first aid and cpr

  • Izuku: *coughs*
  • class 1-a [in a state of panic and distress]: someone call a doctor!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!
  • Iida: [taking out his own first-aid kit] I KNOW CPR
  • Todoroki: [already on his way to get some cough medicine] i must help him
  • Katsuki: [dragging izuku to the infirmary] sAVE THIS LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT

Don’t reblog posts about first aid/CPR/BLS/protest response unless OP is a trained and certified first responder of some sort.

There’s a lot of medical misinformation going around on tumblr, and there are also fake posts by nazis and other bigots trying to get us hurt.

Check your source and check the notes. Other medics may have already reblogged with corrected info or debunked info.

Stay safe and trust your medics! We are here to help.

P.S. I’m always willing to answer questions regarding first aid/CPR etc

randomstoryblog  asked:

Hi, Aunt Scripty! What are the consequences of doing a CPR on someone who doesn't need it? Is it dangerous? And do you know if someone who did it can be punished for it? (Ofc it's a writing question!) aaand I love your blog!

Hey there! I love your question!!

YES, CPR IS DANGEROUS, ESPECIALLY BY UNTRAINED PERSONNEL. However, that untrained person is likely protected by “Good Samaritan” laws against legal action. Consult @scriptlawyer or, better yet, do a search for “Good Samaritan Laws” + “Your State / City / Country”. Essentially, people are protected from liability when trying to Do Good Deeds.  

Here’s a short list of some of the potential side effects of CPR, especially if performed improperly:

Rib fractures

Liver lacerations

Trauma to the bronchi or airways

Pneumothorax (collapsed lung)

Rib fractures are extremely common – in fact, they’re an indicator that CPR is being performed correctly. The others are rare, but potentially lethal.

So yes, CPR is dangerous.

The only thing more dangerous to giving someone CPR is not giving someone CPR when they need it.

Look, if your character’s only options are “I break some ribs but they might live” or “Fuck it, they’re probably not dead-dead, right?”, and your character guesses wrong about whether the person is alive, your character has allowed someone to die who may be viable.

So yes, medfolk characters might judge someone hard who did CPR on a living person, but they’ll judge someone way more harshly for walking by a viable corpse and doing nothing to make it better.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I propose that they should make it a requirement for anyone who wants to own a licensed weapon complete a 2-day first aid course/cpr course.

If one believes they need to protect themselves, what good is it if you know how to shoot someone but have no basic knowledge of how to save your family and friends life, even your own life in more realistic life threatening situations??

Somethings just don’t seem to make sense…

If you want to be an ally to marginalized people, especially if it’s within your ability to do so, you should get first aid and CPR certifications. We need protest medics, and we need more antifascists on the street with training to help with sudden, emergency situations. Especially with the way politics are turning in the US, and generally leaning right across the rest of the world.

I got my first certification when I was 11, but some groups have a 16 or 18+ rule.

If you can’t afford a certification, search in your area and see if anyone provides non-cert free training. My work provides free classes through ASHII, but I’ve certified with Red Cross, American Heart Association, and American Emergency Response Training.

Direct action is what we need. There’s more than one way you can do your part.

anonymous asked:

This may sound like a stupid question, but what's the correct method of doing CPR? My friend insists on a method that I believe is pretty outdated...

Hey. So I’m going to interpret this as a WRITING QUESTION. Because that’s what it is, right? Because you and your friend are writing a story together, right, and what needs to be done is a character needs to be resuscitated?

Side note: I am not a CPR instructor. I recommend everyone take a CPR for laypeople class, because to be honest, that’s literally the only thing that gives out of hospital cardiac arrest victims a fighting chance. The info in this post is current as of 2015, but it will probably all change AGAIN in 2020. But for the next 3-4 years, this should be helpful.

Now then. Your rescuer character is going to approach your victim character. Rescuer (R ) is going to going to put their hand on Victim (V)’s neck, on the trachea, and then slide over to the side. They’ll feel for a pulse for 5-10 seconds. If there isn’t one, or if they’re not sure—and even healthcare people aren’t sure sometimes–they’ll start chest compressions.

The current guideline for lay rescuers, to my knowledge, is to do continuous chest compressions and call for help. So you can imagine R pulling out their phone, calling 911, putting it on speaker, and then starting compressions.

As to how to do a chest compression? R will put their hand in the middle of V’s chest. On a male, the location is midline between the nipples. We used to have a better landmark system that worked for EVERYONE, but of course, the AHA had to change it, because the AHA like to make random changes that are stupid. On women, the only answer is “estimate where the nipples would be if they were a man”.

Look, I don’t make this shit up. I personally find the xiphoid process, which is the bony tip of the sternum, go 2 finger-widths above it, and put my hands there. That’s the old landmark, and it’s not inherently goddamn sexist. Seriously, have they never seen…. UGH.

Also, for any trans or gender non-conforming people who are feeling left out of medical guidelines: I’m sorry. I don’t make the rules. Most of medicine still sees “male” and “female”. I’m with you guys, that’s frikkin stupid, but that’s what it is right now.

Okay. Breathing.

Right. So your character is going to put their hands in the middle of the chest, and push. They’ll push hard, push fast, and—and this part cannot be overstated—they won’t lean on the chest (the current phrasing is “allow full chest recoil”). The whole reason CPR works is that you essentially use the lungs like a pump, pulling venous return from the rest of the body to keep blood flow going. So recoil is actually absolutely vital to a successful resuscitation. Even healthcare providers get this wrong, but it’s massively important.

Anyway, they are going to do that somewhere between 100-120 times per minute. The best thing you can do to keep the rhythm is to hum a song in your head. If R is optimistic, they can use Staying Alive (UH, UH, UH, Uh, Staying aLIve, Staying aLIve), but if they’re a morbid salty little shit like me, they might use Another One Bites the Dust (du-du DOO, DOO, DOO, +, ANOther one BITES the DUST…) . It is absolutely your call. Either one works. V will never know.

A solo rescuer, who is not a medically trained human, will just do continuous chest compressions until an ambulance arrives or the person stops being quite so dead.

However, when a second rescuer shows up, things change. Now we’re going to add rescue breathing into the mix. The ratio for adults and children is 30 compressions to 2 breaths. The breaths are given by tilting the head back, pinching the nose, making a seal with the mouth over the victim’s mouth, and blowing. If nobody is comfortable giving mouth-to-mouth—which is entirely possible, one of the things they don’t mention is that some cardiac arrest victims turn into just absolute fountains of vomit—then the two providers can trade off chest compressions.

And finally, if there’s an AED handy, they’ll apply it to the patient’s chest. The AED itself will walk them through what to do. It gives simple, clear instructions, such as:

“Apply pads to patient’s bare chest. Plug in pads connector.”
“Analyzing heart rhythm. Do not touch the patient.”
“Shock advised. Stand clear of the patient.”
“Press “Shock” Now.” (or) “No shock advised. If needed, continue CPR.”

It is made for lay people, but you cannot imagine how useful that is to offload during a cardiac arrest. Cannot. Imagine.

So that’s how CPR is done until an EMS crew arrives! Yaaaaaay!

Oh, one other thing, and this is pretty brutal: especially on an older person, ribs will break. I have done CPR on someone to the point that the sternum was completely disconnected from the ribs and was just…. Floating free on its own. It felt like doing handstands on oatmeal. This is a real thing, and it makes even veterans cringe. Your characters will feel this. Your characters will keep going.

I hope this helps your writing. And again: this is not medical advice. This post does not make you CPR certified. If you call 911 for a victim in cardiac arrest, the 911 operator will walk you through what to do. But do not do a thing and then say Aunt Scripty told you to.

Except in your writing. Do the thing in your writing, not in real life. Capisce?

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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lifeguardinthesharktank  asked:

For the person looking for careers in marine biology: the biggest piece of advice i can give is volunteer/intern at an aquarium or other facility. Many places hire from within and usually let their volleys know about jobs before they're posted. That's how I ended up with my job as an aquarium educator. Also first aid/cpr training is a huge bonus. Hope this helps :)

@ halu-u

Very True!!!!! Thank you for the addition!

I’m also going to add that if you want to do husbandry or research, usually a scuba diving certification is required. It’s also really awesome to dive for fun so it’s just a good thing to have!

After 3 full days of training, I’m so happy to say I passed and received my Level 1 ACA Kayaking Instructor Certification today!!! I have been reflecting on the past year more and more lately, and I am beginning to recognize how much I have grown, both personally and professionally. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that were presented to me and for everyone who supported me to get me to where I am today. Within the past year, I am proud of what I have accomplished, including becoming a licensed Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, receiving my lifeguarding, personal training, CPR/First Aid, and now Level 1 Kayak Instructor certification, and moving across the country, all of which has allowed me to feel closer to doing what I love and what makes me happy. I’m optimistic about the future and excited for whatever may happen next. Hope everyone is having a great week 🤙🏼

anonymous asked:

Sherlock learned cpr and first aid after his Five Minute Exile and before Mary delivered. Because he made a vow he'd be there for and protect John, Mary and Rosie Watson. (He showed off his card to Molly.)

You know, I can see this. I can see him sitting there during the first aid course completely intent on the instructor, taking notes and asking all sorts of questions and probably badgering him or her to death. But yes, he would be damn proud of that card. And as soon as Rosie’s old enough, he’ll make sure she’s trained as well.

Originally posted by anything-sherlock

It Takes All Of Sherlock’s Found Family To Raise Rosie Headcanons?

  • we’re stuck in a poorly insulated space in a snow storm you’re freezing like no your lips are blue and you’re constantly shivering I took an extensive CPR and First Aid class skin to skin contact is best WE NEED TO SNUGGLE WITH LITTLE AMOUNTS OF CLOTHING ON TO GET YOUR BODY TEMP BACK TO NORMAL HERE’S A BLANKET LETS GO
  • On Craigslist person a: “I’m selling this used car it doesn’t go fast on the freeway i need to go on to get to work and I’ve already put $$$ to try and fix it best for around town use” offer is made. person a: “i would keep her but i can’t afford two cars she and I have been through so much together” person b “well hey if you ever want to take her for a spin hmu it’s no problem” person a ::hits them up::
  • “who is this device connected to our wifi”
  • hey our academic advisors both put us in this class to cover some obscure gen eds credit and whoops I fell in love with you and your witty quips
  • we’re in a dog park and my dog is humping yours HE IS NEUTERED I SWEAR
  • There’s some sort of catastrophe/emergency happening and you and I are the only ones keeping a calm head let’s get these people safe and damn you’re attractive lifting that heavy wall beam let me help you by supporting the weight and grabbing your hand
  • Sperm donor AU
  • You were my really attractive uber driver and you drove me home when I was drunk and I told you some really embarrassing things and HERE WE ARE AT WALMART LOOKING AT POPTARTS
  • We accidentally got each other’s orders at this restaurant and how could you possibly like pineapple pizza
  • I went to the math resource center because wtf are differential equations and you are a really hot tutor
  • You’re my boss and we had a really drunk one night stand
  • I’m a music major in three different ensembles at our university and you played the same instrument as me in high school and are keeping up with it in the non major required band we’re in and you want lessons? well I have some spare time and I’m always looking for someone to play duets and stuff with me
  • I thought this closet was a poorly marked bathroom and the door is always locked from the inside and you made the same mistake and dang this closet is small
  • I’m dyslexic and you’re helping me decipher a resource book with terrible type
  • WHO TOOK THE LAST *insert item here* IT’S TWO AM AND woah okay I’m sorry uh you can have it you’re hot
The Bus Accident

@sadghostfish asked:
I have a new headcanon, if you’d like to hear it. hc: chowder is great in crises/emergencies well once he gets past the initial panic of the situation. Like He is the person you want there during an emergency. How the team or specific characters find this out is totally up to you. (Feel free to ignore this I just wanted to share this with someone)


•So our sweet baby son chowder maybe a cute little ball of goalie sunshine, but Christopher Chow handles his business.
•he knows first aid, cpr, the heimlick, etc.
•his friend almost died in a tragic car accident when chowder was little, and if it weren’t for the EMTs quick action his friend wouldn’t be here today
•Chowder was inspired and 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and a shit ton of certification classes later chowder is capable of saving everyone’s life
•But no one knows this until on the way back from an away game one night
•the bus driver falls asleep and crashes into a tree. There’s glass, LOTS of glass. Cuts bruises a little blood. Nothing Chowder can’t handle.
•So our son gets to work, using the tweezers, anti bacterial spray, and band aids out the buses first aid kit to patch up the bros cut by glass, gives the frogs mini ice packs for the bruises.
•He puts r&h on clean duty to try and sweep out all the shattered glass so no one gets hurt for a second time, and orders bitty to call the police and report the accident.
•Chowders calm demeanor and swift instructions kept everyone even the coaches from panicking.
•And now every time something slightly life threatening happens in the haus they call Chowder for help because he always knows what to do in time of a kinda crisis. He’s the most useful at kegsters. He keeps hundreds of college students from getting alcohol poisoning (he patrols more than parties tbh)
•And now the new frogs call Chowder Doc Chow just to make him smile

Okay, a couple thoughts before bed so I have them in the morning:
I wanna take a basic cpr and first aid class by the end of the year then (probs with more training) I wanna apply for a ski patrol job though I’ll need like emt or paramedic training and strength training for that job


Omg you guys, I’m in love. 😻 This is my new favorite thing. I just had my first rock climbing class, it’s the coolest thing ever. I figured now is also a good a time as any to throw out another progress picture too. 


 Left: 360lbs, size 3XL
 Right: 197.1lbs, size M 

 These pictures are about 15 months apart. I did it through fitness and increasing my activity level and adopting healthier eating habits.

 For those who sometimes ask: I did not have weight loss surgery, although I had considered it in the beginning before I successfully started losing without it. If surgery isn’t an option for you for whatever reason, it is still 100% possible. There’s tons of hard (but rewarding) work involved either way. 

 I have however recently seen a plastic surgeon about getting loose skin removed, so that’ll be something happening hopefully in the not so distant future. 

 I am now CPR/AED and first aid certified, and at the beginning of June I’ll be taking my NASM certified personal training exam, so I can start training and help other people reach their weight loss, fitness and health goals. I’m super excited. Life has been awesome! I hope everyone else has been doing well too. I’ve been MIA from Tumblr recently, but hope to start updating more frequently again, because it’s such a great motivational tool and way to track progress. Send me asks and stuff. 

BTW I still want fitbit friends, so send me your info so I can add you if you have one!!

Petition to stop saying Nicole was bandaging Waverly’s wound wrong.

Willa may not be wrong about coconut oil (I know nothing about any medicinal qualities to coconut oil) but I’m pretty sure that as a COP Nicole has at least had basic first aid and CPR training. I highly doubt she’s doing anything wrong. Looked to me like she was applying new gauze after using some kind of antibiotic ointment which would be the proper course of action with that type of wound.

Don’t ask me how this became a full-fledged story, but here we are. Part 3 of what should be 5. Title from the Explosions in the Sky song. This gorgeous banner is by the very talented loving-mellark.

Part One | Part Two

Part Three

“Swings, swings!” Hannah chanted as she took off at full speed.

“Be careful,” Katniss called after her as if saying the words would magically keep her safe.

Katniss was grateful that the playground was covered in wood chips. As a child, her parks were made up of grass, pebbles, and pavement. More than once, she had tripped over her own feet and gotten up with a nasty bruise.

She had been lucky so far that Hannah had yet to injure herself. While she knew the basics of first aid thanks to Prim, and had gotten CPR certified shortly after becoming Hannah’s nanny, she didn’t handle blood well.

Katniss jogged to catch up with Hannah, who was already scrambling into a swing.

Katniss gave her a gentle push. “I have some great news for you.”

“What, what?” she asked, her short legs trying to pump herself higher.

“Your dad is going to be home with you all next week.”

“Really? He doesn’t have to work at all?” Hannah dragged out the last word. Katniss held back a laugh.

“He’ll work a little while you’re at school, but he’ll pick you up every afternoon. I bet you two are going to have lots of fun together. Maybe he’ll take you to Bounce Barn.”

Better Peeta than her. Katniss had been to Bounce Barn only once, and she hoped to never step foot inside that inflatable hell again.

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