I want everyone I love to know basic first-aid and bullet wound procedures after this tragedy.  America is a dangerous, dangerous place to live and without change, we will be forced to ready ourselves for unforeseen tragedies like the one yesterday.  I hate having to do this but it could save lives.  in the event that you are in an active shooting, or the moments right after and emergency services are not at the scene, this is a list of treating varying conditions

  how to treat four types of gun wounds

 general emergency bullet wound treatment

 broken bones

head trauma

 severe bleeding


spinal injury

broken neck + tips on CPR

things to know:

the average “activer-shooter incident” lasts twelve minutes.  37% of shootings happen in less than five.

what to do for a collapsed lung

first aid for lowering blood pressure - high blood pressure can cause you to bleed out

*Note that all of these are in the event of an emergency where you cannot contact the police or an ambulance.  don’t try to treat a broken neck or a collapsed lung when you have the ability to dial 9-1-1.  I understand that you may not retain anything on this list, but hopefully you can remember what not to do when applying first aid on someone.

tell the people you love how much you care for them.  when you feel like something’s not right, speak up and leave the area.  know at least one other exit in the buildings you travel to frequently - work, movie theatre, mall, etc. please stay safe.  watch out for you and your friends.

I’ve probably made mistakes all over the place but whatevs they’re rough n’ SMOL.

These positions are according to the AU of RP mush Lost and Found, so things are a little different, with the inclusion of a few decepticons. And I seem to have made all of the decepticons so tired of this autobot shit.

Security was the only semi concrete division that had the most members I could find via MTMTE. It’s got Red Alert, Trailcutter, Deftwing, Powerflash, Aquafend, Dogfight, Strafe, Boss, Streetwise, Groove, and now Kindle and Fervor, I thiiiink? So far anyway.

Anyways, pictured in command - Drift, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Megatron

Security - Powerflash, Breakdown, Tailgate (in this AU!), Aquafend, Dogfight

Medical - Ratchet, Knock Out, Ambulon, First Aid

Engineering - Brainstorm, Highbrow, Nautica, Perceptor

Navigation - Mainframe, Blast Off

Communications - Blaster, Soundwave, Siren

Logistics - Swindle, Fulcrum

Combat - Whirl, Grimlock, Fortress Maximus, Arcee

Sry I didn’t include maintenance :( :( :(


Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes the team of firefighters from Lacey Fire District 3 who, while extinguishing a fire in a mobile home in Lacey, WA, rescued a family of five hamsters: Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed wee baby hamsters.

But wait, that’s not the truly awesome part:

The poor little rodents had been overcome by smoke. After consulting their “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide” the firefighters treated the teeny-weeny rodents with oxygen from a tank they’d adapted for tiny animals as well as other first aid equipment. According to Tim Hulse from the Lacey Fire Department, the team was able to save all but one of the hamsters.

[via Neatorama and Nothing To Do With Arbroath]

Peashooter Recommended: Learn CPR and Emergency First Aid!

On October 13th, 2015, seventeen year old high school student and athlete Claire Crawford suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during the middle of a volleyball game.

Immediately, staff members went to work.  One person began doing CPR while another called 911, and the school principal quickly fetched a defibrillator.  They were able to restore a viable heart rhythm, saving Claire’s life. It wasn’t a miracle, it was because there were people present who were well trained and well prepared to handle such a situation.

 Everyone should take an American Heart Association approved CPR and first aid course ( or the equivalent in your country). And I recommend courses that do both CPR and FIRST AID. Don’t do the online courses, that’s a crock of humbuggery if I ever heard of one! Seriously, what a load of bullshit, online CPR and First Aid!!! Actually go to a course and do it hands on under the tutelage of a qualified instructor. As someone whose done countless hours of CPR on real patients, I can tell you doing it on the practice manikin feels just like the real thing. Here are courses near you. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, sign up the whole damn family! And keep your license up to date!


I know at one point the AHA was thinking of discontinuing rescue breathing for those who aren’t health care workers because most people who are not medical professionals are either too squeamish to do it or don’t do it right.  In addition the AHA is worried about infection (imagine a victim whose face is covered in blood). But as far as I know they still officially recommend you do compressions and breaths at a continuous rate of 30 compression followed by two breaths (tilt chin and head back to open airway).

If you are going to do breaths; this is called the Ambu Res-cue key.  It consists of a one way valve that goes into the person’s mouth and a mask that covers the mouth and nose, all packed in a pouch about the size of a 50 cent coin.  I got one of off ebay for less than $5, and I probably paid too much. There is no reason why anyone should not be carrying one.

 What’s even a hundred times better is to have bag valve mask, I carry one in my car along with my res-cue key in my pocket.  They are so easy to use, I’ve bagged people while bullshitting with co-workers about how bad the hospitals cafeteria food is, a trained chimp could do it.  Just make a tight seal on the facewith the mask, keep the chin and head tilted back to open the airway, and squeeze the bag about once every 6 seconds.   In an emergency, you can recruit another person (You! Come and help me!), have that person bag while you do compressions. I got my bag valve mask for around $20 on ebay. You don’t need an expensive one, the $15-$30 ones work just fine.hat

 Also for around $40 - $50 they make collapsible ones that fit into a container a bit bigger than a hockey puck.


Finally, speaking of first aid kits, have one.  Not those overpriced ones that have bandaids and Neosporin.  A real first aid kit for a real emergency.  A basic first aid kit for a non-medical professional should have bandages (the more the better, quikclot ones are great if you can afford them), medical tape, scissors, non-latex gloves, a small flashlight, a blanket, aspirin (for heart attacks, give 325mg), a bottle of water (to clean or irrigate wounds), and a tourniquet (only if person is bleeding profusely). Believe it or not feminine pads and baby diapers can be used as impromptu emergency bandages. This stuff can all be found cheap at any drug store, Kmart, Walmart, or other large store. Carry a first aid kit in your car, carry bandages in your purse or briefcase.

Get it done! The next time it might be you who will be needed to save a life.


Personality adjustments. I thought it might be interesting to get a glimpse of how Perceptor’s friends and colleagues reacted to him erasing his personality. This is super simple and there’s a lot more to do with this, but for now, this is what I have. Why was there no season 4.

This is from last month and I finally decided to finish this this week because why the hell not! I hope this comic is somewhat understandable ;w;

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Have you got first aid ‪‎Rapped Up‬?

Our rappers aren’t just cute – they also provide handy tips on how to handle common crisis situations, with a bit of help from our free baby and child first aid app.

Research shows that 65 per cent of parents wished they had learned first aid skills and most feel they wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency.