy a whistle, and declare myself a lifeguard on the basis of being able to not drown while wearing a red bathing suit.

The end.

Why am I sharing this random story about my teen years in response to a question about Arrow?

Because I so very much dislike the importance that has been placed in certain circles on wardrobe for characters’ worths as heroes. 

It was a pet peeve for me all year for both Arrow and The Flash that characters throw the hero title around like it’s nothing. Oliver had to earn his status as a hero, pouring his blood and sweat and soul into his quest to make himself worthy of the designation. For Barry and Laurel and Ray to refer to themselves as heroes after comparatively little sacrifice and after spending a relatively small amount of time on the streets in actual danger rubs me the wrong way and I get incredibly defensive of Oliver. Of all of the masks on both shows over this year - save perhaps for Roy - Oliver is the only one to have truly earned the hero designation to go with the leathers. Barry has absolutely come close and undoubtedly will be worthy of the title of hero, but he doesn’t yet understand what it means to live the life in the long term. Honestly, I wouldn’t even trust most of the costumed crusaders on The CW to be lifeguards, and I can attest to the fact that those classes are not that hard to pass.

To actually answer the question that was asked:

I’m so glad that Felicity fans have managed to elevate her on the poll. Female characters in particular to be recognized for heroism that doesn’t necessarily take place on the battlefield.  It’s so important for shows like Arrow to remove the stigma that heroism can only be won via combat. Men are always going to be bigger and stronger and able to last longer in a fight. Nyssa is one of the most skilled fighters in the history of the show, and certainly more well-trained than Oliver…but at the end of the day, Oliver nearly always defeats her because he has eight inches and eighty pounds on her. It’s nothing that should shame her or any other female character; it’s biology. The show needs to emphasize that heroism isn’t always winning the fight or taking the hardest beating without breaking. Giving Felicity the credit that she deserves for her different brand of heroism would be a win for the show, a win for the audience, and a win for the portrayal of women on television.

Articles and individuals marginalizing Diggle need to consider the entire character before passing judgment based on their vision of what the show ought to be. He was a fully realized hero before the series even started. Digg had already served his country for several years as part of the armed forces, and he put himself in very real danger to protect Oliver back before he found out about the vigilantism. He joined Oliver’s crusade not to kick ass and take names, but rather to help save the soul of a tortured man struggling to come home from war. Then, he proceeded to kick ass and take names anyway. I adore Oliver and will defend him until kingdom come, but John Diggle is my hero. He doesn’t need a mask to qualify. 

My Essentials for the 2014-2015 School Year:

A - 2" Avery binder. I leave this at home to transfer papers to once I no longer need them in class. This way, I’m not lugging around extra weight but I know exactly where everything is when it comes time to review for a test or exam.

B - Index cards! So many uses for these. These particular ones are on a ring and I use them for keeping various math equations handy. I have another set that I use for flashcards. 

C - TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

D - Cute backpack from Target!

E - Extra set of clothes, deodorant, and a brush to keep in my locker for my free period if I decided to go for a run.

F - 7 sets of color coded single subject notebooks and two pocket folders for each of my classes.

G - Staples brand pencil case. Contents include: Full size Post-It notes, little flag post it notes for marking important sections in my books, 4 Sharpie highlighters, 4 Bic mechanical pencils, 4 Bic colorful pens, 4 Pentel R.S.V.P. pens

H - Stabilo point 88 pens

I - Wallet for lunch money or extra money just in case.

J - Hand sanitizer in a cute fox container that my friend got me. And a face barrier for use when giving breaths during CPR (I’m part of my local fire department and am trained in CPR and First Aid so I carry that around with me wherever I go just in case).

K - USB. 8 gig I believe.

L - iPod touch and an extra pair of headphones in case I forget my usual ones at home or to lend to a friend who forgot theirs at home. 

Petition to stop saying Nicole was bandaging Waverly’s wound wrong.

Willa may not be wrong about coconut oil (I know nothing about any medicinal qualities to coconut oil) but I’m pretty sure that as a COP Nicole has at least had basic first aid and CPR training. I highly doubt she’s doing anything wrong. Looked to me like she was applying new gauze after using some kind of antibiotic ointment which would be the proper course of action with that type of wound.

OK Francesca but if you’re camping AU please consider:

  • The camp councilors weaving rope hammocks high up in the trees

  •  Mako teaching how to build proper fires and KORRA STOP SHOWING THE KIDS HOW TO MAKE PINECONE BOMBS

  • DO NOT FEED the wildlife Mako says. Bolin feeds all the wildlife–especially the ground squirrels. The kids feed the wildlife cause Bolin feeds the wildlife. Wildlife eating campers’ food cause they fed the wildlife and MAKO SAID NOT TO FEED THE WILDLIFE BUT NOBODY LISTENS TO HIM CAUSE IT’S NOT FUN


  • First aid training (complete with practicing injured person carries and CPR training which makes the kids giggle)

  • Speaking of first aid, Korra as camp “medic” and having to treat how many cases sunburns and dehydration

  • Pictures pictures pictures - a camp scrapbook wall with daily points/awards for the “best” pictures that devolves into a battle between camp councilors; for example Korra institutes a special award for people who manage to get a picture of Mako smiling

  • Which also prank wars, duh–especially if each group/tent/however they’re divided has a flag and there’s a capture-the-flag tradition

  • Cheesy trust and team-building activities

  • Corny kids’ games: truth or dare, skittles, would you rather–all that dorky stuff

  • Cheer contests for every nightly and morning camp roll-call–Bolin is particularly good at this

  • All-nighters. Watching the stars and then the sunrise and drinking hot chocolate in hoodies and blankets.

  • Playing songs on guitar and writing new songs (so much singing. too much singing. kids you sang that song three minutes ago and three minutes before that please sing something else or–!!)

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inspired by pixieknight10805’s post here

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any??

Tony takes the suit and leaves for Malibu without a backwards glance. He’s over Colorado before he finally gives in to JARVIS’ pestering and answers one of Pepper’s calls.

“Tony?” she all but yells and he flinches.

“Yeah, hi, Pep, what is it?”

“Tony, where have you been? You were supposed to meet me this morning, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for six hours. Are you okay? JARVIS wouldn’t tell me where you went and he said you were upset—”

“Insubordinate hunk of junk,” Tony mutters and JARVIS remains conspicuously quiet. “It’s whatever,” he directs at Pepper. “It’s done. I need a break, I’m going to Malibu to air out the house.”

“Malibu? But the jet—”

“I didn’t take the jet.”

Pepper’s quiet a beat while she figures it out.

“I’ll telecommute, okay?” he goes on. “I can check in with the LA office, we haven’t been out here in awhile. I’ll be very productive.”

“You took the suit,” Pepper realizes. “Tony—”

“Everything’s fine. Tell you what, I’ll call when I get in. I’m sorry for keeping you out of the loop and for not giving you a heads up.”

“Oh—okay, Tony, but that’s not—”

“Talk to you later,” he presses and JARVIS ends the call. Well, that could have gone worse. “Thanks for nothing you rat,” he says to JARVIS.

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Related to the earlier anon post on subduing a person to end a fight-- what about a tranquilizer gun (or an arrow dipped in some sort of tranquilizer if it's in a non-gun universe)? Are there problems attached to tranquilizers that would prevent the character from using them?

Not wanting to accidentally kill the person you’re trying to tranq tops the list. I know we’ve talked about this before, but tranq guns, as they’re usually presented in media are a fiction. They don’t work that way, and misuse can result in death.

Fair warning ahead of time: medicine is not my strong suit. There are a lot of medical professionals in my family, so I have what I’ve picked up over the years, and the training I got in scouts, but neither of us have actually trained in medicine beyond first aid and CPR.

To effectively tranquilize someone, you need to know their weight, metabolism and tolerance to the drug. You can estimate the weight, but the metabolism and tolerance aren’t things you can predict.

Fail to dose someone enough, and they’ll be more pissed off, and still able to hurt someone, because pissed off and drunk is exactly what the situation called for. Dose someone with too much, and they’re dead. No, really, overdosing with a tranquilizer will kill, every time.

Also, there’s no one-size-fits-all, tranq. Allergies and specific immunities are also a real consideration. If there’s a drug, someone out there is allergic to it, and your “non-lethal” approach just ended with them going into anaphylactic shock and dying. At the same time, for most drugs (not just sedatives) there are people out there with fluke immunities. Discovering that an entire family of painkillers doesn’t affect you after an auto accident sucks, trust me. But, it’s nothing compared to getting all your hostages killed because someone won the biological lottery and nobody noticed.

Also, tranqs take awhile to kick in. Up to half an hour, with some drugs. If you’re animal control, and dealing with a bear wandering the neighborhood, that’s fine. Smokey can try to walk it off and end up snoozing on some kid’s trampoline, so long as you can keep him away from people, he’s not going to hurt anyone. But when you’re trying to defuse a situation, you can’t shoot someone and then ask, “could you please wait ten to fifteen minutes for the drugs to kick in?”


EDIT: Somehow I missed this when I was reading the question the first four or five times. Getting shot with an arrow is the opposite of non-lethal. That’s like asking if there’s a non-lethal way to use buckshot on someone.

okay so here’s the dealio, you precious little banana peels you

So I moved in two weeks ago. In that time I’ve gone through a solid week of non-stop group training, one-on-one training sessions, realizing-that-I-don’t-have-essentials-in-my-apartment issues, first aid/CPR training, one mountain-climbing excursion up Mt St Helens, and now I actually have another job (unexpectedly) helping to manage and take care of a bunch of high school students that are here for a summer art thing. 

And I think tomorrow I’m going to be spending time at an active construction site but who the hell knows how that'll go.

Basically I just wanted to check in here because I feel bad that my blog has basically become nothing but asks and stupid text posts. That’s a very temporary thing. Comic update is coming your way. Fanart. Things. It’s happening. Just, sort of, after I do all the aforementioned things. 

But I will tell you all right now, I have essentially become college AU Percy. I don’t mean to ruffle my own feathers over here but that’s pretty much fact.

So until such time as I get a day off and/or abandon the concept of sleep all together, my unexpected, unannounced, unplanned haitus is gunna keep slugging along. i’m probably the only one who is upset about this. i need to draw fanart like Germany needed to tone it down against Brazil.

also to the anon who requested nico and jason and injured!percy, I’m totally here for that I live for Percy getting the shit kicked out of him so, you and me man, we’re on that same page together, something will come of that eventually. also i haven’t gotten around to answering A LOT of asks so i’m sorry everyone they’re buildin’ up that’s my bad

oh my god is that my bed?  i think it is, g'night brotato chips